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Midweek Madness: Win an Android Limited LG G2x

Whoa! Last week over 2,000 of you tweeted and shared Android Limited on Facebook! But a few of you still complained. (You know who you are). So this week we’re making it even easier! You can win this fantastical, one-of-a-kind device simply by leaving a comment on this very article! Details below.

This is the second device from Android Limited, a special edition line of devices we’re making just for you, the loyal reader. This week we’ve got a hard-to-find LG G2x powered by the NVIDIA Tegra 2. The metal strip down the center of the device has again been laser etched with a design from our own @angiedoes. I guess you could call this a G2etch?

Bad puns aside, check out the gallery and making-of video below.

IMG_2343 IMG_2348 IMG_2350 IMG_2354 IMG_2357

How to win

As mentioned above, this week’s winner will be determined by a random draw from the comments on this very post. To win, all you’ve gotta do is leave a comment below. Make sure you use a real email address so we can contact you if you win. We’ll announce a winner on Friday at 12PM CST. Good luck!

UPDATE We have a winner! Tom Yu just scored himself an Android Limited G2x. If you aren’t Tom, check back next week for more giveaways!

Clark is a developer living in Austin, Texas. He runs ClarkLab, a small web firm with his wife, Angie. He's a big fan of usability, standards, and clean design.

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  • http://Website fred b

    I misspelled my email before. Ehhh…

  • http://Website Thomas

    What a great phone….

  • http://Website Eric

    Wow. I’ve herd a lot about this phone. I would love to have this phone. This would be my first android device. I don’t have the money to get a high end phone. This would give me something to do since I’m 25 an in a rehab facility with nothing to do at all. I love T-Mobile but hate my stupid cheap flip phone.

  • http://Website Jessica

    In love with this phone! Wish I could have one!

  • http://Website terry

    WWould love to have a custom new phone !

  • http://www.casalett.net Gabe C

    Cool! I’d love one of these!

  • http://Website Chandar

    Looks very cool…I could use one!

  • medawi

    oooohhhhhh….I want one!!!!!

  • http://Website Paul Schwab

    Hope I’m lucky enough to win this beast!

  • http://Website Jorge

    I hope I get good news tomorrow when the winner is announced =)

  • http://Website Name

    Android and Me is the best blog with the best giveaways, that G2x is as good as mine!

  • http://Website Cipri

    Best buy phone … hope i would win it

  • http://Website jasonw

    Hope to win the g2x so I can replace my HD2 running cm7!

  • http://Website 89

    This G2x would put my N1 to shame, crossing my fingers

  • http://Website Eric

    Looks like a great phone, hope I’ll win the draw!

  • http://Website jordan

    I’m pretty sure that phone won’t run on bell’s network; in the event that I win please send the phone to user name “Forge” for creative rhymes. Thanks, great blog by the way:-)

    • http://Website Forge

      Haha thanks buddy!

  • http://Website orlando

    need one now bastitches! ;-P

  • http://Website Hutch

    What a fantastic phone, fingers crossed i win! fat chance i know :D

  • http://about.me/barontankhe Ton Habraken

    Bye bye, comment.

  • http://Website junie

    a great phone to have

  • http://Website mathieu

    i’ll take a free phone, thanks.

  • http://Website Eduardo

    Android 4 life!!

  • http://www.gplus.to/graffixnyc Patrick Hill

    Please enter me

  • ericcarboni

    Awesome phone, great chance to win one!

  • http://Website Daniel

    Ooooh, Shiny.

  • http://Website Philip Chou

    I remember playing with the G2X when it first came out and fell in love with it. Alas, I had just upgraded my phone to the G2….. Would love to win the G2X thanks!

  • http://Website Roger

    Wow the phone looks amazing! I liked watching the machine cut the design into the phone. And btw the pug was so cute!

  • http://Website mike w

    Oh man one of these would be AWESOME to own!

  • http://Website John

    This would look nice sitting next to my G1 and Sensation. Just saying.

  • http://Website Erik

    I’m using a Palm Treo, I could an upgrade! thanks.

  • http://Website Anton Iliasus

    One optimus please! :)

  • http://allahbaksh.blogspot.com Allahbaksh Mohammedali Asadullah

    Hey I think I would get this.

  • http://Website Slicric

    Good morning daddy time for some cerra! And a new G2x!

