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Timeline: Learn the history of Android


The Android Operating System is the ideal example of the pursuit of happiness. It has worked hard from the bottom, building its way up to where it is now–the top smartphone OS in the planet, with 550,000 activations a day. Many of us have been with Android since the beginning, rocking our G1′s, while others adopted Android once the OS was more refined. Either way, we’re part of a huge family now. And it’s not a bad idea to learn about our roots.

[X]cube Labs has put together this nifty timeline, highlighting all the important events since Android, Inc. was founded. The time line covers market share percentage, main events and Android versions (Android 1.0-3.2, with an update description for each one of them). There is also an Android version distribution pie chart at the end that shows data as of July 5th.

Android and Me not only keeps you updated about your favorite devices and services, but also teaches you history. Click on the image located to the left and check out what our fellow Android robot has been through. Quite the journey, right? And it’s only the beginning. Hopefully [X]cube Labs will keep updating this infographic as more events transpire.

Just out of curiosity, we’d like to know our readers’ own experiences with Android. When did you first jump into the Android ship? Which phone and version of Android did you first rock, and what do you have now?

Source: [x]cubeLABS

Hello, I am Edgar Cervantes. I am an avid Android fan, and keeping myself updated on the topic is part of my daily life. I will always work hard to give the best of me to our community of Android enthusiasts, and I am very honored to be part of this ship. Hopefully we can all enjoy sharing our knowledge and opinions!

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  • Marcus

    Its amazing how much Android has developed. I started out with a Nexus One rocking 2.1. Then updated to 2.2, then 2.3, then I finally decided to root it a week after the 2.3 update.

    Now I have an Atrix. Gave the Nexus to my mom, and now the Atrix is rocking gingerbread!

    Android is awesome!

    • GunFishin

      I’m right there with you. I started with the Nexus One, went through the update/root motions, and now rock a rooted Inspire 4G. My wife now takes care of my N1 and we’re both very happy with Android.

  • Jon

    I jumped on the bandwagon with an OG Droid from a BB Storm. If I’d known then how easy it is to root and flash a custom ROM to it I probably would have done it right away.

  • Rogerio

    I also think Android is awesome, but lately I’m troubleb by the lack of proxy authentication. A little research on the web and found out that the problem is ancient. Does anyone have seen any response from Google about it?

  • http://dmonzel.com dmonzel

    I’ve been rocking an Android handset since the G1 launched. Since, I’ve had a Cliq (oops), a Nexus One, and I am now the proud owner of a rooted Thunderbolt (Blackhole 2.0 Gingerbread ROM) and a wifi-only Xoom.

  • Casey R

    Got a G1 in fall 2008, a few weeks after it was released. Became quickly obsessed

  • Wilson Lara

    I got a G1 two months after its release… and i have not looked back.

    • Wilson Lara

      and now i have a Samsung Vibrant and am looking forward to the Galaxy S2

  • http://mi-manzanita.tumblr.com Alex

    I jumped the android ship with the MyTouch 3G 1.2 and then I upgraded to a Nexus One which I still own and I plan on upgrading to the new Nexus device once it’s released. My dad jumped ship with the G1 and later upgraded to the MyTouch 4G which he still owns.

  • Dave

    Being a VZW subscriber; I was there on launch day to pick up the Original Motorola Droid. It was cold that morning in D.C. and I was 3rd in line waiting outside the store, but the VZW staff came out and gave us coffee and doughnuts!

    I upgraded from a LG Dare, rooted my Droid with a vanilla Gingerbread ROM from Peter Alfonso
    (http://www.peteralfonso.com/2011/07/download-gingerbread-android-234-rom.htm) and am now currently rocking my second Android phone a Sony Xperia Play. I still use the OG droid in it’s dock next to my bed as a clock/alarm clock and nighttime Angry Birds. :)

    I am not one that likes having my options limited so I LOVE Android.

