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Gameloft finds success in the Android Market, will continue freemium model with Let’s Golf 3

Gameloft experienced their fair share of growing pains in the early days of Android. I was always one of their most passionate supporters, but I was also their biggest critic. I complained so much that one of their reps actually flew to my hometown and bought me dinner after the company over-billed my credit card.

Our biggest annoyance was always Gameloft’s reluctance to place their best titles in the Android Market, but Google finally addressed their concerns and now Gameloft has fully embraced Android’s official store. Most of their best-selling games are now available for purchase in the Android Market and more titles are being added every month.

Not only are the games available, but they are also selling well. Their military shooter Modern Combat 2 appeared on the Top New Paid list and sold over 50,000 units to date.

Paid games can generate some nice profits in the Android Market, but freemium games are generating more revenue and Gameloft knows this. They just released GT Racing: Motor Academy for free and it raced to over 500,000 installs in just a couple of weeks. We don’t know how much Gameloft is actually making on those in-app purchases, but it must be pretty good because the publisher is scheduled to release more freemium games over the coming months.

Next up is Let’s Golf 3. It’s already available for the iPhone and iPad, but it should be hitting the Android Market any day now. Early reviews are mixed with some people praising the gameplay and others complaining about the freemium-ness. One reviewer said, “A great game thats ruined by being freemium, I’d way rather pay a set price and be able to play whenever I want!”

They can’t all be winners, but as long as Gameloft keeps pumping out new titles then I’ll be happy. Now when is 9mm coming out?

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  • teecruz

    That’s what I’m saying. 9mm is long overdue .
    I’m waiting for:
    Harry Potter 7
    Real Football 2012
    March of Heroes

    None of them come soon. It’s always iOS gets this first, or this. GTFO

    • Taylor Wimberly

      Some recent releases have actually happened on both platforms at the same time. I think it takes them longer on Android because they have to do extra QA to make sure they work on all the different handsets.

    • Steve505

      Since March of Heroes uses the Unreal engine, it won’t be coming to Android.

      • daveloft

        That’s not true at all. Unreal engine works on Android and was used with Dungeon Defenders. Epic has no plans to develop for Android but that doesn’t mean third party developers can’t take Unreal engine and use it to build an Android game.

        Gameloft’s own March of Heroes trailer specifically mentions Android.

      • ncb1397

        Actually, Unreal engine runs on Android. Support just isn’t there in the publically available UDK. If you want proof, strait from the title of this video that is strait from Gameloft’s youtube channel.

    • Jon Garrett

      I wonder why most of their games are not compatible with tablets. it would be nice if I could get all them but so far only the following work on my Galaxy Tab 10.1

      Hero of Sparta
      Spider Man
      Dungeon Hunter.

  • thaghost

    Freemium is not the way to go in my opinion. GT: racing, besides being corny, was filled with stupid ad based in app purchases that made me feel like I was shopping with coupons like an elderly person. wasting my data downloading apps to gain points is silly as well. I have purchased 9 games from gameloft and I would rather pay. They need to focus on their customer service.

    Taylor, Now that gameloft had stepped it up, what is up with EA? They have a long list of top games on ios but where is the android love? I want mortal kombat, more nfs titles, madden, hockey, etc

    • daveloft

      I have the regular paid version of GT Racing I bought directly from Gameloft. Maybe they will sell the regular version of Let’s Golf 3 through their site as well.

  • Im Ron Burgandy?

    I’ve been chasing The Settlers, but to no avail – requested it on twitter @gameloftandroid for months, it finally got released, but not for the Moto Milestone. Got the Asus Transformer the other day, but Gameloft don’t support that either, so STILL can’t get The Settlers.

    Support is growing, but it’s still fairly scattergun

  • punzme

    they have tons of hd games that unsupported on my devices,lol, thats not a success

  • önfejlesztÅ‘ életszemlélet

    \¸.¤ —== Like ==— ¤*¨*¤.

  • NeoJesus

    Android is about CHOICE, that’s why we dumped our iPhones, we had no choice.

    Therefore, I hope this message goes out to the game developers, PLEASE GIVE US A CHOICE. To me, I hate ads, I will pay $3, $5, $10, $15 to get rid of ads. I’m a more affluent Android user (I don’t qualify for Roth IRA) and there used to be more of us on the iPhone, but we’re slowly moving to Android.

    Keep the Freemium model going for those who don’t want to pay, but please GIVE US A CHOICE!

    I love that Android is getting the same quality of games as iPhone, now give us a choice…PLEASE!

  • Asus Tranny Bummer

    Tons of people with the Asus Transformer are desperately wanting to give Gameloft their money but they won’t take it. WTF?

  • Matthew Patrick Akhere

    Dear Gameloft,

    It is sad that you are in South Africa but not in Nigeria, where over 60% of the population of 160million are teenagers and young adult who love the phone games and long for avenue to buy games in Nigeria’s currency, the Naira. Most of us resort to getting these games via black markets. I can tll you that if gameloft have a Naira account where Nigerians can buy games in Naira domination, you will make huge sales.

    Therefore, is there a possibility of this happening? How can I be of assistance in this regard? If there is anything gameloft requires in terms of business relationship, I will gladly assist. Nigerians are waiting.