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Midweek Madness: Win an Android Limited LG G2x

Whoa! Last week over 2,000 of you tweeted and shared Android Limited on Facebook! But a few of you still complained. (You know who you are). So this week we’re making it even easier! You can win this fantastical, one-of-a-kind device simply by leaving a comment on this very article! Details below.

This is the second device from Android Limited, a special edition line of devices we’re making just for you, the loyal reader. This week we’ve got a hard-to-find LG G2x powered by the NVIDIA Tegra 2. The metal strip down the center of the device has again been laser etched with a design from our own @angiedoes. I guess you could call this a G2etch?

Bad puns aside, check out the gallery and making-of video below.

IMG_2343 IMG_2348 IMG_2350 IMG_2354 IMG_2357

How to win

As mentioned above, this week’s winner will be determined by a random draw from the comments on this very post. To win, all you’ve gotta do is leave a comment below. Make sure you use a real email address so we can contact you if you win. We’ll announce a winner on Friday at 12PM CST. Good luck!

UPDATE We have a winner! Tom Yu just scored himself an Android Limited G2x. If you aren’t Tom, check back next week for more giveaways!

Clark is a developer living in Austin, Texas. He runs ClarkLab, a small web firm with his wife, Angie. He's a big fan of usability, standards, and clean design.

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  • http://Website Dalton

    pick me!

  • http://Website sunyong

    A G2x would be awesome!

  • http://Website Paul Umansky

    I love my GSlate tablet so I would love to win the phone!

  • http://Website Viren

    Anyone said G2x????? I’m here sir!

  • http://Website Dylan

    i hope i win this beast phone.

  • http://Website James!


  • Angie Strickland

    I wanted to thank everyone personally for the nice comments, but I figured that could possibly make Clark have to redraw names in order to not have my comment pop up as the winner, haha, so I’ll just say it here: THANKS!! It’s nice to hear when people appreciate what you’re doing.

  • khep24

    OMG this would replace my feature phone in a sec!!! I dream of a phone with this much power lol!

  • http://Website Hustin

    Sick! Can’t wait to see who wins it!

    A first smartphone would be narley.

  • http://Website Tom

    Love the site guys.

  • http://Website ben

    I would love to win. I do not yet have an Android phone, and this would be brilliant!

  • http://Website scott

    I love the g2x. I currently have one and its by far the best android handset I’ve owned. It would be very nice to win the special edition g2x, so I can give mine to my girlfriend. She currently has a blackberry and hates it, and I’d like to get her back on android where she belongs lol she loves android, as do I lol

  • http://Website Charles Duke

    I read Android and Me every day… Pick me!

  • http://Website Vincent

    Because I’d like to upgrade my G2 to a G2x…

  • http://Website robert

    sweet android and me the only place that would do something like this COUNT ME IN!!!

  • http://Website Scrives

    I would love this phone!! +1

  • http://Website donnyb

    I would like to win and android phone!!!

  • http://Website Crissyk14

    Im still on an HD2 and would love an upgrade!

  • http://Website CesarRuiz


  • http://Website James

    I would be very happy to win this phone!

  • http://Website ryan

    This phone is so sic…I know there have Ben some issues but with Roms coming out be it slowly this phoneis still a powerhouse…

  • http://Website Jason

    I would love to win this phone!!

  • http://Website Geo

    How many G’s would a G2x G,
    If a G2x could 2G?

    nVidia om nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom

  • http://Website deckrider

    A great replacement for my old passion!

  • http://Website Zeratoda1

    Limited edition is what I live for

  • http://Website BB

    In to win!

  • http://MustWin Ivan Leung

    Must win new phone…

  • DonChinga

    I would switch to Tmobile if I was to win this.

  • http://Website Tony

    I would love this one-off G2X.. Hell I’d love any G2X.

  • http://Website Dustin

    I really want this phone! I love phones with the latest Android OS!

  • http://Website Dustin

    I have T-Mobile and would love to have this phone!

  • http://Website Raul Dominguez

    I’d like the G2X please. Btw, you guys are awesome. :)

  • http://Website Mike Eichbrecht

    It would be great to replace my cheap father in laws Tmo Wing!

  • Jaymoon

    Although I don’t need this… I have a very deserving friend who does!

  • http://Website DroidSmith

    Awesome. Hope I win.

