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The Android 3.2 update is upon us; here’s everything we know so far

Android 3.2 is almost here, folks. Confirming the chatter we heard a few weeks ago, Google is about to drop a whole lot of Honeycomb goodness on us. According to a member of the Android team, the Motorola Xoom should be getting the 3.2 update over the coming days.

Android 3.2 won’t be a huge jump over version 3.1 in terms of features. In fact, Android 3.2 will still be considered Honeycomb. (Much like both Android 2.0 and 2.1 were considered Eclair). However, that doesn’t mean we can’t get excited about a new version of our favorite mobile OS.

The two biggest features (that we know of) coming in Android 3.2 are support for 7-inch tablets and Qualcomm processors. This should open up the Android ecosystem to a more diverse group of Honeycomb tablets. So far, it consists mostly of 10-inch tablets powered by Tegra 2. You can expect more and more OEMs to jump on the Honeycomb bandwagon with cheaper and smaller tablets like the Huawei MediaPad and the very affordable Archos 80 G9 and 101 G9 tablets.

By adding support for 7-inch and Qualcomm-powered tablets, Google also opens the door to tablets currently running Android 2.x. A prime example of this is HTC’s Flyer tablet. The device got great reviews at launch, but it doesn’t change the fact that HTC’s tablet feels a lot like an over-sized HTC EVO 4G. Hopefully, HTC won’t forget about Flyer users and will update the tablet to Android 3.2.

Moving on to the smaller improvements, Android 3.2 will also bring a bunch of bug fixes and improved hardware acceleration (which is always good). In other words, a faster more stable version of Android 3.1. What’s not to love? Finally, apps like Movie Studio, Movies and Music will be getting an update. We don’t know whether these will be small or large updates, but we hope they’re more than just a couple bug fixes. Widgets will also be getting a bit of polish according to TIMN, but we have no idea what Google will improve about them.

That’s pretty much everything we know about Android 3.2 at this point. But there’s always the chance Google surprises us with one more thing. What would you like to see Google announce with Android 3.2? Keep in mind they announced Android 3.1 a few weeks ago and Ice Cream Sandwich is coming in a few months. These are people, for God’s sake, not robots.

Alberto is a college student living somewhere between Miami, Sarasota and the World Wide Web. Although a former iPhone owner, Alberto is now a proud Android enthusiast. You can follow Alberto on Twitter and Google+ for his thoughts unworthy of an article.

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  • http://Website Zaher Hallab

    that’s weird!!!
    I have a XooM MZ604 and we do not have any update for 3.1 and now we’re talking here about 3.2…

    • http://Website NotRelevent

      I’ve had it for nearly a month now.

    • http://Website Angelica

      Apple iOS is already at 5.0, android is too much behind!

      • http://Website trdracer21

        @ANGELICA what are you on drugs!!!? ios 5 is behind everything they showed android been had!!! lol you should get out of here noobs

      • http://Website Chris

        The version number of the OS has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with one OS being better than another. Nothing. It is an arbitrary number based on bug fixes and “editions” of an OS.

        Just thought I’d offer a constructive reply, so you might learn why you’re wrong and being downvoted.

      • http://Website Scott

        Since when has the version number been related to the quality of the os? iOS 5 isn’t 1.56x better than Android 3.2…

        That’s like saying that Mac OS System 7 is as good as Windows 7…

      • 420speedwagon

        meh, as mentioned iOS5 is basically a ripoff of android with some apple in it =b. but really if you like apple go to apple and dont bitch about android being behind, android will kill apple MWHAHAHA stupid steve jobs

      • OnIn2

        I believe you fellers didn’t see the intentional humor in Angelica poast.

        It was humor…wasn’t it ?

      • http://Website the helping hand

        Angelica wrote

        Apple iOS is already at 5.0, android is too much behind!

      • http://Website Jean

        IOS 5 is not released yet! Only september!

      • http://Website Ryan

        But Cyanogen is at version 7.1 so iOS needs to catch up.

    • http://Website Paul

      Only in Canada!! We are still waiting for the update! why does Zaher have -7 when Motorola has dropped the ball with the rollout of updates.

    • duke

      Thats only weird if you got the money theyve been updating every version

  • http://Website Sheila

    I want Honeycomb 3.2 on my Verizon Galaxy Tab 7″!!!!

    • http://Website Zarathustra

      I couldn’t agree with you more…. In fact, I visited my Verizon store just last week to ask whether there was a trade-in program for my 7″ Galaxy Tab, with the 8.9 & 10.1″ versions coming out, and both of them having at least Android 3.1. I only have my Galaxy Tab for 5 months… and already I feel like I’m being left behind!!! If my 7″ Tablet can be upgraded to 3.1 or 3.2 I can see me keeping it for at least another year, otherwise I will trade it in and buy one of the new Samsungs for their much higher abilities……….

