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Motorola CEO: Droid Bionic release date coming in September


Hallelujah! We’ve been waiting for the Motorola Droid Bionic since it was announced at CES. This device has had a long journey, and rumors keep popping up. But the wait is almost over! We finally have word of when it will be released. This information comes straight from Motorola CEO Sanjay Jha, who dropped the news during Motorola’s earnings call today. According to Jha, the delayed, improved and desperately awaited Droid Bionic will be hitting the streets this September.

This may not be great news for those hoping for an August release. But at least we now have a more official time frame for this device’s launch. Go ahead and save your upgrades if you have one or will have one soon. Let’s just hope the release date is closer to the beginning of September and not the end of the month.

All this waiting can surely hurt one’s desire to purchase a device. Especially when Android devices are being released about every week. Have you guys grown tired of waiting? Will you still purchase the Droid Bionic in September? Would you rather save your upgrade and wait to see what else comes soon? Sound off below.

Via: Droid Life

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  • http://www.mlswanson.com SparkyXI

    Do we have any idea if the above pictured is actually *THE* Bionic? If so, I’m happy to wait. :D

    • Edgar Cervantes

      No, this is the older version of the Bionic. We just use this one as a general Droid Bionic image.

      • http://www.mlswanson.com SparkyXI

        Boo hiss to that. The one pictured looks like the Moto Defy, which (if it were truly the DB) would be the perfect marriage of ultra mega power smartphone and sleek ninja form.

  • Jud

    After waiting so long, I think I will just wait a little longer and hope for the best with the next Google phone. Besides, I have doubts about the screen quality of the Bionic after seeing the X2. Since I only buy a new device every 2 years or so, I will hang on to my original Droid for a few more months and go for the next true super-phone, the next Nexus.

    • Veros

      I think I would wait as well. I mean I have already been waiting. Although there are other phones coming out soon and maybe it’ll be a good time to compare and go from there.

      • http://Email.com WAITING

        It is funny how Motorola had the entire wireless industry waiting with anticipation for the release but due to the complete melt down of the phone they have blown it. The publicity went from positive to negative. Somebody at Moto or VZ really didn’t get it done. I have lost trust in the product. Who knows if they have got all the problems worked out. I am going wait and see initial reviews.

        • pren


          • trav

            I have my doubts that Google will release a new phone before their merger with Motorola completes now.

        • jackie

          I agree, being the first on the market is an easy sale. From a marketing perspective being second or greater on the market you have to really push why yours is better than the one that is presently on the market…….If anyone else releases before Motorola they are screwed big time on sales/profits

  • ynot

    At this point, its senseless to wait on this thing when the SGSII is about to drop. According to all the specs I’ve seen, the SGSII seems like the better phone at this point. As long as the SGSII comes out as a 4G phone there’s no reason to wait for the BIONIC. How did Sanjay Jha intro this phone at CES? THE END OF WAITING? ….what a joke.

    • aj

      Yes i completely agree with this guy. Ive lost a lot of desire for this phone. And with the SGS II being reviewed as one of the best phones out there. Sooo im tired of waiting for the bionic and i just really dont care about it anymore.

    • Cesar

      That’s what I keep saying this whole time. I thought Motorola said at CES that the Bionic meant the end of waiting yet all we’ve done with this elusive phone is wait, and wait, and wait……..

      I’m having mixed feelings. I’ve been up for renewal since January and I’ve been waiting for the stupid Bionic this whole time. If a woman got pregnant at the time of CES, she would be having her baby before the Bionic came out. Samsung GS II is tempting……..

      • GS 2

        The GS 2 is not just tempting, it is the only answer as long as it has 4G/LTE… Like mentioned above, the specs for the GS2 speak for themselves. At this point there isn’t any other option, plus the GS2 comes out Aug. 29th. Case close “droid might win some, but better just lost one”…

      • Paris

        That is SO funny! I went ahead and got the HTC Thunderbolt (had it narrowed down between the 2) and was so glad I did. I got BLAZING fast 4G LTE speed with Verizon AND since then, my wife got pregnant and we had a baby who’s now almost a month old!! Come on Moto – ever hear of ‘speed to market’?!?

