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Google+ application updated, improvements galore!


Users of Google’s new social network Google+ are waking up today to an update to Google’s Android application. Version 1.0.5 of Google+ was released last night, and brings a host of bugfixes and much needed improvements to the notification system.

The full change list is as follows:

  • Improved notifications reliability
  • “___ added you to Google+” notifications shown in bulk
  • Share stream posts to individual people (search people & contacts)
  • Clicking a +mention takes you to the person’s profile
  • Stream no longer resets to top when screen is rotated
  • Nearby accuracy & refresh improvements
  • Start a one-on-one huddle from a person’s profile or a group huddle from a circle profile
  • Hide one-on-one huddles
  • Clickable links in huddles
  • Confirmation text when leaving a huddle (“Are you sure you want to leave?”)
  • Improved autocomplete (people/contacts) when adding a person to a huddle
  • Reshared posts show correct profile photo

The biggest enhancements are the top two on the above list. Notifications for Google+ will now be much more reliable. In the past, several users have complained of not receiving any Google+ notifications unless they manually launched the application. Others reported receiving notifications in the notification bar, but very infrequently and often would see the same notifications they already dismissed on PC show up as new in the application.

Another frequent gripe has been that when individuals add you to their circles on Google+, the Android application would show each instance as a separate notification. The browser-based version of Google+ had solved this problem by lumping all new circle additions to a single notification, and today’s update brings this functionality to the Android application.

Going down the list, it appears Google has fixed several of the things that were bugging Android Google+ users in the 1.0.5 update, and we highly encourage you to head over to the market and update the application if you haven’t already done so.

Are there still other things you want to see improved in the Android application that is not addressed in the 1.0.5 update? Sound off in the comments.


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  • Justin Shapcott

    I still don’t receive notifications unless I manually launch the app. And even then it usually takes backing out of the app (as opposed to hitting the home screen) to make sure that it had really closed before it will go get notifications.

    • Anthony Domanico

      strange…i had notifications when I checked my phone a few minutes ago, and I almost never use the application since I’m usually at a computer.

    • google- is evil

      facebook is better!

      • markcredsys

        Back under the bridge you numpty

      • androidpinas G+ app > FB app. Actually, G+ > FB.

  • Alex

    You can also +mention someone in the mobile app now

  • Mil

    Updating the Android application is all well and good but when will Google App users even get Google+? There’s many people who are using Google App accounts and they’re missing out.

  • Justin Shapcott

    While I’m at it and there were a few Huddles improvements… Does anyone even use them anymore? I asked this on Google+ but got absolutely no interaction. I haven’t touched Huddles in weeks personally.

    • nerdstalker

      I don’t have enough actual friends on G+ yet to use huddles with any frequency.

    • Jes

      Wish my friends and family would migrate on over to Google+ so I could actually USE Huddle. That would be nice.

      Sideways smile face.

  • nerdstalker

    Collapsable comments were not on this update? This has to be a huge request come on.

  • keridel

    The only thing I want to see is hangouts in the android app. My tablet and phone are both capable of hosting that much video and it would be the best use of google +

  • Vanessa81

    I already got this update on my google+ iPhone app, android is always too late….glad i went with the world market leader instead of android, which cant afford to develop a true lead phone. I think its because Apple is raking in more profit, recently setting a new world record and sitting on $72 billion dollars in cash.

    • BiGMERF

      Yet this shows how much of a life you have that you find the need to go to websites and Troll? I feel bad for you

    • keridel

      That was a well thought out troll well done. I love it when people make an effort when they actually have nothing to say..

    • markcredsys

      So sitting on cash is clever is it? Dumb dumb dumb. In what way does that help you?

      Go back under the bridge troll.

    • jspiby2

      What a very stupid comment too leave on a Android site! Oh Yeh by the way doesn’t Android now have 48% share of the worlds smart phones and apple only 19% !!!!!

      • Name1

        yes, but apple owns 32% of all the profits. Outperformng everyone.

    • qqJones

      I’m sure I would have 70+ billion dollars if all I did was make shitty devices and operating systems with gestures as their main highlight. Really apple, Finger gestures? It really is “cool”

  • sylar

    Oh yay, I’m not sure i remember the last time I actually got on there.

  • Robot Human

    I feel like I’m missing out. My best friend can’t even send me an invite BC it’s been closed.

  • Kiwi

    I’ve got 150 invites that I can’t give away. Send me an email with “invite” in the subject line and I’ll send you one.