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Rumor: Nexus 3 lottery down to HTC, Samsung, and a “really big surprise”

I would love to be in Andy Rubin’s shoes right now.  In May he told us Google was planning a 3rd Nexus device. Now every Android player is knocking his door down trying to get a piece of the action. We likely won’t know the final details on this device for several more months, but the Nexus 3 (aka Nexus Prime, Nexus Plus) has quickly become the most-hyped mystery for Android fanboys. Read on to catch up on the latest rumors shared with us by several Android insiders.

The Rumor

Google is still evaluating a handful of prototypes for their next Nexus device. The devices in testing include:

  • Samsung with dual-core 1.5 GHz OMAP4460
  • HTC with dual-core 1.8 GHz Krait Snapdragon MSM8960
  • A “rather svelte” device from a “really big surprise” featuring an Intel CPU
  • Sony Ericsson with dual-core 1.2 GHz Scorpion Snapdragon MSM8x60
  • LG with dual-core 1.5 GHz OMAP4460

Despite what other rumors have said, Google will be selecting only one device as their lead smartphone platform for Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS).

The Sources

This latest information was compiled from a handful of sources who all wish to remain anonymous. One is a well respected developer who has actually handled several of these prototypes. Another is a trusted industry insider who has always provided reliable info. The third is a new source, who claims to have a relative working at Google.

One Android Insider’s take on the rumor

Last month I sort of poked fun at the Nexus 3 buzz and speculated what might become of the device. I pledged to hold off on the rumors for awhile, but no one else has been advancing the story. And people keep feeding me new info to share with everyone. Multiple sources have informed me that a number of prototypes are floating around, so I’m making this post in hopes that it encourages some brave soul to leak some pictures.

Samsung appears to be in the lead (for now)

All three sources mentioned Samsung is working on a phone with a Texas Instruments 1.5 GHz OMAP4460 processor. The device sounds pretty similar to the one rumored by BGR, but I have not been able to confirm any of the other specs.

“Andy [Rubin] likes Sammy,” one source told me.

Some people have tried to debunk this rumor, saying that Samsung would choose their own Exynos processor over something from Texas Instruments. But Google is the one who chooses the semiconductor partner, and TI had perfect timing with their OMAP4460 part.

However, one source also told me Google is having issues with the OMAP4460, which could open the door for another semiconductor partner (and handset maker).

HTC has a puncher’s chance with Qualcomm’s mighty Krait

I’ve received a lot of conflicting signals over when Qualcomm’s next-generation Snapdragon would actually ship in devices, but the latest info leads me to believe they’re working around the clock to make it happen this year. Two sources told me HTC already has prototype devices featuring the latest Snapdragon with the new Krait core (MSM8960).

Every Android fan should pay attention to the Krait Snapdragon because it is the first mobile system-on-a-chip (SoC) built on a 28nm process. Delivering up to twice the density of previous manufacturing nodes, 28nm technology allows chips to do far more with less power. Qualcomm should be able to deliver industry leading battery performance with Krait, which is the most-requested feature among Android owners.

Krait parts started sampling last month, so it’s no shock that HTC already has access to them. After all, they are Qualcomm’s favored partner.

An internal Qualcomm roadmap leaked last month stated that the first Krait part MSM8960 would debut with speeds around 1.5-1.7 GHz, but our source claims the HTC prototype was clocked at up to 1.8 GHz. Qualcomm’s 45nm MSM8x60 parts have been overclocked up to 1.7 GHz, so it sounds believable that they could squeeze 1.8 GHz out of their 28nm MSM8960. Maybe they decided to bump the clock speed to match TI’s 1.8 GHz OMAP4470 coming in early 2012?

A source told me the devs over at Qualcomm CDMA Technologies (QCT) didn’t have access to Ice Cream Sandwich yet, but they did hear of several internal deadlines related to Krait that made them believe Qualcomm had an aggressive schedule to do the bring-up work for it.

I recently spoke with a member of Qualcomm’s Snapdragon team and asked them about the possibility of becoming the lead platform for ICS. They wouldn’t publicly say it was important to their business strategy, but I got the feeling Qualcomm was a little tired of NVIDIA grabbing the headlines with all the Honeycomb devices. That may be why Krait has been pushed up.

Intel Inside, finally?

Out of all the Nexus rumors I’ve heard, this one is the most interesting. We’ve completely ignored Intel because they have been slow to get their processors into Android smartphones and tablets. I heard Intel was showing off a Honeycomb tablet back at Mobile World Congress in February, but nothing else has leaked since then.

I’m very keen on all the ARM processors coming out in the next six months, but I have absolutely no idea what Intel part is being slated for smartphones. (No really, what’s up next? Medfield?)