  • gwk1964

    It better be worth the wait!! I’ve been waiting since Jan and am growing tired of waiting for a phone that nears its due date then makes us wait even more time. I will be waiting to get it. However, been thinking of maybe leaving VZW once I finally have it and my contract ends. Because drawing this out and making us wait this long is not good business and shows us that maybe they don’t care about their customers anymore.

    • Adam

      Let me get this right. You’re going to leave vzw because of something motorola is doing? That’s like saying I’m not eating at pizza hut anymore because the last time i had dominos it was terrible.

      Also, would you rather wait and get a tested and good product, or have them just shove it out the door and have to replace it all the time? Do you remember when the xbox 360 came out? It was rushed and the first batch had all kinds of processor problems. I would rather not have that kind of issue. I for one applaud them for trying to get it right before releasing it.

      • adw

        ehhhh…….that’s assuming it actually is “right” when released. This issue is one giant red flag: most likely you will have continued issues with the phone after it is released, as well. Corporations like Moto don’t just spin their wheels trying to perfect a product that has been hyped for so long that it is actually already hurting potential revenue. Just doesn’t happen that way. In other words, the longer you wait for this thing, the more likely you are to have problems with it.

  • snowbdr89

    does anybody even care anymore?

    • http://dylandersen.me/ Dylan Andersen

      Seriously. If and when it does come out, it’s going to be a disappointment – especially to those who have been waiting since CES to get it.

  • http://whysoangrybirds.com mikeyDroid

    Going, going, gone.

  • Zer0-9

    This device is turning into the Duke Nukem Forever of the mobile phone world. I’ll believe this release date when I see the device in stores. Moto and Verizon have done 0 to convince me that this device is actually worth all this redesign and wait. I don’t entirely blame Moto, they’ve managed to release both the Atrix and Photon on other carriers, and I’ve been sorely tempted to leave big red for those devices. Not because they are the most powerful mobile devices, that can be argued to no end. I don’t much care for locked down devices either. However the multiple docking options and webtop are what interest me. Using this as a thin client for Citirix XenDesktop is pretty cool. I’m stuck on Verizon until November. If they don’t bring out a dual core, 4g lte, 1GB of RAM device by then…I’m gone.

  • Martin

    I have a Droid 1 that has a partially dead touchscreen and the rest of the screen has phantam touch problems. I have already been waiting several months with a crippled phone. I cannot wait 2 more months . I don’t even know if it would be worth the wait since I don’t know what the specs are on the Bionic. I recently bought my son a Samsung Charge (the night before the data plan rates changed) and I may have to go with that. Goodbye Moto.

    • Skoad

      Im in the exact same boat. IVe had the Droid 1 since the release date and it is on its last leg. It has been for about 6 months. I decided to hold off and wait for the Bionic, but it kept getting pushed back. I dont know if my phone will make it until Sept.

      • Christian

        I’ve had the Droid 1 since November 2010 not using my upgrade ..I’ve been waiting for the bionice. My Droid is on its last days touchscreen problems its slowing down everyday seems like its a dying robot hurry up bionic! !!!

  • BurnedTugBoat

    I waited forever for this phone but caved and got the Thunderbolt instead. Only difference I can recall is I don’t have a dualcore processor. Oh well. I’m just wondering when TBolt users will get gingerbread.

    • PhatboyBoogaloo

      You’re right – I did some serious digging to see the difference between the 2 and bought the Thunderbolt instead. And who knows – the final release may not even have dualcore – I heard they were having serious battery struggles and were debating going back to singlecore.

  • Richard Yarrell
    • Wade

      Guess what genius: the Evo 3D isn’t a Verizon phone. Maybe if you pulled it out of your ass for 5 minutes you could see that it sports a Sprint logo, which is more than enough reason for most people to skip it.

