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Matias Duarte hints at Nexus 3, an Android phone people will love


Earlier today, we told you how Matias Duarte defended Android’s user interface during a panel at Mobile First CrunchUp. Well, it seems Android’s Director of User Interface was far from done. At the end of the talk, Duarte gave us yet another goodie to report on.

During the Q & A session, American rapper Chamillionaire took a moment to express his discontent with current smartphones, saying, “I’ve used all these different devices–they suck.” He then asked for Duarte’s recommendation as to which phone he should buy. Duarte responded, “I’m hoping that pretty soon we’re going to have an Android phone you’re going to love.”

The key word here is “we.” Duarte could very well be talking about “we” as in “we, the Android community,” in which case he was just talking about upcoming Android phones like the Samsung Galaxy S. On the other hand, he could be referring to “we” as in “Google,” which  would suggest he was talking about the Nexus 3.

In that interpretation, the Nexus 3 is coming soon and Duarte hopes people like Chamillionaire will love it. But what could Duarte and Google possibly do to make the Nexus 3 appealing to Chamillionaire? Or the average person for that matter? Four words come to mind: simplicity, reliability, elegance and responsiveness. I know I’m going to get a lot of hateful comments for this, but here it goes. The Nexus 3 needs to be easy to use, easy to look at, reliable and very responsive. That is, if Google wants people like Chamillionaire to love it. And according to Duarte’s response, that’s something they’re clearly focused on.

Source: TechCrunch

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  • Alex

    I think we’re reading too much into it. It sounds like instead of calling out chamillionaire he replied with a “well hopefully we can please you ” as in “your opinion is likely uneducated given that you haven’t named a device or what you dislike about android so ill take your comments and let them go in one ear and out the other.”

    • http://androidandme.com Taylor Wimberly

      I watched it live. Chammillionaire kept asking him to name a specific Android device he could go out and buy which was better than the iPhone. Matias didn’t want to name a device and then he finally said he was working on a new device that he thought he would love.

    • Melissa H

      im getting the new star smartphone iPhone 5, no matter what. Android is crap.

      • JayMonster

        Yeah, iPhone rocks, it is getting all the features Android had 2 years ago, but they will look funky fresh when introduced by a guy in a turtleneck.

        I don’t want so many choices, launchers, keyboards, the ability to customize my phone the way I want… Thinking is hard, I want some clown in Cupertino to tell me what is cool.

        Sigh… You are exactly the airhead princess they were referring to in the original Droid commercials. So go get your tiara and Sworovski Crystal case for you iPhone.

        • Garar

          Me love this comment.

          • sylar

            Oh god I can’t stop laughing! But seriously I though about the iphone and then decided that it wasn’t worth it plus I’m not a huge fan of apple.

        • http://benswoodruff.posterous.com BenSWoodruff

          Android is getting much better, but there are still several problems with the platform in my eyes. I feel like (with the exception of Nexus devices) Android is betraying users to the carriers, giving them more control and more ability to over-charge consumers for cheap stuff that won’t always last as long or work as well as people expect. No, hackers/developers don’t usually have a problem with Android because it is specifically friendly to them, forgetting about UI and reliability issues. But, for average users, experiencing Android can be (and usually is) painful or at least a steep learning curve. I’ve used almost every platform now just for fun, so I’m not speaking for myself–most users won’t be extremely happy with Android until it improves a few degrees more in the areas listed in the article. I agree with the author completely.

      • emmarbee

        If this is an all-os-smartphone website and if you had mentioned this comment. Then, it’s ok. You read it, you didn’t like it, so you mentioned it.
        But this is posted in AndroidandMe and if you call “Android is crap” – what the hell are you doing here?

      • emmarbee

        There’s gonna be tons of articles posted like this. You gonna read every single article and then comment that “android is crap”? What the hell are you thinking?

        Hint: There are many websites that provide with you the information on apple and its related products. You can read that and live peacefully right?

  • http://www.youtube.com/emogamer Christopher Chavez

    I think Chamillionaire mant there are no Android devices with 14 carrot diamonds and goldplated buttons. Lol

    I don’t think I even think I would LIKE a phone that Chamillionaire would want. xD

    • Taknarosh

      The Ulysse Nardin Chairman is $50,000, Not quite a Chamillion Dollars, but it should suffice.

