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Video: Autodesk SketchBook Pro – Release the artist within you

When it comes to design, Autodesk products are definitely among the best. All engineers, architects, designers, etc. have had a taste of programs like AutoCAD and Maya (among others). Truth is, the average Joe usually doesn’t need such tools and tends to ignore them. Though their products tend to be complicated and confusing to most of us, Autodesk’s new application will allow the mass consumer to channel our inner Van Gogh, thanks in part to an easy-to-use interface. Artistic tablet-owners will be happy to know Autodesk has released SketchBook Pro, optimized for Honeycomb devices.

This application gives users the tools to create brilliant works of art (or just doodle around). Though artists of all kinds and abilities can take advantage of SketchBook Pro, it also represents a great tool for the working artist. Designers, illustrators and even architects might be able to use this app to sketch out their next big project.

Check out the video embedded below to see Sketchbook Pro in action. If it happens to spark your interest and you want to let your inner artist flow, you can find it in the Android Market for $4.99. The price is not bad considering it is an Autodesk product. It might be a great tool for you, and it’ll even help you save some trees. Definitely worth the price, in my opinion.


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Source: SketchBook Pro (Youtube)

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  • Angie Strickland

    That’s really cool that you can set it to mirror your actions to draw something symmetrical.

  • http://Website Ben Gildenstein

    This would be wonderful for a device with an active digitizer like the HTC flyer. Here’s hoping that it gets a quick update to Android 3.2 as it becomes available and the 7″ form factor is supported.

  • http://Website Tito!

    Sketchbook Pro (for Tablets) is priced at $4.99?
    I got mines for $0.99!? Is that why they haven’t updated the smartphone app.
    Because they’ve upgraded to Tablets? Smh.

  • http://www.iansapp.com Ian S

    FINALLY! I use this app just about daily on my Xoom, but it wasn’t optimized before.
    It still worked decently, but it was a lot slower than it is on my phone. This is wonderful news

  • http://www.giquegear.com GiqueGEAR_Todd

    I love the idea of the app. And it is very cool how you can zoom SO FAR DOWN to achieve detail drawing on a smartphone. I’m sure if I had a Honeycomb tablet, I would love it even more.

  • http://Website zedklind

    THIS is a big reason i wanted a tablet. i was really interested in adam ink because of its digitizer capabilities. the app they had was a little bit limited so i decided it would be best to spend that money on a new phone (g2x) instead. i will definitely be using this app here on my archos g9 80 when it comes out… unless theres a kal el tablet around the corner.. quad core with hopefully 2gb ram running backtrack 5 with chroot with drivers for an alfa nic <3. if im getting a tablet it has to do nearly everything my laptop does minus the steam games… unless steam goes android!!!

  • http://Website Sven

    Any idea what tablet that is in the video? If so, does it come with the ‘pen’?

    • http://Website Dan

      Looks like the Xoom, and the pen looks like the Targus Stylus for iPad(s), costs like $15.

  • theetrueyoshi

    This is freaking awesome!

  • Giorgi

    I hope this will be soon available for Android 3.2 too, because i cant install it on my Acer Iconia A500.

    When i try to buy the pro version, it says: unsupported.