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Our Google+ account has been murdered, and we don’t know who the killer is

At around 1:40 PM Eastern Time on July 21th, 2011, Android and Me’s Google+ account was found murdered in a crowded room, among a Circle of friends. Witnesses say they don’t remember much about the incident. Everything happened too quickly for anyone to see who the perpetrator was.

Our very own Dustin Earley was present at the scene during the crime. This is what he told AndroidPolice about the tragic event:

My memory is a little fuzzy. I just remember two men in black turtle necks… casual jeans… round glasses… I don't remember what they said or did to me, but I woke up, and the Android and Me account was just… dead.Dustin EarleyFriend

People who knew the Android and Me Google+ account well have no idea why something like this would happen to such a good news source. Concerned neighbor, Jess Blanchard, explained to us how shocking this news is:

Android and Me looked like a normal guy. You know, he just went about his business and shared articles with his Android friends. I would have never imagined this would happen to him. It comes as very sad news to all of us here at Google+. Who knows, though? Maybe the guy was involved in bad news. I mean, I have seen him hang around with questionable folks.Jess BlanchardNeighbor

Those in the victim’s closest Circle of friends tell us the last thing he did before dying was share some news about the Motorola Defy. Authorities have been informed about this and are now asking Motorola questions about its relationship with the Android and Me Google+ account. According to some who used to Hangout with the victim a lot, Motorola has been harassing the Android and Me Google+ account ever since he termed Motorola’s Android experience MotoBloat.

In related news, other Google+ accounts have also been found dead recently. Including Mashable’s (though theirs has possibly been resurrected), Ford’s and Sesame Street’s. At the time of this writing, Elmo was still unable to comment due to the trauma caused by this tragedy. However, there’s still hope for these accounts. According to a Googler who wishes to remain anonymous, we can expect these accounts to come back to life later this year. How he’ll manage to do that, nobody knows at this point.

The Android and Me family has already arranged a memorial service for the deceased, and we’ve been told those who wish to attend can do so by going here. Rest in peace, Android and Me Google+ account.

Alberto is a college student living somewhere between Miami, Sarasota and the World Wide Web. Although a former iPhone owner, Alberto is now a proud Android enthusiast. You can follow Alberto on Twitter and Google+ for his thoughts unworthy of an article.

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  • NiveK

    Google suspending Business-like accounts as they are preparing for a “business” section specifically.

    • http://Website welcome to android fragmentation

      in before google+ fragmentation

      • http://Website Ham363


      • http://Website That guy

        GOOGLE+ FRAGMEN… damn.

    • http://Website Alias353

      Business should totally be separate.

  • http://Website Mark Zuckerberg

    I killed it!!!!

  • http://clarklab.net Clark Wimberly

    I’m especially bummed because G+ was already one of our top referrers.

    • http://Website Marcel

      They gave plenty of notice they were going to do this? Surely you can just follow their advise and change the account to that of a staff member who can be tasked with providing updates to users in the meantime?

      • http://www.anthonydomanico.com Anthony Domanico

        Haha…great…now I’m going to expect an email from Clark. :-p

  • http://Website Jason Lassourreille

    Sort of knew it was coming. Google as much as said they wanted consumers only and said they would delete accounts on whim. Too bad, liked following you! :(

  • JamTheMan

    Weird how they choose to do this before the possibility of business accounts is confirmed and they are made available…
    But then again, it might point towards them coming really soon. Let’s just hope that this is why, so we can get one of our favorite Android news feeds back into G+

    (Android Police is still there, though..)

  • http://Website Splendor

    Good. They told you not to and now you’ve got what you deserved. You are all potentially creating bad PR for a great service because you didn’t want to play by the rules.

    Kudos to all of the “brands” that treated the community with respect and held off.

    • http://Website Christian

      I couldn’t agree more. There have been several negative stories around the net about Google closing business accounts, when in reality those businesses shouldn’t have made the accounts in the first place.

      • http://Website MRKANDID

        Technically you are both correct but just a little small minded and a tough self righteous.

        • http://Website Splendor

          Sorry our posts weren’t as humble as someone who goes around calling other people’s posts “small minded”.

  • http://Website Robert Hallock

    Google said they would be deleting company accounts made in advance of Google+ for Business, so I hope this is not a terrible surprise to anyone.

  • http://Website Mark Waterous

    I’m not going to deride anybody who set one up like they’re some kind of villain… but in all fairness they publicly asked brands quite a number of times not to set up yet. It would be surprising if somebody were to be surprised by this. ;)

  • http://Website O.J. Simpson

    It was me.

    Wait, I mean NOT me. If the glove doesn’t fit, I don’t know how to use the Inter..nit…


    WTF !!! Where the hell is my gun?! Just sent wife upstairs to get my AK!

  • http://Website Brian

    Such a great way to report this! Quite funny!

  • http://androidand..... Kris ostrander

    You guys are freakin awesome, way to take it in stride and have some fun at the same time. I love this site.

  • http://Website Darth Steve Jobs (Apple CEO)

    I’m so sorry to hear about your loss. Oh, btw, I shall be killing your child (Google iPhone app) next week. Extend my sympathies.