      • Dave

        Just because he posted a Evo 3D link, it is no reason for you to act like a D*ck Head!!! I like reading everyones comment but I think you are taking this to seriously and need to get a life!!! RETARD! You must have got stuffed in one to many lockers when you were in High School!!!!

        • squiddy20

          And the fact that he posted a link to an article about a Sprint only phone in what is clearly a Verizon only article is relevant… how? Besides, if you knew just a bit of the history behind this fool, you’d be right there with Wade. Dick here has been banned from Phandroid at least 3 times and possibly Android Central for crap such as this. In the past 24 hours alone he’s posted this stupid link on every tech website that uses Disqus. He has on countless occasions told other people that their opinions are wrong or “useless”. I may only be in my 20s, but I was always taught that people’s opinions can never be proven right or wrong, mostly because they vary from person to person. He has called me personally some white-specific racial slur from the 70s. He has argued with several people (including me) about how the processor in the Evo 3D was superior to the same exact one found in the Sensation, even after several sources being shoved in his ignorant little face to the contrary. He’s flat out said that iPhones are “useless” when they can do just about everything an Android phone can do, and in some cases, do it better (high quality games come to mind). In fact, on this very website he said “In the real world I know and represent everything Google/Htc/Sprint and all things EVO BRAND”. Now, please tell me how it is possible for for any ONE person to “know everything” about anything? I think you’ll find that it is IMpossible to know everything because there is always something to be discovered. Now with just this little bit of info now exposed to you, do you still think Wade’s reaction was unwarranted?

          • Dave

            Well said…..i did not know the background of this individual. Sorry!!

          • squiddy20

            No problem. And I’m sorry if I came across a little harsh. Even talking about Richard tends to get everyone riled up…

  • Coltsfan74

    My OG Droid is dying a slow death right now. I am trying to keep it on life support until Bionic is out. After waiting so long for this phone, I can’t give up now. I just hope it is worth the wait.

  • Dave

    Too late I have bought a Droid3. I guess that is one lost Bionic sale.

    • Sarah

      money still goes to motorola haha

    • Tired of Waiting

      They’ve lost MANY customers, but they are so damned arrogant they don’t seem to care!!!!!!!!! They totally ignore you if you contact them and ask about the Droid!! If one’s not ready to release a product, then DON”T announce it!!!!!!!!!! SCREW Motorola!!

    • Petermanach

      I think the delay in the bionic was to give the droid 3 time to build a market. I think there is a risk that casual android users could be lured into taking a look at the iphone which will come out in September also.

  • dznuz

    This is crap… had this phone in mind for 7 months now and i will have to wait? Maybe the iPhone is looking to be a good idea

  • Wade

    Wow, I think I officially just got over waiting for the Bionic.

  • http://www.infotainmentempire.com pekosROB

    If only a Droid 4 with LTE was on the horizon… but I’m still happy with my D3.

  • Kevin

    Hello all! First time commenting here! I have an OG Droid and my renewal date is March of next year. I am aware that several phones are going to be released between now and then. However, it seems that most of these phones coming out require a month or two of tweaking after release to be fully functional/acceptable. I am considering the Bionic as an option (should be good to go by March of next year!) but am wondering if anyone has heard anything expected for the holidays.

    I keep hearing about quad-core phones coming soon. Any info? And yes, I know I can research this by other means. Just felt like shouting out to the Android community! Thanks!

    • ZOMA

      I am in the same boat. My contract up march, the #1 spec i will look for is battery life. With latest news of Google teaming with Motorola, i believe a super-phone is in development that will shock the market . All of what we talk about now will be obsolete ……

  • Bill

    Forget the Bonic. Too Late.

  • woodywood65

    They have definitely put themselves behind before they have even get out of the gate. Big time SNAFU. What are they thinking. It may be hot when it is finally released, but will cool off fast. Going against a new iPhone……not smart considering the overall popularity of the Apple products. Really sucks. No matter what it does, it will still be chasing the iPhone. Just the way it is.