Our source claims to have seen an Android prototype smartphone with the Intel part inside and described it as a “rather svelte” device, but they would not reveal the handset manufacturer. I was only told it would really, really surprise me, so I’m eagerly waiting to see who Intel has partnered with.

Google chose Intel to power the first Google TV units and the first Chrome Books, so we know they have a strong relationship. It wouldn’t be a huge shock if Intel became the lead platform for ICS smartphones, but no one is talking about them right now so I guess that might surprise some in the industry.

Check back in a couple weeks for more info on this Intel-powered Android smartphone.

LG and Sony Ericsson

With all the recent news, I don’t think either of these players has a real chance at becoming the chosen handset maker for the next Nexus. However, it is worth noting that both sent in prototypes to be evaluated by Google.

What happened to the quad-core Tegra 3?

None of the prototype smartphones our sources talked about featured NVIDIA’s Tegra 3 processor. This leads me to believe the smartphone version will not be available by Christmas. We were originally told Tegra 3 tablets would arrive around August and Tegra 3 smartphones would follow by Christmas, but that info was provided in February and things change.

However, one source told me they strongly believe Motorola’s next XOOM tablet will still feature Tegra 3 (as rumored) and become the lead platform for ICS tablets. It sounds a little weird that Google would choose one lead platform for smartphones and another for tablets, but it makes sense if those are the best parts available during the launch window.

Google used a Tegra-powered XOOM tablet to demo ICS at Google IO and NVIDIA’s CEO said they were working closely with Google on ICS. So, we will still assume Tegra 3 tablets will be the first to feature the next version of Android.

Enough with the damn rumors!

I understand a lot of readers get frustrated with rumors and only want to see pictures, but most of the insiders seeing these prototypes are cautious to share pictures. So few people have access to the devices that leaks can be tracked back to them. Google keeps their prototypes under lock and key, and Googlers very rarely leak anything. But I’ve heard of several devices appearing in places other than California, so some pics will eventually come out.

Personally, I’m rooting for the HTC device with the Krait CPU. I love Samsung and the Nexus S is still my daily phone. But I desperately want a smartphone with superior battery life, and Qualcomm is the first to market with a 28nm part, which they claim reduces power consumption by 75%.

Have more information to share? Please contact me.

Taylor is the founder of Android and Me. He resides in Dallas and carries the Samsung Galaxy S 4 and HTC One as his daily devices. Ask him a question on Twitter or Google+ and he is likely to respond. | Ethics statement

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  • http://Website triangle

    Love hearing about this stuff. Keep it coming, Taylor.

    • http://Website TWiT Commander

      Want an Intel chip in an Android tablet? We have the Cisco Cius, going for around USD1400 IIRC!

      • http://Website TWiT Commander

        Google demoed ICS @ IO2011? I totally missed that.

    • http://Website Belinda K

      Nice story. But im getting the new iPhone 5 anyways….

      • http://Website Houston

        Please do that, i wouldn’t want you to have the same phone as me.

      • http://Website Alex

        Iphone sucks + iOS is weak so get outta here you don’t have anything to do with smartphones that lead the market…

  • http://Website daniel walsh

    i want the htc device. That processor sounds amazing and htc build quality is great. samsung is 2nd for sure

  • http://Website Stang68

    This is all very interesting, but it won’t matter to me if the Nexus doesn’t hit Verizon LTE. I mean, Google should be working VERY hard to bring it to Verizon. They are (literally) the best carrier in the country and Google putting an ICS Nexus on Verizon, along with the other carriers, would definitely help quell an iPhone takeover.

    • http://Website Greg

      You are (literally) biased.

    • http://Website Jaxidian

      I +1 this. If the Nexus 3 won’t be available for Verizon then I won’t get it. I seriously can’t fathom how they could let this big new shiny phone be launched and NOT take advantage of the add’l hype they would get with it being on Verizon’s LTE with avg 15mbps speeds. If they’re trying to make this the best of the best, that’s a no-brainer. Yeah, marketing “4G” is so last year (not that anybody has 4G yet) but the speeds that come with Verizon’s LTE is new and hot, so why not ride on that momentum on top of all of the cool/fancy/shiny things they’ll have to show off with it?

      That would be the ULTIMATE phone whether you want an AOSP phone or not! (Especially since most Verizon LTE phones are kinda meh right now anyways.)

      • http://Website Lafferty, Daniel

        Have fun burning through 10gb @ at $80 in less than an hour (if you’re using it consistently) on your super fast network. Verizon is such a colossal joke. I pay $42.50 — including tax, and premium data — for unlimited everything with Sprint. 4g is spotty, but I’m saving roughly 70% over Verizon. I don’t understand why anyone would submit to Verizon’s rape.