  • http://Website Taj sibley

    Thanks fits

  • http://Website Joe

    Looks like a beautiful phone

  • http://Website Greg

    Would love to own this sweet device! LG and android for life!

  • http://Website Renato Setoue

    Why would I not a present, right?

  • http://Website Bill

    Androideandme.com is Awesome!

  • http://Website Antonio

    the best things in life are free, have a silver lining and come in small packages

  • http://www.facebook.com/AykutBilici Aykut B

    I’d take care of one as i take care of myself

  • http://Website Tone

    this is best phone period and it comes with stock i need this for my first year attending college SIUC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://Website John G

    Would be a fantastic replacement for my aging HD2 running android.

  • http://farhanjiwani.com Farhan ‘AlfaTrion’ Jiwani

    that is a sick etch! PICK MEEEEE! :) (please?)

  • http://Website intentonaNONSENSE

    one fine android device

  • http://Website burnmail123

    I´m so glad that you picked me :)

  • http://Website justin quintero

    I wanna win this G2x!!!

  • http://Website RMS

    As my Captivate keeps turning off himself all the time, it would be very well appreciated.

  • http://Website Kai

    Would love to get my hands on the G2x!

  • http://www.focuszonedevelopment.com Aaron

    No need for a witty “me too!” comment since it’s drawn randomly!

  • http://Website Aaron Watts

    Here’s looking at you G2X

  • http://Website Jason

    That is one sweet design!

  • http://www.smartesoft.com ygthb

    I could add it to my daily life, Pick Me please

  • http://Website RoyA

    Giggidy!!! That is a sweet phone…

  • http://blog.olebox.com Shaun Oleson

    Pick me…. Pick Me!! +1

  • Grim Reeper S16

    This is going to be sweet if, and only if i get it! if i get it, it will hold me out until the nexus 3 come out :) but thank android and me for having this competition, you guy are great! Even if i don’t win.

  • http://Website Johnp

    count me in! Been looking at a g2x on tmo. It’s still a great device. Although not having it stock brings questions of manufacturing issues. But getting or for free is ok with me. Thanks androidandme!

  • http://Website TechnoSTIG

    Limited! I need a dual core phone to play all the new high end games gameloft is releasing left and right!

  • http://Website timbo

    gimme pleez, i will cherish it forever

  • http://www.bemanistyle.com Eddie Lehecka

    Been debating on switching to a G2X lately myself, and I totally dig the design going on for this one. It probably also doesn’t help that I’m a complete whore for limited edition stuff :p

  • http://www.abunailee.narcthatcar.com EmeryLee

    My wife would love this phone!!! :-) If anybody out there still has Google+ invites please invite me thank you, it would be appreciated. I’m a techy but most of my colleagues are staunch iOS people. EmeryLee is my Twitter handle.

  • http://Website James

    Nice phone. Like the etching

  • http://Website Juan

    This would be a great early birthday present! Make it happen! (Birthday is next Saturday)

  • http://Website sal

    Still giving this a shot. Wish me luck :)

  • http://Website Tristan

    I’d love to have one of these! Getting pretty sick of my phone.

  • echupu

    OH DEAR GOD…..I pray to YOU with utmost sincerety (and YOU know whats in my heart) , please, please make this happen for me…Get me this G2X……I shall be most thankful to YOU.

  • Asif

    I want this so much….Please help me with this My Dear GOD. Thanks for everything YOU have given me and More Thanks for everything that YOU Will give me.

  • http://Website Joshua

    Want to win this phone! :D

  • http://www.ryangoldmanphoto.com Ryan

    I’d love to win this! It’d be the perfect starting school again gift for myself!

  • http://buuf.fractalsystems.org Michael Lawler

    is +Dan Anderson behind this? I’d love to get this device and put CM7 on immediately.

  • http://Website Erik

    AndroidandMe has the best contest! Pick me, pick me!

  • http://Website Edward Pappalardo

    I’ve been dying for this phone!

  • http://Website What the Frack?!

    Oh nice, I needed a new phone…

  • http://Website Raghav

    my current phone is horrible compared to this

  • http://Website Justin


  • http://Website omon


  • Gabriel

    WINNING!……I hope…though I probably have a better chance of being hit by lightning or something.

