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That’s a bad Motorola! Verizon’s Droid 3 has locked bootloader

Here we go again. The same company that started the whole bootloader locking nonsense is back in the spotlight for locking down yet another one of its phones. This time the victim is Verizon’s Droid 3. According to a forum manager over at Motorola, the Droid 3 does have a locked bootloader.

This is really not a surprise, since Motorola itself has said it plans to release (when carriers allow) unlocked phones towards the end of this year. But it is kind of sad to see Motorola (or Verizon) has decided to lock down a phone that used to be a community favorite. The Droid 3 joins a long list of Motorola phones that have a locked bootloader, including the Droid X, Droid X2, Droid 2, Photon 4G and Atrix 4G.

Meanwhile, HTC is moving in the opposite direction. The company has listened to the Android community and is working to make sure future and current devices have an unlocked bootloader. With that in mind, it’s easy to see why HTC devices are praised by most Android enthusiasts.

We hope Motorola gets its act together and starts supporting the Android community sooner rather than later. Until then, my guess is most of us will be looking elsewhere for our hacking/modding needs.

Via: Droid-Life

Source: Motorola Forums

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  • http://twitter.com/TheBigNoob Ryan F

    Patience my friends, patience.

  • http://Website CARRION ODOR

    what a lousy trick!

  • LukeT32

    That’s the only reason I still have my OG droid…. perhaps the droid 3 just got booted off my list…

  • http://Website Meister_Li

    With neither Samsung nor LG locking their phones and HTC also moving there as well as Sony Ericsson allowing it under some circumstances, I’d say there are plenty of good alternatives to Motorola phones.

    Now if only Samsung would finally release a Qwerty-Slider Galaxy S II

  • http://Website vik

    Motorola. What a crap company. No updates for Europe, worst support ever

  • http://maxtechnewz.blogspot.com/ Max

    i want to just beat Motorola with a broom get it right!!!!

  • http://Website ANDROID=MORONS


    • http://Website JayMonster

      Speaking of locked down pieces of crap

  • http://Website Dags

    Why are you praising HTC and damning Motorola?

    HTC has yet to unlock a single phone, bar the original Nexus. The Evo 3D was released a month after the HTC announcement and shipped with a locked bootloader. Confirmation that current devices will get an unlocked bootloader is dubious at best – random Facebook replies and vague chat and emails from entry-level support staff, nothing official.

    At least we’ve seen a leaked Atrix update from Motorola that has an unlockable bootloader. I’d say that puts them ahead of HTC.

    • http://Website sleepin

      Well I would say you don’t know jack about HTC. They have even started a forum for the aftermarket developer community. Where they RELEASE source codes and sdk’s. Perhaps you should research or shut the fu*k up.

      • http://Website Dags

        Before you diss me, at least have a basic understanding of what you are talking about. HTC have always released source code for their kernels, have stated no intention of releasing the full source code for their ROMs, and OpenSense/HTCdev is about allowing developers to write applications more closely integrated with Sense, not develop custom ROMs. Your rudeness is only surpassed by your ignorance.

  • http://Website Pax

    Motorola sucks…go to hell…..Got myself a Samsung GS2.

  • http://Website Allen

    Well, the Droid X has a locked bootloader and yet there are now ways to flash custom ROMs… I’m sure the same thing will happen with the Droid 3. Although, I’m going to hold off buying the Droid 3 now until that happens… or wait for the Samsung Galaxy 2 for Verizon.

  • http://Website GeauxLSU

    I read elsewhere that the bootloader will be unlockable like the Xoom. I have not looked into the Xoom, how is its bootloader? I’ll be keeping my eye on things tomorrow as people start receiving their Droid 3 order.

  • http://Website DroidCLH

    The Droid Bionic is official Motorolas last chance to keep me buying their products. If something is wrong with that handset I’m done. I’ll get a Galaxy sII

  • http://Website Atrix 4G

    The Atrix bootloader is unlocked now. Just waiting for some Cyanogenmod love.

  • http://Website Renato M.

    is someone really surprised?

    • http://Website Renato M.

      seriously, motoFAIL has been doing this kind of thing since the beginning. When I bought my first Android, a motoFAIL device, I bought because I thought Motorola could not screw this up so much, but I was wrong, so wrong, I confess I was too naive.

      Motoblur? a f***ing nightmare! horrible interface, as slow as it could get, full of bugs and guess what? Motorola couldn’t care less of at least fixing the bugs, well upgrading the Android version was not really going to happen.

      Then SonyEricsson unlocked the bootloader of their new phones, Samsung gave to some custom ROM developers the SGII firsthand and then motoFAIL said that they would do something like that as well. Did someone really believe they would do so? They even blamed users and apps developers for their device (Atrix) being slow. c’mon motoFAIL! what kind of excuse is that?

      by not understanding their users – or even how to use a social network properly, SN are not press release channel, it’s made so you get closer to your customer, feedback IS part of it – that’s why, before Android, they were almost broke and that’s what they should head as they didn’t seem to learn. they are surviving by selling Android devices but they don’t seem to understand the openness, community thing.

  • http://Website Derek

    It’s Verizon not Motorola. Verizon is also the one pressuring Google to remove all tethering apps from the marketplace for Verizon phones.

  • http://Website gilligan

    It should say something that 3 of the 5 best-SELLING apps for Android require root.

    These are features ANDROID CONSUMERS want. These companies are ruining Android by chopping out the best parts of the experience.

  • http://Website M0nk

    512MB of RAM is killing this device, appart from the locked bootloader that is only important to modders like us. Now way that it will support ICS with only 512MB of RAM. Coming from a Droid 1 with only 256MB of RAM, my next phone will have at least 1GB of RAM (future proof) and also a fisical keyboard.

    Still waiting for my unicorn Phone…