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Detailed FCC filing for Droid Bionic outs 4.3″ display, world-phone GSM and more


As we continuously inch ever nearer to the release of the Motorola Droid Bionic (XT875) on Verizon, more and more great information on the device leaks out. While we’re pretty firm on the idea that the Bionic will indeed be release on September 8th, there are certain things we couldn’t seem to confirm until now.

Thanks to a detailed filing with the FCC for the Bionic, we now know the device will be rocking a 4.3-inch qHD display. That’s what the user guide for the Bionic says, along with some other interesting information that should get your heart pumping. We all know the Bionic is slated to launch with 4G LTE, but it will also come with CDMA, GSM 900/1800 and UMTS 2100. That means that not only will the Droid Bionic be a CDMA/LTE hybrid for use across the US, but it will also be able to function all around the world on GSM networks with the use of a SIM card.

Also of interest in the filing is the mention of Netflix, a dual-core 1GHz processor, 1080p full HD video record, an inductive charging battery door for charging without cords and a special “cool down” feature for keeping your device safe in extreme conditions. Apparently, if your Bionic gets too hot, a message will appear on the screen that says “cool down.” During that time, only emergency calls will be allowed to be made. I’m guessing this will really get some people going. Hopefully cool down mode doesn’t happen too often, or your phone will essentially be useless.

As more information continues to leak out on the Droid Bionic, are you becoming more tempted to buy? With a dual-core processor, qHD display, full HD camera, LTE and world-phone GSM bands, it looks like the Bionic is still going to be one of the must have devices of 2011 – delayed or not.

Via: Android Police

Source: FCC

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  • Marcus

    This phone is pretty cool. I mean even though it is delayed and all, it seems pretty future proof.

    • United States of Canada

      Agree, the new iPhone 5 will MAUL this $hitphone!
      Droid Bionic=Ryan Leaf
      iPhone 5=Peyton Manning

      • snowbdr89

        Iphone = brian bosworth

      • repeat for truth

        Agree, the new iPhone 5 will MAUL this $hitphone!!
        Droid Bionic=Ryan Leaf
        iPhone 5=Peyton Manning

        • Cuong

          Manning is $hit.
          Bionic = Brady

      • snowbdr89

        i agree the iphone is a $hitphone

  • Dirge

    Wow, looks like an amazing device. :D

  • aj

    Well I must say I’m slowly getting more and more interested back into this phone. But I’m going to need more on this cool down feature. And as repeated before I will wait for majority of the reviews and see if verizons sgs is packing any new features from what know. But the biggest determining factor is if it has an unlocked bootloader.

  • Bioniced2Death

    This thing has ben drawn out entirely too long by both Motorola (who at least did have something to say) and Verizion (who has chosen to make no comments but has managed to piss of 45,000 workers).

    I am inVIGORated at the prospects of newer and better phones being offered by Verizon in the near future. It might just turn out that the V in VZW stands for Vigor and it will be the standard device in Verizon’s corral.

    Too much of a good thing is not good for you – we all know this. And with the Bionic too little of a good thing tends to exasperate you and have you looking elsewheres. We’ll see what happens.

    • snowbdr89

      Thats what im holding out for is the vigor

  • hinds2009

    Phone buyers have no patients. They want it yesterday and if it was released yesterday and issues were discovered they would say why did you release it then! The when it is released the specs and hardware look great, much better than the previous version. Motorola needs this to be a blockbuster phone and that’s why it’s releasing in sept.

    • http://Website rstat1

      Ha they might have patients if they’re are a doctor or something.

  • Richard Yarrell

    Another battery draining LTE DEVICE and this time verizon will break the bank asking everyone to pay 300 to 350 on contract price because they love RIPPING OF THERE CUSTOMERS they do it every month….

    • thaghost

      lol, it seems that you hate verizon rich. this phone is ugly but this will certainly be a big beast for those who get it. if i had extra money to throw around i would get this(after the nexus 3 and hercules). but since i don’t have money to throw around, im waiting on the nexus 3.

    • GRAW

      Richard, stfu and go enjoy your “cheap” phones from your favorite companys, Sprint/htc/Qualcomm.

      • GRAW

        Oh, forgot to mention, Droid Bionic and Verizion FTW.

    • snowbdr89

      @ dumb dick yarrell howcome i get 18+ hours on my tbolt ? Dick is jealous of vzw because hes to poor an has to use sprints shitty wimax. : )

    • Zer0-9

      Richard –
      In waiting for this phone (or any dual-core, LTE, 1GB RAM device) I actually went in to Sprint with an interest in switching. I wanted to check out the EVO 3D and Photon as well as pricing. Sprint doesn’t offer enough options in their plans and it would actually cost me $30 more per month to switch my wife and I from Verizon.

      The price of the LTE devices is higher than usual, however there is currently no other carrier to compare apples to apples. Should an LTE radio cost $100, no, but we don’t know what the Lightsquared agreements look like either.

      Lastly it is “THEIR CUSTOMERS” not “THERE CUSTOMERS”

      • Eludium-Q36

        Wasn’t a Sprint store you went to when you say they don’t have enough options in their plans – they feature EVERYTHING plans, what’s to be optional ?? – and that they would cost $30 more than Vzn – um, that’s bassackwards, Vzn costs $40/mon for the same plan features for a smartphone, I just priced it last night !

        • snowbdr89

          Two features sprint dont offer, coverage and fast data!!

        • Zer0-9

          You see you mistakenly assume that I need an EVERYTHING plan. I don’t use standard text messaging as I refuse to pay for a service that MUST be provided. Also on my family plan I only need 700 shared min per month (and not really even that much). While Sprint doesn’t offer anything less than 1500. If you compare the plans directly for all shared features, sure Sprint is less expensive, but I can have a lower monthly bill with Verizon and still satisfy my usage requirements.

    • mikeyDroid

      I seriously don’t even understand why price is EVER even a “selling point” with these phones.. it’s a flagship phone, they’re ALL 2-300 on contract, nothing EVER changes about that. Stop being ridiculous – it’s give or take 100 bucks on an item you should hold onto for at least a year or two. Work an extra shift at McDonalds and get over it.

    • squiddy20

      Hmmmm, considering it has been confirmed that Sprint will be switching to LTE in the next 2 or 3 years via LightSquared’s services, I’d shut up about “battery draining” LTE. Try keeping up with the real world for once. It obviously does not revolve around pitiful little you.

  • josegb2011

    guys richard is simply expressing his opinion no need to be mad at him he has his right, as we all do .now in my opinion verizon is simply the best carrier just because they have the best coverage and best call quality in the u.s. in my experience with other carrriers their service just hasnt been as good, yes their cheaper but what is the point if is not satisfying.. richard i understand you dont like verizon and its fine but no need to provoke people to get you and me know android community are very sensitive..and in my opinion of this phone i love it but just not ground breaking as other future ones coming, i would still get it because i just love the droid line always had…

    • snowbdr89

      @jose f**k dick yarrall

  • SliestDragon

    Ooh, it’s a world phone too? Didn’t know that. Now that is a nice device. If I wasn’t on T-Mobile…

  • rencontre en ligne

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