  • farbulus

    I would quite like one.

  • NiveK

    An alternative phone to use next to my Nexus One? Well i was with Google since day one of Android with the TMobile G1 before it even released (Pre-Ordered) maybe i’ll actually get the G2 before Nexus 3 comes out? :p

  • http://Website Ryan

    Would very much appreciate winning this phone!

  • http://Website dougefresh91

    I really need a new phone. My old one is a Razr.

  • http://www.openintro.com Eric Vaughan

    Limited Edition? Yes please!

    The phone looks super slick. Would love to play around with it!

  • http://Website elyas

    Its looks amazing
    I hope to get this

  • http://Website kdma

    do want!

  • http://Website Curt

    Daddy needs an upgrade from the G1!

  • http://bigheadedkid.com jesse

    whoa radical, way cooler then those retarded tag / vertu custom phones

  • http://Website Pat


  • http://Website Ana

    My mytouch 3g is almost dead time for the G2x

  • http://Website Pickle

    Awesome as usual. Want it, need it, gotta have it.

  • http://Website AndrewO

    Would love to get ahold of this great phone to compliment my G-Slate!

  • http://www.alicecz.com Alice Chan


  • http://Website Eton Leung

    Win me one!

  • http://Website andy Hsiung

    i want !!!!!!!

  • http://Website Alex

    count me in!!

  • http://Website Jay

    omg momg gom gom gom gomg gggggg

  • http://mitchs.posterous.com Mitch Samuels

    Im 15, turning 16 Wednesday the 13th and develop apps for Android :)

    I would love to be able to test them on a working device!

    My current phone doesn’t connect to Eclipse,

    I could even connect this to my line and scrap my current one! Pleaseeee!

  • http://Website jason g

    pretty pretty plz! this would be a great gift to the gf for 9 years!

  • http://Website Zarani Barrow


  • http://twitter.com/jeux999 *d.*

    This is a post, and I am totes making it. That phone’s pretty sweet, also.

  • http://Website Stevan de Sande

    Wow, sweet Phone. My current g2x could really use a more attractive cousin for my podcast. iWin?

  • http://Website Vezzini

    dear software that randomly chooses the winner of this phone….bazinga

  • http://Website Ariel M

    I would beyond love to have this phone.

  • http://Website MJ

    Thumbs up for Android . . . thanks for the adventure.

  • http://Website mickey


  • http://twitter.com/snowx2k5 Neil

    Awesome….count me in!!!! :D

  • http://Website elacu

    I hope I win this phone

  • http://Website Lox

    Yes please!

  • http://Website Christian

    These Android Limited devices are so cool! It’d be rad to win one.

  • http://twitter.com/SteveTenerowicz Steve T

    I want one!!! Love that phone

  • http://Website TFJ4

    Fingers crossed!

  • falmc

    What a beauty!

  • http://Website TCooke

    I owned one of these for about 2 weeks then got rid of it in favor of a Nexus S 4g, but would love to have an Android and Me special edition one.

  • http://Website Matt

    Can I haz G2etch? Or Why you no give me G2etch?

  • http://Website Austin freysinger

    I would love to have this phone

  • http://Website OHSIRUS


  • http://Website G3K


  • http://Website matthew

    oooooo free phone

  • http://Website bill c

    A&M on the front line! Thanks.

  • http://nickward.org Nick

    <3 Tegra 2.

  • http://Website regor412

    i have still yet to win a give-away

  • http://Website Charles Propst

    Commenting just because I want this ;),

  • http://Website Patrick Huey

    ive been following this site for ages. its what originally fed my android addiction and still does today. i would LOVE to have this phone, a good upgrade from my G2 :)

  • http://Website Jeremy Case

    Hey android and me love the site thanks for keeping me up to date in everything android related and feeding my addiction for tech even more.

  • techvudu

    Good deal. Love it when a contest drops sans Facebook. Love to pimp the custom G2X sporting the logo. I bleed green. Thanks for the contest.

  • http://Website Chelsey

    I want to win this for my boyfriend!

  • htowngtr

    Yessssss… come at me, bro.

  • http://Website Jeremy Case

    Hey android and me love the site thanks for keeping me up to date in everything android related and feeding my addiction for tech even more!

  • http://Website Won

    would love to win this!