  • K Russell

    I’m liking the upcoming Samsung Galaxy or the Droid 3….which is buy 1 get 1 right now…….I prolly wont wait anymore……

    • ZOMA

      Droid 3 also droid x2 and droid x2 global

  • mp10

    Motorola screwed themselves on this one. Everyone knows that the Dinara is scheduled to come out just a few months after the Bionic. Why wouldn’t you wait a couple more months and get one with a 13 megapixel camera?

  • Shawn

    Honestly the promise of the August release kept me holding on to my upgrade, however September promise shows to be the same. The rumors of the android market going against apple is the real reason for the delays and push backs. I personally have been waiting to own a device that is of the same quality of the original Droid. To be perfectly blunt I’m currently considering ditching Verizon for failing to support customer demand. The apple corporation is far more advanced and could easily put android under. Leaving Verizon to sell out and carry the most overrated device known to this era. What’s really to stop them from buying out android in five or ten years? So to answet

  • Shawn

    Honestly the promise of the August release kept me holding on to my upgrade, however September promise shows to be the same. The rumors of the android market going against apple is the real reason for the delays and push backs. I personally have been waiting to own a device that is of the same quality of the original Droid. To be perfectly blunt I’m currently considering ditching Verizon for failing to support customer demand. The apple corporation is far more advanced and could easily put android under. Leaving Verizon to sell out and carry the most overrated device known to this era. What’s really to stop them from buying out android in five or ten years? So to answer your question I don’t think its worth the wait just to hear that they’ve pushed it back to next summer.

  • David

    I’m not waiting anymore… I got a sh*t BB storm, I’m sorry, Had 3 of them in the last 4 months… I should just take this as a sign and realize that if the storm is so horrible obviously this is going to be just as horrible non-the-less the wait !!

  • Tyrael

    I’m just boggled by verizon. All the other service providers have a comparable phone to the bionic out already and have for weeks/months. Some have multiple phones! Why are they dragging behind so bad? Verizons phone selection is not near as good as some of the other providers iether. What’s up with that? But I’m still willing to wait because if thier network.

  • CDTJ

    It’s been almost a year!!!!!!! This is way past ‘getting old’!!!!!!!!!!!
    Put the phone on the shelf, already!!! We don’t care about your ‘politics’ or your freaking profits!
    We care about service and phones that work, PROPERLY!

  • Barbara

    I give up. I’m tired of waiting. My original Droid is definitely on it’s last legs and it won’t last until next month. The Bionic was supposed to be a birthday gift (tomorrow) to myself and that’s not going to happen :-( I believe I’ll just get the Droid 3. I live in an area that probably won’t see 4G for another year at least so it’s no big deal to me.

    • ed

      if you havent bought yet i suggest looking long and hard at the samsung charge. like you i am an original droid owner that was waiting for the bionic. but i got tired of waiting and took the plunge on the charge. and i gotta admit, i have no regrets. i do prefer motorola’s user interface a bit more, but samsung’s is very very similar. i’ve realized if you’ve used one modern android phone (version 2.1 and up), you’ve used them all. the benefit of the charge over the droid 3 is 4G! trust me, 4g screams. i’d rather have a 4g samsung phone than a 3g only motorola. go to a verizon store and play with a charge (or any of the 4g android phones), you wont want a 3g phone after doing so. and i know, i was going to get the droid x2 when i gave up on the bionic, but after messing around with the charge and lg revolution i was convinced i needed 4g. but that’s me, and my preferences. i really do suggest going to a store and holding some of the new phones, play with them, test them, see how you like them. dont be totally brand loyal, most of the android phones are so so similar nowadays its hard to really tell which is which, from a general top level view. yes if you’re a tech guy that has to break down specs then they’re all worlds apart. but when you just grab one and use it, they’re all similar. anyhow i’ve ranted too long. good luck!

  • Johnny

    Verizon took way too long and kept us in the dark all along the way! I quit waiting for the Droid Bionic and bought another smart phone from another provider.

  • Tyrael

    I know quite a few people that have gone with other service providers because of verizons very limited phone selection.

  • Dee

    I’m still gonna wait for the Bionic to come out, there are no other dual core phones coming out before then…and I’ve been waiting since the first “release date”…might as well keep waiting.

