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Video: Virgin Mobile saves the day after the AT&T/T-Mobile merger

There’s no better time than an acquisition to start hunting for unsatisfied customers. Like other carriers, Virgin Mobile is now trying to advertise its services before all the customers end up in one of the two major carriers. Aiming at the younger customers, this commercial doesn’t fall short in making fun of T-Mobile.

While it is a very small carrier, Virgin Mobile actually offers some stunning deals. With their Android plans starting at $35 per month, this small player might just be unbeatable. Available devices might not be the best, but the selection is improving. And their commitment to keeping Android devices free of manufacturer UI’s might be appealing to many of you.

This is the first commercial in Virgin Mobile’s new ad campaign. The campaign is going head-to-head with T-Mobile, so you should see them throwing more fire at each other soon!

Surely, many of us care a lot about this issue. T-Mobile users might not want to get thrown into AT&T’s arms after this acquisition takes place. When/if AT&T acquires T-Mobile, Virgin Mobile might be a carrier to consider if you want to save some bucks. What do you guys think? Which carrier will you go to after this merger takes place? Will you stick around with AT&T? Check out the video and let us know what you think!

Show Press Release
Virgin Mobile USA Takes on T-Mobile in New Advertising Campaign

Virgin Mobile USA Dares Consumers to “Find a Better Android Plan” Than Unlimited Web, Data, Messaging, and Email at $35 a Month

WARREN, N.J. — Aug. 8, 2011 — Virgin Mobile USA is going head to head with T-Mobile in its new advertising campaign which highlights Virgin Mobile as the best value for Android smartphones. The broadcast commercials star Sparahâ„¢, Spencer Falls and Sarah Carroll, Virgin Mobile’s manufactured celebrity couple and tabloid darlings, and imitation AT&T and T-Mobile spokespeople. Launching today, the first of two spots opens on a stark white set with an imitation T-Mobile spokeswoman in the familiar pink patterned dress but takes a spin on this cliché backdrop advertising by transforming it into an energetic Virgin Mobile party and portraying the lifestyle Virgin Mobile customers enjoy.

In the first spot, called “Party,” Sparah enters the set pointing out the depressing décor. The T-Mobile spokeswoman agrees that it’s depressing and adds, “And imagine us being taken over by AT&T, who’s last in customer satisfaction Customer satisfaction score based on American Customer Satisfaction Index 2011..” The imitation AT&T spokesman enters the scene and the backdrop flips to a nightclub environment reflecting the vibrant Virgin Mobile brand as Sparah points out that T-Mobile and AT&T customers could always join Virgin Mobile and, “Our customers only pay $35 a month for unlimited data and messaging on cool Android-powered phones.”

“T-Mobile has anointed itself as the value leader in wireless,” said Bob Stohrer, vice president of Marketing, Virgin Mobile USA. “Yet they’ve conveniently left Virgin Mobile out of their comparison set, so we’re crashing their party. No matter how you dress their plans up, they’re no match for Virgin Mobile’s no-contract, Unlimited Data offering at $35/month coupled with Android-powered phones like the new Motorola Triumph.”

Virgin Mobile recently introduced the Motorola Triumph as its newest smartphone available on the Beyond Talk plans. Triumph coupled with the $35 monthly plan provides the greatest value Comparison based only on competitor pricing of monthly web and data plans for Android-powered phones. Voice offers and limited time offers excluded. for an Android plan in the marketplace.

Sparah was first introduced in May in Virgin Mobile’s marketing campaign to tap into the country’s insatiable appetite for celebrity gossip. The manufactured couple has been covered in the mainstream media and often spotted out on the town in the elite Hollywood social scene.

“It’s a competitive market and we’re not going to shy away from an opportunity to debate things publicly so that consumers can see both sides of a story,” continued Stohrer.

The national commercials are running on cable and network television through the middle of September. Virgin Mobile’s campaign also includes cinema, national print, digital, web and point of sale materials daring customers to find a better Android plan.

ABOUT VIRGIN MOBILE USA Virgin Mobile USA, one of Sprint’s prepaid brands, offers millions of customers control, flexibility and connectivity through Virgin Mobile’s Beyond Talkâ„¢ plans for mobile phone service and prepaid Broadband2Go high-speed Web access. Virgin Mobile branded devices are available at more than 40,000 retail stores, including Best Buy, Radio Shack, Target and Walmart. Top-Up cards are available at approximately 150,000 locations nationwide and can be used for Broadband2Go services. Purchase and experience Virgin Mobile on the Web and at Facebook, Twitter, You Tube and

Source: VirginMobileUSA (YouTube)

Hello, I am Edgar Cervantes. I am an avid Android fan, and keeping myself updated on the topic is part of my daily life. I will always work hard to give the best of me to our community of Android enthusiasts, and I am very honored to be part of this ship. Hopefully we can all enjoy sharing our knowledge and opinions!