  • http://gplus.to/josepr Jose L Gonzalez Salas

    Amazing!!!!! (salivating)!

  • http://Website Jay

    Sweet! I want one.

  • http://Website Ivan Bigazzi

    Please! Pick me!

  • http://Website Ryan

    Enjoy the site!

  • http://Website v8dreaming

    Gimme GImme! haha Please?

  • http://blog.roiji.info roiji

    what are my chances of winning?!
    hahahah count me in ^^,

  • http://Website Jeff

    I would like it please :)

  • http://Website Elaine Gessler

    I Really love the G2x and this one is extra sweet!

    :: I hope I win :: :: I hope I win :: :: I hope I win ::

    Good luck everyone!


  • http://AndroidandMe Benjamin Norris

    I coukd really use this phone right about now!! Please & thank you.

  • http://Website randy

    any kind of comment like I want that phone

  • http://Website olu

    I love reading android and me blogs.

  • http://Website Allen

    Wow, this looks awesome!

  • http://Website Byamukama

    may the force be with this comment

  • http://Website Brandon miller

    You guys are awesome! Keep up the great work!

  • http://Website zezol

    I’m a fan of Tegra 2 and LG 2X and I want it!

  • http://Website Zhu Sha Zang

    Danm. I have a LG 2X and want obe this too

  • http://Website Antonio

    The G2x will provide a nice kickoff to my Android limited collection

  • http://Website Eugene Borodin

    I want it!!!!!!

  • http://Website CJM

    Can I have it. Please

  • http://Website Jamey

    Nice upgrade from my nexus one there…

  • http://Website nick b

    G2X me!!!

  • http://Website Haris

    I would love to get my hands on this dual-core beast. love the site and all the reviews. Android FTW !!

  • Ed

    Cool giveaway! I wanna win!

  • http://Website chase evans

    This phone would be awesome with cm7 or better yet cmi

  • http://Website Curtis Myers

    Love to have me some limited edition Tegra 2 powered LG G2X.

  • http://Website Dane

    And because this device is no longer sold until further notice and can’t claim one with warranty, it’s even more rare than the device itself already is!

  • http://Website moda0222

    gimme gimme gimme gimme

  • http://Website Haris

    I would love to get my hands on this dualcore beast. Come on guys let me win. Android FTW !!

  • http://www.facebook.com/shuttergeekphotography Brandon Henley

    *wants to win the G2X*

  • http://Website Matt Parker

    Awesome design, I’d love to win this fine device!!!

  • http://Website Randall D

    Team Android! Droid!

  • Grandmaster


  • http://Website scott

    *hand raised*

  • http://Website Dave

    Ohhhhhhhhh! I want it soooo bad!

  • http://Website Bryce


  • http://Website Dan

    pick me im suing a broke-butt iphone :)

  • http://Website Steve


  • http://Website Ryan

    Geez, I had to scroll through all those comments to enter? Why aren’t the comments paginated?

  • http://www.wiseworx.ie Kieran Kenny

    I love this phone. If I win, I’ll eat my socks…

  • http://Website Michael Cuciti

    This would be an epic upgrade from my current phone =) hope i get picked!

  • http://fullmugtech.wordpress.com TrevFMT

    Please yes!

  • http://Website mrbill187

    need that dual core tegra!

  • http://ScoizzleGaming Scot

    I am in need of a new phone, this would be a great replacement.

  • megiddo101

    I would like to win.

  • Bkrill

    This is awesome. Is there any possibility that these back covers will be sold for retail?

  • http://Website danawanaboobear

    please please please?

  • http://Website James neverwinzanyting

    I would like this one please you could feel really good about picking me

  • http://Website alex

    I have a G2x, when is the Gingerbread update coming?

  • http://Website Larry Banamassa

    This is one of the BEST Android Devices out there! I’m in for one!

  • http://sean-the-electrofreak.blogspot.com/ Sean the Electrofreak

    Mmmm Tegra 2. Wouldn’t mind being in that Tegra Zone… sign me up!

  • http://Website Trey

    Thanks for the opportunity I hope I win! I really need one since my Nexus One just bit the dust.

  • http://Website vivek

    hurray i like this modified g2x hurry up and send me

  • http://Website Jorge

    I most definitely would love to win this phone…

  • http://Website Philip

    I just got to be winning!

