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Samsung Galaxy S II still not available in the U.S. – Motorola to blame?

The Samsung Galaxy S II has been one of the most anticipated devices of the year since its announcement at Mobile World Congress. When the device was first released in Korea, it was expected to soon reach more than 120 markets. Many parts of the world are getting this device, but it’s been more than 2 months since it was released and still no luck for the U.S.

The U.S. has seen the Galaxy S II pop up here and there; even our neighbors in Canada have it set for release in less than a month. Why is it that we’re still waiting around? As the largest mobile phone market (coupled with the high popularity of the Samsung Galaxy S line of phones), you’d expect Samsung and U.S. carriers to rush this device to the market. According to the Korean Chosun Ilbo, American carriers are not as interested in the Samsung Galaxy S II because of Motorola’s phones, which “work best with CDMA networks.”

This leads us to believe Samsung has been having issues with Verizon and/or Sprint, the two major CDMA networks in the U.S. But, what about AT&T and T-Mobile? These two major American carriers use GSM technology, and it doesn’t seem they’re getting this device soon, either.

Negotiations with American telecom companies have dragged.ExecutiveSamsung Electronics

It is highly doubtful carriers are “dragging” negotiations due to companies like Motorola. The Samsung Galaxy S II is a stunning device with some of the best specs we’ve seen in any smartphone. If you ask us, this delay is more likely due to the Galaxy S line of phones phenomena. All carriers not only want a phone with their own radios, but one with a different look and feel, like we saw with the original Galaxy S line of devices (Captivate, Fascinate, Vibrant, Epic). Manufacturing different devices for every carrier cannot be an easy task.

The mobile technology industry moves fast, and we’d like to see this device arrive in the U.S. soon before it gets left in the dust by newer, stronger devices that will surely be coming later this year. Maybe it would be too hard to get this phone to our CDMA carriers. But why not give some Galaxy S II love to AT&T and/or T-Mobile customers in the meantime?

Just to get a better idea of what the Samsung Galaxy S II demand is like in the U.S., how many of you are waiting for this bad boy? Will you skip on it if it takes too long to get here? Would you go through the trouble of importing one? Let us know what you think, and let’s hope Samsung and our carriers get their act together soon!

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Source: The Chosun Ilbo

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  • http://Website thunder

    Yeah, it’s Motorola’s fault that they make good phones. How dare they!

    • http://Website T.Krish

      It seems you never used Motorola.

  • http://Website nastysquar3d

    I’ve been waiting (Verizon) for this device for what seems like months. No FCC leaks, no rumors of launch dates, no nothing…. it’s really frustrating as every review that I’ve read has been glowing. If I don’t hear “something” before / a little it after the Droid Bionic launches I might have to jump on that phone, depending on initial reviews.

    My OG Droid is really showing it’s age, even with custom ROMs and kernels.

    • http://Website Nick

      Same exact story for me :/

    • http://Website Roger

      Same here. Trying to get a few more months out of my OG Droid. I’ve decided that I’m either getting the S II (if it ever makes it to VZW) or the next Nexus and ICS…even if that means jumping carriers.

    • http://Website AaronS

      Same boat here, and getting tired of waiting. My phone barily even works, and I keep holding out for this damn S2.. I might cave in and pick up the Moto Bionic, but I’ve never been impressed with Moto devices thus far.

    • http://Website Jon Garrett

      Another reason why all carriers in the US should be on a single network. we have CDMA, IDEN, PCS, TDMA & GSM.

      • http://Website ARC

        Can’t they just use the international version with 3G/4G radio on it. That would sell more than a modified version and software updates will be faster too. I don’t know what these carriers are thinking.

      • http://Website 4wd

        TDMA? Who uses that ancient tech?

        • http://Website st4xor

          TDMA isn’t itself a communication standard, but a channel access method used (still) by GSM, iDEN, and other standards.

