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Video: Do you want TouchWiz UX on your Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1?

Excitement reigned throughout the land when Samsung announced the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 was going to come with stock Android 3.1. All that rejoicing was soon interrupted when Samsung announced TouchWiz UX would come in a later update. As Android enthusiasts, we will always prefer the Vanilla Android experience, but we do have to realize that our reaction to Samsung’s announcement is a bit biased.

We hate the idea of custom UIs in large part because certain manufacturers have done a horrible job retouching Android in smartphones. The initial reaction to TouchWiz on one of the most anticipated tablets of the year is sure to be quite unpleasant, considering our past experiences. But the fact is Samsung isn’t really making its tablet UI a very intrusive one.

TouchWiz UX does offer some useful functionality, like re-sizable widgets and extra shortcuts in the Notification bar settings. If you happen to not like some of the additions from TouchWiz UX, you can ignore most of them and never use them. The modifications you do have to see often are not prominent enough to make it a deal breaker in my mind.

With that said, go ahead and make the judgement yourself. Samsung has courteously put together a 12-minute video showing what the Galaxy Tab 10.1 and TouchWiz UX are all about. Check it out and let us know if you’re still upset about Samsung throwing its custom UX in there. Does it bother you that Samsung is putting TouchWiz on the Tab 10.1? Do you think it’s a deal breaker? Will you be rooting or simply avoiding the update in order to keep stock Vanilla Android?

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Source: Samsung Mobile (YouTube)

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  • http://maxtechnewz.blogspot.com/ Max

    keep keep it stock

    • http://Website Jon Garrett

      Im new to Android (coming from iOS) and I keep asking the same damn question on all the Android sites and nobody is answering me.

      WTF is touchwiz and why do people dislike it so much? I have a Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 but I dont want to update it if touchwiz is so bad….AND, can I uninstall touchwiz if I dont want it anymore?

      • http://Website M0nk

        Touchwiz, Blur and Sense are UI and system apps modifications of stock Android that are supposed to improve the functionality and differenciate the products from other Androids vendors. Most of them are just new widgets and modified phone, mail and music/video apps.

        The problem is that the new code sometimes is buggy and produce crashes or slowdowns. Sometimes consumes more memory killing other important services / apps or the battery is drained faster due to constant running apps in background.

        Appart from that the code must be compatible with new android versions, so if a new Android version came out, they need to modify the code to make it compatible and the delay to get an update is increased.

  • http://lettersfromdave.wordpress.com daveloft

    We have several stock tablets to chose from, I’d like to see what Samsung can do to differentiate themselves from the pack.

  • http://Website Henry

    Looks like minimal changes and some needed added features. I’ll be updating mine for sure..

  • http://Website Tito!

    I do! I liked how it looked .
    I think everybody that is VanillaCRAZY is annoying .
    Not every Android can be Vanilla.
    & since this is Tablets, wait until you can say something.

    I, personally liked how the new TouchWIZ looked and interacted .
    & I personally think Vanilla is something for phones to stand out, not tablets. (e.g. T-Mobile G-Series, Nexus, etc.)

  • http://Website Tony

    Why isn’t there a poll here? And also YUCK, I love stock honeycomb, but ugly shit like this is why I wanna go somewhere else this is so hideous it defies logic. If I had constructive criticism for Samsung and other manufaturers, it’d be stop making a billion stupid widgets, and if you wanna add functionality add a Samsung store app where i can download all your useless widgets/apps if i want but dont HAVE to. And especially focus on quality apps, not quantity of apps.

  • http://Website Antonio Anderson Souza

    Keep stock!!! TouchWiz never more, I had a Galaxy S phone with TouchWiz and I promised to myself that custom Android never more!

    • http://Website watbetch

      And TouchWiz 4.0 makes the Galaxy S II fly, so it’s your loss. It’s definitely better than the bloated up Sense 3.0 and whatever Motorola can rehash with MOTOBLUR because it’s the LEAST intrusive overlay. Don’t run off at the mouth with what you haven’t even tried yet based on old outdated experiences.

      • http://Website J.

        I’ll put my SGSII rooted and running CM7 up against your TouchWiz any day.
        I guarantee my phone will smoke yours, and I’ll still be getting updates at the end of my contract.

        See, the issue here isn’t Vanilla vs. Overlay per se. The issue is that historically, overlays=abandonware. When a manufacturer comes correct with an overlay that gets updated timely and doesn’t leave users in the dust in the name of “product differentiation” then maybe people might feel differently about custom skins…until then, people are going to rightly hate on OEM skins, regardless of how good they are.

      • http://Website jaymonster

        Least intrusive? That Fischer Price, iPhone wanna be interface is the least intrusive? Clearly random drug yesting is in order.