  • Jay camp

    Started with grandpa the G1… I actually pre- order the phone and was extremely excited when It came in the day before it was available in the store… Now I have a Droid 2 global n because of the experience w a motorola phone I will never get another moto phone! so I sit and wait for a Nexus on Verizon so I can go back to sweet vanilla android

  • Rosjer

    I started with an HTC Tattoo with Android 1.6 when this phone just hit the shelves.
    After aprox 8 months I rooted it, this was before 1 click root btw so was a bit trickyer for non geeks :P Upgraded it to 2.1, 2.2 now it is on CM7 2.3.4 and resides in my closet as my backup phone :P
    I now use an HTC Desire HD wich I have had since launch last December, also rooted and on CM7 2.3.4 Nightly builds ;)

  • tetrismonkey

    This is going to sound odd but i have been rocking android sense before the G1 was for sale all because one very smart devs on XDA started porting android to my windows mobile 6 phone months before the G1 was in stores if you would like a little history on this here are a few links
    i loved my vogue touch and it worked some much better with android
    i now have a galaxy s aka samsung fascinate i knew android was going to be big long before anyone had ever really herd of it. so glad it turned out to be bigger then i could have ever dreamed

  • adam

    Started with the og droid about 8 months after it came out ($150 off of craigslist), then when the droid 2 global came out, I upgraded. I used that for 3 months, rooted and installed fission, then it had some keyboard issues (and the fission rom was buggy), so I broke out the og droid and loaded cm7 on it, exchanged the d2g, but hated all software options for it, loaded liquid gingerbread on my og, and haven’t looked back.

    Tl;dr: upgraded from a droid 2 global to an og droid. Screw you motobloat&locked bootloader

  • antdizzo

    I went from a sidekick slide 2 months later got the g1, 5 months later got got the nexus one, 8 months later got the my touch 4g, one month later got the sensation. I loved android since the g1. Every phone I got just got bigger and better. My next phone will probly be the new nexus

  • Usman

    I guess I’m old school..went from a G1 shortly after release, to a Nexus One at release, to a Nexus S. Looking forward to the next Nexus handset!

  • http://htcsource.com Nick Gray

    The G1 was where it all started for me. I pre-ordered the phone, knowing that it was time to leave Windows Phone. I’m now using the G2, but I get my new phone fix every time HTC sends me another unit to review.

    It’s a little embarrassing, but I pull my G1 out of the drawer sometimes to flash a new ROM just to see how it still holds up.

    • AME

      My gf showed me a site that would give me like $50 for my G1 and she was totally on me about selling it since I don’t use it anymore (I’ve got a G2x now). I finally laid it out there that I just couldn’t bring myself to get rid of it– He’s a trusty friend. It was very emotional! Haha

      I’ve got it running Froyo and it still works fine over WiFi.

  • Yazan

    I switched for a Moto Razr to the OG Droid. Best decision I ever made.

  • SGB101

    i upgraded from n95 to g1 running 1.0, and tbh , i was thinking i may regret not getting the iphone 3 iirc, once 1.5 landed i havent looked back. that was the first major update.

    now rocking a htc desire cm7, and i love this phone, even if it is on its last legs. i just cant part with it, i think the nexus 3, especially if its htc, will be my next device.

    and yes the g1 still comes out time to time.

  • Probiewankenobi

    I got the myTouch 3G on October 24th 2009 after having a Blackberry for a couple months. I had no idea what Android was at that time. I just thought the phone was cool cause it was a smartphone. Since then I started reading Android blogs (starting with this one) and have learned a lot of what Android really is. Now I’m telling all my friends about Android. I now have an LG G2X with gingerbread manually installed.

    I love Android and will never switch to any other OS.

    • jbrandonf

      That kinda sucks…not the android part because I’m in the android camp and have been for about 6 months now, but that you won’t experience any other OS. It’s what makes me appreciate android that much more.


    I started with the g1 to the my touch 3g to the nexus one to the nexus s to the g2x and now own a sensation 4g and a Xoom. All this after having an iPhone 2g,3g and 3gs.

  • sylar

    Wow android has grown fast. Now if only I didn’t own Samsung devices that never get updates.

