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Samsung sells 5 million Galaxy S II phones in 85 days


You want to know why Apple is desperately going after Samsung with bogus lawsuits? Here’s a clue:  The Korean company sold 5 million Galaxy S II devices in less than three months.

And sales of the Galaxy S II are accelerating as more and more carriers start selling the device. In the first 55 days, Samsung sold 3 million Galaxy S II phones. This means that, in the last 30 days, the company has sold 2 million more. As you can see in the graph below, the Galaxy S II is far more popular than even the Galaxy S, which was already very well-received by consumers.

What’s even more amazing is they managed to do this without even releasing the phone in the U.S. As soon as that happens, we’ll probably see those numbers grow even faster. In fact, Samsung expects to sell 10 million Galaxy S II phones before the end of the year. That’s no small feat.

However, the real test for Samsung and the Galaxy S II will be whether they can beat Apple and the iPhone 5 later this year. The Galaxy S II is doing very well right now. But what will happen once the iPhone 5 arrives? Will we see a drop in sales? Or will it continue to sell as well as it is now? What do you guys think?

Via: GigaOM

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  • Peter fitzenwell

    Apple is shaking in its core lolz!!! Apple will soon turn to applesauce …apple is crapping out Appleseeds …when in doubt sue ur competition :)

  • Ben Gildenstein

    Boom. When the GSII is released stateside, these sales will accelerate tremendously. Samsung will certainly sell more than 10M units this year, especially considering the extremely busy holiday season.

    Samsung has around 10% of the smartphone market, half of Apple’s share and gaining extremely fast. Nokia continues to lose its once monumental lead (also extremely fast), and I suspect that Samsung will suck up a bunch of Nokia defectors, and BB defectors.

    Samsung is on its way to be the world leading mobile phone company. This is just the smartphone market, but the brand is also heavily integrated in all tiers of the phone market (low to high). It is also well poised to infiltrate the markets of developing countries.

    With Android, this puts Samsung in a very interesting position: they can introduce new streams of revenue to a huge user base by reselling content. They have already started to do this with their various hubs, but expect this to get better and better, and continue putting the heat on Apple.

    • Ben Gildenstein

      I was wrong, Sammy has 13% market share according to this estimate. That’s 300% growth this year alone. This puts them just behind RIM for 3rd place, and within spitting distance from Apple.

      Do you think Samsung will overtake Apple? I would love to see it happen, and consider this: it’s just one Android manufacturer! No wonder Apple is resorting to the desperate play of a lawsuit.

      • Chuck

        Samsung can have 99.99% market share for all I care. As long as I get the product I want ( which happens to be the next iPhone, though I used to want the SGII. I currently have a 3G and woof is it slow, but hey it’s three year old tech ) I don’t care what a company’s market share is. Look at Apple’s desktop market share, it’s never been high yet the company is thriving. In fact most of the best stuff comes from companies with very little market share. Anyways I have no beef with Android simply because no one is forcing me to use it nor is anyone forcing you to use iOS.

        • Phreakist

          Ah yes but rememer that Apple isn’t alive because of their computers. Apple was at one point almost gone because of the outragous prices they try to charge for their computers. Apple’s desktop market share hasn’t been exactly thriving for a while. The only thing that was keeping Apple’s head above water until they hit the phone market was the iPod, and that was because there was previously not a universal MP3 player available that had the ease of use that the iPod has.

  • Goose

    I like to think of Apple as CrAkpple….they have managed to make normal people become fiends for their products to the point that the CrAkpple masses are willing to buy an iPhone 5 without even knowing what it will have. It’s a shame really, Friends, Family, Coworkers…all itching to get their next CrAkpple fix when right in front of them is the solution to their addiction.

    • Interpol91

      Yup and ‘CrAkpple’ is all the rage where I work at along with the overpriced metal box known as a Macbook. So sad to see. Go Samsung!!

  • sylar

    Wow that’s a lot of phones, I know there are billions of people on this planet but that this many of them own the same phone. It’s hard to believe.

  • Johnny

    Someone needs to email this article to Steve Jobs

  • aj

    But then he might sue them for Graphing infringement and sending emails infringemtn. Because he has patents for everything.

  • ACR

    This is the best smartphone out there and first with 1080p Adobe Flash support. It should sell like crazy in US.

  • Glen

    Yeah, the Galaxy S2 will crash and burn once the iPhone 5 arrives. The anticipation and demand for the next iPhone is reaching stratospheric heights. The S2 is the best android device today, but it’ll face massive heat in September. If the 1 year old iPhone 4 cal sell more than 10-15 million in a quarter even today, I shudder to think what’ll happen once iPhone 5 comes out

  • thechad

    that’s a lot of sales