      • Taknarosh

        Sadly though it Only comes with Android 2.1 and doesn’t seem like it has a certain upgrade path to 2.3

        BUT it does come in Stainless Steel, Stealth, Gold and Diamond.

  • EggoEspada

    We might be reading into this too much. But you are right about one thing, Google needs Android to be more of a pleasant experience and attractive to the average person.

  • Warden

    What a douchebag

    • ben dover
    • Talesin

      Another article led me to Cham’s twitter account… I’m just wondering, if someone snuck in and added ‘Douchebag.’ to his obviously self-provided list of accomplishments/traits, how long it’d take him to notice. It’d fit SO well with the rest of his ego.

  • sylar

    The problem is that they can never make Android into something everybody is going to like. I find android to be much more user friendly than IOS as it is now. I have have never had any problem finding anything, or using it. I have always found IOS a pain to use because I could never find the settings I was looking for.

    • AME

      There are no settings with iOS- you use what they give you.

    • Interpol91

      Android is very user friendly and it can be tweaked to fit one’s needs, unlike the one size fits all iOS. Even with jailbreak iOS is still lagging

    • http://Practicallyandroid.com Marco P.

      Though I agree with you I came over from iOS and there was a definite learning curve. People just gotta bite the bullet and learn it and realize the grass is DEFINITELY greener on this side.

  • aj

    Yep haters gonna hate. But look im an avid enthusiast/fan of android but there are many times when i get frustrated with it although i will never look to iphone but anyways i think the average consumer will get even more frustrated with OS freeze ups,reboots, Force closing of apps(which can be kinda of embarrassing to explain) especially since they have 0 idea whats going on or why its happening. They want to buy a phone and expect it to work. So iphone since it does have a lead in the game and is super strict and gives you no choice things will usually(key word usually) run better and people dont like to learn. i think most people prefer something super simple. One last thing again related to all this when you play with an iphone(you shouldn’t lol) it seems super slick and smooth but with alot of the custom UI’s on android theres lag and freeze ups like mentioned earlier. People just dont want to deal with that

    • aj

      sorry wrote it kinda of fast. Meant to put “and gives you no choice of hardware”

      • sylar

        Yea I agree Android is just light years ahead or IOS, but sometimes it does get kinda laggy or crashes but I’ve had all of these problems with IOS as well so I’ll get stick with Android, IOS would have to work seriously had to ever get me to consider buying an Iphone and I hate apple.

        • sylar

          sorry meant to say work seriously hard not seriously had.

          On another thought Android and Me seriously needs an edit option so your don’t have to make a separate post just for corrections.

          • AME

            Maybe you got an extra “point” for your correction comment. Haha

    • Tony

      You are correct, there are times when I’ve been frustrated with my phone, but that is universal to any mobile device, name me one person who has a smartphone, and has never been frustrated with it because something wasn’t doing what it was supposed to do. If you can, I’ll shit you a golden egg.

      The difference is that with Android, I’ve never felt like there was something I realistically wanted my phone to do that it couldn’t just do. When I had an iPhone, I can remember countless times that I felt the stock firmware was inadequate, tedious mess that prevented me from just doing things. iOS works better, but does less in a lot of circumstances and situations. Android does more, but returns that with occasional performance issues. Unlike in iOS though, when something goes wrong, the device tells you. On my iPhone that I had and my iPad.. the browser oftentimes would just crash, no badge, no script box, not warning, nothing. It would just hiccup and keep going along its merry way as if nothing happened. When an application goes rogue on an Android device, you get a force close, allowing you to kill the misbehaving app, wait on it to respond, or ignore it altogether. This allows you to pinpoint the problem exactly, and allow you to remove/troubleshoot the app in question.

  • r

    Like, do we really care what a nobody group like Chamillionair thinks?

    • Sean from England

      WTF is this person anyway? Why does anyone care what his opinion is? Sounds like he may be a bit thick based on his comments.

  • AME

    Personally, I have always looked to the rap community for advice on any personal electronic device and I am happy to see Google is now taking that approach as well. Rappers have always been known to have a refined sense of taste so knowing what kind of Android device they like is crucial to the success of the OS.

