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Android vs iPhone by state: Who is on top?


Would you like to know what mobile operating system dominates in your state? Planning to move anytime soon? Here’s a map that can guide you in the right direction! Stats and info graphics are always fun, but today we have something extra special for you.

This map shows which US states are dominated by Android, Blackberry or iOS. Android and iOS are obviously the most dominant platforms in the country, but some states are still Blackberry territory and some others that are neutral.

There’s somewhat of a pattern in this map, as you can see. It seems there’s a sort of an invisible diagonal line separating the distribution of platforms. The map illustrates that iOS dominates in the northern/eastern half of the country, while Android seems to dominate in the southern/western section.

These statistics are very interesting, but we have decided to take things a little further. Aside from just knowing which platform is on top (and where), we decided to see how the numbers relate to other maps with state-by-state information.


Android as the “iPhone for the poor” is an argument iOS fans often tend to use. Android does offer some great, cheaper options for those who want to save some bucks. While this may mean people with less income could be lured to Android’s affordable options, the case is that most high-end devices cost almost the same as the latest iOS devices. The map clearly shows that many of the richest states in the country are dominated by Android, which could prove that Android’s success is not solely based on price.

Gasoline Tax Rates

When it comes to gasoline taxes, things seem to be spread out equally. Of the states with the highest gas taxes, 5 are dominated by iPhone users, while only 3 of are dominated by Android users. It seems iPhone users are still paying more for their gas, though! Look around next time you see gas prices going up!


Your first instinct might be to look for apples on the map. So much for Washington apples; the state is actually Android dominated. It really doesn’t prove anything, but we thought it was a funny random fact.


In general, states on the bottom right corner of the map have more issues with obesity. This may not tell much, but that area is also where the more “neutral” mobile platform states seem to be. Android is dominant in both the leanest and the most obese states, though, which may prove its diverse nature. “Bi-winning!”

Wrap Up

These stats are mostly just fun to mess around with, but there might be some factors that do contribute to a state being more prone to a certain type of device. What do you guys think such factors might be? Wealth? Fashion? Religion? Politics? Let us know what you think. And if you find any good connections that we missed, let us know! Also, do you live in an Android or iPhone state?

Via: Into Mobile

Source: Jumptap

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    I am in an ANdroid state (Florida) yippy, but a year ago used to live in a BB state (NY).I cant figure out what would attribute to whom prefers what phone other than personal taste.. Well I take that back because I am sure the fact that you can get an Android powered phone for free on many networks with a contract and the wide selection leads to its dominance in most states.



      • BiGMERF

        amazing how some really have no life and all they do is troll the web….

      • the rural juror


      • steve19137

        That english is so screwed up, I can’t even decide what your trying to say. I mean, usually trolls with bad grammar aren’t this bad, and we can usually tell what they mean, then flame them based of that. But in this case, we can just flame you based off your terrible english.

        • Ray

          Honestly, your use of the English language is not award winning either.

          Maybe you could learn how to use commas and periods. Grammar check would be highly advised.

  • mongbinhthuong

    I’m in California. Proud to live in an Android dominance state.

    • nosense

      Actually the states where IOS dominates are the dumbest ones: Oregon, Ohio, Illinois, Wisconsin, etc…

      My 5 cents: for Apples mass retardarization

      • sylar

        Ok buddy then where do you live? I’m going to guess at an IOS dominated state.

      • NikkiSharif

        Ummmm…Ohio is an Android state!!!

  • Epiktetus

    The first thing I thought of is dress. More likely to wear a suit? iPhone (or maybe BB). More likely to wear jeans to work? Android.

    It fits where I work too.

    • AME

      I must semi-disagree with you on the suits… I would NOT say iPhone users are the suit people. That was their big thing in the “Mac vs PC” commercials. The iPhone guy was much more casual.

      I would say that the iPhone crowd are the hipsters. Walk into an Apple store– every guy has a beard and listens to indie rock. They’re all artists which is why they MUST use an Apple (sarcasm). [This is true in the Los Angeles area, at least.]

      I would say you were right by saying the BB users are the suits. Businessmen are the only ones left getting new BB contracts. Washington DC and NY are BB.

      • Mike S.

