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Mystery HTC phone caught on camera by the HTC Ruby

Those of you who keep up with smartphone code names may recall the HTC Ruby.  A few months ago the name was being thrown around from time to time and was often associated with the HTC Arrive, a Windows Phone 7 device Sprint launched late in the spring.  The HTC Ruby code name then faded into oblivion, only to resurface today.  A new Flickr gallery went online last night, showing pictures of an HTC Flyer taken by an HTC Ruby.  While that may not sound too exciting, what was captured in the HTC Flyer’s screen reflection certainly is.

What we’re looking at here is a reflection of a mystery HTC phone that may still be in development.  From what we can tell, the mystery phone features a soft-touch white casing on the back with a camera, dual-LED flash, 3.5mm headphone jack and aluminum or chrome accent along the edges.  Since the Flickr gallery does not include any images of the front of the device, we’re not exactly sure which OS will be powering this mystery HTC phone.

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A few Windows Phone blogs are suggesting the mystery HTC phone could be the HTC Ruby, but we’re not ready to come to that conclusion quite yet.  All we know for now is that HTC has a new white phone in the works.  Naturally, we’re hoping the phone will be a new flagship Android powered device (perhaps the HTC Ice Cream Sandwich Prototype?), but we’ll have to wait a bit longer to see how this mystery unfolds.

Via: PocketNow

Source: Flickr

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  • http://Website TJ

    It’s amazing that with the quality of cell phone cameras today everytime we get a leaked shot of a phone it’s blurry…

  • http://Website martin

    well its blurry because its cropped and zoomed in like 3x ON A REFLECTION, of course its not going to be the optimal picture. from looking at the photo it seems like the HTC ruby is taking the picture. the two phones are side by side, the reflection looks like its head on, and the photos come from two different points of view.

    the ruby took the picture.

  • http://Website Jes

    What’s with the weird little fences surrounding the phones?

    • http://Website martin

      id bet its just sort of a generic stand for testing or having phones rest upright. by other stuff in the background of the reflection (and cheap ceiling tiles) it looks like its just someone’s cube, and not some special testing place.

  • http://Website Noah Davila

    wildfire s broseph

  • http://Website Tiamen

    The pic is blurry because the camera was on a HTC device

    • http://Website Bjhoppy

      Wow, that was hilarious. Idiot.

    • http://Website oreo

      You sure it looks like the quality of an IPhone………3Gs

  • http://Website alex

    looks like the mytouch 4g slide wihtout a keyboard, and Ruby is like saphire (OG mytouch 3g)

  • http://Website Raptor

    /*Posting without login was not allowed in Richard Yandell review above so i leave it here, sorry for OT

    Salute, Richard,
    But that’s all. Please please do not post or review anything anymore, OK!
    I have nerve ticks next second i just drop the quick glance on your shit and see the word “HTC” and “Sprint”. I will have to leave this site if you will continue

  • Richard Yarrell

    It would really be ashame if you leave the site but in life things go on so androidandme will continue if you make that choice. Meanwhile anything HTC/SPRINT means you will be hearing from me always get USE TO THAT…

  • http://Website Amu

    I wonder if that could be the HTC Eternity that was talked about having a 16mp camera since the camera part looks bulged?