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Samsung to unveil TouchWiz UX this August 3rd in New York

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1_1-1

The Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 is about the most exciting Android tablet around (for now). Those who have been using it can vouch for its great performance, amazing size/weight and the beautiful stock Android experience. As most of you may know, stock Android is going away as soon as Samsung is ready to push that OTA update, which looks to be soon. Samsung is holding an event in New York August 3rd where they will unveil TouchWiz UX for the Galaxy Tab 10.1. The update will be coming soon afterwards.

If you’d like to jump in on the action sooner, go ahead and get the update on-site. This will be done manually (side-loading), and it will wipe your data. You might want to wait for the OTA if you don’t want to go through the hassle. That being said, you can simply show up from 1-6 pm, after the demonstration (11 am – 1 pm), and get your Galaxy Tab 10.1 updated by the Samsung staff.

It seems most users would rather keep their stock Android experience, due to the bad fame manufacturer UI’s have earned. But as we’ve reported before, this one seems to be a bit different; it’s not as intrusive as TouchWiz for phones. It might be worth checking out.

Are you guys settling with TouchWiz UX? Will you just not update your tab? Will you be rooting the device and flashing a custom ROM on it? Let us know what you think. And if you’re around New York, it might be worth going to check out Samsung’s demonstration. For those that can’t, take a look at the video embedded below to see how TouchWiz UX looks.

Somehow, due to the common conception of manufacturer UI’s, I do fear that not many will actually go and get the update. But who knows? People might feel adventurous! Do you?

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  • Tony

    I don’t mind them adding a new launcher or new apps/widgets, but please Samsung stay away from the things we can’t customize like oh you know the System Bar at the bottom. Leave that like it is, at least if it was a different launcher we could simply install the default one from the market as devlopers usually put it on there. Also I like the default Honeycomb unlock screen, not the Samsung one, other then those 2 things I wouldn’t really care what samsung does with it’s UI.

    • Tony

      Take it back, the unlock screen seems to be the same…yay!

  • heeros

    it’s great that they’re updating the galaxy tab 10.1, but when are they releasing the galaxy tab 8.9?

  • YNWA

    So now I can’t even buy a stock Android tablet and have it stay stock? Fail

  • Angel Medrnao

    We just got a 10.1 tab at work to test our application on. I hate to say it but I am disappointed with the performance completely. I was an early Android adopter and excited to see a Android tablet but this was a huge let down. I hope this updated addresses those issues.

  • Interpol91

    Love the 10.1 tab and just might try out TouchWiz UX. I hated TouchWIz on my phone but hopefully this delivers a better experience

  • Chimpo

    What os version is the galaxy tab 10.1 on currently on? And is the new touch wiz version 3.1 or 3.2?

    • Mozes

      The GT 10.1 is currently on v3.1. I haven’t seen any mention of when 3.2 will arrive

  • bluemarc22

    i have touchwiz ux on my tab10.1, and i absolutely hate it. there is nothing to see here folks, move along….

  • thechad

    bummer that it has touchwiz