        I have a beard and listen to indie rock (among most other types of music). I love Android.

        • AME

          I didn’t make a biconditional statement. Nor could I have possibly been saying that those were the only people using Apple products… Steve Jobs himself does not have a beard. I was also just making an observation about the customers in the Los Angeles Apple stores.

  • Ichigo

    Wow, android dominates in big states, NY, Texas, Cali, Florida.

    • Stephanie

      another proof that android is for the poor (i got an iPhone)

      • jbrandonf

        “Another proof”? You sound dumb. Even before I finished reading the rest of your comment.

      • sylar

        And sold them your brain and soul.

    • ndokami

      well technically NY is a blackberry State but i live in NY and im a proud android user.

  • Greg

    As far as iPhone dominance, take a look at the states where AT&T and its ‘children’ were the original designated providers of cellular service way back in the beginning; before the Verizon’s and Tmobile and the rest were around.. It would be interesting to see how that maps out. Old Ma Bell customers that never changed their landlines and just added cell service to existing accounts probably account for a lot of that iPhone domination, at least in the northeast, especially since its more likely their kids are the ones with the iPhone..I can remember when I was first contemplating getting a cellphone in the ’80s, since AT&T was the designated provider for the area, it was cheaper to go with them than it was to pay their roaming charges on other providers. People hate change, if they were pushed into AT&T for low tech back then, they’ve probably never changed providers.

  • Mitch

    I don’t understand why MN’s food is “Fried food on a stick”. That’s only at the State Fair.

    But I do see why MN is iOS. Minnesotans are pretty Hippie-ish. (At least in the cities).

    • droiddewd

      I agree about the fried food on a stick I don’t eat much of that even at the state fair but I don’t consider MN a hippie state and the same for Android users. I wouldn’t consider hippies to be tech enthusiasts and that’s what a lot of android users I know are.

    • steve19137

      Well, I live just south of Minneapolis, and I can tell you that Minneapolis is a very connected city. Many local businesses here use FourSquare, and other organizations use various technologies, most commonly in the form of iPhone apps. As a high school student, iPhones are also seen in a better light then Android phones. That is simply a result of about 10% of my friends getting an LG Optimus budget phone on one of the networks here, and then simply not knowing how to use it properly, and basically giving up in frustration and spreading a bad name. As for the older demographics, ATT service here really isn’t bad at all, compared to Manhattan. I hear it’s really bad there. Verizon service is good here also, therefore driving people into buying iPhones because of the high quality of the phone and of the signal, resulting in a high concentration of iOS devices. Of the people that I know that have Android phones, they truly are the more tech savy, but not necessarily to the level of rooting just for the fun of it, like many people here.

      Either way, it’s easiest to attribute the iOS dominance to the integration of business to customer by technology, and that is either web based or iOS apps.

      And by the way, we aren’t hippies. Just health freaks :D

  • matthew

    From the healthiest state, Colorado. Rocking my EVO 3D in a Android dominant state. That’s weird because i see more people with iphones and apple products here then I do android. Maybe because I work at zagg and their main product base or money maker is apple and its the store right down the hall from ours.

  • heinz ketchup

    android sells a lot of trash phones, while apple sells the high quality iphone. only a few can afford the superior iphone and the others have to go with the trash phone! and they dont even know wtf android is!!!!! why is my screen so fugly green and look at this stupid robot! wtf pink t-mo bitch was a bloody liar

    • BiGMERF

      I would be willing to help moderate the board to help get rid of the low lives

      • Taylor Wimberly

        New login system for the comments is in the works. There are going to be some big changes coming soon.

        • BiGMERF


      • Jim

        I will vote for you. Someone needs to calm these people down.

        • sylar

          @ *$#@ off idiot

          And I suggest you do the same!

        • Steve

          A very well thought out response, oh and clever name. Were you up all night thinking about it, and that’s what you came up with. Well, job well done.

      • sylar

        Thank GOD! And if you need any help with moderating or any thing I will be glad to grind these low lives into dust.

    • Storm14K

      Yep they walk into stores and buy those ugly trashy phones many times over an iPhone even when the iPhone is cheaper. So either the iPhone is worse than trash or we’re down to the last few butt hurt iFools still stuck in their contracts so they can’t get an Android.