        • http://Website T-Mo Customer

          It’s not rape if it’s willing..

        • Money Saver

          T-Mobile 3g is faster than verizon 4g and T-mobile is the cheapest carrier with the best customer support and they are gsm so u can get the phones unlocked

          • Dudebro

            I want to buy some of that crack you are smoking.

    • http://Website Richard Yarrell

      Not to start a war but Verizon being the best carrier business is based on what in your mind. That is a JOKE at best. Google clearly doesn’t need Verizon there Nexus device is already runing on the best carrier who cares about customers and affordability as well as timely updates that is all sprint and sprint only. Don’t fool yourself the Next NEXUS DEVICE will be on sprint first ESPICALLY IF HTC MAKES IT…

      • http://Website HolidaySHRIMP

        Not necessarily, every Nexus devices has been on T-Mobile first.

        Nexus One – HTC – T-Mobile then AT&T
        Nexus S – Samsung – T-Mobile then Sprint

        If we are looking at patterns then T-Mobile gets the crown for first to get it. However, hopefully Google will get them out the door for ALL carriers simultaneously. I would switch to Sprint in a heartbeat from T-Mobile.

      • http://Website Jwhap

        Once I saw who made the comment I was not going to even go here. Richard, 60% of android smartphones last year were sold through verizon. I understand that you think the evo is the best phone and sprint is the best carrier, however, Android needs verizon period! Making ignorant statements make you look like an idiot. If it were not for verizon, Android would not have exploded nearly as quick as it did. 550,000 daily activations would not happen without major support from the nations largest carrier. Now go ahead and respond with another stupid comment!

        • http://Website themanwithsauce

          Now hold off the attacks for a second there. Just because verizon has biggest volume doesn’t automatically make it the best for a nexus launch. Let’s look at history – the OG Droid (and successors), XOOM, Droid X, HTC incredible, and to a lesser extent the fascinate are the big phones and tablets that verizon has swung around. None of these are really “Nexus-type” devices save for the XOOM which launched with honeycomb but really wasn;t a finished product. Motorola also is a major partner for Verizon as their only non-Verizon major launch was the Atrix 4G for AT&T and even then…it doesn’t appear to have set the world on fire like the OG droid, G1/Nexus one, and Evo 4G did for Verizon, T-mobile, and Sprint respectively.

          If Google chose motorola for a nexus device then I would bet money on verizon being THE carrier or at least a launch carrier for the phone. If it’s HTC….I bet we’d see sprint and T-mo with a verizon launch coming later, if at all. Samsung is anyone’s guess. Most likely all carriers.

        • http://Website Richard Yarrell

          Last time I checked the original G1 appeared on tmobile then the og droid appeared on verizon. Regardless of who has done what FLASH FORWARD TO TODAY….The BEST android manufacturer is HTC G1,Nexus One,G2,Htc incredible, Incredible 2, Evo 4g, Evo Sfit, Evo 3d, Sensation,My Touch 4g, Thunderbolt, and on and on pretty much it’s endless the device made by htc on the android platform and the windows platform. Google cares most about getting their devices out and affordibilty based on what I have seen none of that reflects verizon in any way or shape. Alot of people walk around believing that an android device is an android device and that cariers are just carriers well I’m here to tell you that NO CARRIER IS THE SAME and NO android device is the same. The best thing for the next GOOGLE DEVICE is to allow HTC TO BUILD IT and place that device FIRST ON SPRINT then Tmobile ONLY IF THE MERGER DOES NOT HAPPEN. If that merger takes place THEN TMOBILE HAS KNOCKED THEMSELVES OUT OF THE BOX FOR THAT NEXUS DEVICE. Yeah it might eventually show up on all carriers but EXCLUSIVE RIGHT SHOULD BE SPRINT for at least 90days then release it to everyone else…….It is what it is……..

          • http://Website themanwithsauce

            I see few reasons that Sprint would be a preferred Nexus carrier besides this one and only hint – An end to unlimited data.

            If you were sprint, and were watching the T-mobile/AT&T debacle and laughing as Verizon announced their end to unlimited data, you’d be sitting pretty comfy in your chair. But now picture this – Google rings you up with an offer to carry the nexus 3 (or whatever it will be called)….Guess what? You’d probably switch over to tiered data plans too to try and make some more $.

            I like how people act like these carriers care about us as individuals. They really don’t. The words inside of a hallmark card don’t exist in such a fast paced environment as cell phones and mobile services. Sprint will just as gladly bend its customers over, present and future, just as easily as anyone else.