  • http://Website addison

    Yeah, I have a Gslate and haven’t even heard a whisper about getting 3.1 let alone 3.2. Unless I completely missed something it sure would be nice to hear some chatter from Tmo or LG there.

  • keridel

    i agree with Zaher.

    please could the article read “the US xoom will be getting the update” not “the Xoom”

    i know asus will update the transformer quickly. in fact i think they will bring it out before moto get the 3.1 to the rest of the world.

    motorola have lost all credibility in the whole world (except the USA)

    • http://Website Adam

      IMO they lost it in America too when they locked the bootloaders on their phones.

  • http://Website James

    I agree, please make it clear that anyone outside the US is still waiting for 3.1 and no real time frames have been given of when that will happen, let alone 3.2!
    And I’ll echo the comments about Motorola not really seeming to care about non US models

  • Get_At_Me

    hopefully the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 will be getting the update fairly soon

    • http://Website Andrew

      That’s funny! Now that it’s getting the touchwiz update, expect 3.2 update maybe 6-8 months from now.

      • http://Website Tony

        TouchWiz is optional to download and install.. fyi ;-)

        • http://Website yay

          it’s an ota so if you want to upgrade then you’re stuck with it

  • http://Website david

    Well well true to form moto have done it again to non-us customers. Remember the milestone fiasco. 3.2 update when they cant even roll out 3.1 to original xoom users. What a farce and moto xoom 2 seems imminent

  • http://Website Mark

    This is a US based site with more than 3/4 its target readers in the US. Stop whining.

    • keridel

      i’m not whining.

      it is a tech blog that we all love. and dont quote figures you have no idea how many people are us or not.

  • http://Website Mikey C.

    I’m really hoping this comes to the Canadian Xoom owners too. We haven’t even been lucky to get a 3.1 yet.

  • http://maxtechnewz.blogspot.com/ Max

    hopw this comes quick for my galaxy tab 10.1

  • http://Website Bruno

    We’re talking about worldwide brands, with products being sold everywhere from thailand to alaska. The blog is easy to find on google even if you’re in uzbekhistan. If a quarter of its readers have a complaint, I think it should be heard. If Motorola thinks pleasing one market and disconsidering fast growing others makes sense, I guess they should know how their clients feel… And, of course, being a technology blog, this one should be as accurate with info as possible. I would hate to buy a Xoom and find out I would never be able to update it to 3.2 because the info here was only true to some of the readers, not all.

  • http://Website badly_xoomprised

    Funny. As others have commented XOOM outside US is still waiting for 3.1 without receiving a word from Motorola about expected dates for update. there is a thread in moto support forums with more than 1.300 post and around 90.000 reads about the update, and still no word from moto

    • http://Website Sapphire3g

      Are you referring to the Wi-Fi only XOOM or the Verizon XOOM? My dad has the Wi-Fi only XOOm and it has been updated to 3.1.

      • keridel

        its sounds like your dad is on an american xoom moodel not the NON-US model. the non-us model STILL has no 3.1.

  • http://Website Micah

    Hopefully it’ll fix the browser slowness….


  • http://Website 00quantameister

    While it’s nice to have a cleaned up & usable version of Honeycomb, the real hurdle to Android tablet success isn’t the OS anymore. We know Ice Cream Sandwich is coming later. The biggest hurdle to Android tablet success is the lack of Honeycomb optimized apps. Until Google & it’s Android team get the apps ecosystem growing & vibrant, these tablets will not sell! We need the major apps to be in place for tablet apps to be in place & so far it’s just not there yet. People are still hearing that the apps are lacking & that is a huge ecosystem problem that should be first priority for the Android development team.

    The second hurdle? Price. Matching the iPad price is a foolhardy strategy. Google’s goal should be to deliver better quality tablets, apps, & hardware for less. If anything They should drop the Xoom down to $349.99 or less for a 16 GB tablet $ 449.99 or less for a 32 GB tablet. Undercut the iPad’s price point & then lower the barrier to entry on subsidized models.

    The third hurdle is the materials of the tablet. We need to upgrade the materials & quality feel/perception by reviewers. This is a very big deal on both the Android handsets & the tablets. Google should work closer with handset makers to get the materials to be of higher quality & eliminate this perception of cheap. if that means handsets come out slower, that would be a great idea. I would rather wait for a handset with a higher quality than to rush something that feels to plastic & has that perception of cheap.

