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Developer of Better Android Apps loses Android Market account, doesn’t know why


The developer of the Better Android series of apps has penned a blog post today announcing that the Android Market account tied to their apps has been suspended without a known reason.

According to the post, Better Android can’t think of any idea why the account would have been shut down. In keeping with how Google has handled the suspension of developer accounts in the past, a generic response was delivered via e-mail with the dreaded “your Android Market developer account has been suspended due to violations of our developer agreement and policies” message attached.

Google isn’t keen on giving out precise information as to why developer accounts get banned, and they have a poor track record of responding to inquiries.

Better Android was best known for Better Keyboard, but also had several other apps, including Open Home, as well as some themes on the Android Market. Other developers also developed themes for Better Android apps, including our own Android and Me Labs. Unfortunately, at this point it looks like all the folks behind Better Android, as well as other developers who rely on BA, can do is sit and wait.

Source: Better Android Apps

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  • BBpew

    They removed it for constant spamming in the market, particularly the themes that were incorrectly tagged and pestered users to constantly download them. Their apps were shoddy at best.

    • William

      I believe that apps with downloadable themes should be required to have their own distribution center for the themes, eg. Beautiful Widgets. The spam in the market right now is ridiculous.

      • Sundroid

        I’ve been saying this about the Go Team for some time now… they have their new “store” that opens in an Asian character set, but it needs to be like Beautiful Widgets/Fancy Widgets. The only problem that I see is that it makes it hard to distribute paid themes.

    • user X

      If thats the case, then the Go-launcher dev team should also have their developer name suspended, and have all spam-keyword-filled poop themes also, removed from the market.

  • Lemon

    Better Keyboard is sure not “shoddy at best”…

    Maybe they’ve slammed the market with themes/skins but it’s not like the skins didn’t work or misled users…

    These guys have been around since the very beginning. I haven’t seen them change their behaviour lately. I’m guessing it might be due to user complaints, but since I share a lot of the same users since I make kb skins I can attest to the fact that a portion of users are stupid and don’t read.

    Hope they get this sorted out.

    • User X

      ” since I make kb skins I can attest to the fact that a portion of users are stupid and don’t read.”

      If I +1′d this for every KB skin email i get saying why wont it work, You would have very, large, number of +1′s

  • andr0id23

    @BB Better Keyboard is not “shoddy at best”. It was a top selling app and a great keyboard. Although i dont know what happened in this case, i wouldnt be suprised if their account was suspended for spamming keywords in their app descriptions. While i think it may be a bit of an overreaction, i hate when apps use a hunder keywords, most of which have nothing to do with their app. It can get frusterating.

  • Lemon

    Well the “keyword” thing is symptomatic of a bigger problem which is bizarre search results for key search terms, and the lack of optional filter to find what you’re looking for (top rated, most downloads, most ratings etc).

    Personally I’ve had devs (with shittier products) pump their apps full of “keywords” which relate to how I present my apps… how am I supposed to react to that other than adjust my “keywords” or app title accordingly?

  • Seth

    Hmm, they didn’t make a Google+ profile with a fake name did they?

    • Clark Wimberly

      Well played.

  • Me

    @ blatantly racist username:

    Nope, none, must be a typo. I hate the android market because every time I visit, it just says “sorry we don’t have any apps yet. Buy an iPhone.” I wish I had an iPhone like you, because then I could visit android websites and leave hilarious comments as irrelevant and extremely dated as your comments… Some day, some day…

    • blatantly racist username

      Why are you angry with me?

  • evrnotice

    How many dev accounts on the market do these guys have? So far have found 3, only one was suspended. Better android, better android apps, better android addons, and wouldn’t be surprised that here was more.

    • Lemon

      Better Android Addons is them I _think_

      Better Android Apps is a totally different “developer”.

  • User X

    I recently also lost a developer account. After 13 emails, I threat-end to kill myself, They responded back real fast, even called a hotline for me.

    Result? still never know why, still never got it renewed.

    If it wasn’t the SINGLE most populated market worth selling anything in, I wouldn’t want to have anything to do with Google at all.


    Before they would even half way dignify me with a HALF way answer.

    To be honest, I almost regret not doing it. One persons sacrifice to better the world of Android developers isn’t crazy talk, it shows how HORRIBLE and crazy Googles “TECH SUPPORT” really is.

    You think a event like that would MAYBE change the way Google handles their business? Seriously? I actually doubt it, after the bad press, they’d move on.

    As a developer, and a half way decent one at that, i have almost sacrificed every thing in my life, to fuel the dedication that involves being a developer. For Google to so easily just “take away my baby” with no rhyme or reason?

    Someone should be pulling the trigger somewhere.

    • userX

      im baffled some of you dont see this as a problem..

      Google wont respond to developers for reasons unknown, until they threaten to kill themselves?

      And when they do respond, to atleast that, they’re are still no answers, just rubbish.

      That isnt a problem? To anyone?

      That’s the world of APPLE problems. and Google will be taking them on, if they like it or not.

  • Dandandin

    Don’t know why?
    If you tried to search for “keyboard” in the market, there were a ridiculous amount of skins for better keyboard.
    It’s a good decision on Google side, the spammers should be banned

    • Lemon

      Um, not ALL the skins are made by this dev. I make skins for Better Keyboard (that also work with Smart Keyboard Pro, Ultra, Perfect etc etc). They built a skins eco-system. And guess what – you get shit in that sometimes, just like all Android had was tip calculators and flashlights for the first X months.

      This particular Dev is NOT a spammer.

  • Little Droid

    http://goo.go/SNAca is them. Note the many copyrighted icon packs and themes they have.

    • Little Droid

      Sorry, I meant

      Some of these copyright violating apps were still published in the Android Market as recent as last month. I suspect Google had enough of this repeat offender and banned them. Meanwhile “Better Android” continues to claim ignorance, because they know full well that Google will never come out and say that they were banned for repeat copyright infringement.

  • eddieonofre

    I don’t wanna attack the developers but is real that when you search “keyboard” you get a bunch of keyboard themes (which are nto keyboards app) that is spamming. Now who’s fault is this is hard to say. I guess the developer could sell (or offer to download) the themes in the app (alas Beautiful widgets style) but that will make it hard for other developer to create skins and BK has kind of always open the door for other developers to create their own skins.

    Why KB doesn’t offer the themes from within the app and then allow other developer to submit the themes to them? I am not developer but I don’t think that will be so hard to do, will it?

    • Lemon

      I develop skins for BK. I make decent pocket money per month for my paid versions (3 paid out of the 12 or so free one I’ve made). I couldn’t do that with an internal skins mechanism rather than market sales.

      If anything your point raises more of a problem with Android Market search and lack of user filtering. I fail to see how searching for “keyboard” and getting “keyboard skins” as result is spamming on behalf of any publisher. That’s a search function.

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