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Midweek Madness: Win an Android Limited LG G2x

Whoa! Last week over 2,000 of you tweeted and shared Android Limited on Facebook! But a few of you still complained. (You know who you are). So this week we’re making it even easier! You can win this fantastical, one-of-a-kind device simply by leaving a comment on this very article! Details below.

This is the second device from Android Limited, a special edition line of devices we’re making just for you, the loyal reader. This week we’ve got a hard-to-find LG G2x powered by the NVIDIA Tegra 2. The metal strip down the center of the device has again been laser etched with a design from our own @angiedoes. I guess you could call this a G2etch?

Bad puns aside, check out the gallery and making-of video below.

IMG_2343 IMG_2348 IMG_2350 IMG_2354 IMG_2357

How to win

As mentioned above, this week’s winner will be determined by a random draw from the comments on this very post. To win, all you’ve gotta do is leave a comment below. Make sure you use a real email address so we can contact you if you win. We’ll announce a winner on Friday at 12PM CST. Good luck!

UPDATE We have a winner! Tom Yu just scored himself an Android Limited G2x. If you aren’t Tom, check back next week for more giveaways!

Clark is a developer living in Austin, Texas. He runs ClarkLab, a small web firm with his wife, Angie. He's a big fan of usability, standards, and clean design.

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    Would be nice to win something once in a while.

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    Wow her stuff is amazing LG 2X or Die

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    I want stuff!

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    Yes, please!

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    G2Etch? Yeah, sounds good.

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    In my opinion it’s very original idea to make limited editions of android devices like this one LG.

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    Pick this random comment.

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    Pick me! Pick me! :-D

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    Oooo I want to win :)

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    nice dog!

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    I would absolutely love to have a new phone. Would make having to go back to work so much more bearable.

  • http://Website Alex

    I wonder how much this will go for on ebay?

    just kidding. Me Want!

  • http://Website fatspirit

    Well, I want this device too!

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    Pick me.

  • http://Website Ronnie Boone

    This would make for an excellent birthday present. Count me in.

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    Hope I win

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    sure I’ll take it yes please and thank you

  • http://Website Xinot

    This is my comment…

  • http://Website Matt

    I am only going to enter once. I would like to mention that I was not picked for any of the XOOM give aways, I believe that its only fair that I win the phone…

  • http://Website magnum

    That iz Sweet… Hope i win

  • http://Website matt bernaciak

    Sweet….i hope i win….

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    It would be nice to win something for a change!! :)

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  • http://www.perfectetch.com Dan

    Looks cool, put me in to win..

  • http://Website Frank

    Do you also send to the Netherlands in Europe?

  • http://Website Austin Pickett

    Would be nice to win one.

  • http://www.mtbakercs.com Kyle

    Tegra 2 FTW!!!

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    Count me in! thanks

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    i would love to get this phone

  • http://Website Julio Solis

    i need a new phone I’m stuck with my htc hd2 till January and the windows 6.5 market SUCKSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://unforgivendevelopment.com Gerad Munsch

    Wow, with all these entries, this page is exceptionally long.

    I sure hope I get noticed down here! (ie: pick me!!)

  • http://Website Gerry Roberson

    I was not gonna beg….but PLEASE!!!

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  • http://Website Manuel

    I REALLYYYYYYYY WANT IT PLS, my N1 is dying here

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    I need one of those!

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    Awesome contest!

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    G2x FTW! I wonder how many are commenting and hoping to win who aren’t even on T-Mobile?

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    SWEET..i hope I win….

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    OOOH Shiny!

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    This is one cool looking phone ;0)

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    I want it

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    Androidandme it’s been to long. How is life?

  • http://Website Brian

    That is a nice looking device. I think it is pretty awesome that Android and Me is going this far to make their subscribers happy.

  • http://Website Lionel Gonzalez

    I never win anything :’(

  • http://Website Maryt

    I’m just crazy for Android! :D

  • http://Website Johan

    Cool. :)

  • http://Website Nate D.