          “CDMA” is also a channel access method, but its often also used as shorthand to refer to the CDMA2000 family of standards.

    • http://Website Mezy

      Yea same here but im with sprint so ill probley be picking up the photon because i dont see this phone in sight. im not a big fan of motorola but the photon and bionic look like power house devices.

    • http://Website Mezy

      CommentYea same here but im with sprint so ill probley be picking up the photon because i dont see this phone in sight. im not a big fan of motorola but the photon and bionic look like power house devices.

    • http://Website Joshua

      I stopped waiting as of last week. IT was ridiculous and i sent an email to Samsung letting them know they dropped the ball. I got a Motorola Atrix with dual core, qHD screen and 1gb ram. Why should i wait for a phone that when it’s released the only better things it’s going to have is a super amoled plus screen. They just took too long, idiots.

    • bsingert

      I’d love to get this phone but I’m tired of waiting. If the Bionic lives up to its reputation and comes out before the summer is over, that’s what I’m replacing my OG Droid with.

    • http://Website koldkore

      I hope they don’t price the Bionic $299.99 for a 2 year contract.

  • http://Website Jay

    I doubt this phone is even coming to T-Mobile, oh well, wait for Nexus 3 I guess

    • http://Website Nicki M

      Im thinkin the same thing!! Except I’m a little afraid that the next Nexus phone will not be compatible with T-Mobile’s 3G radios and that it’ll only be for Sprint

      • http://Website Daniel

        T-Mobile 3G will always be supported by Nexus phones, simply because the Nexus line seeks international support and T-Mo’s bands have a big overlap with European bands (which are guaranteed to be supported). Furthermore, the general trend now is towards quad- or penta-band UMTS, so that a single model can connect to any 3G GSM network in the world (examples: iPhone 4, Galaxy S II, Sensation). So it’s pretty much a given that Nexus phones will work on T-Mo 3G.

      • http://Website carlos

        It is certainly not only for sprint, insted it is coming to verizon and att due to it comes with lte capacity and only verizon and att are rolling lte technology.

  • http://Website Chad

    I’m on an OG incredible and def waiting for this on verizon. It boggles my mind why they are holding this up. If it can somehow drop before the iPhone 5 I think it is going to be a runaway success. I want a samsung super-phone damnit.

    • http://Website watbetch

      Why is anyone waiting for this on Verizon? Have you not heard of the Fascinate? It’s amazing how Verizon neutered that phone when it bing’d it out and gave it the slowest update of any US carrier.

      • http://Website Nick B

        One more reason not to go Motorola, I root my phone and take that crap off.

      • http://Website Chad

        The day I get the device I will just root it and flash MIUI anyway

      • http://Website kbox911

        I have had FIVE Fascinates. I love this phone but ever since the 2.2 update it has had many problems. I would love to get my hands on the S2 but I don’t think we will see it anytime soon if ever

        • http://Website Adnoxaei

          I’m on my fourth one! First the 3G radio started messing up and it would interrupt every download, stream, and webpage, the next one would not read sd cards properly and cycle through the media reading stage and the third one started overheating, restarting, and being incredibly slow after The 2.2 update. It’s ridiculous, and yet I love super amoled enough to keep it and verizon is willing to replace them under warranty every time…I really want the GSII on Verizon.

  • http://Website Garrett

    I’m waiting for Nexus 3. Anything before that, especially with a contract upgrade means old technology, old Android (especially with the new layout, UI, etc.) and best of all a 2 year contract for a device made truly obsolete so quickly.

    • http://Website Chad

      The sammy will have a unlocked bootloader though, so there will be no probs at all keeping it up to date with roms. I did wish it had a qhd screen though.

    • http://Website IrlPanda

      And the phone after the Nexus 3 is going to make that old hardware. Old Android is irrelevant since you’re eventually going to be able to hack any phone. Encrypted bootloader or not. I’m on 2.3.4 on my Og Droid.

