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Videos: Swiftkey X comes out of Beta, brings tablet-optimized keyboard

The Swiftkey X Beta app has been out for over a month, and this mind-reading keyboard is ready to hit the streets! We’ve been testing this bad boy, and though the keyboard had its issues in the beginning, TouchType has been working very hard on this product. It seems lthey have everything set now. Swiftkey X has just been fully released, and they even threw in a nice tablet-optimized version:  Swiftkey Tablet X.

Swiftkey is actually one of the most popular keyboards out there, and is very famous for its prediction capabilities. It “feels like it’s reading your mind,” since it actually predicts your next word without you typing a single letter. What’s scary is:  most times it’s right. This is because of the keyboard’s ability to learn your typing habits (thanks to its Fluency 2.0 engine). You could say that this keyboard gets to know you better with time, but TouchType has added some ways to speed up the learning process. You can give the app permission to access your Gmail, Facebook and Twitter accounts so it may get to know your typing habits faster.

As mentioned above, there are two versions. One is Swiftkey X (for smartphones), and the other is Swiftkey Tablet X. If you’re ready and willing to purchase these right away, TouchType is offering them at $1.99 for 2 days (today and tomorrow). After the promotion, the price will be raised to $3.99 for the smartphone version and $4.99 for the tablet version. Those who have purchased Swiftkey previously will be able to upgrade to the full version of Swiftkey X, so there’s no need to pay again!

The guys from TouchType were nice enough to let us borrow some review apps of both keyboards, so look forward to a full review of both versions in a few days. For now, check out the video previews below to see what Swiftkey X and Swiftkey Tablet X are all about! If you happen to be convinced, head over to the market before their special offer ends and get them for $1.99 each while you can! Who’s purchasing one? Do you guys use Swiftkey? If not, which keyboard do you prefer and why?



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Source: Swiftkey

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  • http://Website @neidlinger

    I’ve been rocking Swift Key Beta X for a few months. And i must admit once you get accustom to it, neh i say it becomes accustom to you, you can crank on some WPM w/o any problems.

  • MitchRapp81

    First thing I ever bought on Android (last year) – just bought the tablet version too. Best keyboard I’ve tried by a long shot…

  • http://Website Vance

    I am a big fan of Thumb Keyboard on my ASUS transformer but for 2 bucks will definitely give this one a try. I’m always up for improved efficiencies since I use my tablet primarily for work.

    • Edgar Cervantes

      I use both keyboards on the Transformer. As a keyboard they offer very similar experiences, but predictions and auto-corrections on Swiftkey Tablet X are just outstanding. I say it is very much worth it.

  • http://maxtechnewz.blogspot.com max

    i like swype better

  • http://Website Matt

    I paid for Swiftkey and enjoy it and Swiftkey X quite a lot, but I found Swype was faster for me on my EVO. Now I’ve got an iPad and miss all these good keyboard options from Android!

  • http://Website Richard Yarrell

    This really is a great addition to android I have used swiftkey before and now on my evo 3d I use just the basic keyboard which is great as well as the trace htc keyboard. Adding this to my evo 3d just gives me better choices on the fly which I always love choice. Only with android does that exist

  • http://myandroidxperience.blogspot.com Ricardo Moura Rocha

    I love this keyboard, the best keyboard available!! It’s predictions almost paranormal!!

  • AME

    I’ve been using it since it went beta and have been an active member of their site when it came to bug reporting and communicating with their people to resolve problems. I hate to be all stingy, but I was kind of bummed when I saw that they wanted me to buy it now.

    Now that they keep giving me pop-ups to buy the full version, I think I will switch back to FlexT9. I like their keyboard, it has really good predictive skills too, and it has a lot of input options. I honestly feel that FlexT9 is a better keyboard.

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  • http://Website MegaDromych

    Я нашел этот дистрибутив редкий.
    это русская версия Firefox x64

  • http://Website Doug

    If it didn’t use so much of the memory, it’d be worth it. I went back to SwiftKey because SwiftKey X was laggy feeling.