            Personally, even if the merger goes through my money would be on T-mobile. And once again, it comes down to $ – T-mobile probably gets along the best with Google out of the current crop of carriers. Verizon barely edges out Sprint IMO but those two are distant seconds. I think that with Sprint’s constant charging to be the “First” to certain things with android and particularly with HTC as a handset partner, if it’s HTC I’d put sprint over verizon. But Samsung would probably go with Verizon over Sprint (verizon got both the continuum and the fascinate while most everyone else only got one galaxy S plus the galaxy tab landed on verizon before sprint).

            Odd factoid – Dell is in bed with AT&T. If the 1 in a million chance happens and the device is an intel powered, dell branded phone…..expect AT&T. But I’d stake the intel handset to be…..Asus? Maybe Acer? I forsee that being branded with a name normally reserved for computers and not smartphones.

            But those are just my predictions. Don’t take them as personal attacks.

        • http://Website Bart Heuts

          I applaud you for responding in that fashion to a comment of Richard Yarrel, this guy must be the most biased android user ever. However, please don’t be so narrow minded thinking that the succes of android and 550.000 daily activations is just because of one carrier in one country. I think the rest of the world (e. g. Europe and Asia) has something to do with it as well.

      • http://Website CactusCat

        Richard, Richard, Richard…. your Sprint-boy lines are getting old. Sure, Sprint has a Nexus but they were just a secondary thought for a Nexus. Tmo got the original, then they got the second one (same one that Sprint has now). And Tmo will get the next one first as well (like always)… you see, while you love Android (especially your EVO), Tmo was the carrier that brought Android to the world. So use a bit of reasoning for a change, and try to take off the Sprint glasses…..

    • http://Website elarella

      I don’t see verizon or ATT getting a Nexus device mainly because they are not part of OHA. T-mobile and Sprint are a part of OHA, which is why they got the devices.

    • http://Website Anjie

      Tmobile best customer service for sure. Screw verizon, greedy as hell, seriously?! CDMA? At least go with GSM (idk much about their “global devices”). Sticking with tmo till they die :’]

      • http://Website Andrew Kreger

        Sorry to say this bro, but that day is soon approaching…

  • http://Website daniel walsh

    i want the htc device. i always wanted the krait processor

  • http://nickedynick.blogspot.com Nickedynick

    The “Really big surprise”: Apple.

    • elijahblake

      or Nokia? RIM or HP? That would be the big surprise for me.. “GAme Changer”

      • http://Website palmfail

        Android on HP is just ass backward, HP doesn’t know their arse from their elbow at the moment… However, WebOS on HTC, Sammy, LG, Moto et al… = Marriage made in heaven?

    • http://Website steve19137

      i feel like this comment will be voted negatively and pushed into oblivion, but in all honestly, apple does a very good job of building their devices with quality. if they made an android phone (unlikely because of their shameless steal of android UI elements for iOS 5), i would seriously consider it. apple rarely makes crappy hardware. they make crappy choices on what *I* can do with *MY* phone. thats why we dont like them.

      • http://Website tom

        They made a phone out of glass with the antenna on the outside. It is designed so any falls will transfer all the impact stress to the glass. Sorry, but I don’t really trust apple’s build quality anymore.

    • http://Website PhineasJW

      Agreed. Apple, Nokia, RIM, or HP/Palm would be the only “really big” surprises.

      But I have a feeling that the tipster might have a different interpretation of that phrase.

    • http://Website mercado79

      Another *REAL* surprise (though it’s been mentioned here and elsewhere) would be an Amazon device. We know they’re going Android in a big way, at least with their upcoming tablet(s), but who knows… a phone is possible as well.

    • http://Website Yak

      Surprising? How about Dell?

      • http://Website st4xor

        Dell does have a strong partnership with Intel, and they might be crazy enough to try something like Intel silicon in a bid for the next Nexus device to try to get to the android big time.

        If Google says its good enough, I wouldn’t think twice about buying it.

    • uzunoff

      More likely Nokia then apple.
      They are working closely with Intel too.

  • http://Website Julian R

    I’m still hopeful for the original Nexus 3 possible from LG with Tegra 3 and the 720p screen. That would be an absolute purchase and make me not cringe at CES.

    • elijahblake

      i personally don’t think LG deserves to make the Nexus 3. Look at the phones they’ve released thus far.

      That would be my LAST choice for a manufacturer

      • http://Website Julian R

        Yes their hardware/software has been faulty. I still believe they could pull it off. Everyone deserves a second chance, and they seem as if they could deliver bleeding edge instead of the dull cutting edge.