  • http://Website thetruth

    pick me!!!!!!11

  • http://Website Raul B

    Woooow… is this only for the states? well… i still have family and address there… come on give meeeeeeeeeeee

  • http://Website Ivan


    Sent from my Droid Eris

  • http://Website Nathan To

    I would love me a new stock Android phone for T-Mobile.

  • http://Website Phil

    Cool, will hope I win

  • http://Website Ray

    Awesome laser action..Would love to own it..

  • http://Website Derek

    I’d like to win cause my birthday is coming up but I doubt it.. ;(

  • http://Website Mark


  • http://Website Behnam

    Hope I have better luck this time

  • http://www.facebook.com/yourissues Constantine Smith

    Sometimes when i think of owning that phone.. i get all hot and bothered.. it excites me hehe hehe

  • http://Website Alex Centeno

    new phones are always fun lol

  • http://Website Dark Wizard Matoya

    Would love to have this!

  • http://Website Michael Tran


  • http://Website Phil Grayeb

    Wow great prize, good luck everyone. Would be sweet to win.Android rules, crapple and crackberry (and broken windows too) should throw in towel lol

  • event

    Hahahaha, look at all the comments, oh snap I made one too…

  • http://LG jai santhosh


  • http://Website Justin Edge

    I would love to have this phone!!!

  • http://Website Nitin Goenka

    Like everybody else I too would love to win this

  • http://Website Mark

    Now THAT is a sexy piece of tech you have there.

  • http://Website Aniruddha

    Would love to have one of these…

  • http://twitter.com/four8fifteen16 Ben B

    gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme.


  • http://www.ladyjerez.com Lady Jerez

    Because I still believe in good luck but cause and effect too. Who win? I surrender to the universe! ;) I can… You can… We can… All the people can but… Who win?

  • http://Website David Steward

    I would switch carriers for a free phone

  • http://Website mohammmed

    i would love to have that !

  • http://Website smeat

    Would love to be blessed with a G2x.

  • http://Website Jason

    I def want to win this phone, the g2x is a great phone!

  • http://Website joee

    Just leave a comment and win a G2X… how cool is that?!

  • http://Website Jrizzill

    Help an Android developer out, pick me! =)

  • http://Website Karen

    leaving a comment and hoping some android goodie :D

  • http://Website Jorge Elvir

    Please! I never win in these things make it the first time please I want to win that sexy phone

  • http://Website robert

    i would like to win this phone lol

  • http://Website Jhon

    Great phone

  • stereooptic

    Nice phone! I want!

  • http://Website Blaise Clarke

    Would love one of these, thanks AAM for all of the great contests!

  • http://Website Kevin

    Need a new phone, great timing!

  • http://Website Nohoma

    LOL :-) Pleez

  • http://Website Aurelious Prime

    I want to go to there.

  • http://AndroidandMe Benjamin Norris

    I would absolutely love to win this phone. Not only is it a (1) of a kind, but it’s an Android w/ Tegra 2!! Must have ;)

  • http://Website CactusCat

    Wow! The pen IS mightier than the sword. Who would have thought that those comments would actually carry any weight? AndroidandMe, you have now moved into my #1 Android spot. When a site as good as yours pays attention to us little guys… it just warms my soul knowing that someone is actually listening. Thanks… you rock!

  • http://Website mitch

    Omg pick meh <3

  • http://Website Kyte

    Would be a nice win.

  • http://Website Bruno

    I need one of those!!!

  • http://Website john kraft

    Wouldn’t it ben nice to win the G2x…;-)

  • http://Website john kraft

    Wouldn’t it be nice to win the G2x…;-)

  • http://Website Jimmy O.

    I could use a new Android phone! I hope I win!

  • http://www.marcusthompsoninc.com Marcus

    I’ll take two, thanks!

  • http://Website Kevinthebox

    Been following you guys for awhile, best opinion Android site imo. I know I’m probably not gonna win this, but let me give this opportunity to say keep up the good work Clark, Angie, an

  • http://Website Hector DLR


    I’m a huge gamer and I know this phone would make my life so much easier to be gaming on the go!!! I’ve never owned a LG phone so this would be my first and it looks very promising!!!

  • http://Website Lindsay

    SWEET! I want one!

  • http://Website Koeby

    I hope it’s me!:)

  • http://Website ACTPOHABT

    Do want!

  • http://Website Brendon

    Count me in! I will for sure respond if I win!

