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Can the HP Touchpad become the best $99 Android tablet?

HP Touchpad Android

This week HP announced they would discontinue operations for webOS devices, which resulted in the $99 firesale of the HP Touchpad. Even if webOS might be dead, the tablet is a steal considering the hardware bang for the buck. The TouchPad features a 9.7 inch LED multi-touch display, dual-core 1.2 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon S3 processor, 16GB or 32GB internal storage, 1.3 megapixel front-facing camera, and Beats audio.

Another reason you might want to consider the TouchPad is the likely port of Android. A group of hackers called The TouchDroid Team has already formed with the goal of building Gingerbread for the device from the Android Open Source Project (AOSP). Google does not plan to release the source code for their tablet OS (Honeycomb), so the TouchDroid Team will have to wait for the next version of Android (Ice Cream Sandwich) to be released this fall.

The team has their work cut out for them, but the TouchPad was built on Qualcomm’s Snapdragon S3 platform, which already shipped in several Android smartphones. Both the HTC EVO 3D and HTC Sensation 4G use Qualcomm’s MSM8x60 part, but it’s from the same class of processors as the APQ8060 found in the Touchpad.

Most of the online units have already sold out, but you might get lucky and find one at a local retail store like Best Buy, Radio Shack, Staples, Office Depot, Office Max, Sam’s Club, Fry’s, and more. Best Buy issued a press release stating that their TouchPads were on sale immediately ($99 for 16GB, $149 for 32GB), but some stores are not honoring the price until tomorrow morning.

Let us know if you already took advantage of the special pricing. Do you think the TouchPad is worth $99, even if webOS falls behind the other mobile platforms? How long do you think it will take before Android is ported to HP’s tablet?

Via: Best Buy

Source: HP

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  • Chris

    ….I was needing an Android excuse to get excited for the Touchpad being $99…THANK YOU for giving me one!

  • sdijoseph

    Yes! I just snapped one up for $160, and I absolutely can not wait for Gingerbread and Ice Cream Sandwich to land on this device. It’s especially exciting for me, because I could not have afforded a high-end tablet otherwise.

    • Big Bawl Mcgraw

      You just missed the bumrush at Barns & Nobel for $101+ shipping. TROLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL!!!!!!

      • Tits Magee

        Somebody got ripped off on eBay!

      • sdijoseph

        I got the 32 GB version.

  • WickedToby741

    I picked up a 32 gig one for $149. I think its definitely worth it because even though the device may lack a little polish, WebOS is still a nice OS, plus, like this article says, its likely to be rocking Android sooner than later and may even stay more up to date than official Android tablets. At the prices both models were offered, they were a steal. I mean we’re talking lower than Kindle and Nook pricing with a ton more features and possibilities.

  • aj

    Dude i cant find it on the best buy website. I went to the hp section on the website and i got this literally 20 mins after reading this like at 10:50.
    who knows maybe it will be fixed tomorrow

    • TWiT Commander

      It’s too late now. Most places were out of stock on Friday night IIRC. I was lucky enough to grabs 4 of them.

      • Taylor Wimberly

        Wow they let you buy 4 or you went to 4 stores?

  • ericl5112

    I bought the Touchpad for webOS. I have heard such good things about the OS, even with lacking app support, I thought I’d try. Besides, I already have a transformer. Now, if webOS is absolute crap, I’ll flash ICS.

  • jd

    I was gtalking with a friend and she was on her newly bought Touchpad. I can’t vouch for other things but its input was really bad. Almost every sentence she sent had some wrong auto-corrections. I had to guess what she meant half of the time.

    • cb2000a

      I have decided not to pursue getting one after talking to a manager in the electronics section at Costco. They had returned all of theirs back to HP. She said a lot of them were returned to the store “because they were too slow”. I will hold out for the new upcoming quad core tablets.

      • Bryan Buckley

        Sounds like a SW problem, not a HW problem.

      • teej51685

        Also, there is a kernal available via Preware that allows you to overclock the processor to 1.7Ghz. Couldn’t hurt speed.

  • pitacrisps

    I was offered one of these by my friend who is a retail manager today and my cheap ass said no. Now I’m kicking myself in my cheap ass!!!

    • thaghost


  • thaghost

    Definitely worth $99

  • Brandon

    Webos isn’t dead… Just the phone and tablet line

    • TWiT Commander

      Is there anything else to WebOS other than the phone and the tablet?

      • Stephen

        Just the tablet, phone, and… oh wait.. there isn’t anything else.

  • Sheila

    Yes, I ordered one at the “Buy It Now” price of $119 on eBay from DataVis. Com.! Plannong on trying to pick up another one from BestBuy in the morning.

