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“MDB228″ Twitter account hits the air, new viral marketing campaign underway?

Of all the manufacturers to embrace the more technological, intimidating, robotic side of Android, Motorola had to be on top of the list. Even the earliest Droid commercials from Motorola made Android seem like some sort of terrifying powerhouse, and geeks everywhere couldn’t wait to get their hands on it. Since then, there’s been no real breaks in the theme. Video advertisements show more and more people becoming assimilated with their Droids. And online, Twitter is home to at least one viral marketing campaign, maybe two.

Whenever a new Motorola-branded Droid series device comes out, @DroidLanding makes a big deal it, and Moto and Verizon get together to give away a bunch of phones across the US. Well, if a new Twitter account is any sign of things to come, DroidLanding may not be alone anymore.

The Twitter account known simply as “MDB228” (the model number for the upcoming Droid Bionic) has begun actively tweeting some rather ominous things, along with some interesting references to whatever new Android device this may be. A tweet like “Never believe in false prophets. I am the truth, I am the hope. I am the one. The landings begin very soon,” is followed by “…Netflix will be important with my new webtop abilities… Be prepared.”

There are some clues that add legitimacy to to this being a real Motorola account (like the Twitter avatar matching the recently leaked Droid Bionic information page), but nothing official has been outed yet. As the rumored release date for the Bionic approaches (August 4, the day Skynet went live), we should know more.

Until then, you might want to follow the MDB228 account and see what happens. Who knows? Once Jha finally releases his baby into the world, it might just turn into a free phone for you.

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  • http://Website Tito!

    Could it Be? The highly [Not] anticipated Droid Bionic!? XD
    Give up Motorola. we don’t care. (:

  • http://twitter.com/mswansonxi SparkyXI

    I will call shenanigans on this. Here’s why:

    Check out the twitter account, and then click their avatar (which should open that image in a new window). The filename for that image is ยป
    [ ../Boot_animation_for_the_Motorola_DROID_Bionic_is_leaked_bigger.jpeg ]

    This is just a kid messing with us. Why is he only following AC, Droidlife, Phil Nickinson, Cyanogen, etc? This just *reeks* of “Nothing to see here, carry on”.

  • http://Website garrett

    yea he tweeted at p3droid (big time developer) and said “@p3droid don’t worry I will be along soon to save you…but you may not like my bootloader…” there is no way motorola would openly address that when the bootloader topic is so hot in the tech community right now. also in another tweet it says “i am the bug” which sounds an awful lot like that viral forum post about the bionic that was supposedly the first sentient thing created by humans which says “Yes, I am the bug. I am MDB228″ http://forums.androidcentral.com/droid-bionic/104291-eradicate-insanity-i-arrive.html could possibly be the same guy. anyways i agree with the “nothing to see here, carry on” judgment

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