      • Ty Miles

        If everyone wants Android then why does Apple make 66% of mobile profits. I mean how can you sell more and make less?

        Some funny math going on! Maybe that activations VS sales math?? Hummmmm.

        • Poosh2010

          Maybe because Apple is a company that makes both the OS and the phone, while android is an OS that’s spread over a number of different phone manufacturers.

          it’s not rocket science, but I wouldn’t expect an iphone user to understand, what with all the spoon fed lies they tend to believe!

        • Mr Guzz

          ‘cos……Crapple Brainwash Propaganda !

        • Mario

          I never really get it. Why do the apple trolls even care to come to an Android website?

          • sylar

            @ Mario

            Because they have no other entertainment in their sad sad lives.

    • AME

      That “pink t-mo bitch” is hot and everybody knows robots are strong and kick ass.

      • AME

        This was a reply to “heinz ketchup” one post above.

    • Ryan Kim

      Android doesn’t sell phones, stupid. OEM’s do.

      • Ryan Kim

        Ignore this. It was meant be a reply to another comment.

        • Ryan Kim

          Never mind this is the right comment.

          • Ryan Kim

            I need to be able to delete comments.

    • ihatefanboys

      Are u retarded ? my G2 costs about $400 off contract.

    • Chris

      Is that why most high end androids are the same if not more than the iphone? Come on what are you going to say with your 3G iphone 5 that is just now getting feature that have been in other os forever. Good luck playing catch up now.

  • Storm14K

    Man that transpo stat on Houston really hits home for me when you see it in pixels. Its cheap to live here but you will burn some gas, time and money on car maintenance like its nothing.

  • SoDark

    How about comparing it with democrats vs republican

  • E1

    Nah that I’m saying the EVO is the top Android in ny but I hardly seen any body wif a bb here and I live in the city I ride the sub way every day and I have to say I seen more evos n iphones than bbs so if any thing ny is neutral

  • Keith

    I’m a proud owner of a Droid X and I’ll probably get a Nexus (whatever) for my next phone. Now that I’ve established I’m not the random iFanboy who stumbled across this site with disgust…

    Who decided having 2 greens was a good idea? you should’ve used 2 colors and then have the colors blend based on the percentage of each type of users, it would’ve looked a lot cooler to see Yellow & Blue then the strength of green appear as the 2 colors battle it for dominance. Plus I want to see the percentages, not just be told California has more Android users!

  • Ty Miles

    If the richest people buy android and more people buy android then iOS. then why does Apple make WAY more money??

    Something funny about the numbers or Android is being given away not only by Google.

    • hoosiercub

      Because once you get sucked into that stupid iEnvironment, you have to have all the iAccessories and iAddons to go with your iDevice. Not to mention they generally cost more on the up front, off contract price, and I know quite a few people that obviously don’t have an upgrade every year and pay the full $800+ for a brand new, off-contract 32GB iPhone.

    • CactusCat

      Ok, Mr. Ty Miles, I’ll explain it in simple terms so that you can understand it. I would have figured since you were one of those superior iPhoney dudes, you could have figured it out for yourself. But since you can’t, this lowly Android user will take the time to explain it to you.

      Apple makes one phone, the iPhone. It had a two year headstart over Android devices and became very popular during that time, creating Apply loyalty (Apple does a very good job of doing that…kudos to Apple and Darth Jobs). Ok, now to your question. Why does Apple make WAY more $$$? They make more $$ because you are looking at the question incorrectly. We are coming IOS vs Android in this article, not how much $$ is being made. Android and IOS are operating systems. Apple is a company. You’re trying to compare Apple to Android and they are different things. Android is totally FREE, no money charged for it at all. It is used by OEMs on their products. So, do a bit of simple math. To answer your question, Apple makes MORE $$ than any SINGLE other competitor, but if you took all of the competitors that sell Android devices then add them together, that total would be much larger than Apple’s $$ amount. Thus you analogy is flawed. Apple makes more $$ than any other single competitor, but Android sales make $$ than IOS sales. To get Android sales, you must add all the sales from all the other manufacturers. Do you get it now? Android sales bring in more $$ than IOS sales, but that $$ is divided between a lot of companies. And now you know the rest of the story…..