    I would love to have this to hold me off until the nexus 3 :)

    • http://Website Nate D.

      Almost forgot my email is really re.reeper@Gmail.com. Also AAM is the best :)

  • http://Website Michael Lyne

    My HTC Hero is on its last legs…this would really come in handy.

  • http://Website Martin

    Sweet … I’d love one :)

  • http://Website NB

    Win win.

  • http://Website matthew bernaciak

    I hope I WIN,………

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    Win baby win!

  • http://www.mdknight.net Ish

    Sweet. Makes me wish the Evo had some exterior metal to it.

  • http://Website lopatamd

    i’m tired of my Nokia N73.. please save me, i want an android phone :(

  • http://Website Marin Bilić

    CCommentnt :)

  • http://twitter.com/#!/ljlondon_jr London JR

    who is it gonna be???? are you giving this away??? what else do i have to do??? cmon man… cmon…

  • http://Website tiffany

    My husband would love this.

  • http://Website Jose G.

    Woo hope I win I’ve had the G1 now I have the G2 would love to get a taste of dual core-ness with a lmt edition G2x

  • http://Website John

    free phone?? w00t!

    I hope this includes the international audience as well :)

  • http://Website Jukah

    PICK ME! I did all this scrolling!

  • http://twitter.com/#!/ljlondon_jr London JR

    who is it gonna be???? are you giving this away??? what else do i have to do??? cmon man… cmon… lol

  • http://Website Anthony

    This phone looks amazing!

  • http://Website henry s


  • http://Website Norman Racine

    I’ll take one of those with Cyanogenmod 7.1 please

  • http://Website Alexander

    Oh how sweet it would be to win this.

  • http://Website Jared

    I would like a free phone plz :D

  • sylar

    Oh sweet! You guys definitely have the best giveaways. I also like the fact that you make every thing special with an etching.

  • http://Website Duncan Mackenzie

    As I was totally robbed when It came to the Tegra key chain competition I think In the interests of karma I really should receive this phone.

  • http://Website Tina

    This device would be amazing to own! :)

  • http://Website Keith

    Oh Android and me, you guys are making my android blood boil. That is one HOT G2X! I would love…. to get some Androidandme love!

  • http://Website Rickard Nyberg

    That’s a fine piece of art.
    Miss Fortuna will probably bring it to me. Thanks miss F! And thanks Android and me!

  • http://Website Micah

    This would be a nice replacement to my nexus one. I need a new phone anyways cuz my screen isnt working that well since i accidently dropped it. >·>

  • http://Website Aaron Flexer

    Pick me pick me!

  • http://Website Marcelo Acosta

    I have no phone because I was robbed on my way home, I had a t-mobile mytouch 3g slide… I don’t think I have many chances of winning this contest, but hey! I can’t lose anything by just trying :). I love the blog, good job, guys :)

  • http://Website Kalil Stoudmire

    I want in

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    gimme please

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    Trying to win here…

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    That is a awesome phone. My best friend has one and loves it. I’ll be happy to give it a good home.

  • http://Website landonkerth

    A wild Comment appears!

  • http://Website Alex Medina

    Please let me win!!

  • WickedToby741


  • http://Website Steve

    My N1 is aging. This would be a great replacement. =)

  • http://Website Scott Y.

    Beautiful! It would be way too cool to have, plus it’s unique!!

  • http://Website MisfitPierce

    I would love to own this phone. I’m too poor to ever upgrade tho. I love it tho and this site.

  • amiashu

    does this have at&t 3g?

  • http://Website Mark

    Id like a G2X, very fast for games!

  • http://www.thatboyjay.com thatboyjay

    Studying for a Summer I final tomorrow but still have time to check out AndroidAndMe. I’m glad I did BC winning would be cool!

  • http://sundazed.net Sundroid

    Awesome… tough chances, but someone has to win, right? Time to upgrade.