  • http://Website Skitz

    With all the radio issues with eh Nexus S on Sprint, perhaps there is a CDMA radio issue with Samsung hardware. On the other hand, every one seems to be getting a refresh of the Galaxy S line while the rest of the world is getting the Galaxy S 2. There is also that rumor about the Galaxy S 2 in the states using Tegra 2 which really lowers the want factor over other devices.

    I’m will most likely be going for the Photon on Sprint (if it has NFC) or the next Nexus phone if I can hold out that long.

  • http://Website Shane Josi

    I’m on T-mobile US, and if nothing gets announced in the next month and a half, I’m importing one. Its too good to pass up.

    • http://Website Paul

      Don’t have to import, there’s already USA sellers on ebay selling them. Some people import a hundred of these and sell them on ebay and they’re in the U.S; I’ve been keeping an eye on the auctions, they’re around $600 now. Problem is it works on AT&T’s network for 3G; it’ll only do Edge on T-Mobile’s network.

  • http://Website aLdaRiS

    If it comes out in the month of july ill get it for sprint, if not just wait for photon 4g or nexus 3

  • http://Website Louis

    Actually I waited too long for it and I skip it for the HTC sensation and I am looking to sell it as soon as the Nexus 4G or what ever Nexus phone is coming out later this year.

  • Grim Reeper S16

    I want one but if nothing come up, I’m just going to pass up the phone and wait on the Nexus 3 and get that instead base on the rumors

  • http://Website CJ

    I wouldn’t buy it if it were the last phone on earth and I needed to make an emergency call. Samsung sucks!

    • http://Website cb2000a

      Well Samsung used to suck…but times change…

      • http://Website CJ

        Samsung still sucks. They make decent hardware but their support for said hardware borders on non-existent. The Galaxy S phones sold like hotcakes but they were riddled with issues that took Samsung forever to acknowledge and even longer to remedy. And forget about being updated to the latest OS, snails move faster.

  • http://Website scott

    This is still my next device unless it take after the summer. Moving up from an OG Droid. Rooted/Cyanogen, and still kickin butt.

  • http://Website A2theC

    Been waiting for months now, waiting….I’ve been thinking about going over seas to get this sucker since I’ve been planning a trip I may as well. A bit cheaper to have it sent here, but still, more waiting!! I’m on verizon now up for renewal, this and 4G would keep me here for another 2yr, but not if it doesn’t come here I’ll switch to GSM, I just hate AT&T though, verizon works almost everywhere where everyone else fails (I have much experience with people borrowing my phone because it works, unlike their various carriers).

  • http://www.kablowie.com Greg B

    It’s been my experience, both from owning Samsung products and from reading about their phones in pubs like this and Engadget that Sammy phones have lots of really cool features, then some showstopper beneath the hood. On my Samsung Moment, it’s the random drops into airplane mode that require a reboot to get out of it and the fact that Samsung/Sprint ended the upgrade path at 2.1, 6 months into my 2-year contract.

    Honestly, The Galaxy S II would have to release and get through 3-4 months of awesome reviews without articles about hardware or software glitches before I’d buy it. By then, it will be 8 or 9 months (or more!) since it first released and there will be something better either out or coming soon from Moto or HTC. I’m just not interested in buying aging tech from an unreliable vendor for a premium price.

    I’m getting the MyTouch 4G Slide. It’s got an announced release month (exact date still pending), dual core 1.2GHz Snapdragon, slide-out keyboard, same WVGA resolution, Sense 3.0, and what looks to be an awesome camera. Plus it’s HTC, not Samsung.

  • http://Website Drew

    Yes! I am waiting for this device to come to the States so I can buy it up. However, If it takes too long I will have to pass on it. I wish I could import one but I’m on Verizon and they use CDMA :(

  • http://Website keithrva

    Enough about this overhyped iPhone wannabe already! Unless it drops in the US with a qhd screen it has already been beat. And yeah Moto hardware beats Sammy plastic all day. No qhd = fail!