    But seriously, a good product is a good product. Android just gets better and more feature rich over time. If Chamillionaire can’t find a good Android phone, it’s because he’s not looking. (Why was he even there?!) There’s at least one great phone per carrier now so not even that’s an excuse.

    Maybe a chamillion dollars isn’t as much as we think it is and he can’t get approved for a contract.

    • CactusCat

      A classic response… +1 for your notation that you look to the rap community for anything. Let me enhance your statement with the following rap:

      “I can’t dance and I can’t sing, but I want yo money, I’ll do anything,
      Some might think that I’m really cool, but since I got yo money, that makes you duh fool”

      Hmmm… not so bad… I might have to send that off to Wierd Al Yankovic and see if he’d like to perform the “Anti-Rap Rap”… Gee is that a paradox?

  • nnoised

    first of all, who the hell cares what simple minded consumers like chamillionaire think?! android is for those that love to learn and really know all about their phones…if people don’t like it, buy an iphone and hate that phone instead. I dont understand how google is taking a step back by simplifying their device (if the rumor is true), besides, i dont think the quarterly numbers and market shares are showing any signs of hurt by consumers like chamillionaire…off topic..i thought he died (career-wise…not life-wise)..

    • jb

      I think he did die career wise. I haven’t heard one of his song since… 2004-2005?
      He had one decent album and has sucked ass since.


    Fact is alot of fools in the hood will spend there last 500 on a nice phone than save it for a house. This is coming from a guy raised in eny brooklyn. I have seen so many driving a cart with a 400 dollar payment , 20 inch rims,a fat gold chain , 200 dollar jordans and an I phone or evo. Then walk into a one room apartment in a housing project. Whether any one wants to admit it or not, they make up a good chunk of the money being spent. By the way chamillionare is a big time producer who makes a lot of money. Only problem is I can imagine he must have music playing, getting texts, making calls and probably running 20 apps in the back ground. By the way any potential news about a nexus is exiting to me

  • WickedToby741

    Google’s biggest problem is that if they make a Nexus device more like an iPhone, the hardcore Android crowd will be disappointed. On top of that, while the iPhone is a wonderfully simplistic design, that’s only half of the equation. Apple does a stellar job of marketing it. If Google doesn’t launch a massive marketing campaign for it (and I doubt they would because all their partners wouldn’t appreciate Google competing so heavily with them), its just another Android phone to most people. What you end up with is a phone too weak for the hardcore Android users and something that blends in with all of the other Android phones for everyone else.

  • d12unk13astard

    I agree with wicked, while it will brand the infamous Nexus name googles problem is that the flood of android devices every couple months hurts itself. Money wise ofcourse their winning becuase people will always want the next best phone that’s comin gout but i see the point in apple only releasing 1 phone a year and heavily supporting it also(and i hate apple also)

  • JTW

    Periods go inside a quotations.


  • E

    Words don’t mean shit I wanna c diz fone in action already I want to see ics already n way better apps its about time Android 2.3 is gud and all but push out atleast 2.3.4 for all n srry I don’t plan on rooting I like mines OG

  • j

    Chamillionaire is right…all the Android phones could very well be better.

    I’m a Droid X owner running Liberty GB and and I love it, but Android still has deficiencies.

    It’s not as responsive as the iPhone and also not as smooth, in terms of animations and transitions.

    However, it is more proficient in many ways; it has better phone sound quality, bigger screen, and removable battery and micro SD card.

  • Ncd

    I am an android user and prefer it to ios but the fact is charmillionaire is right. Three things make android sub-par and if anyone at Google is in denial of that they are doing the company a disservice. A buggy “beta” quality experiance which tinges the whole OS, zero quality control in the app market, and tacky taste in the UI.

    Its not rocket science. The icons are visually disturbing/repulsive to look at and the user experience isn’t stable. Oh and don’t encourage shitty half baked apps by not establishing any sort of standard for publication.

    I am happy public criticism was leveled by someone with status and who would make some headlines. It was one thing to see the potential in android and support the principle, but the expectation that android would “grow up soon” is getting old.

    • TenshiNo

      I’m not really sure what you mean by “buggy beta quality experience” since I’ve had three Android phones now and none of them have had any kind of significant problem. I briefly owned a Backflip, and that thing was utter rubbish, but that wasn’t because of Android. The phone was just crap hardware. I had found a couple of apps over the last two years that were poorly written and would crash, but that’s hardly the fault of Android.