  • http://Website Anon

    No. They should give us the option. If Touchwiz is good, people will choose it.

  • http://Website Micah

    If it adds more video codec support to honeycomb then for sure no doubt about it. I’ll still probably upgrade anyways.

    • http://Website craig

      Agreed, I had to download a different video player from the market to get some of my videos working.

    • http://Website itrustme

      Same shit I was going to say. Agree 110%. If it plays the same codecs as the vibrant I’m all in.

      • http://Website Duncan Mackenzie

        My GSII plays HD mkv files all on It’s own. I love being able to just drag and drop stuff to my phone without converting It. If all my phones awesomeness Is because of what Samsung added with TouchWiz then I have to say this could be an improvement for the Tab. I do think people should be able to choose what skin to use. I know It’s an old phone now but the ZTE Blade would let you switch back and forth between Vanilla Android or their own UI. If all hardware manufacturers did this then It would force them Into making the perfect UI. If people start to choose your UI over Vanilla Android then you know you’ve done a good job.

  • http://Website NotRelevent

    Stock will always be better than some shitty skin.

  • http://Website Travis

    “TouchWiz UX does offer some useful functionality, like re-sizable widgets and extra shortcuts in the Notification bar settings.”

    Stock 3.1 already has the re-sizable widgets.

  • masterpfa

    I’m not a fan of Touchwiz but I am not against customisation.
    AS LONG as having the UI doesn’t result in delayed updates to the OS as has happened in the past with phones.

    I like the way Asus have tweaked their Eee Transformer tablet. Some nice additions without the opinion splitting overlay that Touchwiz appears to be.

  • http://Website Jaymonster

    A couple of user interface tweaks, and it wil ne still sitting on this version long after ICS is released.

    Google went to great lengths to finally put some thought behind the UX and still they need to muck it up? No thanks.

  • http://jupago.com Juan pablo

    I’ve been using LauncherPro on my Nexus One for the longest time and the thing i like about it the most is that whenever i feel like i can uninstall it. Why cant Touchwiz be the same?. Offer us the update and if we like it we keep it. Isn’t that one of the thigs we love about android?

  • http://Website Maximus


    I will not and i repeat will not be updating the tablet

    Touch wiz is by far the Worst Custom UI skinned over Vanilla Android

    If i cant avoid UX i will be rooting this bad boy ASAP

  • http://Website Leo

    ONLY if that doesn’t affect getting the latest OS in time.

  • http://Website camdav27

    The ipad is great and all as it does have the support of a lot more quality apps and such, but just the number of things that honeycomb has over the aging ios is noticeable. Especially multitasking. And this honeycomb notification system still beats the new ios 5 by a lot as its always available and offers multiple functionality.

  • http://Website joe

    Dear god no. A bunch of extra bloat layed on top of what is a great OS already, taking more memory, eating my cpu and battery and making os updates slower. no f’ing thanks.

  • http://Website camdav27

    Based on the video, I think I like touchwiz UI. It seems to add more functionality to it with the mini apps (which is my favorite), the hubs (the reader one android does not have at all), and just the fact that besides Widgets and the mini apps, they don’t seem to cut out much of honeycomb and just adds some functionality. Besides no matter, you’re gonna root (not average consumer, but the techies that’s reading this) and get the latest so you might as well.

  • http://Website Leo

    It seems to me that Samsung has done an excellent job of adding small but important elements to Android. The result seems to me to be a smoother running and more usable interface. I like it and would have it on my 10.1

  • http://Website Laurent

    I think that the best thing would be to make it works as a launcher or at least with uncheckable option. For me, Android means to be able to make the system fits my needs…so i can understand both of you…some wants an different UI like touchwizz and others don’t… but we all know that people who doesn’t like it, are already running a custom rom :-) so …..why so serious :-)

  • http://Website Joe

    The reason for the seriousness should be obvious. Customers shouldn’t be forced to root their devices and install custom roms just for the sake of having a clean ‘install’ of Android on their device.

    And UI should be removable, i.e. not an integrated part of the system as has been the case with Touchwiz. My understanding was that Google also had this as an expectation, and understandably so.

    If Touchwix can’t easily be removed or deactivated, and if this integration creates a situation where updates are delayed due to manufacturer developement needs, then keep it out. I was originally happy to hear they were going with vanilla Android, and was obviously disappointed when hearing about the update forcing Touchwix down our throats.

  • AndroidNInja

    Keep it stock. Samsung put touchwiz on many things and people don’t like it. The Galaxy Tab 10.1 sold well with stock Android now that touchwiz is coming I bet sales will drop.

  • randall

    This makes me sick. I don’t like the idea of this at all. We aren’t children. Sticking with vanilla.

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