  • Ben Procter

    My chances are better than the lottery! Might as well.

  • http://Website Ness

    Sweet. Would be a great prize!

  • http://Website Jay M.

    I would love one!

  • http://Website Rambo

    This is mine!

  • http://Website luie

    Ok now I really need this phone! I’m desperate my mytouch 3g trackball just stopped working and most apps force close! Please choose me guys!

  • http://Website kernelzilla

    Winning this would be better than having BBQ Pancakes!

  • kunal2989

    So it’s a selection from a random draw, i don’t know how it’s gonna matter wat i write, hope i win……..

  • http://Website Mike

    Id love to win one of these!But my luck never turns out that way :(

  • http://Website bboytai1

    Man, how i wish this phone could replace my nexus one. Which i have tried to keep alive as long as i can.
    First my power button broke, so i used trackball wake. Then one day that broke. So i had to use buttonremapper and now the volume up is the new power button, but recently its been failing.

    Anywho, good luck too everyone!
    Will keep my fingers crossed.

  • http://Website steves

    Thats awesome

  • http://Website Supergluey

    Beautiful simple and fast phone, can’t wait to use it if i win it ! Stuck with a gt540..

  • Anonymous

    This phone looks awesome.
    Well done Angie, you do outstanding etching work!

    Best of luck to us all.

  • http://Website Dami

    Ohai again!

  • http://www.prow.it Albert Altman

    I love it. Hope I will win this one. This is my dream device.

  • http://Website Kevin

    So, my original Droid (bought first day) is getting near retirement… it would be amazing to get an instant and magical update to this device!

    Good luck everyone, but especially me!

    PS: Awesome design!

  • jamboy5590


  • http://Website Jorge

    I need to win this so bad!

  • chaoslover

    Here’s one for the win! Looks like a very nice phone….

  • http://Website Luke

    Wow! It would be so cool to get one!

  • http://Website patrick huey

    I’ve been with androidandme for a while, and are still in my top 5 android wbesites just because how beautiful the site is and the amazing articles. I would love this phone!

  • http://Website Teranze

    sick wid it

  • http://Website Mike

    Send me one please :)

  • http://Website Hassan Al.

    This is one beautiful powerful electrifying phone!
    LG + Tegra 2 = Maximus buttimus kickimus!

  • 420speedwagon

    dudes the phone looks pretty sick. im in need of a new phone. please pick me yall =D

  • http://Website randy

    I hope I win!

  • http://Website Greg

    A last minute entry… fingers crossed!

  • http://Website suhdheer

    one hell of a mob..i’d love it

  • http://Website NODOGT

    I want this phone!

  • http://www.taltonwalker.com Notlat

    By the power of the Allfather, I demand you give me a free phone…please.

  • http://Website KWT

    want it !! :D

  • http://Website Dhanaanjay

    I would love to have it!!!!!!!!

  • Killa

    That’s a lot of comments. Let me add another.

    It would be really great to win this fantastic phone. Such a beautiful piece of hardware. Such a nasty powerhouse. I’d love to have it in my hands. I love laser etched designs. BTW that is a very cool design. Great job.

  • http://Website Jose l Martinez

    My son need a phone and I would love to give him a g2x.
    From a big fan of Android and me
    Thank-you good job and good luck

  • http://twitter.com/brendonjbutler Butler


  • http://www.thesecretpie.com Przemek Müller

    Looks awesome. WANT.

  • http://www.twitter.com/icpgr8milenko icpgr8milenko

    Hope I win. This would look great next to my g-slate. I’d buy one if I could.

  • http://Website mf


  • http://Website sudheer

    hope i win

  • http://Website LPHS

    I would love to win one ;D

  • http://Website Matthew Smith

    Would really love one of these!

  • http://Website Jaiveer Mariwala

    Wow, I would really love one of these.

  • http://Website Annamarya Scaccia

    I want to win. Plain and simple. Awesome phone. :)

  • http://www.twitter.com/s173nc3r Michal Patočka

    Pick me, pick me!!

  • http://Website Sapphire3g

    I would like one of these devices, please!

  • http://Website Diego

    Finally a good phone lol

  • http://Website Louis

    Someone is really gonna be happy today!

  • http://Website Josh Buckner

    I could really use a new phone. I want it!!!!