  • http://Website greg

    Is it one perticipation/day???

  • http://Website eid3tic

    I want this phone!

  • http://Website trevor

    This would be awesome to win.

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    I want it to replace my iphone 4.

  • Калоян

    Don’t believe

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  • http://Website Albert Hernandez

    I need this phone badly.

  • http://Website Matt

    Would love one of these.. count me in. Awesome site by the way.

  • http://Website maor

    this time it’s my :)

  • http://Website gsilva

    Awesome opportunity. Glad I didn’t miss this!

  • http://Website Zak T

    I’m team t-mobile and I would love the G2x!!!
    mmmm yes please!

  • http://Website Brian

    That design looks pretty cool and who wouldn’t want a Tegra 2 device…

  • http://Website Sara

    This looks good! :D

  • http://Website jon rodriguez

    Dam I just gotta get my hands on, it to see what I could with all that nvidia power …

  • http://Website Codemonkey19

    That is one smooth looking mod!

  • http://Website Maxx Ondo

    damn i wish i could experience having a droid for a phone:/

  • http://Website Chris

    Sign me up. I could definitely use a new phone.

  • http://Website jon

    I REALLY need a new phone.

  • http://Website Techrocket9


  • http://Website Hurracayne_dre

    I broke my Vibrant and now i am using a Blackberry Flip 8220 that sucks so bad. Help ME!!!

  • http://Website Jason Leong

    Give me one please.

  • http://Website Edveron

    very nice:)

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    I would love it.

  • http://Website Marina Coelho

    Thank you, I hope I win!

  • http://about.me/flatrabbit Jacob

    That is one sexy looking device, just amazing.

  • http://Website Ondrej Holan

    I want this phone because I have no Android, and I want to be original, not like other nations to buy the iPhone has to be like others.
    I’ll take care of him, and as proof here are some applications that you want to put there http://www.appbrain.com/user/Blackegi1/android
    I wrote this from my heart uh … android.
    I hope it does not matter that I’m from the Czech Republic (postage and other things still pay)
    Sorry my English

  • http://Website Sanja Bilić

    somw comment

  • http://Website Lance

    I would love to win, so I am leaving a comment.

  • http://Website G Player

    Keep these giveaways coming, guys, we totally appreciate it!

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    I would really like to win this one!

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    :) gimme gimme, mine mine, gimme gimme, MINE!

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  • https://profiles.google.com/mvndaai Jason Mavandi

    Joke: How do you hide an elephant in an apple tree?
    Answer: You paint it’s toenails red and put it in an apple tree.

    Question: Have you ever seen an elephant in an apple tree?
    Statement: Works doesn’t it!

  • http://Website Jonathan

    Hey guys I really wanted thus phone for my birthday this month but I can afford it :) hopefully I can win this bad baby :-D

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    All I can say is that I desperately need an upgrade from my old myTouch 3G!

  • http://Website Orlando Mont


  • http://Website Marc

    I need this in my life!

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    I’d like a chance to win a new phone, my Nexus One is getting dated.

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    I need a new phone. A LG G2X please.

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    Pick me pick me!!

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    Hmm. .05% chance to win? I’ll take those odds.

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    Ive yet to win any give aways, so pick me please

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    Come on big money!

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    Pick me! Pick me!

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    I could use one of these. :P

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    I’d be forever grateful if you pick my entry.

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    Loving it.

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    wow.. I will be so happy if u pick me :-)

  • http://Website Jorge

    There are over 1000 comments, whoever wins this is one lucky geek.

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    my mom took my android phone from me (kept it for herself) and i got stuck with my old samsung phone. so please, i would love to have a android phone once again :)

  • http://www.cattlebane.com Jacques Altounian

    I want this to be my frist smart phone!

  • bruce cooper

    I much prefer these sort of competitions to those that require twitter.this way I don’t annoy my followers

  • http://Website helluh

    gee too

  • http://Website Jon

    you guys are rad

  • LukeT32

    Me me me me o pretty please!