  • d1292b

    Wow thats a great price

  • isaiah

    Man I got one and wanted another went to best buy they said every store was returning them to corporation was happy to get just one. It was so dumb that they had them but wouldn’t sell them

    • Ari32

      Best Buy has since changed their stance on this and are now selling them. I’d recommend going back and trying to buy one again

    • Stephen

      Not dumb… If for (example purposes) Best buy bought them for 200$ And they NOW have to sell them for 99$ best buy is losing 100$ every one they sell… So it would just make sense… However hp has told best buy they they should just sell them and get what they can. So BB no longer is losing money. So they are being sold today. for 99 and 149

  • R.S

    I was able to pick up three TouchPads (one 32gb and two 16gb). I’m keeping the 32gb for myself and giving away (as gifts) the two 16gb tablets.

    Though it took me a bit to get the hang of it, I have to say I’m loving this tablet. Even if eventually all I’m able to do is surf the web, check email, and listen to music (probably the extent of what most tablet owners do), I’ll still be 100% happy with my purchase. If Android is eventually ported, even better!

    So far, the only negative (other than the obvious lack of apps) is the lack of accessories for the TouchPad.

    -Posted from my HP TouchPad-

    That’s not really my signature but I thought it was worth adding just once.

  • Thomas Hunsaker

    Considering the current state of the $99 Android tablets that are being sold at Walgreens, this would be leaps and bounds better. The next closest “tablet”, Nook Color, would have a run for its money, though an actual Android device might be more stable…

  • game

    I picked up a HP tablet as well almost all bestbuys are sold out of them so good luck trying find one 2 mmarow

  • Kevin

    I don’t think i’d pick up any HP stuff personally unless i’m in the verge of dying.

  • luiek20

    i wouldn’t trust the stability of android running on a non android tablet, but for $99 i can deal with a few bugs lol.

  • Lewis

    Its still like £349 in the UK , which sucks, as Im 17 and can’t afford a high end tablet. So im saving up for the Asus eee pad Transformer. Only £100 more to go :)

  • DeRocKK

    If the Touchpad would be that cheap here in europe I sure as hell would buy one.

  • jer

    I am typing this on my touchpad 16gb. I work work at OfficeMax and my manager just said you want one they are only 99 I did not even think about it and bought one. And yes its worth it. Now the store is all out of them.

  • ryaninc

    I picked up two of them for $99. That price is just too good for what the hardware is. Even if I just use it for couch surfing or even give one to my 2-year old (she always wants my tablet), then it’s a worthwhile purchase.

  • RichKidFresh

    2hrs and 6miles. Once Android gets ported I will probably consider this the greatest win.

  • Scott

    I had an old Best Buy $100 gift card hanging around gathering dust. I just turned it into a $6.99, (tax) tablet. free shipping. Worst case scenario; the tablet never gets used and occupies the space on the kitchen counter where the gift card has been for the last year, but I’m sure someone will port android for this puppy shortly.

    • teej51685

      And if it’s sitting on the kitchen counter anyway you can use it for or some other recipe website instead of printing things or dragging a laptop into the kitchen!

  • pknyo is allowing orders now. I just snagged one!

  • Orlando

    I work at best buy and the minute we found out about the price change everyone got in on it

    • Stephen

      Haha, i work there too… Im the New Tablet specialist… When i came in everyone was freaking out… i was like what????? We didn’t know we where even selling them till late last night. I’m going to go in…. in about 2 hours to pick up my 32GB Tablet :)

  • Grey Beard

    I honestly can’t believe so many people purchased one. The only reason to do so is to install Android when it’s finished but that is MONTHS away when you look at how much work it will take to get a stable version. For the majority of the idiots who don’t posses the slightest idea of how to root or flash software, you will be stuck with a tablet with a few hundred apps and horrendous battery life, good luck.

    • Sean the Electrofreak

      Rooting and flashing is NOT difficult. Anyone can do it. And webOS isn’t so terrible, it’s a $99 tablet!

    • Futureboy

      The statement that the only reason to buy one is to install Android is not quite accurate. Several people in this thread even stated that they bought it as an internet surfing device, and at $99, that’s a solid deal for such a device.

      Second, just because someone doesn’t readily possess the knowledge of how to root and flash a device, doesn’t make them an idiot.

    • SylusF

      Months away? Are you a developer working on this project? If so can you give us an ETA, we’re all really itching to flash Android on our tablets. Better yet can you link us to a rom or a kernel that you’ve developed so we can flash that on our phones? Here’s a wake up call… Just because you know how to root and flash doesn’t mean you’re smart. Going on a blog and insulting a bunch of people’s intelligence for spending $99 on a product makes you an asshole though. I hope that role is working out well for you.