  • Jack Lowes

    I love these games that the Android smartphones are playing. I like Android phones, but today’s hardware doesn’t run Android well with 4G and 3D graphics. I waited for Samsung Galaxy S2 and Motorola Bionic since March 2011. Now mid-summer, no release or official plan to release. There is a huge window of opportunity for Android smartphones to take advantage while the iPhone 5 isn’t here yet, but these vendors are missing the boat. This doesn’t make business sense since some of these phones are already available in other country. By September or November, I will choose iPhone 5 over any Android phone. Android phone doesn’t support Cisco Anyconnect VPN client, Netflix, and Java apps without some kind of rooting or conversion, the exception is the Cisco and Samsung Android product.

  • BobWhite

    Newbie here. I have been a Verizon customer for about five years. I do not have a smart phone but have wanted a Droid for a long time. I have also been out from under my contract for quite a while, and have been waiting for the Bionic to come out. Now while I have been waiting as the Bionic gets delayed they cancel the unlimited data plan and I cannot get grandfathered in because I did not have a smart phone with them previously. I am looking at ditching Verizon for another carrier and wondered if you all could point me in the right direction. I know Sprint purports to have unlimited data, which is a huge appeal, and I would like a phone as good or better than the Bionic is supposed to be. Thank you much for any input! By the way, I made a very diplomatic phone call to Verizon and explained I would likely leave them if I could not get the unlimited data plan, and they basically told me they didn’t care.

  • Tired of Waiting

    Motorola has done a VERY poor job at dealing with the Bionic!!! The CEO should be fired fro not handling this better!!! They have strung people along for months showing NO respect for customers!!!!!!!!!! I’m tired of waiting and I have personally talked with DOZENS who feel the same way!!! Motorola ignores any customer who attempts to ask them about the release date!! Furthermore, why announce a product but wait 5 months to release it??? That’s VERY VERY POOR marketing and customer service!!!!!!!!! I’d like to see Motorola go out of business for treating its customers so poorly. What arrogance!!!!!!!!!!

    • ed

      i hate to break it to you, but what motorola is doing is classic marketing. when you have a potentially big retail product to launch (especially anything in the tech sector), you “leak” info early, hold big press conferences announcing it, then delay the hell out of the product. why? to build anticipation and buzz. some people like you will get upset and fall OFF the bandwagon. but you know what? all that buzz and anticipation will make even more people jump ON the bandwagon. so when the product finally does hit store shelves demand will be even higher, equalling more revenue, more attention (especially from news media, which is free advertising for a company), and more sales. you may hate it but trust me, it’s standard operating procedure for most large successful companies. i’ve been involved in large tech product launches and we routinely scan blogs and user forums and when we see people going wild like this, we know we hit a home run, even before the launch. the ceo isnt going to get fired over this, sorry to say, he’s gonna get a huge fat bonus at year end when the bionic sells like crazy. it’s the way the marketing world works, dont fight it, accept it.

      • CU

        Not buying your point. I work for a large company and we had over 50 people waiting to upgrade their devices. Almost all were waiting on the bionic. All got tired of the bs and jumped ship to htc or samsung devices. I doubt serioulsy if more people get excited over having to wait thus boosting sales. That strategy puts you behind the competion. That is the most rediculous logic I have heard. Sounds more like screw ups and having to correct issues thus pushing out the date. They lost a lot of customers with us alone.

  • droid-o-matic

    Will I wait?? Absolutely. I don’t get my knickers in a twist over delays. If I need to wait for what I want, I take a big-girl pill and get over it.

    • Tired of Waiting

      It’s not about my ability to wait, it is about a company’s choice to market well and promote positive customer service. A good company does NOT announce in January the release of a product and then still not release it seven months later! If they can not handle a simple release, then how do I know they can take care of me as a customer????!!

  • Satan

    I’m buying it. I’ve waited this long, I might as well see it through to the end. No matter what the final product ends up being, it is 100% certain it will be better than the iPhone 5.