      As for the icons being “repulsive” that seems a bit extreme, but you do realize you can change them, right? That’s why people love Android. Don’t like the home screen? Replace it! Don’t like the dialer? Replace it! Don’t like the SMS app? Guess what! You can replace that too! :)

      Check out GoLauncherEX in the market. The company that makes that launcher (home screen) has a whole line of free software for Android that look really nice and run great. Lots of options and nice looking effects and you can change all kinds of things about how stuff looks and works.

      As for not encouraging the “half baked” apps, Google has made of point of being “open”, both with the OS and the market. It’s one of the things that has made the OS as good as it is. If you don’t like an app, or it doesn’t run properly, just uninstall it. You don’t think Google suddenly deciding to go all Nazi Germany on the market is really going to make Android *better* somehow, do you? At this point, you almost have to go *looking* for the really badly written “test” apps that people have thrown up in the market.

      Android has “grown-up” substantially in the past few years. It’s hardly even recognizable from its first release both in terms of visual appeal and performance. I have yet to have people who complain that Android “doesn’t work right” to be able to cite a single specific thing that actually doesn’t work correctly, with the exception of VPN on a lot of Android phones, which is something most people don’t even know what the heck it is anyway :)

  • Lou

    First of all before anyone can say android sucks they need to hold that judgement for a phone running stock android only. Those laggy motorola bloatware droids and low ram rebooting touchwiz devices and battery draining sms bugged sense ui devices dont fall in the same class as a stock device period. Who needs simplicity? Are we truly that brain dead that we can’t learn how to long press or click a menu button? Every android app has a help or about section in the settings of the app not to mention most devs have a website link and email posted in the market for additional support. I mean really do people want the phones to float in front of their face and read their thoughts for it to operate. Android has made huge improvements over that past year to the point where microsoft and apple are just now adding features android already had. To me android and iphone are on two different levels and if the iphone was so magical why the hell do most of the user go crazy over the latest jail break. Get the f%&k off my internets.

    • J

      Even AOSP Android phones aren’t as responsive to the touch than iOS.

      Web browsing on iOS is much better than on Android, as well as games.

      • Lou

        I had a constant checker board effect on my friends iphone when loading web pages. My android loaded pages faster and i don’t have a lack of responsiveness that you’re speaking of. iOS is very smooth when scrolling but it doesn’t respond to touch any faster than my nexus. As far as games go, that didn’t become a major focus for android until recently with gingerbread. Iphones always ha the powerVR gpu’s to thank for their gaming performance its also been out longer. All that is gonna change soon but most gamers on android use emulators. iOS game library doesnt equal to a better phone. And web browsing is far superior on android. I can’t watch movies/ufc on an iphone on the browser. Those that like their iphone its cool….good for them. Android appeals to a different crowd and we’re happy with the progress android has had. I wont even mention how google maps on android is way beyond anything iOS has but it doesn’t matter. These platforms are on 2 different levels and appeal to different people. Its almost as if iphone users are begging for android to be more similar to iOS so they switch over.

      • counsel

        IOS devices don’t load flash… if a page has flash, ios only loads part of the page and appears to load it faster-when, in reality, the ios device simply doesn’t run flash… how that makes IOS better is beyond me…

      • jay

        Make sure to keep in mind ios loads up mobile web most Androids load up the real web there is a big difference

  • Mr Guzz

    Can’t wait for it !

  • JaylanPHNX

    I have never been a big fan of stock Android (I know, blasphemy) and I’m really hoping that Ice Cream Sammich will fix that for me. I’d love to get a Nexus and have quick updates, or use CyanogenMod 8 if it’s similar. I just need a better base interface for things like contacts, camera, browser, basically all the places where Sense shines. It’s not really about the launcher (I use ADW EX anyway), but about the underpinnings.

    • alex

      I agree i love android, and sense because of the interface, stock android really needs some polishing up, and better designs(im still getting the Nexus Prime/3), and ice cream sanwich is giving that new layout to the phone so its great, but to me stock feels bleh, i rooted my mytouch 4g and put CM7, and missed the contacts, and etc the look, and added features from sense

  • Jonathan

    If get’s an interface update as awesome as the one android and me got I think the whole world will like it.