    I’m not available to upgrade until Jan, so this would be nice. :)

  • http://twitter.com/rdearth53 rdearth53

    Thanks so much AndroidAndMe! You are awesome!

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    A winner is me? Love this site!

  • http://Website rdearth53

    Thanks so much android and me, you are amazing!!

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    Here’s hoping I win

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    i would love one

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    Such a sexy phone, with some sexy etchings. Totes the good one.

  • http://Website Shawn Leingang

    That phone would make my hours of GOF2 look so much better.

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    Can’t wait to get my first phone. ANDROID FTW. Cyanogenmod devs are awesome

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    Nice topic…Im in for it.

    nice video btw

    regards stef

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    Would love to get one

  • http://android-unleashed.com Kyle Weller DIDNT WIN???

    I cant win this even if I tried, but here is my entry, hook it up aam!! You guys rock!

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    Would love to replace my smartphone with this bad boy to show off to everyone!!! Crossing my fingers for this thing to be mine!!!!!

  • http://Website Billy

    That looks awesome! Hope I win.

  • http://Website elbosco

    One for me

  • http://gplus.to/attilacsapo Attila Csapo

    \o/ I’d love to win this beauty, I hope the gods or random numbers pick me! I did ritually sacrifice a facebook account on the altar of Google+, so I’m hopeful :)

  • http://Website Dom

    Awesome best friend has one. I need one to stop being jealous thanks.

  • http://epikcas.es 0mie

    yes please ;)

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    Looks like a pretty awesome phone, might as well try for it. Thanks Androidandme

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    would love to upgrade my wife’s nexus one with this!

  • http://Website Rashad

    I am loving this phone! I would be great if I won.

  • http://Website Joao Silva

    Please let it be me xD

  • http://Website CTTorres

    Hope I Win. I need an upgrade from the Behold II.

  • http://Website mateomann

    boogaloo. 1 in a few thousand, chances arent that bad! come on baby time to replace my kyocera!

  • http://Website grams

    I need this phone.

  • http://Website Araien

    I have “envidia”(Spanish word) of the 2 cores owners!

  • http://Website Pedro J. Ortiz

    I think my wife will love this phone! Thank you AaM!

  • http://Website Jackki H

    Would LOVE to have this!

  • http://Website KyoRinsuu

    Lol awesome phone lucky he who wins it good luck to all =)

  • http://Website Steve

    wwwoohooo pick me

  • http://Website Matt Siarny

    Need a new phone, would love it to be this one.

  • http://Website Derek B

    The tegra 2 is so sweeeeet! Would definitely punt a truck into the sun if I won this. You know, out of joy and stuff.

  • http://Website Anthony Montero

    I would like to win please.

  • http://Website Dimi

    I would love to have one, so I can use it for my master thesis! thx! :)

  • GRAW

    I’d like to win.

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  • http://Website Alisha

    i want one !!!!

  • http://Website Mike

    thanks baby t

  • http://Website KyoRinsuu

    lol awesome phone

  • http://Website Will Grafius

    G2x hotness coming my way!

  • Artificial Bacon

    I like chocolate milk…and free Android phones. Since I currently don’t have the former, I would love it if I were to get the latter even though I’d be giving it to a friend of mine as a gift to replace her current super low-end Android phone. This would be the most perfect motivation for her to finally change carriers from Cricket. If I win, thank you very much and if I don’t, thank you for at least letting me play and receiving a shot at it.

  • http://Website Mike G

    I’d probably marry google if I could. Android for life.

  • Charlong666

    The etching is very sleek

  • http://Website Mike


  • http://Website Danno

    I never win anything ever but here goes nothing. =P Go Android!

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    Free as in free beer?

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    I would like this a lot

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    Google+NVIDIA+Android+ Everything else= Awesomeis!!! Not a real word but still…. Awesome!


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    android 4life… gimme this phone!