  • ZEROleaf

    I started out with my G1. I’m actually still using the G1 thanks to Cyanogenmod. I remember having firmware version 1.00 lol. My 2 year contract has been up since the beginning of the year and I’ve been waiting for the Galaxy s2 ever since. Since any android phone that is out blows my G1 out of the water, I am very excited to upgrade to a new device. I really like how the android community stands out of all the rest. I remember showing off my G1 when I first got it and everyone was all amazed. Back then it was all about blackberry’s and sidekicks. Boy have times changed. In only a few years android has taken everyone by storm and it’s amazing to be a part of it.

  • aj

    I started with the OG droid for a long 1 year and like 10 or 11 months with Eclair on my droid. Slowly moved up the root ladder and upgraded to unofficial 2.3 and now recently bought a droid X 1(loving it espeicially ever since they found root) and waiting to upgrade to a bionic or SGS II

  • Yunori

    I boarded the android train about 6 month late, because my father got the OG Evo 2 days after release with a new line, and we were gonna just switch the new line for his old blackberry and give me the the blackberry, and the mail in rebate took 6 months rather than 1 to 3, making me live with a crappy feature phone that I spent hours just getting a decent j2me browser on (bolt browser ftw!!) and finally got myself the samsung intercept, found out how crappy it was, and promptly switched to an evo shift with a deal radio shack was having.

    Then I found out about the hotspot feature, and learning it was not free, search for a way to do this for free, and low and behold, xda was there for me, I found a temp root solution, and used it every time I booted the phone so I could create free 4G hotspot for my friends and I. I then found out about the amazing “gingerbread” version with pretty ui and speed enhancements, and I immediately decided reapplied temp root after every reboot wasn’t enough, nor was just free hotspot. After some searching for gingerbread for the evo shift, there was cyanogenmod, released stable just a few days ago for my shift, it would get rid of my bloated sense ui and give me amazing speed. I just right aboard and never looked back.

    Sadly, I droped some things when I left on my aosp journey, and forgot to backup my wimax key, which I recently wiped by mistake. I had never made a backup like a fool, sad. So I had to take it back to the sprint store and get it exchanged, and I have gingerbread now, but its htc sense gingerbread and even more bloated than before, sader. And the worst part? The new gingerbread update has yet to be rooted, so I’m stuck with all the rest off the gingersense fools and can’t get back my true friend, cyanogenmod, saddest.

    Just my story of the android world, I plan to upgrade to whatever the best android phone is when my upgrade comes, and plan to get the acer iconia tab a100 or i100, I forget the name right now, because It will be very cheap and have the very nice 7 inch screen (perfect tab size imo). Thanks for listening/reading/stuff/you-know-what-I-mean and make sure to keep your eyes open for any leaks off ice cream sandwich 0-0

  • Echo

    I started with Samsung Galaxy (the first one GT-I7500) android 1.5 onboard – upgraded with custom rom 1.6, 2.1, 2.2 then, after few years I get my Nexus S. now I wait next Nexus

  • austinjam

    Started with the Hero, then OG Droid, then Vibrant and now rocking the Evo 3D. I have had WebOS and a few iPhones in there as well….but am pretty sure I’ll be Android from here on out. The hardware advancements come fast and furious, and with the ever increasing user base, application development continues to improve. Here’s to a great OS and a great community!

  • http://organizedfellow.com/ OrganizedFellow

    Loving Androidâ„¢ since the days of my HTC Dream, then the Sapphire, another Dream, HTC Passion, Motorola Defy, and recently the LG G2x.

    Also have the B&N Color Nook, which I totally LOVE!
    I’m looking forward to running MIUI on it soon.

  • http://yohanesmario.com Mario

    I start with Samsung Galaxy Spica, pre-installed with eclair (2.1). The experience was disappointing at first, but then I realize it’s all because of the crappy Samsung’s additional software (like the launcher). As soon as I understand how to root and install 2.2 on my spica, that phone turn into a monster.

    Now it’s ancient, and I finally bought the Nexus S. I’m hoping to use it for at least 4 years, until I graduate from my university. Although I previously tend to always root my phone and experiment with custom roms, now that I have a nexus phone, that is not required anymore.
    I think, my next phone which I will buy after I graduate must be a Nexus phone.

    Nothing beats pure google experience.

  • using Techno N3 with 2.2.5 and its great