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Google Docs for Android updated with Web Clipboard; support for 46 languages

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It’s been nearly 6 months since Google first released their Docs app for Android. In that time, the development team behind the project has been hard at work introducing new features, improving cross-platform compatibility and adding support for some 45 new languages. Today, Google has taken a brief moment to announce some of the changes made to the Google Docs app for Android on the official Docs blog.

When Google Docs for Android first launched, the app was only compatible with the English language. With the additional language support added to the app today, Google Docs for Android now works in a total of 46 different languages. This is a huge step forward for Google and international Docs users. Users from all over the world can now easily manage their Google Docs account from their Android device of choice without ever having to leave Google’s optimized app.

Also announced in the update today are improved open and send functions, along with a new feature known as Web Clipboard. By using the camera icon on the Google Docs for Android widget, users can snap a picture, choose “Send to Web Clipboard” and access that content from their Google Docs account on any web-connected PC.

While the need for a tablet-optimized version of Docs and enhanced offline compatibility has yet to be addressed, updated language support and the Web Clipboard are welcome additions to the Android app. Do you use Google Docs? Will you now that it supports more languages?


Source: Google

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  • aj

    ill give it a shot

  • sesame street gangster

    46 different languages? holy cow!
    Did you know this,
    if you speak 3 languages you are trilingual,
    if you speak 2 languages you are bilingual,
    if you speak 1 language you are —– american!

    • Mark

      Ignorant dumbass.

    • Wade

      My high school German teacher had a poster with that quote on his classroom wall.

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    i would like to take this opportunity to tell you all that i just resigned as CEO of Apple Inc.
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  • anujahooja

    I can’t believe Google hasn’t released Docs for Honeycomb yet. I mean, c’mon – if you want your tablets to look great for productivity, you _need_ some sort of an office suite in there. And by “some sort”, I mean *yours*. The iPad came coupled with Apple’s office suite software. Even Windows Phone 7 comes with Microsoft’s multi-featured mobile office, and it’s awesome.

    Please, Google, give us a proper Google Docs client for Android tablets. _Please_.

  • Sameera

    I really need offline mode for Google Docs. Doesn’t sound like that’s in the works.

  • Stella

    I like the Web Clipboard feature but I was really hoping the next update would have an offline mode.

  • Sean the Electrofreak

    I feel kind of ashamed that I didn’t have the Google Docs app already installed. I mean, I use Google Docs via a browser all the time, so I’m not sure how I missed the app.

    About to go and rectify that.

  • Kim `hood rat` Kardashian

    The iPhone app is – as always- superior!

  • Shirna Manzano

    Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 runs Google’s specially designed operating system Honeycomb…I think it would be great to use your Google Docs…I m hoping that’ll work well..

  • Android emulator sucks big time