        • http://Website kid_352003

          Ditto, I remember when everyone was downing Samsung because of promise updates. I think the challenge of providing the next best thing have all of the OEM delivering faulty product. Now is the question how quick can you fix it. The G2X is a beast but it need it’s upgrade and some bugs fix; I just think LG need a new leader in the software department because the hardware works for me.

    • http://Website HolidaySHRIMP

      +1 to no to LG. I’m weary of Samsung after I was traumatized by my Vibrant and Nexus S. Guess I have a soft spot for HTC aluminum unibody vs Samsung plastic. Tickles my fancy.

      Odd note: After visiting Korea I saw how many people use Samsung (duh) and are brainless Android users. I can tell because they have the analog clock and Google search box on their home screen. Pro’s long hold search and do a voice search.

  • http://Website dragonithe

    I hope that even though one device will get the nexus branding.
    The other 4 devices will launch whit it so when ICS is reveal, we have 5 iCS devices to choose from. Because everyone sounds just awesome (but HTC’s one a little more).

    • http://Website daniel walsh

      htc’s is the best, but all of there are amazing. i am getting the nexus 3 anyway

  • http://Website h3llb3nd4

    GO! HTC GO!!!=D 1.8ghz + 28nm Ftw!!!1!

    • http://Website daniel walsh

      htc better win. i always wanted that krait core and htc has best build quality. htc with dual core krait ftw

  • http://Website Bryan

    Could the “really big surprise” = Nokia?

  • http://Website auronblue

    My guess for the “really big surprise”: Dell. They’ve got to do more in the smartphone business and a Nexus device from them would create some major headlines.

  • http://Website Dave

    My guess for the big surprise would be Asus – they’ve already put out a few Android handsets and have good ties with Intel in other areas.

    • http://Website plastic garbage that breaks

      ASUS build quality is HORRIBLE… please god don’t let them win

  • http://Website Wasim

    I would like HTC to make it as the Nexus One was a solid device, they just needed to fix the touchscreen, which they did with phones following the Nexus One, so add increased performance, amazing specs, and ICS…..u can count on it being in my hands the days its released! Actually, whoever makes it, don’t matter, I’m still on it! I love Google!

  • http://Website warner

    Among the list, HTC is on TOP. Plus the build quality of HTC. If Nexus 3 be HTC, i would buy it, else, i will not buy it.

  • http://Website Vercin

    Tough choice between HTC and Sammy.

    It’s asking whether it’s better a SuperAMOLED HD screen or a beast of a SoC: Krait.
    I’m so sad it can’t be both.

  • Alberto Vildosola

    Great article, Taylor. BGR “exclusive” in 3 2 1 …

  • http://www.google.ca/support/forum/p/Google+Mobile/thread?tid=49e8ca84071d51a4&hl=en&start=600 bolts
    • http://Indeed Spazmodiar

      Pretty hard to get excited about a Samsung Nexus phone when our current ones are broken and completely unsupported by Google.

  • http://Website Richard Yarrell

    Based on what I have in my hand now as I type out this message my HOPE is for HTC. The battery life on my Evo 3D as of today is the best out of any android device. HTC has come so far in this category EVO 4G, Mytouch 4G, Sensation 4G, EVO 3D my battery life is 16 to 23hrs everyday and I mean runing 4G on for a good 12 hrs before I scale down to 3g at the 12hrs mark. When my device hits 30% my power saver mode kicks in and i can go another 4 to 6hrs before 3% hits…I know people here at androidandme know exactly what i am talking about. This is remarkable for HTC and might be the wave of the future for not only the new NEXUS DEVICE IF HTC IS DOING IT but the wave of the Next EVO BRAND in 2012…

    • http://Website Jwhap

      Really??? Dude, I love HTC. I own 3 HTC smartphones, all rooted, all very fast phones. I just got a samsung charge, minus the processor speed the phone is superior in many ways to any HTC device I have. Battery life on this phone (charge) is double my droid incredible which is rooted, with cyanogenmod 7 and has an extended battery! We all have opinions, however out it’s very well known that HTC, using sony’s batteries, are last in this category. If you are getting 23 hours on your evo 3d it is off, out you do not use your phone like I do!
      Super amoled screen is second to none. Keep in mind my incredible has the samsung amoled as it is a first gen.
      I understand the love of HTC, if it were not for them Android could be on a totally different place, but you really need to try other handsets before ignorantly bashing them!

  • http://Website Roland

    HTC is a great phone, but don’t come with memory.

    • http://Website Daniel

      You mean ‘Storage’ I know you meant that but its just one of those pet peeves of mine.

