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Ustream for Honeycomb released; broadcast, view live video straight from your tablet (Update: Video Overview)

Tablet users will be happy to know there’s a new Android 3.x Honeycomb-optimized app to add to their collection. Ustream has just released its new app for large screens. This app allows users to broadcast and view live videos straight from Honeycomb tablets. Whether you’re making a podcast, filming a show or just sharing your adventures, Ustream will let you get away from your computer to do so.

The user interface is well designed and works very well in the tablet’s larger screen. When using the viewer, there are different tabs separating “Live,” “Upcoming” and “Recent” broadcasts, making videos much more organized. You’ll still get lost in the plethora of live videos, so that search button might turn out to be very handy. You can also browse by category, which should definitely make things more efficient.

Broadcasting your videos is easy. Simply click on the camera button in the top right corner. It’ll ask you for your Ustream username and password. After that, choose to share the broadcast via your Facebook or Twitter acount and hit “Tap To Send And Go Live!”

If you use the Ustream app on a smartphone, you’ll get the following improvements:

  • Move the app to SD card to free up storage space
  • Watch even more shows and videos on mobile with new, enhanced format handling
  • Use the app on even more supported devices, now including Nexus S

Honeycomb tablet owners know a new tablet-optimized app is always exciting, since there aren’t many yet. It sure deserves to be checked out. So, head over to the Android Market and download the new Ustream app and let us know what you think. Do you use Ustream? (Try saying that three times fast). If so, what do you use it for? Broadcasting or viewing?


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Show Press Release
No longer be tethered to your PC as you go live from your Honeycomb Tablet…USTREAM EVERYWHERE!
Includes an intuitively placed control panel for comfortable broadcasting
Broadcast and interact instantly with a touch of a button to all Ustream applications including: Android smartphones, Honeycomb tablets, iPhone, Windows Phone, desktop browsers, Google TV, Boxee, Panasonic Viera Cast, Ustream Lounge, and Ustream for Facebook
Broadcast using front and rear facing cameras
Choose to go live then save the broadcast OR simply record locally and upload your videos at a later time
Activate your Ustream Crowd, Facebook and Twitter communities to your scheduled events and before going live from your Android device
Real-time interaction with viewers through chat and Social Stream while broadcasting live
Poll your audience at any time and measure responses
Discover featured live, upcoming, recent events, recommended broadcasts or explore by category
Swipe through a featured carousel that showcases premium broadcasts by category/interest
Browse show profiles and register for upcoming event alerts
Search for live, recorded, and upcoming events as well as users through the search panel
Access an At-A-Glance view of your favorite Ustream content
Join Crowds and receive email alerts from your favorite broadcasters before they go live
Enjoy live and share recorded programs with your friends through Facebook and Twitter

To get the latest app, visit Android Market, or simply search for “Ustream” in the Android Market App Store.

Via: The Ustream Blog

Source: Android Market

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