  • http://Website kris

    would love this phone.

  • http://Website Noa

    pick me! pick me! anyone who wins will become a lifetime android advocate no doubt.

  • http://Website Erez

    Good luck to me and to the rest.

  • http://insight.pinkonbrown.org Jonathan Cruz

    Would love to win this….I’m a developer, and any extra device is a great help. Email is attached to my name. :)

  • http://Website MM3

    Yes, yes!

  • http://Website avinash

    well so much said about the LG G2X ,,like it had some quality issues or software issues,,it had been pulled back from the T-MOBILE ,,,but we should keep one in mind very clearly ,lg g2x /2sx is the first mobile to support the nvidia tegra 2..a dual core mobile phone,It has started the dual core powered era ,a super phone era,,,no doubt we should respect it.This mobile is all blessed with power,,,,it’s a super phone indeed.

  • http://Website Dan Allen

    I need this phone badly! I have an old htc Hero that is dire need of upgrading.

  • http://Website Gunfan

    If I win this i can get my nagging wife of my case. she keeps telling me that she needs a new phone.

  • http://Website howdy

    nice phone, nicer etching

  • http://Website penny

    Would love to try this new device! I am looking for a new phone.

  • robkonZ

    My OG Vibrant is ready to be replaced, would love this.

  • http://Website Jason

    I’m ready for an upgrade

  • http://Website Joel

    Daaang! So many people, but I hope I win!

  • kerrins

    My daughter needs a new phone.

  • http://Website Jeffrey

    Custom graphic ftw. I can’t wait to get my first real Android device. Been researching rooting my crappy WinMo HD2 for ages but still haven’t found the time to take the plunge.

  • johnb847

    That’s going to look goooood onme!

  • http://Website Darth jr

    Legit email. Check. Lame fake name. Check. Drooling for a chance to win this phone. Check

  • http://Website Stephen

    That’s pretty awesome

  • seventystangfan

    Nice! I do miss having an LG phone…

  • http://Website snarf

    Pick me!

  • http://hubpages.com/profile/ibbarkingmad ibbarkingmad

    Google Android has made my life so much easier as a student and professional. Having a dual core device would make it even better!

  • http://Website Ray

    how about that. It would be awesome if I won this

  • http://Website ruperto

    Android and me and g2x = :-D :-D :-D

  • http://Website James

    Fantastic phone. Thanks for the giveaway.

  • http://Website Raji

    me and android!! Android and Me!! Me and GX2 makes me HAPPY!!

  • http://Website Mark

    It would be nice to finally get rid of my blackberry

  • http://Website Ray

    Wish I had this phone.

  • http://About.mebrick Brick Brunton

    Would be so nice to move up from the htc Sensation

  • http://Website Pete

    Beautiful design :) Love it

  • http://Website Judah

    Waaaah! Pick me? :D

  • JmChai

    Yes!!!! This is sooo limited edition that i want to have it and use it with care… :)

  • http://Website pepe

    and if i win, would you send it over to argentina?

  • http://Website Josh Melling

    I would love this! to the best man! or women!

  • http://Website phact0rri

    I would like this very much.

  • dunneldeen

    It would be nice to own

  • http://Website brian

    Pick me me me

  • http://Website SMRPOWER

    I want it!!! I really dooooooo!

  • http://Website Gary

    I’d sure love it :)

  • nexus15

    I would take it.

  • http://twitter.com/hankito Hank Yeomans

    You know that commercial “what would you do for a Klondike bar”? That’s what’s up for this phone :o)

  • http://Website edwin

    i want phone pls ok thx bai

  • http://Website derek de la cruz

    II would like a G2x :)

  • http://Website Karl

    Androids are fun.

  • http://Website Vickie

    my droid is getting outdated and slow… i could really use an update! :)

  • http://Website Bob

    my Droid is very slow as well this could replace it quite nicely

  • http://Website james

    Sucks that T-Mobile never has g2xs in stock.

  • http://Website iSlackerz

    Who wouldn’t love to have this phone?

  • http://Website Joseph Chavez

    I want this badly! I want to share in the dual core goodness!

  • http://Website Erin

    Woooooo! Please enter me into the contest!