  • http://Website spaceinvader0165

    Id love the g2x!

  • http://Website Joel

    It took me forever to scroll to the bottom of this page….that means theres a lot of competition. I would greatly enjoy a G2X.

  • http://Website Michal

    If people from Poland (yes, that country in the center of Europe ;p) are able to take part – I’m definitely in. It would be great – that’s an understatement

  • http://Website Mark

    Reaaaaalllyy want this phone.

  • Juan_Figs

    My brother’s phone just got crushed by a streetcar. Hopefully I can win this and give him my phone as a replacement.

  • http://Website Robert Walters

    My wife needs a new phone!

  • http://Website Aaron Ring

    Looks like a cool new phone and with my recent upgrade eligibility i can give it to my parents to get them on Android.

  • http://Website Trevor Redhead

    All things Google.

  • http://Website steven

    if i cant get a phone can i get a google+ invite?

  • http://Website jstatus24

    Yes, I’d take that

  • http://Website Kevin Passino

    Wow… this would be one hell of a good reason to port one of my lines to T-mobile!

  • http://Website JerM

    ME ME ME!!!! Pick me please!!!

  • http://Website Mark

    I’ve never won something for nothing before, but hey it can’t hurt to try I guess!

  • ShermCraig

    I realize I have a better chance of being hit by lightening, or a bus, or of winning the lottery, or seeing G-D, but hey – what the heck? PICK ME!

  • http://Website Craig

    yes please

  • http://Website Jordan Craig

    That device is beautiful, the design on it is fantastic. It would be a privelige to win it :)

  • http://Website manuel

    I never win, but maybe this time… Thanx guys and keep on making us smile.

  • http://Website Gaetan

    OMG, there’re a lot of comments here today. Chances are sooooooooo low. I still hope I get it.

  • http://paulpuri.name Paul Puri

    Still have the OG Droid. HALP!!!

  • http://Website Alan Paone

    Its so pretty! gimme gimme!

  • http://Website Jake Staehle

    That laser etching is epic looking. I would love this G2x lol

  • dwianto

    Wow.. Another Android device from LG with coolest design.. I want it !

  • http://Website marshun

    I would love this phone so here is my entry
    Good luck to every one.

  • http://Website Darren

    I wan this more then a bacon wrapped cupcake.

  • http://evelio.info/ evelio

    Small chance but I’m in!

  • http://Website Louie Martin

    This is an awesome phone. All the bad talk about it, it doesnt matter because this thing still hauls.

  • http://Website Tom R.

    This would make my (hopefully) short period of unemployment more bearable. Oh, how I want this device!

  • http://Website marshun

    I would love this phone. so here is my entry. wish everybody good luck.

  • http://Website James Jurack

    I am a fan of free stuff.

  • http://Website Simas

    My birthday is coming next week, would be perfect gift :P
    I will hold my fingers crossed :)

  • http://www.sonicboomstick.com Bryan

    Daddy like!

  • http://Website will carr

    all i have say is do what you must to get me that phone.

  • http://Website Roger Mota

    damn… im a lil late.. buuuut i want something new and shiny. =D

  • http://Website st4xor

    I would totally switch to Tmo if I won this

  • http://Website Sami Rauf

    That is quite an awesome phone!

  • http://Website Rocco

    ANDROID4LIFE! Awesome phone!

  • http://Website victor sanchez

    if i win this will be my first and only phone.

  • http://Website Steve

    Hey guys. I just love your site. Thanx for giving us a chance to win this beauty.

  • http://Website Luca Badodi

    Hey!! I’m from Modena, Italy and I just want to say 1 thing: it’s so hot in there!!!
    btw, long life to android
    (and ofc to the Hypnotoad o_O)

  • http://Website russell dowdell

    I wish I could buy just the back…. :-)

  • http://Website Hank

    This is awesome!!

  • http://Website Drew

    Please pick me because I greatly prefer the Tegra 2 over the new Snapdragon processor.