    • http://Website Hivnom

      No SAMOLED+=Fail!

  • http://Website Meister_Li

    There are rumors that Apple is pushing them too, so they can launch the iPhone 5 first, and again other rumors that the unlocked boot loader Samsung decided on isn’t liked very much by US carriers. Whatever the case is…

    I don’t care! I’m in Europe and we have that thing since months already! Trollololololo!

  • http://Website Kaz

    I am waiting on it, but I cannot wait too long, as I don’t know how long I can put up with my current droid phone… might pass if it isn’t july or august release.

  • http://Website ydant

    I was really hoping this would come out. I would jump contract on my OG Droid to get it – it’s showing too much age – headphone jack broken, slow even with rooting hacks. But I’m holding out.

    I REALLY want to support Samsung after what they did for Cyanogenmod, but I can’t hold out forever.

  • http://Website Shelly

    I’m on Verizon and waiting. If it does not come out, importing one is not an option since Verizon is CDMA. I will probably end up with the Thunderbolt since the specs on the Charge do not seem that great and I like Sense better. The main reason I was desiring the Galaxy S 2 was that its specs were AWESOME. The only thing I didn’t like on it was its inability to delete (select) more than one e-mail at a time (as seen on a youtube review).

    • http://www.kablowie.com Greg B

      Shelly, why get a Thunderbolt? All the rumors put the Bionic on the shelves within the next few weeks. If I was on VZN, I’d be giving the Droid Bionic serious consideration.

      • http://Website Shelly

        Yes, I think I will give the Bionic a look. Thanks!

  • http://Website mihai

    I own this phone for over a month. I can say that it’s the best phone i ever had. It’s perfect. Vodafone Romania. The price was 500 euros.

  • http://sarcasticgamer.com rothbart

    I’ve been waiting for some “real” sign of a GS2 release in the US for months and even though I _really_ want one, if they drag this out much longer (especially with no official word of a release window) I’ll likely be lured to buy something else. I’m with Verizon. If this is anything but production delays due to brisk sales in other regions (ie. already selling them as fast as they can make them in other territories) this it’s pretty ridiculous. I don’t care if my Verizon GS2 looks different than the AT&T GS2. Make a model with GSM, a model with CDMA, and if you’re feeling sassy, whip out a world phone version. Take my money Samsung, sheesh!

  • http://Website Ihater

    You guys got it all wrong I bet it is because of douchebag apple and the Icrap infringements. If Dbag Apple stop bitching because they’re scared than we would probably have this phone by now. Stupid Dbags!

  • serotonin_project

    As a T-Mobile customer, I am bugged that it’s taking so long since this is essentially the phone I’ve been waiting on for my upgrade. Granted, I’m thinking about biting on the Samsung Hercules next month that looks like a juiced up (i.e. 4.5″ Super AMOLED, 42 Mbps HSPA+, etc.) version of this phone. The only hesitation I have on this one is whether or not it will be 4G for T-Mob or anyone else. With those specs, I can’t imagine why it wouldn’t be.

    Does anyone know how well the Galaxy S2 and Hercules compare?

  • http://Website Sean

    I definitely waiting for this phone on Sprint. It was all the features I want, and I like the slim form factor and light weight. The long it takes for this to come to the US the harder it is to wait for it, with the EVO3D just being launched, and the Photon 4g on it’s way. If this is delayed until September then I’ll probably get one of the other phones instead.

  • http://www.thatboyjay.com Robot Human

    “Negotiations with American telecom companies have dragged.” <<< that's the closest thing I've heard in the past 6 months of the SGS2 coming to America. I am almost wondering if I should wait for the SGS3 now.

  • kwills88

    My g1′s battery is basically fried…once i take it off the charger in less than 5mins it’s dead without me even using it…I been waiting and waiting and i feel like i might be forced to get a phone i honestly don’t want because of how long this is taking to reach here.