    I picked up a 32gb online for 134.. then my lady walked through the door and said i have a surprise for you! i looked and it was a 16gb version.. lol, for the price its a steal! Actually is pretty snappy

  • Futureboy

    I love how the HP propaganda video frames the touchpad as just short of miraculous.

  • Stephen

    Am i the only one who noticed that on the HP tablet commercial is shows the girl from glee singing behind it wile she’s playing with the screen… yet there is NO back facing camera?!?! i find this really annoying!

    Because a lot of people just assume because of that commercial it has one… not so :-/

  • Interpol91

    I just bought 2 16gb touchpads!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • ramesh

      from which store you bought

      • Interpol91 but last I checked their site crashed. I’m glad I got there before everyone else did

  • Tony

    I don’t care what anyone says, if you think that this thing going on clearance for $99 was a STUPID purchase … well… you’re probably just upset you didn’t get one. it’s a nice device even if you were just using it for web and email. The newest OS update has improved performance significantly. I’m much more impressed than I thought I’d be

    • BiGMERF

      Same here Tony.. Only issue I have is the app support. Terrible ! I will never complain about Androids lack of app , compared to Apple.. Poor webos users had it bad

      • Interpol91

        Can’t wait to check out the app support for myself. Thankfully I just bought this one for mild school use. My Galaxy Tab 10.1 is my go to one for gaming. Hopefully the Android port happens soon!

  • issac4760

    Ohh well…..didn’t get one!!!!! So pretty much all the employees got most of them. And then that one lucky person who bought the rest of 4 or 5 of the remaining ones… I hate you Guys….. (sorry I’m just jelly as fuck)!!!!

  • Nick

    I decided to buy one of the 32GB models after reading this… I hope they can make Android run on it!

  • AWOL
    • Pedro

      All gone now from Amazon now. Geez I hope they honour my order, which went through only moments before the cheap ones were gone (got 2). Confirmation emails tells me it is all good, but lets see what happens in the next day or so.

  • Nathan

    I ended up buying a 16 GB for $200. But in reality, I could have gotten a bottom of the line tablet for $299, and I didn’t have to buy an iPad 2 for $499.

    In the end, $200 will be well justified.

    Grats to everyone who got one. I am anxiously looking forward to an Android release for this tablet.

  • mongbinhthuong

    After reading all your posts, I decide to buy one for myself and let it sit there to wait for Honeycomb or Ice Cream Sandwich.

  • Lee

    I assume there are all gone online. I’ve looked everywhere for the deal price online and can’t find anything.


    • alex

      call ecost .com customer service line there web site is down but just call them i was on hold for about 30 min but i got one and they still have some left call 1877-888-2678

  • SliestDragon

    Just ordered 2 of them from Barnes&Noble! Excited! :D

  • kim
  • Jay

    Just ordered the 16GB.. Will keep it in the box until christmas. Hopefully android will be ready to be put on this thing by christmas.

  • Tran Lang

    i guess HP touchpad is now officially the hottest selling table of all time, even crazier than what it was when iPad2 came out few months ago. I just ordered 2 from BN. Still waiting for the shipping conformation email.

  • PJ

    got TWO [email protected] $25 gift certif = $208. SWEET

  • Alex Nguyen

    I’ve seen a lot of comments by people saying that those who bought the Touchpad during the fire sale have just purchased some paperweights since no one will be supporting this thing…well, I’ll have you know that a team of highly talented Android developers are beginning work to port Android to this thing, so =P More on the whole fire sale and Android port on my blog:

  • H2O

    Just ordered 5 from B&N… waiting for shipping confirmation.

  • Mike

    Got mine at Wal-Mart Sat at 8am. The store hadn’t updated the price but ppl were buying them site-to-store. I found the last 32GB & 16GB w/ a sales rep with another guy eyeing them. I promptly snatched the 32GB and paid for it asap. Good thing b/c as the guy and I were paying they had just been purchased online!!! Close one there.
    Oh some of those ppl who bought 4-5+ are here ->

  • stueyuk

    GUTTED, the UK Bestbuy is still showing £349 for the 16GB version! Can anyone contact Bestbuy to see if they’ll do it here too?? even for £99 rather than the USD equivilant??

    • Warkman

      PC World in UK selling 32Gb at £115 and the 16 for £89!


    for everyone who missed it.. HP has a notify me link up for stock comes back in

  • Stella

    Yes!!! I just ordered my touchpad from B&N. I had to work yesterday and then had to do a family thing. So, I missed all the excitement online. This tablet will be great addition to house.

  • Stijn

    Does anyone know where to order one in the Netherlands? B&N are saying they cannot ship there…

    • BiGMERF

      do you have any family stateside? if so send it there and they send it to you?