      • CactusCat

        Since editing functions are unavailable here, I wish to correct two sentences in the above statement. “We are coming IOS vs Android in this article” should read “We are comparing IOS vs Android in this article”. Also, towards the end, “but Android sales make $$ than IOS sales” should read “but total Android sales make more $$ than total IOS sales”.
        End of corrections.

      • Tran Lang

        I’ll answer Mr. CactusCas’ question for Mr. Ty Miles. Dear Mr. CactusCas, even you tried your best to make me (Ty Miles) see the math, I still don’t get it. I am trapped in the circle of iOS and Apple and I don’t know, or I can not visualize, how big the world is if I get out of iOS and Apple’s trap. So, I’d rather get out of this Android forum and get my ass back in my trap to think about your simple math. Thank you very much.

  • alex

    android, new jersey! :D

  • bw511581

    You dont have to be rich to have an Iphone. I live in Louisiana(Iphone state) but im an android user and I see alot of people in the buisness im in and alot of them are very low class low income familys with Iphones and they think it makes them special to have an Iphone. True story I found a lower end android phone in the restroom at my work and I wanted to see if I could find out who it was for so I started to ask the guest who were dinning if the phone belonged to them, I ask this one lady who was clearly not rich or even close to it and her response was ” no way thats my phone I got an Iphone.” as if owning an Iphone made her special or something LOL…..

  • tariq

    Yes it seems mr jobs is doing a really really good job of milking his cow’s completely dry. Most of us have realized what value for money is. When we buy an android we pay 90% for the phone and 10% for manufacturers profits whereas with the iphone its the other way around. Those stupid cows pay 10% towards the phone and thats not exaggerating and 90% towards mr jobs profits. Just like dairy cows these human cows just love getting milked dry. So get ready you simpletons for another session of really good milking, the iphone 5 is coming but for you smart guys and galls out there, theres a feast of state of the art technology in the shape of evo 3d, sensations and samsung s11. I just cant believe those dummies are proud of the fact the someone is making so much profit from selling them there phone. We love google and android where we get almost everything free! !

  • Dre

    I think it’s cool android controls most of the largest states, would like to see it against a population map.

  • Mr Guzz

    Android…..Arizona ;)))

  • Robot Human

    It’s a surprise I live in an Android dominated state. Most of my friends have iPhones and they’re annoying. Lol.

  • YRk

    Should have looked at intelligence.

  • Emily

    Android sucks


    Guys can we get some moderating done please?!

  • Richard Yarrell

    I live in the money capital of the world THE BIG CITY OF NEW YORK and yes android rules as well as iphone out here in these parts. As far as devices you see plenty of EVO 4G’S and IPHONES as well as BLACKBERRY’S so in my mind it’s pretty much neutral out here. New dualcore devices are making there way into population here in the city walking down the street, riding the bus/subway as well as just walking around I see plenty of Gx 2′s, Droid X’s and Evo 3D’s as well as Nexus S’s. Android is well represented here in New York City and I as a user the platform of choice in my world will never change as well as manufacturer and carrier. I am in to it for the long haul…Android forever….

  • Raghav

    Texas is smart!

  • Moo

    I am in Florida and had iPhone 3g for two years and now chose Android (Nexus S). Love it and do not miss ios at all. I could of bought whatever I wanted and chose Android. When next Nexus 3 comes out may sell this and get that.

  • HiyaBuddy

    I’m not surprised that Massachusetts is ios dominated. Being a life long resident of the Bay State, whenever I go out I see a lot more iphones than android phones but it looks like android is gaining popularity here. LOL @California for having more android users I know that sounds so biased because millions of people live in California although I am a little surprised

  • italianmagik

    LOL NY is Blackberry. Where I live iPhone’s are like belly buttons, Everyone has one. But I guess if this Map say’s that its Blackberry Dominate I better run and grab a Torch or something

  • SliestDragon

    Cool. Arizona is an android state. And not the fattest state! :D

  • sylar

    Surprising I live in an IOS state and i know a total of ten people with Iphones of any type everybody else has an android of one sort or another.

  • pacobian

    Interesting facts… I would like to see thios with a map marking the range of ages, and anotherone with some kind of informatics education average…