• http://Website Silas

    Push doesn’t work for mentions, anyone confirm?

    • http://Website Tito!

      Works for me. REALLY good, actually :)

      • http://Website Silas

        Nope. I mentioned myself, didn’t get anything. I messaged myself, got it asap every time. HTC Desire here BTW.

        • Bryan

          Doesn’t work for me. Only when i configure my account it works abit. Then nothing happens. No mentions/dms or whatsoever. HTC Desire Z

    • Montana

      doesnt work for me neither. anyone know how to fix it? hasnt work since last update

  • http://maxtechnewz.blogspot.com max

    i use the app every day to update my blog

    • http://Website Semajhan

      Lol @ facebook user. The average user’s age has gone down to 10. Quit that thing long time ago.

  • http://Website Daniel

    The app’s permissions changed, and now they include “Allows the application to accept cloud to device messages from application’s service”, so it’s pretty much guaranteed they’re using C2D.

  • http://Website Andrew Jones

    Tested to make sure it is using Google C2DM.
    Manage Applications – Running – Twitter. Force Stop.

    Send a tweet to yourself from a computer – after a short (2 second delay) twitter app alerts about notification (yes the app is running again)

    • a

      yeah that’s working

  • http://Website Tito!

    another feature, Twitter has done BETTER at than, Facebook. Facebook really has just got to go .
    I feel even mentioning it is a thing of the past. an insult to one’s vocabulary

    Well, I am Loving Twitter’s for Android Push Notification support. But, I think I will stick to using tweetdeck :)

    • http://Website Tito!

      Oh yeah! Twitter & Google+ FTW! (:

  • http://Website twatter

    i hate twitter, its a terrible spambot. twitter should be liquidated soon.
    DIE twitter, plz DIE

    • http://Website Tito!


  • http://Website Jeffroid

    Where do you change the settings to automatic refresh? I still have the old refresh interval settings after my update

    • iDavey

      When you go to settings, tap on your account name, that will dig deeper into settings.

      • Bryan

        Sorry to sound like an idiot but there doesn’t seem to have settings for automatic refresh in twitter 2.1.2.

        I don’t get any push notifications at all! :(

  • http://Website Silas

    Someone help me, why is push not working on my phone? Even the messages are not working now. :(

  • http://Website Mike

    Help! After getting the update, I am being asked to sign in. When i enter my user name and password, I get this message: “That account has already been added” I can’t sign in. I have cleared data and cache – no joy. Has anyone else seen this?

    • http://Website Ms. Mae

      That happened to me too, when I was putting in my username. Try putting in your email address. I’m also being asked to sign in every single time I click Twitter! Anyone else having this problem?

      • http://Website Mike

        I am also being asked to log in every time.

        I found a work-around: Open Twitter. Press Sign Up button in Twitter. Press Menu button on your phone. Press Home button that appears in Twitter.

        • http://www.daledavies.co.uk Dale Davies

          I’m having this problem too, can you really be bothered pressing Sign Up then Menu then Home every time you want to check your tweets? This has to be a bug!

          • http://Website Mike

            I reported the problem to Twitter Support and received the reply that appears below. These steps solved the problem for me:

            “What you are experiencing is a known issue with the latest release on Twitter for Android. To help us troubleshoot, please try doing the following:

            1) Uninstall and reinstall the app.
            2) Power down your device completely.
            3) Restart device.
            4) If the you have a home shortcut for the app, remove the shortcut and add it again. After this you should be able to launch from both the app tray and the home shortcut with no problem.

            If you are still seeing the error when signing in, please respond to this message with details about your device and the version of OS you have and we will investigate.”

  • http://Website Fabrix

    I have resolved the problem.
    You have to go in setting, account & sync.
    Found Twitter and remove the account.
    After that all is working fine.


    • john

      that’s stupid lol

    • Mike2548

      This worked for me on my HTC Desire Z , 2.3.3
      There was also an HTC Twitter widget there so I removed that as well.
      Then the login worked, and it added itself back to the sync.

  • Yunhai, Wang

    Notification can’t be received when gmail acount is configued/login
    Step by step:
    (1) Install the twitter 3.1.1 client app to mobile phone, config the twitter account.
    (2) Send out a message/tweete/mentions from the website, sync the twitter data in the settings/account & sync
    (3) Notification received for all the three kind of the twitter event
    (4) Config/Login a gmail account in the settings/account & sync
    (5) Execute the same step as step (2)
    (6) Not any notification received for any kind of the twitter event
    (7) Check the twitter client app, the newest messages/tweete/mentions are received.
    (8) Delete the gmail account in settings/account & sync
    (9) Execute the same step as step (2)
    (10) Notification can be received again for each kind of twitter event update.

    I test the same senario both in Nexus S(Samsung) and LT26(Sony). It seem this issue related to the gmail account.

    I report it to YOU, twitter. I am very happy if you can help do the following things:
    (1) Your tester double confirm whether it is an issue currently exists in twitter 3.1.1
    (2) When will you fix this issue, as i think maybe many people want to use the twitter notification feature with gmail account configued/login
    (3) Any new update, will you kindly inform me by email [email protected]?

    If i post it to the wrong place, pleas help direct to the right person/section. Thanks

    This is totally different from the issue desciped in http://support.twitter.com/articles/20169333-im-having-trouble-with-notifications-in-twitter-for-android