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  • Jorge89

    Virgin mobile fails, that $35 price tag only comes with the 300 minutes while their unlimited everything plan is $55, tmobile is still the better value with the faster network.

    • bacon_hat guy


      Tmobile: $30 = 1500 minutes or texts and 30mb
      Virgin: $35 = 300 min + unlimited data + texts

      If you text more and talk less and love data then Virgin is a no contest. This isn’t 1986 when you can ONLY talk on a cell phone. On the next price range Virgin is just $5 more. The only advantage of being on T-mobile is you can switch multiple phones hassle free due to network technology and better worldwide usage. In my area Sprint’s network coverage is better, doesn’t matter if T-mobile is faster if it has no coverage.


    While the prices are great as an avid Android enthusiast, I wont be satisfied with the phone lineup.. If they became the 4th largest carrier after a merger and got better phones , then maybe. But if that happened I am sure there rates would go up..

  • g2x review

    AT&T Wireless was a fantastic company in the days of digital phone service. They introduced web service with a SonyEricsson that surfed the web for free. It was a crude version of the web bit it was fun. When 3G technology arrived they launched a major advertising campaign for what they called ‘mlife.’ At the same time the excellent service fir which they were known simply vanished. Hold times were unbelievable and there was a problem every billing cycle. That year I spent MANY hours on the phone, mostly on hold, just to resolve issues. I left AT&T and don’t want to give them anymore chances. I went to Cingular who they then bought. So I went to T-Mobile. Now where do I go? I’ll wait and see if they’ve changed their ways but I doubt it. Remember how many iPhone users defected when they learned that they didn’t need to stay with AT&T?

    • William

      It seems that wherever you go, AT&T buys that service provider.

      • Tran Lang

        hahahaha…that’s true. You can run but you can’t hide, buddy.

  • DMM

    Virgin is owned by Sprint and doesn’t allow roaming off the Sprint network.

    I also saw Sprint is going to start throttling high data users (like T Mobile) starting in October.

    As much as I love Sprint (I’ve been with them for 9 years now), T Mobile seems to offer more for the money than Virgin Mobile.

    • bacon_hat guy

      Really? That’s new to me since I’ve been roaming on data all day long at work. There’s a 300 mb limit a month:

      Section was down for maintaince and this was in the forums btw. Or are you talking specifically about Virgin?

      • Scott Wana

        I think he is talking about not being able to roam with virgin mobile which is true. You can roam with sprint. I’m pretty sure virgin uses sprint towers but they are seperate companies.

    • Jaz

      What are you talking about? Sprint isn’t throttling anyone. Virgin mobile is owned by sprint but the throttling is only happening to virgin mobile customers. Sprint customers won’t be getting throttled. Get your information right before speaking out. Yes, tmobile might have great plans now but when they merge with att it is almost 100% that prices will go up and then virgin mobile plans will be better.
      Also, tmobile throttles users also. So go ahead and stick with tmobile, have fun when they merge with att and you get charged twice as much.

  • Dark Celibate

    I’m glad I left AT&T for Sprint back in December 2005 when they were called Cingular. I am satisfied with the service, but decided to check out Virgin Mobile when they offered the Optimus V. It is a great experience in the areas I use my phone the most. I’ll cancel my Sprint contract when VM’s lineup improves.

  • Daniel

    VM is a niche market for young people interested in unlim data and limited minutes.

    If its not for you, don’t complain. I personally can’t stand any of these carriers charging $70+ per month. Its bleeding us dry.

    Do you know how much Korea gets data for? roughly $15 per month. We need a revolution!

    Down with the tyrants! Big Red and ‘A for acquisition’ TT

  • thaghost

    Lol, funny.

  • YNWA

    Well the phone choices are pretty terrible at the moment. My girlfriend has the LG Android phone and the screen is tiny, and the phone is super buggy. GPS doesn’t work, and all sorts of random errors happen. Customer service is useless and won’t actually fix anything. No stores you can go in to for service, etc. It is a good value, but at a cost.

  • hi

    I use to have an optimus v on virgin mobiles $25 plan (now 35) it was pretty good but data speeds were terrible. Now i have a Galaxy S II on straight talk $45 unlimited everything and it runs on AT$T HSPA+ network it cant be beat.

    • Androidawg

      Gaxay S II on straight talk? How was this done?

