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Use your PS3 Sixaxis and Dualshock 3 controller to play games on your Android device

Sony Sixaxis

Android gamers of the world, rejoice! Most of you probably have many games and an emulator or two in your device, but playing with those on-screen buttons can be quite annoying. The only ones able to avoid these on-screen controllers are Xperia Play owners, but what about the rest of us? Well, if you have your PS3 Sixaxis or Dualshock 3 controllers laying around your bedroom, you can now use those with your Android devices.

This is possible thanks to an app called Sixaxis Controller, which lets you sync your PS3 controllers to your Android phone or tablet via Bluetooth. Sadly, the app is not compatible with all devices, and you need to have root access in order to use it. The developer has actually created a Sixaxis Compatibility Checker that is dedicated to see if your device is compatible with this app. The compatibility checker is available for free from the Android market, and the full Sixaxis Controller app goes for $1.65.

The application supports up to 4 controllers at once, so multiplayer action is definitely possible. You will also be able to remap all 17 buttons on your controllers, giving you the full PlayStation experience.

As a gamer, I have not heard anything sweeter than this in a while. Even if you happen to have an Xperia Play, it actually lacks the L2 and R2 buttons. Call me picky, but not having those two buttons is a huge deal. Plus, the Xperia Play controller could never give you the full grip and comfort of a full sized PlayStation 3 controller.



Playing PlayStation 1 games on your Xperia Play with the native emulator [1]

If the Sixaxis Controller app was not enough good news for you, this will surely make Xperia Play owners happy. Now that you can get your L2 and R2 buttons back, you can work on this hack that has recently hit the interwebs. You can now use your phone’s native PSX emulator to run your ISO files.

You can already play these with other emulators in the market, but none of them will work as well as the emulator on a PlayStation certified device. Yifanlu has been hard at work with this hack, and it still needs some work, but they have gotten some games to work. If you want more information about this hack, just head over to the dedicated forum at XDA Developers and follow along. Also, check out his video, in which he has Crash Bandicoot 3 working on the native emulator.


  1. Via XDA and Yifan.Lu

Via: Talk Android

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  • aj

    Ive seen this posted on sites like engadget and many others alike but it doesnt matter to me i love seeing this article. Ive contemplated gettting the xperia play but my love of high end specs kept me from getting it. But now that i can use and actual ps3 controller considering i was raised playing playstation(ps1,ps2,playstation emulator) i love that controller setup. But the fact that it can support up to 4 controllers is freaking amazing. Way better than using a wii remote or no disrespect to yongzh(famous emulator creator whos account got pulled which sucks) but playing over bluetooth or wifi can be confusing and a pain to use. So this rocks

  • Galen20K

    Awesome! Anybody know if it’ll run on my Galaxy tab 10.1?? thanks. : )

  • inviolable

    Probably the only way I would get to relive Die Hard Trilogy, so I might as well give it a try, but not on a phone. I need a tablet. I hear you guys are giving one away? :)

  • Healthy

    i still want a decently made bluetooth SNES controller, and there in lies the problem. if it isn’t a brand name controller (like the sony) all the third party ones suck dick city.

    i just want to play my roms without that stupid screen buttons. (and not have to carry a full sixaxis controller, think airport or similar travel)

  • Cwalden21

    Pretty Sweet Deal! Definitely gotta hit that Crash and Spyro up!!

  • fbfgb

    no surprise this is possible, phones do have bluetooth

    i play wii emulator of PC with wimote and nun chuck IMO that’s more impressive than sitting on my phone with a 4′ screen with a controller :D

  • A. Tatum Jr

    This is pretty cool. I wish there were more things that didn’t require root access though.

  • Raghav

    stuff these days are getting crazy

  • http://Note Uncemister

    If this works on tablets then say hello to gaming anywhere. Not to mention devs who will make android games based on this six axis checker!

  • iphoness

    Probably the only way I would get to relive Die Hard Trilogy, so I might as well give it a try, but not on a phone. I need a tablet. I hear you guys are giving one away? :)

  • youbuye

    I found DualShock 3 Wireless Controller PlayStation 3 for PS3 – Yellow is very cool and cheap, only $18.49
    if you want to have it, please go to this site:

  • edwin

    hello everyone i have connected my ps3 controller to my xperia tablet z and its working fine except for playing crash bandicoot using fpse emulator. im able to play it without ps3 contoller and i can actually play other games from google store… i have rooted my android tablet and im using sixaxis controller to connect to my ps3 controller… i hope theres someone here who can help me to play crash bandicoot in my ps3 controller greatly appreciated