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Beware the Creeper: Minecraft for Xperia Play available now


Finally available after months of relentless teasing, Xperia Play owners can now head on over to the Android Market and buy Minecraft Pocket Edition for a grand total of just $7.

Currently only available with a create mode, Minecraft Pocket Edition allows you to build anything you can conjure up in your own randomized world with 36 different kinds of textured blocks. You can also play multiplayer through a local wireless network and save multiplayer worlds directly to your phone.

While Minecraft Pocket Edition may not seem as full featured as the PC version yet, Carl Manneh explained:

The first version (Alpha 0.1) will focus on the creative aspects of Minecraft. We have tried to put in the features that make sense for playing on a mobile device while still keeping the core of the Minecraft experience.Carl MannehMojang

As with the computer-based version of Minecraft–available on Windows, Mac and Linux–Minecraft Pocket Edition will be supported for a long time to come with various updates constantly improving the portable Minecraft experience. Xperia Play users can download Minecraft Pocket Edition with the application widget below. As for other Android device users, exclusivity should be up by this holiday season.


Via: Phandroid

Source: Mojang

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    Looks sweet but not worth the phone IMO

    • Dustin Earley

      Yeah, I’ll be waiting. I bet this will be awesome on the 4.5″ Super AMOLED Plus display of the Hercules.

      • Tony

        I bet this will be terrible no matter how powerful and pretty the Hercules is. Touchscreen controls are crap, especially for games in which you wander around and interact with a three-dimensional environment in first-person view.

        The Xperia PLAY hardware is way more than enough to handle this and most of the decent games on Android, save for games optimized for the Tegra chipset for obvious reasons.

  • Richard Yarrell

    Evo 3d rules this and also the upcoming HTC Ruby will be a beast…

    • Dustin Earley

      I don’t think it’s going to be 3D

    • GRAW

      Richard, can you please stay on topic? How hard is it to shut up about your fanboy shit and take about 30 seconds to post about Minecraft instead of that unrelated crap? Serously, please, shut the fuck up.

      This game is very entertaining on the PC and it looks just as good as the Alpha did on PC but on a phone. I’m looking forward to playing this in the near future my phone. Hopefully this comes to phones other than the Play sooner rather than later :P

  • Marcus

    Looks really cool. But too had it only had create mode

    • heeros

      yea, I was hoping for the SMP version. Plus, I’m not going to support this exclusivity shit.

  • Thomas Hunsaker

    Hoping this will make it to other phones, though touch controls will be awful. I have a G2, so I think the controls could translate from the Xperia’s gaming controls to a physical keyboard, here’s hoping!