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MIUI Evolution: smaller, faster, more refined

After nearly two months of silent work, the MIUI team has finally released its newly redesigned interface.  The design philosophy behind the UI was to make things smaller, faster and more refined.  While the new UI enhancements are visible in nearly every corner of the OS, the MIUI team spent most their time focusing on the new lock screen, Home screen, desktop widgets and the default MIUI theme.

The biggest noticeable change in the latest version of MIUI is the addition of a few dozen newly designed widgets.  The MIUI team has put together a collection of widgets for the clock, music player, tools and even photo frames.  It’s probably the largest collection of widgets we’ve seen outside an HTC Sense ROM in quite some time. For a closer look at the MIUI UI evolution, take a peek at the image gallery.

How many of you have used MIUI in the past?  Are the new UI enhancements enough for you to give MIUI another try?

MIUI_Design_Widgets_png_pagespeed_ce_EWthwzSHvm MIUI_Design_Default_png_pagespeed_ce_KaYhUHyiBM MIUI_Design_Home_png_pagespeed_ce_ftFbRK-8qF MIUI_Design_Lockscreen_png_pagespeed_ce_kVtlKTNn70

Source: MIUI

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  • http://marksteele.co.nz Mark Steele

    I’ve used MIUI on my HTC Desire for a while now. Love how sleek the UI looks compared to standard Android. Love it and recommend it.

    • http://Website kosa miui

      enjoy the bugs. there are a lot.

  • http://Website Steve Jobs

    We will be releasing a modify version of our latest iTunes to facilitate future updates of this rom.

    • xxsk8rdude06xx

      uh ya, learn to spell if you want to fake an identity

  • http://Website andr0id23

    Ive used MIUI in the past, but didn’t really like it. Despite the obvious iPhoneesque look-n-feel, which I am not a fan of, the biggest disappointment for me was that every app I downloaded had an icon on my homescreen, and I couldn’t remove what I didn’t want to see. I don’t know if that has changed, and I don’t expect to stay with MIUI, but it sounds like it has come a long way and is pretty popular, so I think ill give it another look. My Incredible is just one of my spare phones, so nothing to lose by checking it out.

    • http://Website Fahad

      You’re supposed to use the folders to hide away any unwanted applications you don’t want to see… hell you can throw a folder in the launcher and put all the apps in there and it becomes your “app drawer”…

      • http://funsurf-blog.blogspot.com Satya

        Doesn’t MIUI support other launchers?

        • http://Website Eric

          Yes. I use Go Launcher EX with it.

  • http://Website FireBox

    i can’t find the download link …. or is it not released yet … i m confused

  • http://Website Chris

    Loved miui on my nexus one, waiting for WiMax to be added for my nexus s 4G then I will be going back.

  • http://Website Chuck

    I love the UI but have never been able to stick with it because it’s been to buggy/laggy. Have they fixed that?

  • http://Website drew

    I have the newest version from the MIUI.us team but I can’t find all the cool widgets on display here. Anyone know how to get them?

    • http://htcsource.com Nick Gray

      The blog post from MIUI’s site claimed that the new UI elements were released with last Friday’s update. Not sure if it’s the Beta or stable version.

    • http://Website ddp

      long press the homescreen, or use Menu > Editing Mode.

      • http://Website Drew

        Thanks ddp, but my problem is that I don’t see the cool new skins. I can get the widgets just fine but how do I get the new skins?

        • http://Website JGarrido

          It took me a bit to figure out too, but it turns out that you can choose them by clicking the little box in the upper right corner of the widget while in edit mode. This should bring you to a skin chooser similar to the one they use for editing themes. Some really nice ones in there!

  • http://Website JD

    I have never used it. I’n not a fan of the iphone-ish interface, and from what I can see, they put interface before usability. I’ll stick with Cyanogenmod.

  • http://Website Seth

    Using MIUI now on my Dinc. Not on the latest version because it has some bugs I don’t want to deal with. Missing a few CM7 things like quiet hours, swipe to remove notifications, scrolling widgets and a few other odds and ends. Overall though it has a nice coherent feel to it and it runs smoothly with excellent battery life. Hopefully this Friday’s release will fix the bugs and I’ll be able to update.

  • http://maxtechnewz.blogspot.com max

    looks nice but i wish it was flashed for the droid 2

  • http://www.timothygault.com Timothy Gault

    Looks promising. I have used MIUI on my EVO 4G in the past and have absolutely loved it. I am currently running Stock Rooted, but I would often choose MIUI over CM6 or 7.

  • HipHopIsLyfe37

    I have used MIUI before and I absolutely love it!

  • http://Website Jeremy

    I couldn’t get past the iPhone look or the lack of an app drawer. I must say that the 2 days I had it on my OG Droid it rant GREAT. I’m running GPA16 now and am loving it!

    • http://Website JGarrido

      I have the same ‘issues’ regarding the lack of an app drawer, and I really hope they consider it as an option in a future version

      Remember, though, that you could always replace your launcher app with something like ADW EX, LauncherPro, or GO Launcher. GO is pretty damn nice, I must say, and their app drawer is probably the most functional of any launcher I’ve used – including SenseUI 3.0.