    • Motorola Sucks

      How can you be “100% certain” that it will be better than iPhone 5 when if you have seen neither??? With those kinds of foreseeable powers, you should be worth billions, if not trillions. Wow!

  • Paul

    I’ve been waiting for a long time and I am due for a Droid up with my Verizon account in September, so, if it happens, I will be ready and happy to get the Bionic, which I’ve been following since last year. Let’s keep our fingers crossed.

  • ed

    i got tired of waiting and got the samsung charge, and i have on regrets. the phone is blazing fast and handles wonderfully. didnt like the high purchase price (299) but i forget about that quickly when surfing the net at near cable modem speeds. sorry motorola, i couldnt wait for you, as much as i wanted to. i had the original droid and loved it, but now samsung is in my pocket. oh the single core processor works fine for multitasking on teh charge, so i wonder if hte dual core processors are overhyped or not. i’ve encountered no lag when switching applications and such. cant wait to try one of the upcoming dual core phones to see if they’re really better at multitasking. anyhow love my charge, thanks samsung.

  • Mace

    I’ve been waiting to upgrade my Motorola Droid (1) for almost 12 months now, one more month won’t hurt. But if the release date keeps changing I might have to check out another Droid Manufactor.

  • A;elsey D

    I had original DROID. About 2 months ago touch screen start to glitch. I thought i could hold on till bionic comes out but this is ridiculous. So i went and used my phone insurance to get new droid. It was free replacement for me since the problem with screen was legit. So now i can wait a bit longer. If any of you there have problems with your phones go and replace it. I believe insurance on smartphones is mandatory.

  • TBolt!

    It looks like a goof phone, but with all the wait I think is wait for something else, I heard the next Nexus will be coming to Big Red, and even the HTC Vigor, it supposedly had a 1.5ghz dual core with the latest adreno 220gpu

  • danny

    The curry CEO of Motorola should have been fired long ago for the premature released of the Xoom. By the way, Motorola tops the list of products with the highest level of radiation. Beware.

  • joansie

    bionic sonmic, I knew motor was better than that 4.5 inch, QWERTY keyboard, praise the Lord and pass the dinaras. joansie

  • CU

    Too late for me. Waited until I gave up. Love my new Thunderbolt.

  • edan

    I have a droid 1 and I’m due for an upgrade on Oct. 8th. I was planning on getting the bionic but from what I understand the htc vigor is coming out early October. Plus the rumors of the dinara which i don’t know much about. Does anyone have any info on the dinara other than the “rumors” found on different sites. I really like moto, but like everyone else my d1 is getting slower and slower. I’m going to check out the thunderbolt just to see what their UI is like so I know weather or not to rule out the vigor as an option. Just looking for some other opinions.

  • payton h

    Enough of wait already. I’m tired of this waiting game. I’m going (3 phones) with Samsung Galaxy SII if it is released in august.

  • chris

    Still no official posting on their website. So when is this thing really coming out?

  • http://Performanceproplumbing.com Shannon Cook

    I owned an HTC once-only once,I phone is the most overrated device known to man, and sucks. I owned the X for over a year and it’s the best phone I’ve ever owned. So I can only “assume” the DB will be worth waiting for?

  • john

    The iPhone 5 won’t even have 4g. Done Bionic wins. F*** iPhones. Even though I own a DX and a 3gs.. (Business phone)

  • john

    The DX is a good phone and I have had it since it hit shelves. However it does have a mind of its own and when it doesn’t want to work it just plain Jane won’t freaking work. I have updated the mess out of it. Had to totally reformat it. Still a little weary. I just want a 4g. I will wait till I have the SGS II and the Bionic in my hand at the store to make my final decision. Your not gonna buy a pistol because your friend says it shoots good. You have to shoot it yourself and give it a feel before a big purchase. Use your head.

  • david

    not worth the wait anymore There to maney great phonts out there to play Verzion and Motorola game anymore . I would change to another company if i was not lock on wifes phone for another year . i am going for the Lg done with Motorola .

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