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Virgin Mobile USA changing prices July 20th; still very cheap!

Virgin Mobile’s Beyond Talk plans for Android smartphones are definitely tempting. The selection of devices is not huge, but this prepaid-centric carrier offers some of the best rates around, along with affordable off-contract devices. Also, if you happen to like Vanilla Android, this carrier has a special commitment to the pure Google experience! But Virgin Mobile USA has just announced some changes to the Beyond Talk plans, which will take effect next July 20th.

You may or may not be very happy with the new changes; Virgin Mobile has chosen an interesting approach to its new rate plans. While plans will have a higher price, others are to be lowered. In either case, Virgin Mobile still offers some of the cheapest plans you can find in the United States.

Existing Beyond Talk plans

$25 – 300 anytime minutes / unlimited messaging and data
$40 – 1200 anytime minutes / unlimited messaging and data
$60 – Unlimited anytime minutes / unlimited messaging and data

New Beyond Talk plans

$35 – 300 anytime minutes / unlimited messaging and data
$45 – 1200 anytime minutes / unlimited messaging and data
$55 – Unlimited anytime minutes / unlimited messaging and data

As you can see, the first plan is raised by $10, the second by $5, and the third is lowered by $5. If you’re a current Virgin Mobile customer, there is nothing to fear. Current customers, as of July 19, will be able to keep the current plans as long as the account does not expire. You’ll even be able to keep your grandfathered plan after you upgrade your devices. If you’re considering switching to Virgin Mobile, do it before July 19 unless you’re opting for the unlimited minutes plan.

What a steal, right? Whether you’re considering the older plans or the newer ones, these prices seem simply unbeatable. Having an Android device for as low as $25/$35 is simply outstanding, especially compared to the 4 major carriers. Not everything is perfect, though, as Virgin Mobile is also planning to change its data policy. Virgin Mobile is planning to make a move similar to T-Mobile’s approach, slowing down data speeds after a device reaches a certain amount of data usage. Virgin Mobile will place this cap at 2.5 GB, which they claim less than 3% of customers ever reach. After surpassing the 2.5 GB threshold, users will experience lower data speeds until their next billing cycle begins.

According to Virgin Mobile, these new rate plans will show up on their site by July 20th, along with the Motorola Triumph. This is not a bad device, so you might want to consider checking it out if you are (or will be) a Virgin Mobile customer. For now, you have two options: the LG Optimus V for $149.99, and the Samsung Intercept for $199.99. Anyone signing up? If so, are you doing it before or after July 20? Are you liking the new plans? Current users, will you be keeping your current plans?

Show Press Release
Virgin Mobile New Beyond Talk Plans Offer Unlimited Data Plan With No Contract

Hot New Android Device and Unlimited Data are Best Value at $35/Month[1]
–No Caps or Overage on Data Usage–
Also Unlimited Data, Messaging and Voice at $55

WARREN, N.J. — July 13, 2011 — Changes to pricing and data usage costs are a familiar topic in the wireless industry these days, and customers are beginning to understand that the dramatic increase of smartphone usage and mobile internet access, now and in the future, means many carriers are making adjustments to their plans.

According to Nielsen’s May 2011 survey of mobile consumers in the United States, 38 percent now own smartphones. Of those consumers, 38 percent own an Androidâ„¢-powered device. Further, 55 percent of those who purchased a new handset in the past three months reported buying a smartphone, up from 34 percent just a year ago.[2]

Virgin Mobile successfully repositioned itself last year with its Beyond Talk plans, catering to the growing number of savvy connectors who want unlimited data. With the brand moving from inexpensive pay-as-you-go and feature phones to a more smartphone-focused lineup, Virgin Mobile will change the current Beyond Talk pricing plans effective July 20, along with the introduction of the Motorola Triumphâ„¢, a powerful, exclusive Android device with a 4.1-inch WVGA touchscreen.

New Beyond Talk Plans
New Virgin Mobile plans lower the monthly price of unlimited data, text and voice to only $55 and offer the still unbeatable2 value of unlimited data and 300 voice minutes at $35 per month on smartphones without a contract.