      Just like when people say, I’m ‘filming’ my movie with my phone. Its not filming nor taping, its ‘shooting’. Sorry I’m a film grad.

  • Nate B.

    Personally I hope Samsung makes it, but either way I want Google to work with HTC or Samsung to go beyond what is expected or wanted. Raise the bar and some.

    I want a really unique and sexy hard body design and OMGosh display with a crazy resolution. A slippery UI that is built along side the monster processor. We need the OS to be slippery smooth and not just power. I want the specs to seem like a joke because they’re to good. I’m sure it’ll come to carriers that already have a Nexus device now, but to all carriers would be really nice. We need Android to be ONE. These skins are just making it a civil war. Honestly that’s what’s holding Android back some. So many phones can only do so much because of all these variations which are pointless. We need a universal code or something.

    • Nate B.

      Something that would be really sweet is if Sammy made it out of Durilium. The same material they made their Series 9 notebook out of to match Apple’s aluminum.

  • http://Website Jake

    Could the really big surprise be Google itself? That would certainly be a huge surprise. I think it might be somewhat possible too. Seeing as we already know Google is focusing more internal efforts on hardware (at the very least accessories) from the [email protected] music box, and the fact that Andy brought in his two buddies from Danger both of which are electrical engineering people.

  • http://Website bug_monster

    big surprise == ZTE?

  • http://Website Daniel

    This news (even if rumors) is just inspiring. I’m just the person you are describing, the fandroid that can’t wait to get more juicy tech info.

    My bets are on HTC with the MSM8960. That 28nm is just exactly what we need to overtake Apple. And the Adreno 225 should hold out well. But I am a little worried the Iphone5 will have the the PowerVR SGX 543. I just want a phone that will put iphone fanboys in their place.

    Though I am sad to see the Tegra3 isn’t in the ranks. It would have made the best out of ICS.

    • http://Website metafor

      I don’t think you really have to worry about the A5 as is in an iPhone. That chip is simply way too large to put into a smartphone form factor without some serious sacrifices. My guess is the delay for the new iPhone release is due to Apple not having a decent chip upgrade.

      I would suspect that they are going to make a smaller version of the A5 (with less graphics performance, as that is what eats up most of the area) for the iPhone.

      • http://Website Daniel

        Thats reassuring. It kills me to see Apple making products that are actually game centric. When Apple (computers) were traditionally known to be horrible for games.

        Damn casual gaming!

  • http://Website Splendor

    The main drain on battery life is the large displays. I would imagine that the power savings of a Samsung AMOLED screen outweighs the power savings of a different processor.

    • http://Website Daniel

      I would argue that the modem is the biggest drain on the phone. My HTC drains super fast when in bad reception, while at home it can last for 2 days without charging.

      Screen, cpu, wifi are power friendly compared to the 3G/4G radio.

    • http://Website metafor

      In terms of power consumption, AMOLED compared to S-LCD is very situational. When you have a background of mostly black, AMOLED will use less power. However, with webpages that are mostly white, it will use more.

      • Jasonhunterx

        But not that much more someone on xda did a test not that big of a difference an the screen tech will be improved an Samsung is just better in my opinion Htc phones have horrible battery except nexus an sensation

  • SGB101

    what is the big issue with carriers? as in the UK they are all the same, same coverage (give or take) can run all phones and are almost the same prices, and slowly dropping.

    as a result all handsets (except apples) are free and tafrris are tiered according to lengh of contract and quality of device.

    as an example this device will be free on 2year contract, 1200mins, unlimited text and data for £45pm. as a customer if you threaten to leave you may rangle a fiver off that price.

    im due a new device around xmas so i think this will be for me :-)

  • http://Website JH

    I’m betting on the one with Intel. HTC and Samsung have already been used for the Nexus series, with success, but I find it better to spread it out.
    Also I think that Google might be close connected with the upcoming Amazon android-tablets, but that may not be related to the Nexus 3.

  • http://Website Sid

    I’m guessing the ‘surprise’ could be lenovo.

  • http://Website Dev1359

    I’d really like for it to be another Samsung phone, only because I’ve fallen in love with their Super AMOLED screens.

  • http://Website Alan

    Its a shame Moto isn’t in the running, they launched 2.0 and 3.0 with solid devices. Something like the droid bionic with steady updates and an unlocked bootloader would melt faces, and my milestone gets way better reception and call quality than the nexus S, the hardware is expertly designed.

  • http://Website Farhan

    Personally, I think Google should switch things around with the Nexus 3. Select “3″ handset manufacturers; Sony Ericcson, HTC, and Samsung. SE can make a $149 (w/ 2 year contract) slide-out keyboard device.