      • http://htcsource.com Nick Gray

        replacing the launcher with the alternatives from the market is possible but since MIUI customizes the app icons, they all shrink down by about 30% when you use a launcher replacement. It’s usable, but just a bit odd.

        • http://Website Eric

          They haven’t shrunk for me in Go Launcher EX?

  • http://Website Ourfear

    I’ve used MIUI for a long while now and i talk regularly with XJ one of the EN devs.

    The latest rendition is amazing, smooth and sleek with so many built in features that you dont need additional apps for things like a music player or an SMS manager, it even has a built in FTP client to link to your PC.

    Originally i wasn’t sure about the iPhone esq look of the MIUI ROM, bu twith so many themes and icon sets available to download for free, im now using a very non iPhone looking ROM with all the speed my Desire was originally created for.

    100% the best ROM available.

  • http://Website Michael

    I ran MIUI on my droid D1 somewhat recently, It breathed new life in to my device, but there was a bug, no usb connection for files and adb. So I ran that way for a while, it was fast but i was disatisfied. I moved to the us fork with gingerbread. I ran than and it was substantially buggier, ate battery like no ones business and my camera hardly worked. I was fed up enough that I purchased rom manager so I could easily download/install a load of kernels/roms to try them all. I started with Chevy’s simply stunning with a slightly overclocked kernel and have never wanted to stray. I want my phone to be able to make and answer phone calls no matter what, make it a 24 hours without charging and gentle use, uncomplicated desktops with a few nice looking widgets/pictures, consumer mail, twitter, news weather and social network feeds, podcasts, the occasional game is optional.

  • http://www.lament.us lament

    Loved 1.7.1 until it bogged down my OG Droid. Supposedly TreyM fixed it with, but I installed it last night and it was still a hot mess. The camera app (both – he included the original) still locked up and it was just slow.

    So back to CM 7.1.0 RC which is completely stable and solid for me.

    • http://Website Drew

      From what I gather, there are two teams that import MIUI: MIUI Android and MIUI.us. TreyM is the dev on the MIUI Android team for the OG Droid. I tried his 1.7.15 and I had the same problem. It became very sluggish and unresponsive. So I tried the MIUI.us version and it seems to be working a lot better. Also, you can’t use Titanium Backup to restore data. That may cause a slowdown.

      • http://Website JGarrido

        Can’t restore data from/to which version(s)? I restored data from MIUI.us to MIUI Android (previous version to current version) without an issue on my G2.

        • http://Website Drew

          They say you shouldn’t restore data from a non-MIUI ROM to MIUI.

      • http://www.lament.us lament

        I was using magiman7′s build previously (MIUI.us).

        Either way, I’m over it. I can hang with a stable CM7 until the Bionic comes out in September.

  • http://Website Brian

    For those complaining about the lack of an app drawer and the iPhone-ish look that is the point. A redefinition of Android. Just consider it a hybrid UI experience and feel good in the fact that Android can look any way it wants but still be the dynamic OS we’ve all come to love to use.

  • http://Website AAApo

    This rom is what is making me love android every day and I jus can’t use a stock android now that I’ve tried this. If there are some old miui user like me they’ll know that the rom has really evolved and now there is 0 lags. It’s the perfect rom

  • http://Website @neidlinger

    the MD5SUM of the HTC Glacier (MyTouch4G) is bad. It’ll give you the black screen of death. But luckily it didn’t ruin my phone.

  • http://Website Derek

    Keep using this while chinese hackers are stealing your identity!!

    • http://Website Really?

      Oh, but it’s OK for Google to steal your data? Come on now. MIUI is not stealing anything from anyone. CM is nice is you want something that’s stock-ish. MIUI does an incredible job at showing what the Android system in truly capable or.

      I love the messaging app and the system setting the the notification bar. Pure genius!

  • http://Website Kevin

    Please I want Miui on Mytouch Slide!

    • http://htcsource.com Nick Gray

      Probably not going to happen. MIUI development is mainly focused on screen with WVGA resolution.

  • http://Website The few, the proud, the iPhone owners

    I got the ORIGINAL iconic iOS rom on my iPhone 4 and im lovin it. You know, original is always better than copycat-SALAMIui!!!!

    iPhone 4 dominating again.

    • http://Website Funny iPhone guy

      It’s true, MIUI is very iPhoney. Too bad for Apple that MIUI has a lot more functionality than iOS does.

      • http://Website The few, the proud, the iPhone owners

        You mean more fragmentation, right?

        • http://htcsource.com Nick Gray

          When people throw the term fragmentation around they are typically referring to difference versions of Android which cause incompatibilities for applications and certain features. While MIUI technically adds to fragmentation, it’s actually ahead of the curve since it’s currently running on gingerbread while most manufacturer builds are still chugging along on Froyo.

          I honestly have never had any applications NOT work on a MIUI ROM.

  • irshad tm

    I am now using the latest miui on Samsung galaxy