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Renders of LG’s 2011 Android lineup leaked

PocketNow, usually very spot-on with these kinds of things, has landed a whole slew of LG phone renders that they claim showcase the rest of the company’s 2011 Android lineup. Not only that, but there’s also a fair amount of information given on each one. Just what exactly can we expect out of LG for the remainder of this year? Let’s break it down.

LG Prada K2

As far as specs go, the Prada K2 stands out as a clear leader in the pack. Coming in with a dual-core processor, 4.3-inch NOVA display, an 8MP rear-camera, 1.3MP front-facing camera and 16GB of internal storage, the K2 still manages to maintain a slim 8.8 millimeter thickness. For connectivity, you can expect the K2 to utilize a 21Mbps HSPA+ radio. As a holiday season release is rumored for the K2, the device is expected to land with Android 2.3 on-board.

LG Univa

Compared to the rest of the lineup, the Univa looks to be a slightly improved base-model Optimus 2. Expected to land in the mid to low-range market, the Univa features an 800MHz processor, 3.5-inch display and 5MP camera. Look for the LG Univa to drop in Q4 with Gingerbread as well.

LG Victor

Leading the mid-range market for LG this year will be the LG Victor. Using Android 2.3 powered by a 1GHz single-core processor, the Victor boasts 802.11b/g/n WiFi support for WiFi Direct and DLNA sharing. When you’re not sharing your 5MP pictures via DLNA, you can view them on the Victor’s 3.8-inch OLED display. Expected to drop this quarter, you can also find a now standard front-facing VGA camera for video chat.

LG Gelato NFC

Very similar to the Univa and Optimus Net, the Gelato NFC takes a low-range 800MHz device and simply throws NFC inside. The 3MP camera or 3.2-inch display certainly won’t be the reason anyone would buy this, but once NFC really starts to take off this device will likely fly off shelves.


After learning about the Univa, Gelato NFC and similar carrier exclusives, it’s hard to say where the LG E2 fits in. Theoretically, any variation on what could be an Optimus 2-type device will be dirt cheap, if not free, on contract. The E2 should be cheaper. Not many hard specs are known on the E2, but a small display, under-powered processor and 3MP or less camera leave this device on the low, low-end. Perhaps it’s meant to be some sort of ultra affordable prepaid device? We should know more on this one soon.


Last but not least in this Friday LG mega-leak, is the mysterious LG K. No render of the K has been outed yet, but a 4.5-inch, true 720p, Retina smashing display is at the top of the list of rumored specs.

Keep in mind none of these specs are final, but they do provide a lot of insight into what we can expect from LG for the rest of the year. So, what do you say? Anything look enticing? Does the promise of a display rocking 1,000 Nits of brightness get you going? Or perhaps you’re waiting for something with a little more pixel density? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: PocketNow

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  • http://Website tim tebow

    LG First

  • Jasonhunterx

    Those are some ugly devices only thing that look good is LG K an u cant see it :-/

  • http://Website Ryan

    Yeah those are pretty ugly… LG wastes a lot of space…

  • thaghost

    i agree they are all ugly. after what LG did with the potentially great G2x, then releasing the underwhelming optimus black and revolution, not too many people are going to be looking for an LG phone.

  • http://Website deckrider

    I will never consider an LG purchase until they support upgrade via wifi or linux.

    Requiring windows to upgrade a linux kernel based device is either insanely stupid, evil, or both.

  • http://Website Aspeds2989

    What the..? Nothing to see here folks.

    LG should be looking to come out with something that will blow our minds away, yet this is what they give us? Ugly phones with last years’ mid-range specs..

    I guess they’ll be better off settling on just producing low and mid-range phones.

  • http://Website johnny

    for a company that has stiff competition those phones look like straight @ss. With that being said…..i will be considering the LG Thrill as my newest phone!

  • http://www.brandon-dean.com BrandonJD

    Yup Nothing to see here. The G2X is their best looking phone this year, if these images are anything to go by, and WE KNOW WHAT HAPPENED WITH THE G2X.

    They as a company have completely lost their touch. I remember in the smartphone days, LG was big stuff. I remember the LG Chocolate being a pretty hot phone that a lot of people wanted. Now, I would recommend any of their wares, even if they were free.

    • http://Website mirianinda

      Consider that for the LG 2x, the problem is mainly due to difficulties with NVIDIA proc. (and most of LG 2x are not affected by these problems, that can be resolved by other ROMS) The LG Black is a great phone with extraordinary screen, very long battery life, nice looking, and it is a very reliable phone. Consider also that LG came to ANDROID one year after other competitors, with the need to quickly go phones out.

  • Uncemister

    They all look the same…they could make a lot more effort into something interesting. But again these aren’t final so that might change.

  • http://Website mirianinda

    The K should be quad core, with improved NOVA and with 1000 NITS, with 720p screen resolution !!!
    The K2 give choice for the better screen quality, much better than buggy AMOLED & sons.
    If these phones are as good (excellent) as LG Optimus Black, it will be very difficult for me to choose between K and K2.

  • http://Website Kleverson

    LG K feeling like a Nexus? I suspect.

  • http://Website josh

    If they are really making another Prada phone I doubt itll be as ugly as the picture suggests. My sister has the Prada 1 and I even I got tired of the ammounts of compliments it got….then it got stolen lol.

  • http://Website Lucius Stone

    I don’t know why everyone is complaining about the look of LG phones. Frankly, I like them WAY better than HTC phones (they look like bad Asian toys). I think the LG Prada might be more appealing to me if it got an Ice Cream Sandwich upgrade….

  • http://Website E

    These are great looking phones if it were 1998

  • http://Website Anders Breivik

    This is my next phone!!!

  • http://Website toothpaste

    i work somewhere (NDA=non disclosure agreement) and we are testing some really awesome LG phones. from what we know they are going to be out come November.

    the above phones aren’t anything spectacular, but to each his own….

  • http://Website Kye

    They all look like previous gen htc devices. Plastic rubbish.

    Anyway that K screen is going to be unbelievable! Cant wait for ice cream sandwich on that. With nice hardware acceleration to boot!

    Wrap that with a krait cpu and for me that will put phone hardware in the solved category. I wont need much more out of a device for next couple of years. It will do everything i need a phone to do.

  • https://plus.google.com/117702410245683101961/posts Lucian Armasu

    Why are the phones so thin?

  • http://Website carfinantican

    I would buy the Prada K2 if it would have the Optimus Black design.
    Victor have a nice design.