    I love that when you select something with your mouse it gets green :-)

  • Nexus4Life

    I started off using the iPhone 2G when it first came out and loved it. Then I read about a phone called Nexus One and decided to give it a try and I’ve been hooked on Android since. The thing that Android has over iOS that will keep me buying Android phones is the way I’m able to customize the look and feel of MY phone. Widgets and notification bar (just arriving on iOS 5 soon) were another huge selling point for me.

    I have a Nexus S with LauncherPro and showed it to a friend who just got a MyTouch 3G and wanted to sell it to get an unlocked iPhone cuz it was more responsive. Well after playing with mine (he was shocked that it was just as responsive as the iPhone) and explaining to him that you can download home launchers and get better response, he is now hooked. There is so much you can do in Android that most people don’t even know are possible. People love iOS because it just works and it tells them what they can and can’t do which makes it simple and that’s what they like about it, and for Android users that is why they don’t like iOS. It’s all preference.

  • http://keridel.blogspot.com keridel

    in the end it comes down to choice.

    there are 2 different types of people who want smartphones.

    there are those who want choice, an evolving os and a feeling of ownership wit there device. They want to have the choice to have different UI/UX’s to use the widgets to give them instant information and the processors to power all this choice.

    and then there are people who want iphones.

  • Richard Yarrell

    Honestly at best THIS GUY IS A JOKE.. If he doesn’t prefer android WHO CARES keep buying the iPhone cause this shows he knows NO BETTER. Google has done there is best and that’s all that counts in my book. You don’t see Mr. Steve Jobs worried about who likes iPhone and who doesn’t so in turn why should google worry about it. People who purchase android does that because they crave the openness they crave options and the ability to customize the devices as they seem fit. True android users would never buy an iPhone just like true iPhone users never buy android. It is what it is I would never buy iPhone it’s not my need nor desire plus the flexibility does not exist on that platform and for the record my current Evo 3d runs rings around the current iPhone 4 and will BITCH SLAP THE IPHONE 5.

    • squiddy20

      Honestly at best YOU’RE THE JOKE. You think your opinion is all that matters and that what you say goes. Well get a grip on reality you stupid child, the world does not revolve around you. And the reason Mr. Jobs isn’t worried is either: A. because he’s too smug and self centered (much like you) to be worried, or B. because he realizes that the iPhone won’t be going anywhere anytime soon. It’s UI is easy enough to use and it does all it needs to. These are common sense things that any child, let alone a 45+ year old man, should understand. Try to be a little smarter than the average 5th grader. You’re embarrassing yourself.

  • S1w

    Been using a rooted N1 since it came out. I love the phone. Left an iPhone 3G for it.

    The reality is iOS is still smoother, “candier” and a pleasure to click around on. I’m an android fan for sure but it seems to me that there has been plenty of time and resources for google to get the UI in the ballpark.

    Android animations aren’t as smooth in transitons. Custom UI’s eat resources and still aren’t as fluid and pleasant. It’s not a deal breaker for me but no matter what phone, Evo 3D etc. you put next to an iPhone 4, visually the iPhone is more appealing and moves around like butter. Not near the functionality but none the less more pleasing to the eye.

    With all these releases I had hoped by now they would have a vanilla UI that was so nice you wouldn’t need a third party skin.

    Hopefully that’s what he’s referencing.

  • Argos285

    I honestly have had every single iphone. I’ve had a Droid, nexus One, Xperia, myTouch 4Gand now a HTC Sensation. I change phones every three months at the least. I love the iPhone and IOS, once jailbroken, but android is different, yeah apple expect you to be happy with what they give you and that’s it. Android lets you play more and see what you really like. Now I have to say that out of all the phones I’ve had I miss the Nexus One the most, the specs will show you that todays phones , other that front facing camera, they are not that much different. The Nexus One was a great phone, Nexus S never came close to it. I really hope that HTC makes the next nexus phone, I know it would be great.
    One the other hand why are we so carried away about what a rapper has to say?