  • http://Website shelly

    to win would make me :)

  • http://www.twitter.com/the5thdimension the5thdimension

    I would love to play with this phone! Have been wanting to for quite some time. I have a Nexus One that I am still in love with, but I need something new to play with. I almost pulled the trigger on the Sensation, but decided to wait for the next Nexus device. I’ll gladly take one of these though. Come on A&M pick ME! You know you want to.

  • http://Website Jeff

    Awesome phone! G2etch is a great name!

  • http://Website Stephen

    That’s a Google powered pug. =)

  • http://Website the5thdimension

    This is my second entry. Is that allowed?

  • http://Website the5thdimension

    How bout a third? Ooh I want that Gamma2Xray!

  • H_Scrappy

    Nice looking phone… (I sure could use one to replace my aging Captivate)

  • http://Website Fiasko

    PLEASE let me replace this original mytouch from launch day please!

  • http://Website Dan


  • http://Website Tom

    Gotta have this phone!

  • http://Website Rich

    Put my name in the bucket for this contest too. Would love to get my paws on this phone!

  • http://Website Alexixiv

    Sweet… Already a huge fan of the P990 and P999

  • http://Website Joshua

    This addiction is killing my social life lol is love to have one of these phones

  • http://Website juan

    Good luck everyone!

  • http://Website Alexis

    awww this phone is amazing

  • http://Website Dre

    That looks awesome, I would definitely like to win this one.

  • http://Website Dominik

    Id love to have one of these

  • http://Website Rainseyes

    Awesome, Hope this is my lucky post…err… supposed to be innocent…

  • http://Website Yusuf

    Sweet. I’d def love one of those, ATT might make it a problem though =/

  • http://Website Matthew Hansen

    I need an upgrade to my vanilla vibrant….a custom dual core jobber like that would certainly be an improvement :)

  • http://Website Sal

    Giving it a shot! God bless!

  • http://Website Sergio

    It would be great catching this one ;).

  • http://Website Amie

    Given that a new phone won’t be in my budget anytime soon, I’d certainly not complain about a free phone, especially one that sexy looking.

    Thanks for considering me.

  • http://Website Julio C

    I LOVE this Phone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://Website Jeremiah

    Id love to win this phone :)

  • http://Website Kayvan

    for the winner: Enjoy it ;)

  • endertux

    This would end my search for a new phone!

  • http://Website Zeljko Bulatovic

    I would like to have this phone! :)

  • http://Website Menace2you

    Could use a new phone, now that my desire is being fixed.

  • http://Website Ace

    My life would be half complete with one of these. Other half would be owning a Tab 10.1 :P

  • http://piccar.ir reza

    i love G2X.i love pure Google experience and hardware of G2X

  • http://Website Chandara

    I would like to have this phone!

  • http://Website Christian Jackson

    We’d all like to win but only one shall come out on top who will it be…..

    It’s the finalll Countdown!!!

  • http://Website adrian

    it’s worth a shot :))

  • http://Website Marcin

    It is over 1300 posts now, If I win this phone I will definitely play Lotto! :-)

  • http://Website teddy

    hope i could have it! :)

  • http://Website Kai

    I like turtles.

  • http://androidandme.com Ivan

    tnx in advance :D

  • http://Website Pablo

    Whoa awesome giveaway!!

  • http://Website Macky

    Please let me win! Would be an awesome birthday present. :D

  • kmarkos

    Phone look great and specs look even better! Count me in!

  • http://Website Toe-knee

    Good luck me.

  • http://mobileboard.blogspot.com piter1225

    Maybe this time I will have more luck?

  • http://Website deshark

    Never enough with those Android devices ;). Keep’em coming!

  • http://Website Joe Liserio

    One of the best Android phones available.

  • http://Website Oliver

    Id love to have a dual core device to go alongside my nexus s :-D

  • http://tenthstone.com/android Vinod

    Count me in .. I would like to have this phone …


  • http://Website Jerod


  • http://Website Don Quixote

    I would really like one of these phones as well! My antenna is dying in my vibrant and I need a new phone! :0

  • http://Website Matthias Davis

    This phone, I must win

  • http://Website Gerardo

    Luck, be a lady tonight! =)

  • jian9007

    Tegra Zone games. Bring it!

  • http://my-site.ismywebsite.com elgarteo95

    Wish me luck, man! =)

  • http://Website zedklind


  • http://Website Entaro Aduun

    That is one hot phone! :)

  • http://Website Andrew Fletcher

    Woop woop!

  • flyguy217

    I’ll take one! Thanks!!