    Samsung and HTC can make the standard $199-$249 (w/ 2 year contract) high-end, HD screen, uber-GB memory phones that also include the kitchen sink.

    If more manufacturers are trying to get a piece of the Nexus pie, then a little more choice in the Nexus line-up is not a bad thing and manufacturers will know that Google isn’t just favoring Samsung and/or HTC who happen to be on top right now.

    This time around, pass on LG for a Nexus device so that they can think about how they don’t repeat the whole G2x mess next year.

  • Sturoid

    I’m surprised that there is very little talk of a nexus tablet being created if this os is meant to combine gingerbread and honeycomb. Whoever knows with these things

  • Jasonhunterx

    Samsung should get it they make better looking phones an screens

  • http://www.dolphinfree.net Tenkely

    With the way LG is handling the G2X and the G-Slate I truly hope it’s not them. Talk about dooming the Nexus line…

    • http://Website martin

      oh noes, how did they mess them up?

  • http://Website martin

    wait intel, wut? to me intel will just mean crappy battery life, and under performing the competition. im 1% disappointed it wont be a quadcore. i didnt think a dualcore nexus S was “better enough” than my nexus one, i hope this nexus is a big enough difference to warrant my money.

    as far as the carriers go, for some reason i thought google liked the more openness of t mobile, and that’s why they came out on that US carrier first.

  • http://Website Festis

    I´m hopping for the HTC to!

    I would love to se more rumors =)

  • http://Website Franz

    Besides the screen technologies, HTC’s are so much better than Samsung,

    HTC w/ Krait Snapdragon please!

  • http://Website zerowonderboy


  • http://Website Sheena

    Oh wow! I thought the Samsung rumor was pretty set in stone for a while. Didn’t know about all these other candidates! Granted, I am quite the Samsung fangirl now (Samsung Galaxy S!), I’m still interested in hearing about the likes of HTC. I’m most definitely going to get the next Google branded phone whoever the manufacturer may be. I’m still all for Samsung right now though.

    Thanks for the rumor round up! This is a great and interesting post even without pictures. I’d rather read well written posts with good content than see awful mockups or rehashed pictures circling on every other tech and Android related site.

  • http://Website Foxy

    Either Samsung comes up with a Duralumin body phone coupled with SAMOLED HD, or leave it to HTC with their Krait CPU.

  • AME

    The surprise? WPA: Windows Phone Android.

    Balmer’s got all the patents and intellectual property rights to build a royalty-free Android phone. That’s what all the patent trolling is all about. Microsoft has finally seen the light and they’re making the next Nexus phone!

  • http://Website bay

    I don’t think Samoled+ HD is possible this year…

    • mixmastrzzz

      I agree but the Samoled+ beats out all Qhd displays so maybe instead of 720p display well see a Samoled+ with QHD resolution

  • http://Website Gary Carpenter

    I really am excited to hear some more Nexus 3 news. As the proud owner of the Nexus One, I’m glad to hear HTC is in the mix, my wife has the Nexus S, so together we’re 2 for 4! I think that the surprise device will be made by….Amazon! There’s already tablet rumors, and plus there close relationship with Google. Amazon Nexus Prime could definitely be a reality. Other long-shots, Acer or Motorola. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not rooting for either, just thinking of shocking candidates! ;) Long live Vanilla Android experience!

  • http://Website ovi76

    what about Huawai? they planned to be top manufacturer in the near future…

  • http://markmalstrom.tumblr.com Mark

    I would love to see a device from Sony. Not Sony Ericsson, Sony. They make oh so sexy hardware and if they partnered with TI or used the Krait Snapdragon too (imagine a 2GHz dual-core 28nm processor!)… Sooooo good.

    I am very hesitant of an Intel processor because i think we need to move on from x86 and x64. ARM is the future, especially in mobile (and eventually in desktops).

    I think they should give every OEM a chance to be the provider of a Nexus device. Samsung and HTC have already had their chance. Also, no mention of Motorola?

  • mountainmaniac

    has anyone thought that the “really big surprise” could be the asus pad phone… just a thought as it is planned to launch with ice cream sandwich about the same time of year

  • kaynemo

    Over here, in Russia that is, we have had a few rumors leaked out (probably because we are kinda close to Finland) that the “big surprise” indeed is going to be Nokia. The company has lost a huge chunk of it’s market recently and keeps losing even more every day with all the smart phones they tried to push to the market. The only way for them to survive (now that they have submitted to outsourcing and lost the quality they initially had) is to go Android… Symbian is a dinosaur and nobody really gets it anymore… Makes sense to have them go out of their way and team up with Intel, I guess…

  • http://Website daniel walsh

    nokia used intel processors

  • http://Website Jacob

    +1 samsung

  • http://Website Foxy

    Why can’t it be both Krait core with SAMOLEDHD T__T

  • http://Website Peter

    Don’t rule out LTE

    • Paul

      The MSM8960 Krait snapdragon chip has LTE, capability.