    • http://Website Someone

      Not even remotely close to true. most people want their social medias and their games.

      Both of which are already available.
      sadly, the only reason android tablets aren’t selling is simply because they’re not fashionable.

    • http://Website Rick from NY

      Good comment Quant’..I’m actually very impressed by the hardware quality I see and have in my Toshiba Thrve, but I’m a little disappointed with the limited library of apps available for download..

  • http://punmobile.net punzz

    ice cream sanndwich?, man that is ridiculous name.

  • http://Website Marcelo Missagia

    I just wish It could be able to connect ad-hoc networks.

  • http://profile.google.com/jefmes Jeff Messer

    If the rumors were true and the SD slot on the Xoom still isn’t working because of Google, and that it’s not in Motorola’s hands, maybe we’ll finally get full SD card support???

    • http://Website Dave Hamara

      Hear hear! The indefensible delay in enabling the SD card slot in my xoom is the one thing that has really pissed me off. Otherwise, I love it.

    • http://Website Rick from NY

      It appears that is one of the fixes with 3.2

  • http://Website Jerry Harris

    My wifi xoom came with 3.1 out of the box. I do hope they will fix the sd card slot issue.

    • http://Website jerry harris

      Motorola did drop the price of the xoom wifi 32GB to 499.99. That’s how much I paid for mine.


    Another round of fragmentation?????

  • http://Website Root fan

    With new tiamat 1.1 rom I have full beautiful SD card support.It is very functional. I am guessing this new update will fix sdcard, but I am guessing I will have to go back to stock and lose my root for a while :-( well, you can’t be mad with shiny new updates:-)

  • http://Website MarkG

    Why all the Xoom talk? The Asus Transformer is king of the tablets, and also gets it’s updates out much quicker…

  • http://Website LocXurious

    Will you be able to do screenshots?


    No mention of SD card acivation frustrates the hell out of me! on my xoom

  • http://Website lc

    I suspect that the 7 inches devices with Android 3.2 will be delayed to match the launch of the next iPhone to try to eclipse it. You can remember that when Apple try to launch something new, several Android devices are launched at the same time.

    So the plan would be:

    1. Launch the Android 3.2 in Xoom now, to make the Xoom look “important” because it is the first to receive it.
    2. When Apple want to launch the next iPhone, the MediaPad and others will be launched.

    • http://Website Seru

      Yeah, a bunch or irrelevant Android tablets that almost nobody will buy will surely silence the iPhone 5.

      • http://Website lc

        I mean: the idea is to put “Android” in the mind of people, even if the tablets are not sold.

  • http://Website John

    Where’s the SD? I want my SD activated!

  • http://Website GregH

    What would I like to see in version 3.2 on the Xoom? Well, for starters how about the activation of the SD Card slot!!! We’ve been promised since the release of 3.0 it was coming, and I got my Xoom as 3.1 was coming out. i was surprised that the SD card slot wasn’t activated on 3.1. Motorola, what are we waiting on here? Activate the SD slot. Those that bought a xoom definitely paid for the additional storage..

    • http://Website David

      ‘..Those that bought a xoom definitely paid for the additional storage..’ exactly this.
      Had I know that I’d still be waiting for the software update to enable the SD slot I would not have bought the device.
      Motorola are rapidly losing consumer trust, & the lack of communication from the exacerbates this.

  • http://Website ben

    Hope Asus update my transformer 101 to 3.2 quickly to fix the HTML email apostrophe issue that is affecting 100s of users!

  • http://Website Nigel

    Honeycomb 3.1 has been excellent so far on the ASUS Transformer. Can’t wait to see what 3.2 brings.

  • themetatron

    LG Gslate, the forgotten HC tablet. I am seriously questioning my purchase.

  • http://Website rlbond

    How about getting Netflix + Hulu support on Tegra 2 tablets!

  • http://Website david

    Tegra and Qualcomm, um hello where is the love for Texas Instruments? They have a better architecture then both of those companies, IMO

  • http://Website Vance

    I’d like the facebook app on my ASUS Transformer to receive an update. For some reason I can’t run an update through the market, it seems to require a system update. Regardless, it crashes regularly and in general needs a polish.
    OR.. better yet, more Google+ penetration so I can finally be rid of FB altogether. Any chance G+ mobile gets an update with 3.2? Would love to experiment with Hangouts on my tab.. either that or make Huddles available on web version.

  • monica

    I just want the ability to use hangouts on my tablet. so whatever upgrade it needs let it be done asap.

  • austin

    are any of these update availabile for the htc evo cuz i did the revolutionary root on my evo 2.3.3 and its not working with any apps and i wanna update to the new android system