    • AnonymousUser

      And I’d bet you’d replace Google with Bing on the iOS?
      It hasn’t worked out too well on Android with Verizon… lol

  • http://Website Curly

    Just post on G+ as an individual and share a link from there to the posts here. No law against that as that’s what G+ is all about.

  • AceoStar

    I like that they are taking a proactive approach to really try and separate business and users. Facebook still has lots of people who promote business as a “user” causing a less unified experience. Hopefully Google has a good plan and executes it quickly.

  • http://Website Marcus Nolasco

    Have you guys even tried clicking on the part about the memorial service yet? Haha :D

  • http://Website Mason

    Interesting… I actually removed it from my circles yesterday. I like you guys and all, but I want my G+ feed to be posts by my actual friends, and you guys post like 10 times more often than all of my G+ friends put together. There doesn’t seem to be any easy way to have a feed of everything EXCEPT these circles, so I’ll leave you guys to Google Reader, where news sites belong.

    • http://Website Jennifer

      Yes there is. You put all your contacts into a circle labeled friends or such (you can put people in more then one circle. and you can label it whatever you want like friends I want to read_) then on your main page click on that circle and it just brings up the feed from that circle. Not so hard. That filters out the feeds you don’t want to see everyday like the android and me one if it was still there.

  • http://Website Dolo

    The possible reason for these sequence of events is Google probably listened to a secret wise benefactor who works for a major financial firm and will be changing the name of Google Plus to the more url friendly, palatable and market ready name of GoogleMe.com. Google+ was a good placeholder but GoogleMe.com has more fight in it to take on the current Social Network Queen – Facebook.

  • elijahblake

    ha, well enjoyed you guys in my circle while it lasted… see ya again soon in my business circle XD

  • http://Website Vincent Mac

    Wait, so this whole post was just to say Google deleted A&M’s G+ account?

    • http://www.nexsoftware.net Justin Shapcott

      Yup. And wasn’t it a fun way to say it?

  • http://Website Richard Yarrell

    Androidandme will always have my support they are the BEST source for news in my book. I look forward to the future account.

  • http://androidal.pl Mily

    It’s not only you, guys. Our (Polish blog Androidal.pl) also vanished yesterday from G+. Strange – Android Police still remains untouched.
    Question is – do You still have access to your account but it’s not visible to others?

  • http://Website Anders Sjölander

    I shot the google+
    But I did not shoot the Facebook, dude

    Oh yeah

  • http://Website Bravo

    Kudos to Google for remaining true to their word and zapping business sites for “coming prematurely” on Google+. If you think about what that really means – a company like Google dedicating the resources to sniffing out and assassinating illegitimate pages – what you’ll find is what we were promised: a deeply dedicated commitment to Google+, and it’s LONG term health, unlike anything we’ve seen since Android. *cough* Wave *cough* *cough* Buzz.
    Kudos to AndroidAndMe for making the account anyway, using the service, reporting on their pros and cons for all of us to enjoy, and posting this witty and innocuous anecdote to announce their inevitable demise.
    I’m happy to see two companies I so thoroughly enjoy politely sparring for the good of Google+!

    • http://www.anthonydomanico.com Anthony Domanico

      Haha… Thanks man. The email exchange the team was having while creating this story was awesome. Glad you liked the story.

      We’ll definitely be back when business profiles are live. We were among the first to apply.

  • http://punmobile.net punzz

    Um, i cant say anything bout it, this is a bit strange-google

  • http://www.demoskratia.org Armando

    If any one wants a google+ invite just visit my site: http://www.demoskratia.org/google-invites/
    I’ll be sure to send invites as soon as I can to those who request it.

  • http://karbarkalediscope.tumblr.com KarBar

    I am sads =(
    I was expecting to see more articles in my timeline but alas you have been killed. And you’re an Android blog…and this is Google…isn’t that genocide or sorts?

    • http://www.demoskratia.org Armando

      Lol might just be.

    • http://www.okezine.com Majalah

      I miss androidandme too on my stream line :(

  • http://Website sad one

    i was a follower of Alyssa_Milano and her account was just gone too no notice heres her tweet Alyssa_Milano
    Hey, @google why did you suspend my google+ profile? Not cool, yo!

    sup with that .. not a business but a celebrity

  • http://Website Pussy (required)

    ———–google+ is done———-

  • http://www.mobistealthreviews.net mobistealth

    I got in last night. It would be interesting to have a circle of libertarians to share links and ideas with.

  • http://Website Jack

    Because at this time Google+ is a service for people, not groups or companies or brands. That is coming.

    Your first clue should have been when it asked you for a name and a gender. Funny how all of these brands and companies feel like they are entitled to have a Google+ account for some reason.

  • http://mi-manzanita.tumblr.com Alex

    I can’t have Google + because it’s not available for my age … I’m 14.

  • http://mobistealth.blogspot.com MobiStealth reviews

    Surely you can just follow their advise and change the account to that of a staff member who can be tasked with providing updates to users in the meantime?