  • http://Website Mark

    So….complaining gets you another chance for a free phone? Awesome!

  • http://Website De’Von Perry

    I love the G2 series if I won this phone it would be an honor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://Website Justin Madru

    Awesome dual-core Android phone! Would definitely use it!

  • http://Website Aaron M

    I’m in!

  • http://Website Christopher Chi

    This would be nice :)

  • http://wolstenhol.me Phil

    Thank you for another great competition!

  • http://Website Brian C

    Nice prize thanks for the chance.. i want it !!

  • http://Website Crish S

    i have tmobile and this is my fav phone not htc

  • http://Website Anthony

    G2x ftw!

  • Coolio

    It would be awesome if I could win this! Thanks for all the great stuff Androidandme!!!

  • http://Website Jed

    Ever since my HTC Hero I’ve been looking for a new android device and would love to have an up-to-date smartphone!

  • http://Website Roy

    Would be nice to have this ti tide me over till Nexus 3 comes out.

  • http://Website Josh S

    I’ll take one, thank you very much!

  • http://lettersfromdave.wordpress.com daveloft

    As usual you leave me smiling, hopefully I can win this and keep the trend going. Keep up the great work.

  • http://Website Howell

    One of them are mine!

  • http://Website Shavzthaman

    Just gimme please. I need it lol

  • http://Website Ivan

    I think is time for me to upgrade to dual core technology, and it is for free the better.

  • http://Website George B

    Who doesn’t want it?

  • http://Website Stephanie

    G2etch, will you be mine?

  • http://Website Jordan

    please and thank you!

  • http://Website RAPTOR

    Good phone, good site, good giveaway

  • http://Website cody


  • http://Website Aaron


  • http://Website Eric L

    I can has?

  • http://Website Forge

    My love for G2Xs is so great
    My heart melts for it until the dusk of day
    The night is quiet when it’s away,
    Flash it, hack it, make it do what I say.

    Multi-Core, give me more,
    The speed of Tegra 2,
    Everybody has a dual core phone,
    And I would love one too!

    So AndroidandMe,
    Can’t you see?
    A brother is in need.
    Make the tomorrow a birthday to remember,
    For your biggest fan, meeee.

  • http://Website Eric L

    I can has?

    (posted once and it disappeared)

  • http://Website Khai


  • http://Website Andrew

    I never win these things.

  • JasonSchedin

    I would love that phone pick mei

  • http://Website Thien

    :) LG G2x is WIN :D

  • http://Website Forge

    My love for G2Xs is so great
    My heart melts for it until the dusk of day
    The night is quiet when it’s away,
    Flash it, hack it, make it do what I say.

    Multi-Core, give me more,
    The speed of Tegra 2,
    Everybody has a dual core phone,
    And I would love one too!

    So AndroidandMe,
    Can’t you see?
    A brother is in need.
    Make tomorrow a birthday to remember,
    For your biggest fan, me.

  • http://facebook.com/theastrodude Astro

    So much messages, so little chance for me to win…
    but here goes! *crosses fingers* :)

  • http://Website Kyle Z

    Probably not gonna win but worth a shot.

  • http://Website ZonkeyMaster


  • http://Website C

    Lol I got one now but 2 would be even better!

  • http://Website Fernando

    Dual core for me!!!!

  • http://Website Tre Goolaby

    Omg I hope I win! Thanks for the chance :) goodluck everyone

  • http://Website jason

    Android for life!!!!

  • http://www.mackinnonphotography.com/ Sean Buchan

    My OG Droid is dying… would love a new phone.

  • http://Bizarreapps.webs.com Ziox Odd

    The G2X a magnificent device dual core front facing camera and more a developers dream device being a upcoming developer with a horrible phone can be bothersome I literally make apps my phone can’t run it’s sad…hopefully I can fix that one day

  • http://Website Jorge

    II want this phone so much!

  • http://Website Renato M.

    Let’s the game begin!

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