      • hi
        • Tran Lang

          You’re right, buddy. Do the research to maximize all useful features on the phones we have. Very good to know. Maybe someday later I’ll run away from T-mobile and AT&T, I’ll come to Straight Talk. Good post.

          • hi

            Yea, its pretty awesome the only con was that you have to buy a nokia e5,e71 or 6790 just for the sim card. Also you cant sell them after if you still want to use the sim. But i got one on ebay for $80 plus it came with 1 month of $45 service. so i basically got the best sim card ever :) for $35 pretty awesome compared to the many people on howardforums who pay $170 for it new. and then dont even use it. Because they think that used ones dont work because the imei #’s or bad alot of the time. Just make sure its clear before you pay.

          • hi

            I meant *are bad* not *or*. Also

  • Drew

    We had Virgin internet service for about a month as it was super cheap at $30. Let me tell you, we couldn’t even connect our computers to it! Sometimes it would work, others it wouldn’t. And when it did work, I could only open simple pages. So Gmail was out of the question for a whole month! I had to go to places with free wifi just to check email. Anyway, I can’t imagine their phone service being much if at all better than this considering we were using their “3g” internet service.

  • Paul

    As long as they don’t screw up the MVNO’s I’m happy. I use Simple Mobile, a T-Mobile MVNO and get a better deal than being with T-Mobile directly. AT&T’s network is superior to T-Mobile’s network, in terms of coverage and bandwidth. It’s their pricing and customer service and tech support that blows, but I don’t use any of that. So if T-Mobile gets access to AT&T’s superior network and AT&T doesn’t f’ over Simple Mobile, I’ll be a happy camper.

    • hi

      I had a htc sensation on simple mobile but then i realized that tmobile’s coverage really did suck in my area. so now im very happily running a galaxy s ii on straight talk. It runs on AT$T hspa+ network and i get 2 mbps+ everywhere i go

    • DREW

      iVE always wondered about simple mobile.. is it worth is? Is it reliable, and a viable option after
      Tmo is gone?

      • RonWeez

        once Tmobile is gone they will probably gone along with them cause they use tmobiles cell towers and everything else

  • Dr. Magik

    AT&T will get the merger their a very powerful company. When the iPhone 5 is released AT&T will have it before Verizon. People may knock AT&T but I have had their service since 1995 and I have had no problems. Their are too many Myths’ you can call it that Verizon is bigger and better. But I live in NYC and a vast majority of Cell users have AT&T or T-Mobile. I’m not saying Verizon or AT&T is better but I prefer AT&T. I am a loyal employee and customer. But it’s pretty opinion based when It comes to phones. People get a bad taste in their mouth then switch providers. I will stick with AT&T I like my SIM Card.

  • SliestDragon

    The actual Carly is prettier than that person. Glad they took the time to find that annoying of an actress to make fun of T-Mobile with. Too bad their line up of phones isn’t good enough to back up their claim…. :/

  • sylar

    Yea Virgin Mobile is a niche that is good in some areas and absolutely useless in others. It also depends on what your interests are, if they have what is right for you.

  • Jayson

    What they forgot to mention is that their new Super awesome android phone the Motorola Triumph only comes with the 1900 megahertz radio chip (instead of making it a dual radio for both of sprints frequencies) so you can enjoy horrible reception indoors and you can forget about using google navigation unless you drive a convertible and have clear skies

  • Angie Strickland

    Hah they portrayed Carly pretty harsh, but I guess that’s what commercials are for.

  • RonWeez

    Tmobile really doesnt have any room to talk cause they are selling their soul to ATT…. SMH

  • Greg

    That guy’s suit bothers me so much.

  • Scott Wana

    The only people who benefit from VM are people who can’t afford a real carrier. There nationwide service is terrible. You can’t roam like sprint can. Data speeds? What a joke! Phone prices are not subsidized so you end up paying $150+ for phones that are often free. Did you know they actually change the hardware in some of their phones like the optimus so you dont even get a phone that is as good as the real thing?

  • Tom

    I think its ridiculous for virgin to poke fun at t mobile. their service sucks their phones suck. plus they get some fat pig to make fun of carly. miss faulkes is gorgeous. Um 1 word , jealousy. and yes that girl in that commercial is a fat pig.

  • houstonspace

    Ok, I have a T-mobile phone – does Virgin offer the same system as T-mobile (GSM), or will I need to buy another phone?

  • dkilla

    eh, ill put up my vm optimus data speeds up against tmobiles (4g) any day.
    some people just enjoy being sucked dry of there hard earned money

  • Joyncdund

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