  • http://Website MichaelMangini


    I thought it was due to Apple’s interference with all the injunctions. But Galaxy S2 isn’t on the list of devices those dues want to get banned.

  • dan01

    Now is available in Mexico!! lucky for me :)

    • Edgar Cervantes

      Wow, so both U.S. neighboring countries have it, but not the U.S. Great! (Sarcasm)

  • http://Website Mil

    I really do feel for you people in US. I’m in UK and I’ve had the SGS2 pretty much since it was launched in late April. It’s by far the best Android phone I’ve ever had or experienced. The OS is so quick and rock solid out of the box that I’ve not once felt the need to load a custom ROM on it. Previous phones I’ve had to do this to solve issues with the stock ROM. Anyway, hope you all get it soon.

    • http://Website cb2000a

      It’s ridiculous that the U.S. carriers cannot bring this to market…it shows how truly backwards they are. Verizon’s 4g offerings so far this year are just awful.

  • http://Website Wade

    It’s either this or the Bionic. I’m biding my time on TMO waiting to switch to Verizon, and they keep pushing back the release dates and jacking up the rates. At this rate I might not even switch.

  • http://Website Just

    So tired of waiting, it has actually broken me down, IF it were to come out before July’s end, I might still get it, if not, that is Samsungs LAST chance for me, I would buy anything other than SAMSUNG.

  • http://Website anonymous

    this is a bunch of B.S.


  • http://Website anonymous

    Samsung: Stay big or go home. You either sell us stuff — or you go back to making toilets for Koreans.

  • http://Website C4$hFlo

    I have been waiting for this phone as a worthy replacement for my aging iPhone 3G. I view the GS2 as the phone that could steal users away from Apple. At this point, however, my patience is eroding to the point that I find myself listening to the iPhone5 rumor mill more and more and no longer seeking GS2 rumors. So it’s possible they royally screwed up here and missed an incredible window of opportunity.

  • http://maxtechnewz.blogspot.com/ Max

    another reason to hate Motorola

  • http://Website Pedro

    I live in Brazil, we already have SII

  • http://Website austin

    I am with sprint and I have been sitting on an upgrade for months decided to go with the photon I am using a razor cause I jumped the gun and got the nexus and didn’t like it so I am not waiting for ever.

  • http://Website bah

    They took too long already. Waiting on the next Nexus phone instead.

  • WickedToby741

    Come on Samsung, you want to play Apple, do the Apple thing to do in this scenario and show some backbone to the carriers. Tell them you’re bringing the Galaxy S II here just how it is and if they don’t like it, they won’t carry it. If Apple can do it with the iPhone, why can’t you Samsung?

  • http://Website Richard Yarrell

    It’s pretty SHOCKING to see people waiting for SAMSUNG what a SAD CONCLUSION..People have not learned their lesson with SAMSUNG the same people who was CRYING LAST YEAR WHEN THEY NEEDED FROYO AND COULDN’T GET IT. Matter of fact SAMSUNG STILL HAS DEVICES IN 2.1 EGGCLAIRE. Hard head makes for a soft behind. With all the dualcore devices out to choose from if your waiting for SAMSUNG THEN YOU NEED TO CHECK INTO YOUR NEAREST HOSPITAL CAUSE YOU HAVE MENTAL ISSUES…Technology is to fast and 2 to 3 months from now something else will be out. I am very content with my EVO 3D samsung will never be better than that. And with the QUADCORE EVO ON THE HORIZON IN JULY 2012 THE EVO BRAND WILL ALWAYS LEAD THE WAY FOR ANDROID…Not even anything made by MOTOROLA CAN TOP THE EVO 3D. Even if the Samsung Galaxy S2 makes it to the states it definitely won’t be like the European brand the states will get the WATERED DOWN VERISON WITH A DIFFERENT PROCESSOR CAUSE THE SAVE THE BEST FOR THEY OWN PEEPS…Waiting on SAMSUNG IS USELESS AS VERIZON’S DUALCORE LINEUP….