Existing Beyond Talk plans
$25 – 300 anytime minutes / unlimited messaging and data
$40 – 1200 anytime minutes / unlimited messaging and data
$60 – Unlimited anytime minutes / unlimited messaging and data

New Beyond Talk plans
$35 – 300 anytime minutes / unlimited messaging and data
$45 – 1200 anytime minutes / unlimited messaging and data
$55 – Unlimited anytime minutes / unlimited messaging and data

Existing Beyond Talk Virgin Mobile customers as of July 19 can keep their current plan pricing as long as they don’t let their account expire, and they can upgrade to new devices without incurring additional costs.

“Smartphone adoption has grown significantly with mobile data traffic increasing to match,” said David Trimble, vice president for Virgin Mobile USA. “Adjusting these rates ensures that our Beyond Talk customers can continue to enjoy the best value overall in the market for Android devices with unlimited data and messaging. In fact, I challenge you to find a better monthly unlimited data plan for Android devices than the Beyond Talk at $35.

“And offering unlimited data, messaging and voice usage for only $55 — $5 per month less than the current plan — combined with our impressive smartphone line up is also a great option for customers looking for totally unlimited connectivity.”

Data Speeds
Last week, Verizon pulled its unlimited data plan; T-Mobile and AT&T have also moved away from unlimited data usage. At this time, only Sprint, which owns Virgin Mobile USA, has truly unlimited postpaid mobile data plans in place.

Beginning in October 2011, Virgin Mobile will also move to reduce data speeds when a customer’s data usage exceeds 2.5GB in a month but still provide unlimited 3G access without a contract, usage cap, overage or activation fees. Based on current usage patterns, fewer than 3 percent of Virgin Mobile USA customers use more than 2.5GB of data usage per month. After reaching this level, this minority of customers may experience slower page loads, file downloads and streaming media. When a customer’s next month begins, the data usage meter starts back at zero with unlimited 3G speeds.

According to Roger Entner, analyst and founder at Recon Analytics, “The unrelenting data tsunami is challenging all carriers. So that every subscriber receives their fair share of affordable bandwidth, new policies are being introduced such as speed throttling for the heaviest users. Such policies help to ensure that a small minority does not prevent the vast majority from enjoying the wireless internet in the palm of their hand.”

“We are all facing the same situation and this is the best way for Virgin Mobile to maintain the best network experience as data usage explodes,” said Trimble. “Our no-contract and postpaid competitors like Cricket, MetroPCS and T-Mobile have either implemented more stringent constraints and/or don’t disclose slower speeds and data caps. We believe this adjustment — with no hard cap or overage charges for more usage — gives the most value to the largest group of consumers. It’s important to Sprint and the Virgin brand that we be as up-front as possible with our customers.”

For more information about the new Beyond Talk plans, please visit our website Media Room. On July 20, the new rate structure and the Motorola Triumph will appear on the Virgin Mobile USA website home page.

Virgin Mobile USA, one of Sprint’s prepaid brands, offers millions of customers control, flexibility and connectivity through Virgin Mobile’s Beyond Talkâ„¢ plans for mobile phone service and prepaid Broadband2Go high-speed Web access. Virgin Mobile branded devices are available at more than 40,000 retail stores, including Best Buy, Radio Shack, Target and Walmart. Top-Up cards are available at approximately 150,000 locations nationwide and can be used for Broadband2Go services. Purchase and experience Virgin Mobile on the Web and at Facebook, Twitter, You Tube and www.virginmobileusa.com.

Source: Virgin Mobile

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  • http://Website Jorge

    Too bad they don’t have top of the line phones.

    • http://Website Charlie

      Motorola Triumph, LG Optimus Black are not high end phones? lol

    • http://Website Charlie

      @ Jorge- And too bad your paying $100 on a 2 year contract! LOL. BTY- I have the LG Optimus V which is a really nice 2.2 Android phone and when the Motorola Triumph (Virgins HIGH END phone) comes out this month I intend to get it. So put that in your pipe and smoke it! LOL oh yeah..and I’m grandfathered into their $40 for 1,200 mins unlimited data and text! LOL :-)~

  • http://Website POTUS


    • http://Website Charlie

      POTUS (POT HEAD)- iphone 4? Really? wow…that is so 2010!! Get w/ the program. BTW- the iphone will disappear by 2013..lol..Android all the way baby!

      • Tanner Youmans

        Did you really just say the iPhone 4 will disappear before 2013? You are a jackass.

  • http://Website watbetch

    I’d hate to say it but…
    I saw this coming. Sprint is the KING of bait and switch.

