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AT&T not rushing its LTE network, waiting for LTE handsets to mature


While Verizon’s LTE network is quickly spreading, AT&T is taking its time. AT&T’s new LTE network will launch in only 5 markets this summer and 15 by the end of the year. By then, Verizon will be covering 175 markets.

AT&T is currently working to provide a better spectrum for its customers, focusing more on improving the alternative 4G network, HSPA+. When out of LTE connectivity, 4G customers will fall back on HSPA+. This is still a very speedy network compared to Verizon’s EV-DO 3G network, which is what Verizon customers fall back to after moving away from 4G LTE coverage.

We are the only carrier with LTE and HSPA+. When you don't have LTE you will fall back to faster speeds than our competitorsPete RitcherSenior

It seems that said carrier is still trying to get some juice out of its 3G network. According to AT&T Senior Vice President Pete Ritcher, data traffic will be distributed among their LTE and HSPA+ networks, hence improving their 3G data speeds.

We will offload traffic to the spectrum for LTE and it will help with the performance of our 3G networkPete RitcherSenior

With that said, AT&T will be slowly spreading its 4G LTE network, with at least one LTE device being released by the end of the year. It does not seem likely that the iPhone 5 will be an LTE device, so odds are that Android fans will be getting a treat. Just like Verizon, AT&T will be offering access to the LTE speeds via data cards, with smartphones coming later on. You’ll be able to get a taste of these stunning data speeds before that smartphone is released.

AT&T is not moving as fast as Verizon, but it seems they are trying to form an established plan and have more alternatives. AT&T will not be rushing this network to the market. Instead, they will wait for devices to mature and proceed carefully.

Verizon’s 4G network has been known to have issues, and going from 4G LTE to 3G sure felt like a huge step down. An LTE outage wouldn’t have been a huge issue for AT&T users, since they would have fallen back on HSPA+ speeds. What do you guys think? Do you prefer a slowly growing, more reliable network or a quickly growing and very fast network?

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  • hldc1

    What a shocker…

    “Wait for LTE handsets to mature” is undoubtedly Latin or some other AT&T code for “we have no desire to improve our service and we would like you to continue overpaying for sub-standard service.”

    • Bacon_hat_guy

      When you as big as AT&T you can take your sweet time and CHOOSE not to innovate. Your not struggling to maintain and keep subscribers so it’s understandable to not take risks and provide your loyal customers with costly “new” technology. Hopefully for Apple fanboys Apple doesn’t take this same attitude with letting technology “mature” when deciding to release the iPhone LTE.

      I believe AT&T will countinue this attitude even if they get their way with T-mobile. It looks like the “2nd and 3rd” largest carriers of the future will be the trail blazers of new technology. I hope all AT&T customers are thanking AT&T’s political supporters that they don’t have LTE while others on rival carriers in the same markets do.

  • josegb2011

    by the time at&t relases their lte, verizon will have over 200 markets covered..waiting for 4glte to mature yeah seems like another excuse for them to keep their money?

  • PixelSlave

    May be that means there won’t be an iPhone 4G LTE to compete with our beloved green robot in the near future ’cause AT&T likely won’t be happy with an iPhone LTE sailing in Verizon’s water.

    • Ray

      This isn’t TIPB.COM. We don’t talk about CrApple products here.

  • Kevin

    This is the baseball equivalent of a team saying they would rather let their prospects mature in 4-5 years than compete with the Phillies and Yankees this year or next. Verizon has their pimples, but they are always trying to be the first and best in technological advances. AT&T is already up against the wall with losing iPhone exclusivity, so to actually throw out such a lame excuse for their slow developing 4G is only going to hurt them even more.

  • teecruz

    Dear FCC:
    What does this tell you? What EXACTLY does AT&T want with T-Mobile?
    I’ll tell you. .

    To say that AT&T isn’t interested in rushing LTE isn’t only interesting, because they claim that is their “ultimate goal”. But I, myself am uninterested in it. People claim so much about the technology, I have yet find it worthwhile. So it’s fast you say? Why do I care, speed is only the deceiving of time? Why must we all conform ourselves to something someone attempts to make standard?

    If the technology isn’t ready yet? Idk about you, but the speeds I get on dual-carrier HSPA+ are just up to par with today’s LTE? Why must I sacrifice my battery life, for another simple overhyped overrated branding?

    Here is why:
    Verizon of all carriers is the only one who deserves it. Allow them test the fields.

    AT&T? AT&T will and always will have crappy service. What is that you say? Crappy s e r v i c e.
    So why isn’t it surprising that they’d jump at any chance they can get to rid themselves of a competitor, who falls under the following:

    -Only Major GSM competitor
    -Better Customer Service
    -Perhaps, better at everything.

    Especially, when they claim they need T-Mobile to deploy LTE? But wait, they already had deployment plans? Do they really need T-Mobile? No.

    They can sit here, & say they are postponing LTE plans pending “approval” of this merger. But we know the truth. & let me say this, words aren’t enough my friend.

    Verizon & T-Mobile are the leaders in Android, AND Network speed. Why cut the cake?
    Sprint, a close second.
    Which is why I still question myself: why the FUCK do people consider staying with AT&T? But we all know that answer as to why they have their success, AT&T’s success is Apple’s success.

    Oh, but iPhone now exists on the Verizon side. So this T-Mobile merger? It’s just a stunt for AT&T to skyrocket passed Verizon yet again, to claim what they think is there’s.
    Silly AT&T, soon you will learn you’re games and tactics anymore.

    • josegb2011

      agreed my friend…in other words at&t just needs to grow up..

  • dethduck

    Wouldn’t want to waste that spectrum they’re lacking so desperately that they need to buy up Qualcomm and T-Mobile for, now would we?

  • charles burnette

    Two months till upgrade, I still don’t like this merger mess, At&t never was that good anyway, with their overage charges and poor customer service from what I have been reading I much rather stick with TMO or go to sprint. Good phone, good.service, reliable cour8er.

  • Yesteryear

    Ha ha. AT&T LTE? The current 3G/4G***** network is still slow and a shambles. Hell, I still have trouble getting a signal when switching to EDGE speed.

    Remember Edge? Its like the CD and 8-track of yesteryear.

  • Richard Yarrell

    They should take there time why not at least they are not rushing to put out devices that are overpriced like Verizon so I applaud At&t definitely. As far as being the best or providing the best android devices AT BEST THAT’S A JOKE. The best provider of android devices is and always will be SPRINT they understand the concept of affordability and provide the best devices based on that. Verizon and At&t aren’t even in the same ballpark…