    • http://Website Larry

      I might have to agree with you Richard. It’s been like, what, 3 months now and in another 3 months new tech will be out. Sammy or the other carriers f$%^ up royally with this one! And Sammy had the chance to kick Apple’s butt here big time! I don’t know, my mind has been on the Bionic lately a great deal now. Sammy, ur idiots for this mishap!

      • http://Website snowbdr89

        Your lame evo is not even in the same class dick u fucking moron

  • http://Website Raúl

    It’s a very big surprise it’s still not available in the United States. It’s already available in Puerto Rico under Claro, which is compatible with AT&T bands. If you’d like it, it’s $600.

  • jian9007

    It’s too late. I picked up the HTC Sensation 4G on launch day instead. Only one totally unconfirmed rumor about the Samsung Hercules on T-Mobile and that’s it. Nothing about it in the leaked road map, no word other than the original rumor, so no sale/waiting for me. I wonder if Apple waiting on releasing their iPhone 5 (or 4S) caused Sammy to balk at a quick launch.

    There have already been rumblings that they are beefing up the clock speed so they could be playing a waiting game. If so, they will lose many potential sales as there are many other confirmed devices coming along with the new Nexus 3 that will be out by Christmas.

  • http://Website Machika Kara Kuro

    Yeah i have been waiting for this phone on sprint since the day i heard about it. I have a love for samsung mobile products. Started with the moment then the epic and now waiting for the within. but at this rate i will end up getting the moto phanton if thats the only thing i will have access to.

  • http://Website Stephen Bush

    I’m still waiting — the (supposedly) better battery life and beautiful screen big draws. These are two areas where Samsung will probably lead despite stronger phones later this year. Tired of waiting for AT&T, though. I wish they would update us with at least some information.

  • http://Website terrill

    I had the Samsung vibrant on tmobile it was cool, but the build quality left a lot to be desired, I’m back on my HTC hype as the new Sensation is what I’m rocking, which outside of the super amoled display I feel the HTC sensation is beating the plastic Samsung every time.

  • http://Website Deimos86

    I own a SGS 2 in Puerto Rico, with a cellphone company Claro. I see no reason why in the states the carriers are taking soo much to sell it… After all we are a Common Welth of the US…
    I blame the carriers for this delay. and i hope you guys can get this BEAST! Soon cause its worth it!

    • michael801581m

      Does Claro have good signal?Am on Sprint and data connection sucks an saw Claro got 4g how fast. It is?

  • http://Website Daniel

    Who cares,it is just another phone.In a matter of months they will start selling another models with better processor,more ram memory and better specs.It is just the way the market works nowadays.
    I used to be the kind of guy who wanted to have the latest toy,til I realized how stupid that is.

  • http://Website Adam Curtis

    Whichever comes out first for verizon, this, a nexus device, or an equal HTC phone, will be what I buy. On the spot. 2 seconds after I find out it has been released.

  • http://Website J S

    Lets put it this way, Samsung is going to lose, and I mean big time, if this phone so much as gets delayed till the mid or end of September.

    For some Android fanboys who don’t mind waiting, its no big deal. But for many of us who are on the cusp of deciding whether to go with the IPhone 5 or this one, it might be a clear choice (yes, against Sumsung).

  • http://Website issac

    been waiting for this phone for a while now. dont care what haters say bout this phone, I STILL WANT IT!!!!!
    but my contract is bout to expire, and if something better comes up, and it has a nice look to it, better processor, and jus better than S2, ill get that instead, after all, S2 is only new to us cuz we don’t have it for sale in USA.

  • http://Website Johnny

    If they lag into the middle of august then I have no choice but to get the Samsung Infuse 4G or LG Thrill. Leaning on the LG due to samsung’s slow ass updates.