    • thel0nerang3r

      I don’t think you know what the term means. How is being grandfathered into current plan and posting details of new plan a “bait and switch”?
      I”ll save you the search


      The action (generally illegal) of advertising goods that are an apparent bargain, with the intention of substituting inferior or more expensive goods
      - a bait-and-switch scheme

  • http://Website MrMikeM513

    Unlimited, my hairy Slovak posterior. Throttling = capping.


    • http://Website Reginald Bearclaw

      Really dude? DO you understand English? You can definitely use unlimited data with virgin mobile, just not at full speed. Throttling does not = capping. It may be really annoying and i don’t like it either but its not capping. Capping means your cut off completely or are paying overage. Don’t be ignorant or promote other’s ignorance with your bastardized interpretation of English. The irony is you are misrepresenting virgin mobile’s data policy worse than their marketing department.

    • http://Website charlie

      Mr. Mike…really? You use more than 2.5GB of Data? You data whore!!

  • http://maxtechnewz.blogspot.com max

    once the triamph comes then virgin mobile will be more serious

  • http://Website JOHN

    They all say you can keep your $40 plan but how? If you buy the cards at the store they are going to be sold by $35,$45,$55?
    Will they still sell the $40?

    • Barry Coleman

      You keep the current plans by enrolling and paying automatically online.

  • http://Website Luke

    Hey @charlie, if you will read this and want to let me have your old optimus v, thatd be great.

  • http://Website kazahani

    I just can’t justify paying $200 for an Optimus One. Prepaid customers are the first to get kicked off of congested towers, and have you ever tried to get ahold of a prepaid carrier’s customer service department?

    That same $200 will buy you an Evo 3d with much better service and uncapped data from Sprint.

  • http://Website Gina

    wow, i was gunna get the Optimus V on the 21 :/ haha i don’t like that there changing the data..i guess i’ll jus get the one from Metro but i still don’t know…any suggestens ?

    • http://Website Rob

      Metro? Metropcs is 2g (or 1x), Virgin is 3g.

  • http://Website Vanessa

    Hmmm… I hav 3 questions #1will i still get to pay 25 40 60 a month if im a virgin mobile costumer? #2 say im a costumer n i upgrade to lg optimus v i still get to pay 25,40,60 since im an old costumer? So… U will onlii pay 35 45 55 if ure a new costumer right? Im so confused! :0

    • http://Website George

      Yea I was really wondering what Vanessa asked. Anyone with justifiable answers? Would be appreciated.

  • http://Website Damastah


    According to the article, any current plans that you have, as long as you dont switch plans, will stay the same. If you are a current virgin mobile customer, they will honor the price you pay for your plan as long as your account stays active and you dont switch PLANS. You may change phones all you like and your plan pricing will remain the same. Everyone else will have to pay the new rates.

  • Aron

    I am a data whore.
    i normaly use 2+Gigs a month

  • kenya.

    IS IT JULY 19 2010 OR 2011?

  • Ham Solo

    for anyone interested, I’m still paying $25/month for 300m on 2 lines that were online before the price increase … VM hasn’t said anything at all to me about it and my payments have all gone through without any problems

    the only down side is that the $25 top-up cards aren’t available and now they only come in $35 etc … payments with credit/debit card through their website have been taking me less than 3 minutes each line

    I’m still curious if I can switch to another phone (we have 2 Optimus V’s currently) and was thinking about a Triumph and maybe an Optimus Slide

    has anyone who is grandfathered in tried switching phones yet?

    also, if I want to do a month or two at the 1200m rate plan, but I’m not sure if this will ruin my grandfathered plan status

    sure it isn’t as fast as most huge cell companies, but $25 a month for 3G, texting and phone is amazing

    between you, me and the rabbit sitting next to me, I won’t be complaining much even at $35 for the same service

    I’d definitely pay more for 4G though … I know some day all of us on the $25 plan will look back on this and brag about how good of a deal it has been for so long

  • ron ellis

    where I live the thing I don’t like is Wal-Mart quit carrying virgin I have to go to radio shack also I have ares in my apartment drop calls on my 4th phone from radio shack since feburary this year my son 3 phones its ok not the best Verizon is better a lot more expensive

    • ron ellis

      I have a Samsung galaxy victory wanted the 5 couldn’t afford it