  • http://Website skaterskye

    would love this phone…always love those stock google phone!!!

  • http://Website Dan Harris

    Wow looks good!

  • http://Website peter merikan

    Comment ;-)

  • http://Website nicholasrout

    Forget the phone, I want that dog. I’ve been longing for a loyal companion. I shall call him…

    LOLdog (G2x edition)

  • http://Website Tim


  • http://Website Surya Bhan

    Android Limited LG G2x pleasure to have it.
    give it to me… :P

  • FrostyWolf359


    Might as well try my luck :)

  • http://Website brick4byrd

    I alway like reading your articles. I’m a die hard android user!

  • http://Website Donald

    Nice Phone!

  • http://Website Jordan

    I’ve been wanting one of these since they were only a rumour! Would love a freebie :D

  • http://Website FNugget

    Good luck everyone! (Especially me!)

  • CD

    My girlfriend has one, and I’m extremely jealous :(

  • Limits


  • http://Website Kevin Dietze

    This looks awesome! Pick me!

  • http://Website Todd

    Wish I’m the lucky one! Good luck to all!

  • http://Website mersad

    Please Android Gods let me have this one, I’ll never double park again!

  • http://Website Tannen

    Yay comment raffles! I would love this phone!

  • http://Website Rick


  • http://Website Sam

    Well you didn’t say it’s open to US /Canada only. So posting a comment hoping I’d get lucky :D

  • http://Website Matt

    :) I’d really like this phone :D

  • http://Website Dave

    Until Steve Jobs wears an Andy the Android shirt to Mac World make mine Android… LOL

  • animguy

    Nice looking phone, good luck everyone.

  • http://Website Angeline

    Just spoke with my Rogers representative last night, when upgrading our plan and purchasing a Blackberry for my son. I have been the hold out on Blackberry, and he made a strong recommendation toward purchasing an Android phone, feeling that it would make transitioning from a flip phone, into newer technology, a fun and easy experience. I’m ready……bring it on….please:)

  • http://Website Frank Adams

    I would like to win! I have entered so many contests and have not won any yet. At least 3 or 4 so far. LOL. Thanks.

  • http://Website RANDY BARROSO

    Come on luck of the draw I need to replaced my girlfriends mytouch 3g slide

  • http://Website cristian

    Cool xD

  • http://Website Dino


  • http://Website BOB


  • http://Website Alex

    yes please!

  • http://Website Gabriel Harris

    The G2x is one of the best phones out there now, its so much better than the htc sensation.

  • http://Website Jenning

    Trying my luck :D gimme gimme G2X

  • http://Website Nick

    me want one… me need one… :)

  • http://nope.nowhere KostisV


  • http://Website Samm

    I wonder if you can get HTC sense on this….

  • http://Website Rico

    lady luck, here we go…..,.,

  • http://Website brock

    And the Price is Right!

  • http://Website Chris Jones

    Looks like an awesome phone. I have never been a huge fan of LG products, but this one looks like a winner.

  • http://Website Louis

    Oh my, I had a dream that I won this phone. For real!! Please please dream maker let it be, lol

  • http://Website Paul Esson

    Hows about you let me win :D

  • http://twitter.com/kangarooo Kangarooo

    Adnriod yaeh ! :)

  • http://Website tratchel

    I can has phone plz?

  • http://Website John Koreck

    Not much of a comment but, I would really like that phone.

  • http://erisblognet.blogspot.com Manuel

    Cool LG Phone! very beautiful!

  • http://Website Matt Harbeson

    I want one… BADLY!!!!

  • http://Website Billis

    It would make my OG Droid jealous and be a beautiful new phone for me.

  • http://Website sampath

    Wow..a beast inside..a beauty outside

  • brick

    I don’t have what you’d call “luck” or “disposable income” so I doubt I’ll ever get this phone…BUT it would be cool.

  • http://www.umarfarukm.com/blog Umarfaruk M

    I <3 Android-And-YOU :)

    Consider me guys :) :) :)

  • http://Website Danny C

    A G2x give away count me in, seeing how I never win any of these contests I’m not to optimistic, but maybe this will be the one

  • markside

    Count me in!

  • http://Website Danny Calderon

    Free phone give away count me in, I never win any of these gadget contests.