  • http://www.seeyouinmynightmares.com KING_KG

    I’ve waited on this phone for so long in hopes that it would come to tmo. Looks like ill be waiting for the 4.5 hercules or whatever…i don’t want the sensation.

  • http://Website riceryder

    going crazy waiting!!!!!!!!!!! Please release it the way it is now in GSM form!!!!!!!!

  • michael801581m

    I live in Puerto Rico and we got the Galaxy 2 already with a local company call Claro web page http://www.clarotodo.com

  • http://Website Raptor

    1280×800 4.5-4.7″ SAMOLED screen 2-4 cores — for man hand and
    qHD 4-4.3″ screen 2-core — for woman one

    and iPhone5 & 6 killer is born.

  • http://Website david

    I live in Puerto Rico and like a month we got the samy 2 the name of the carrier is Claro before Clark was Verizon come in and check if you don’t believe, and another thing Puerto Rico is US territory so you article is wrong shame on you

  • http://Website david

    I live in Puerto Rico and like a month we got the samy 2 the name of the carrier is Claro before Claro was Verizon come in and check if you don’t believe, and another thing Puerto Rico is US territory so you article is wrong shame on you

  • http://Website Rocky

    Heard that it would not work with T mobile 4g, else would have imported it by now. Waiting for the samsung hercules now.

  • http://Website Paul Atreides

    People are crying for this device. When it’s finally announced, so will ICS by this time. Then people will be crying for another year about not getting the update(in the U.S.) . If it does come soon then great, if not I’m sure something just as good or better will in no time. There’s other awesome phones available. It’s sad when people become a fanboy of a device they’ve never even touched…get over it you have multiple options at this point.

  • http://Website kInG jAMeS 69

    I didnt read all the comments but so maybe im repeating this but I believe the main reason we dont have a Galaxy S2 phone in America is because Samusug probably wants to just release “one” phone perhaps with one of those chips that work on all the carriers and the carriers probably want their own version as they did with the S1. Im tired of all these “exclusives” we have in America. The S2 is a premium phone and there shouldnt be 4 different versions of it..maybe when all the carriers have LTE these type of situations wont come up anymore.

    • http://Website dko3tgk

      I would be happy if Samsung put out a penta band version and sold it themselves. Sony Ericsson did it similarly with the Xperia X10. They sold it directly without a carrier for awhile, even with Tmobile 1700. I don’t see why samsung with all this demand couldn’t sell a multi-carrier version directly from their website, until the US carriers finally decided to offer it. At least they would be selling some in the US for the time being. It’s better than the phone not being available in the US at all.

  • http://Website Kwasi

    The carriers need to just get phones out on their networks as soon as possible. The people who know the roadmaps aren’t going to move until phones are out. The people that don’t just buy whatever is out when their contract is up.

    These exclusives are not good for consumers. It’s just carriers and manufacturers trying to copy AT&T/Apple, as if that’s what made the iPhone successful. Apple would clearly have been more sucessful if their annoyed consumers could switch from AT&T to Verizon as we have witnessed.

  • http://Website RC

    I think a possible reason for the delay of the SGS 2 is that Samsung knows they have a winner and from a competition point of view, they might be better off releasing it around the same time as Apple’s next product so it can go head to head. The SGS 2 has built a lot of momentum and if its released at the right time, it could deal a devastating blow to a competitor. Apple knows this and that is why they have been trying to block Samsung’s products from selling in the US. just my two cents.

    • Whatever RC

      Sure… millions on people can blow $199 every time a new phone comes out… whatever. If the S2 is not out soon then people will wait and compare… give it to us now and get millions sold and then buyers out of the market for the next weeks phone debut. Wait another year/two upgrade… that’s the cycle. I think if waiting this long has done anything it’s made people willing to wait even longer for the s3 or iphone 6000 whatever is road mapped/rumored to be the next bad ass phone available.