  • http://Website Amy Shell

    I want it! I need to replace my old smartphone and this looks like the best replacement ever!

  • http://Website Jadawin


  • http://Website Damon

    I win this phone

  • http://Website Toni C

    Is it too late to enter the contest? I’m always the last one to the party. Great phone! I’m interested in doing some mobile tethering and this would be way better than the phone I currently have.

  • http://about.me/adamlove Adam Love

    I would love that G2etch because a geek needs the best. I always help others with their phones and they are better than mine! In other words, its my turn.

  • http://Website Tito!

    Oh! that things’ a babe!
    please. please. please.
    It’s my Birthday today!

  • http://Website gopstar

    g2x looks uber cool!

  • http://Website monica

    i cant wait

  • http://Website Michael KEAHL


  • http://Website B2L

    This looks awesome, i hope i get lucky. But i doubt it, i enter every time and never win.

  • http://Website Salam

    The News of the World scandal has made me sad. Cheer me up pls.

  • http://Website jay

    i would love to have that phone in fact i need it

  • http://Website jay

    i need that phone

  • http://Website androidgeek

    i’m a big lg fan

  • http://Website Lgfan


  • http://Website pretty face

    LG G2x is better than samsun

  • cparticle

    Yeah one of these phone would be nice.

  • http://Website Ekamjeet Dhillon

    i just had my g2 break because it got wet in the rain in my pocket! oh god i need another android phone. i just got it three months ago too.

  • http://Website Robin Eisenberg

    Been wanting something tegra2…pretty please? xD

    Good luck to everyone, especially me ^^

  • http://Website Andrew Phillips

    Nice phone

    Cool pug :)

  • http://Website Jay

    limited edition kick ass phone? yes please

  • http://www.aydabtudev.com Bill

    I want to win :)

  • http://Website Alex

    Good luck everyone :)

  • http://Website Shayne

    I would soo love this fone

  • Rubrewskey

    I would love this phone. Crossing my fingers. You guys are great.

  • http://Website George Heymann

    Love the design you guys added to the back ……

    cmon……………..Lady Luck

  • http://Website Sameer

    Would be great to have one of these…

  • matyou98

    Very cool contest. I just registered an account to enter. Site looks very nice!

  • http://Website HD

    Wow this would be a dream come true for me! Dual core sweetness!

  • http://gplus.to/aconner aconner22

    I dig the design! The girl has talent!

  • http://Website Kingeo

    Wow really nice phone, must get rid of my old Nokia.
    Loving the little pug doggy :)

  • http://[email protected] Jim Morris

    Hopefully I’m not too late to enter, I’m slow :P

  • http://www.kablowie.com Greg B

    Where are you going to announce it?

  • http://Website elyas

    I hope to get this phone

  • Knicks13

    I want one!!!

  • http://www.twitter.com/vysakh91 s.vysakh

    I was planning to buy an Android phone(Lg Optimus me P350).But now seeing this made think,”what to do with the other Phone? Give to ma Sister(who convinced ma dad to get the former) or to ma Dad(who didn’t say a ‘no’ in spite of his business in rough weather)”.

  • http://www.twitter.com/vysakh91 s.vysakh

    I was planning to buy an Android phone(Lg Optimus me P350).But now seeing this made me think,”After winning the above price,what to do with the other Phone? Give to ma Sister(who convinced ma dad to get the former) or to ma Dad(who didn’t say a ‘no’ in spite of his business in rough weather)?”.

  • http://about.me/tomyu Tom Yu

    Thank you guys so much!!!!! So excited woot :)

  • http://Website Ms_Matrix2515

    Hey I wouldn’t mind having this phone even though I have the Sensation. Two phones…why not :D lol I’m a phone junkie

  • http://www.thatboyjay.com Robot Human

    Congratulations Tom Yu. I hope there is another giveaway like this one soon!

  • Swollen247

    I want so bad!!! I was going to upgrade the other day, but on the day that I walked into the Tmobile store they told me that the G2X had been pulled from the shelves due to quality control issues. If I installed CyanogenMod I bet this phone wouldn’t have any issues.

  • http://Website sal

    hi,, can i have one?

  • http://Website Emre

    Wheel of fortune here we go

  • http://Website Matthew

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    Hopefully this would serve as my very first phone review.

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