  • http://mi-manzanita.tumblr.com monkeyboy

    I’m personally rooting for HTC. In my opinion they dish out way better build quality and just imagine the power of the Krait processor. But I do like Samsung too. Super Amoled HD screen and Duralumin build would be just as great, just a little bit less power. Honestly, I’ll buy the device whether it’s built by HTC or Samsung. I just want a Nexus device that has minimal bugs, runs super smooth and fast, and will turn the heads of iPhone users everywhere.

  • http://fc1032.blogspot.com Brian

    Big surprise? :D

    Well maybe:
    * Samsung provides the Super-AMOLED screen (even better would be that 720 res they are talking about)
    * HTC and Nokia design and build the phone body
    * Sharp provides those CCD camera sensors from their japanese phones.
    * Krait processor :)

    Hahaha, yea let me dream. Either way, whatever it is, my Nexus one needs to be replaced soon, whatever comes next will be my pick :)

    • http://mi-manzanita.tumblr.com Alex

      You got me day dreaming for 10 minutes there o.o

  • bt

    ….surprise! what if….it was a device made in house?

  • njones0100

    Regardless of what hardware is on the Nexus, it is clear that HTC is going to put out a phone with the Krait SoC and Samsung is going to produce a phone with a Super AMOLED HD. And their both trying to do it as quickly as possible.

    Let’s face it, iPhone mania is a real thing. The majority of people don’t know what kind of processor is in their phone, and don’t care. Millions of these people are going to be waiting in line when the iPhone is released in about six weeks. After that, their locked into contract for two years and very few of them will be potential customers.

    I would expect some of these OEM’s to start making announcements about these sorts of features (processors, super screens) on the way in the near future to stem the tide.

  • dko3tgk

    It will probably be HTC or Samsung. Everyone makes good points about HTC’s build quality, and the newer less power hungry processor sounds great. but the Samsung screens do give them an advantage over every other company bidding for the Nexus 3. It’s a tough choice. But because of screen, I would vote Samsung. I wouldn’t think theres enough noticeable performance difference between all the different dual core processors.

    I think the surprise manufacturer is a Japanese carrier like NEC or Sharp who have been putting out very innovative designs for Android phones in Japan. And they have alot of nice things like retina displays, AMOLED, etc. I doubt its Nokia since they just started the whole Windows 7 partnership.

    I just hope this Nexus 3 comes out this year, sooner rather than later. The whole Galaxy S2 US release debacle turned me into a pessimist.

  • Interpol91

    Hopefully it’s Samsung. I love their build quality. Whoever it is it will still be a breat phone nonetheless

  • Sethris

    I would really hope the next nexus be made by either HTC or Samsung. The Krait processor sounds wonderful but SAMOLEDs just look so great, (Coming from an owner of a captivate) especially if it was 1280x720p. It would be a God given phone if it had both the krait and a SAMOLED HD. My best bet is that Google will pick Samsung however.

    As for the “big surprise” I assume its probably dell.

  • michael

    Maybe Acer or ZTE?

  • mixmastrzzz

    Im still disappointed but i will get the Nexus 3 anyways Dream Device= Samoled+ with QHD resolution, Tegra 3, 8.6mm thick, 8 mp camera from HTC, 2mp front facing, ice cream sandwich====== best device EVER

  • Manly Man

    Lenovo/IBM for the nexus 3 make it happen Google.

  • thereugo

    The HTC phone sounds GREAT, they make it I’m sold.

  • T-Man

    Sooner or later Google has to come around back to the concept that made Nexus One. This phone is still the flag ship of this new dimension. This phone would have taken over the market had Google gotten there business relationship right with the phone carriers by allowing them to sale and hence support the product from the beginning. I still love my Nexus One by HTC. The design and vanilla style still makes this leading edge in the open platform realm. Samsung doesn’t compare. Google, you did it once, you can do it again. Make it right. My Nexus One may be becoming old but nothing that you have out there compares even with the event of faster processor speeds. You had it right, just your marketing that was flawed.

  • Kai

    I’m going to HTC, still rocking N1

  • The Rage

    Not really a fan of the ‘fisher price’ style of Samsung phones. Hopefully the next Nexus is an HTC creation. Must better design and build quality IMHO.