  • Aclin

    IOS is like a child kept in the attic and not allowed openly to play others. Android is a kid who’s parents allow him to go out and play with others.Sure the parents keep an eye on him but he is allowed to grow and develop into a mature adult. So it doesn’t matter if one is a little better than the other, I can’t support IOS because of the way it’s being treated.

  • muadhnate

    True. Apple is good at marketing. I think they understand the simple consumer. They want something they don’t have to think about. With an iPhone you don’t have to think. Personally I hated it because I found it confining. Jailbreaking was just not worth it and the constant updates made my phone crash a ridiculous amount of times. So I tried android, was going to go back to BB, but I think I found something good. It has a lot of good free features. (Google Nav has saved my butt I can’t tell you how many times). I can customize it and it syncs with my current life on google.

    If they can bring a honeycomb like experience to my smartphone- oh HAPPY DAY!!!

    But I think open source software will always be a “problem” in that it will have to perform across a variety of phones/hardware. With apple: one OS, on phone. It’s easier to fix bugs.

  • http://www.infotainmentempire.com pekosROB

    Why does Chamillionaire get to be there? Seriously?

  • http://danhakimi.com Daniel

    Couldn’t it be that Prada phone?

    He could also not be hinting at any particular phone. The community comes out with 8 phones a day. It could just mean, “There’s going to be plenty more fish in the sea. Just sit tight — the right phone will come along.” That’s what it sounds like to me.

  • Ray07

    Android has come a long way. The world is buying iPhone’s because they’re getting brainwashed by all these colorful commercials that Apple uses for mind control. Once they open their eyes and realize that APPS don’t make the device good, they too will understand that Android alone without a single $5 app is still useful. Unlike Apple, where you have to purchase an app to even enjoy that gimmick of a phone. Every commercial Apple advertises, there’s a third party application running on it. There is no such ad that shows the real power of the iPhone without mandatory download of third party apps. The iPhone is crack for these Apple crackheads. Android is the rehab.

  • Ray07

    The iPhone: A hot blonde that is fun to be around because the bitch looks HOT but useless when you really need her.

    The Android: A decent looking girl that will cook, clean, feed your dog, and will listen to your needs when you really need her.

    Choose your poison.

  • dday

    It’s clear the author has no clue of Chamillionaire. He is a technology geek, and I know him personally. Also, that question was framed if you know what I mean.

  • italianmagik

    Hopefully they won’t let us down with the 3rd Nexus. I ran out and bought a Nexus S. I wasn’t too happy with it. I was all excited like YA COOL Google flagship phone. Then after I used it I was like wow. No 4g, no dual core proc, screen quality okay…. camera quality kind lacks. Hopefully the next Nexus is a head turner vs a headache

  • italianmagik

    I forgot to add sorry for double post. But as much of an Android phone lover I am. Apple is trusted name that will not just shut down and never be heard of again like Vanilla Ice. First time you hear someone say “Touch Screen” they spit out, iPhone! Then you have to explain your phone is a Droid not an iPhone. I think as much as Droids’ are getting better Apple fans and people who like simple user interface won’t change their mind and ditch an Apple product for a droid.

  • Epik

    ok so I was reading comments that are saying that Android laggier than iOS and I would agree to a point. The thing about Android is that they have a robust software that the hardware is just starting to catch up to. With all this new 1.5ghz dual core and quadcore processor stuff coming to Android I have no doubt in my mind that Android will now have the speedy fluid motion that iOS boasts about. I play with the Evo 3D a lot and with that HTC bloat it is still pretty smooth. iOS on the other hand would rather have basic software following its hardware so that way its not that laggy, Android has innovative software. That is the reason I stick with Android. Innovation, customization, progression in software as well as hardware, and variation.

  • italianmagik

    Agree 100% with you Epik. I have played with the Dual Core phones as well they are just amazing because of the speed they produce. As I read through forums for different cell providers a constant issue with all these Androids is our phones burning out. I bought an Atrix and it burn out from every day use. I’ve had all the Droid’s that AT&T offers It seems like they just die faster and I have to fall back on my iOS4.

  • http://www.phone-shop.tesco.com/ Caroline shops

    At the end, it depends on who controls the market. Unfortunately, people like Microsoft and Apple have an iron grip and it is very difficult to dethrone them. Other may be technically better, but they will still be 30% of the market.

  • http://www.iphonerocks.info verizon iphone 4

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