  • http://Androidandme.com Shawn

    This is one of the sexiest phone know to man I want this phone

  • http://Website Franck

    LG G2x + ME = Happy Forever

  • http://Website Franck

    LG G2x * ANDROIDANDME + GOOGLE + ME = Happy Forever

  • http://Website Robert

    me me me!

  • http://Website Farrukh Bashir

    Never won anything online.. Please Androidandme.com pick me. I am in bad need of an upgraded phone.. Will clone my first born and name him G2x. kthnxbai

  • http://Website Joshua

    Wow, there are a lot of people who want this phone as much as I do. How shall I distinguish myself from the rest? Hmmmm… Let’s try this:


  • http://Website Ruben camacho

    I love androidandme! Read every article, everyday! Android ftw!! !

  • http://Website Bill

    I never win anything. May I please win this phone!


  • http://Website Monty

    Well if you’re giving one away I guess I’ll take it. The battery on my thunderbolt is bumming me out anyway.

  • http://Website Shhon75

    All I do is win win win… I wish.

  • http://www.squide.com squide

    Pretty awesome phone and the making of video was really interesting and well made, good job Android and Me!

  • http://Website NobleHelium


  • kidwire

    This would be rad

  • http://Website Omega

    That is one sexy phone!

  • http://dr3amcast3r.wordpress.com/ dr3amcast3r


  • http://dr3amcast3r.wordpress.com/ dr3amcast3r

    been using Android since HTC Magic 32G and can’t imagine my life without it. Sign me up for the draw :)

  • http://Website Mark

    So how many times are we allowed to post???

  • sublimejackman

    That’s Fancy.

  • http://Website Messay

    I want!!!

  • http://Website Joe

    I’m still stuck on a family plan with my ex-girlfriend….
    I need this more than you ever could know!

  • http://Website dan

    Cool. I’d like one of those. Very nice device’s.

  • http://Website tress konrad

    LG 2x is a work of aft

  • http://Website Chris

    This phone looks awesome!! Choose me?

  • http://Website Issac

    cant wait to start using this tegra 2 device.

  • http://Website Chris

    Love the etched design!

  • AndroJordan

    I want to win This G2x Because it will finally put my old phone to sleep….for good >:)

  • http://Website jai blevins

    Awesome! I want it!

  • http://Website stephen

    Thats actually awesome

  • http://Website Adarsha HD

    WOW!! This should be for me :-)

  • http://Website Corey

    Count me in. I’ll take it off your hands. :D

  • http://Website Art

    Life would be good to have this badboy!

  • http://Website Bito Bacon

    Bito McBacon FTW!!!!

  • http://Website Jay

    One of those bad boys would be nice…

  • http://Website Goran

    Oh´boy I hope I win….

  • http://Website Brian

    I hope I win. This looks so awesome. Not Zuckerberg awesome, real awesome!!

  • http://Website Dav

    Need That PHONE

  • http://Website John

    I HOPE I WIN !!!!!

  • http://Website Jeremy

    this is whats up

  • http://Website Iris


  • http://Website Mandi

    it would be great to upgrade to this

  • http://Website Jason

    GO NVIDIA !!!

  • http://Website irene

    Im in ive been wanting that phone for a while i have had all the android devices since the g1 i need my first dual core please pick me

  • http://Website Nicole

    I hope I win! I haven’t bought a phone since 2007 and I desperately want an android

  • http://Website Gomez Hampton

    this phone is dope!!!!

  • jb_marsh

    This would be an excellent replacement for my ailing original Droid….


  • http://Website Warner

    Wow! LGandMe, 1st dual core phone in the world! Please pick me =)

  • http://Website Charlie

    I need a new phone! Hehe, let’s hope I win!

  • http://Website MarioM

    Here is my official entry… hope to get it.

  • http://www.rahulverma.net Rahul R Verma

    Sign me up Please. :D

  • http://Website Morris

    Gotta get an LG2x. If you don’t need it I’ll take it.

  • http://Website Michael Caravantes

    If Casey Anthony can get away with murder, there is no reason that I should not be able to have this phone!

  • http://Website maverator

    Wow that’s a lot of comments.

  • http://Website Chris S

    Is it Friday yet?? I wanna get my hands on this puppy….

  • http://Website cybrasty

    I would very much want one!

  • http://Website My Name

    Looking for a new phone why not take a chance on the G2x ;-)

  • http://Website fred B

    was thinking about updating my phone! Timing couldn’t be better!