      • Stijn

        Yeah, actually I’ve got a friend in NY. But I think every shop is sold out by now… B&N is…

        • BiGMERF

          wow that was quick.. did you sign up at the hp website to get on the list?

          • Stijn

            Where can I sign up., I cannot find it on the site.

  • Derek

    Was anybody actually able to get one from BestBuy for $99? I was the first person through the door at my local BestBuy Sunday morning. They told me they sold out on Saturday. But they werent marked down on Saturday.

    What happened is I bet every employee wanted one at $99 so they probably ran them through credit cards of friends.

  • Bacher

    well it is out of stock in barnesandnoble,
    anyone found a good online store with the cut down price?

  • Lee

    Ah i’ve been trying to get one of these for 3 days it seems now. I’ve been trying online and at local stores. The last 2x I was at a store to get one the person before me got the last one!!!!

    Lets all help each other out and if you know about where there is some online or it pops up let’s notify each other. I’ll keep this window open on my browser.

  • Rod

    HP TouchPad Sale to Continue This Week, How to Score a $99 Tablet

    By IBTimes Staff Reporter | August 22, 2011 2:59 PM EDT

    Don’t feel bad if you’ve missed the first boat to acquire a $99 tablet computer, the HP TouchPad sale is expected to continue this week according to the company’s social media manager who says a second wave of the firesale will begin “early in the week.”

    “HP getting more stock of TouchPad early in the week,” Bryna Corcoran tweeted on Monday.

    While no more TouchPads will be manufactured, HP is set to release more TouchPads as a part of their clearance sale. Consumers will be able to purchase the tablet at a discounted price of $99 for 16GB and $149 for 32GB.

    HP has pulled the plug on its tablet computer which had disappointing sales since its release in early July. In a bid to clear out inventory, the price for a 16GB TouchPad fell from $500, to $400, and now to $99. The price of the 32GB TouchPad fell from $600, to $149.

  • Lee Action

    Well it’s good to read that news from HP, I guess I’ll just keep the HP site open on my browser and refresh it.

    Does anyone know any other sites that make restock their tables to sale again?

  • Hardin

    I got two from BestBuy in the middle of the night Saturday night. Praying for the ‘your item has shipped’ email. Even for $149, this is going to be the BEST value tablet of the year(at least until Amazon releases theirs)! And I’m an Android die-hard. The biggest bummer of this device is lack of NETFLIX. But it has the Kindle app, so maybe I just switch over to Amazon Prime for a while.
    I’m still mad about the NETFLIX rate increase anyway.

    For all of you who missed the deal, don’t worry, a bunch of stooges have already listed a bunch on ebay for $200. LOL!!!

  • ZRod

    Does anyone know if I should update to 3.0.2 68 on my touchpad? I just want opinions on if it may even have a sliver of a chance to prevent me from hacking Android onto this thing.
    My gut says no but it says nothing about “security” enhancements and its still Linux sooooo… =/

  • Monte

    First off, sorry if I sound like an idiot. I gave up trying to keep up. My question is: could Xubutu be used?

  • BattleGeek

    For $99 its definately worth the money. Maybe HP are taking the sony approach like with the playstation sell it cheaper and get the OS out to as many people as possible. But if its really being discontinued then its certainly worth every penny and I would definately inject it with android when it became available.

  • jerry

    My friend and I got the last two at our local Best Buy. You can’t beat 99 bucks and tax for a tablet. Can’t wait for android.

  • Michael

    If you look comparatively at other tablets, getting this kind of hardware is a steal. The screen is pretty much the same as the ipad2, and it has more ram and a faster processor than the ipad2 out of the box, which can then easily be overclocked to an insane 1.7ghz. Granted, it is a little portly and doesn’t have that delightful antiseptic look of the ipad2, but for the reduced price I can forgive that, and considering its made by HP, you know its going to be solid and its going to last awhile.

    As for the laggy software, people everywhere who have actually used their device for any amount of time are saying that it is just the sync in WebOS working itself out and that performance improves dramatically after everything equalizes. If consumers would spend more then 1 or 2 days with a device before making snap judgements then a lot less of them would have been returned. If you remember, a lot of people were trashing android when it got big for the same reason, until they all realized it was not an ipad and that you actually had to USE your device and change settings ect. to get performance.

    Shop around and see what else you’re going to get for $99-149. It’s not going to be anywhere close to the touchpad’s specs. The touchpad KICKS THE CRAP out of everything else in that price bracket, even before you consider the impending port of android. It is a great opportunity for those of us who don’t just have an extra $500+ laying around to get our hands on some solid hardware.

  • Alex

    in which store will i get hp 16gb touchpad for $99 ? i m frm long islands .newyork.

  • Samuel

    Here’s a way to take your touchpad for a spin.. Its lovely to have android on touchpad :)

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