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Droid Bionic put through preliminary battery test


When the average consumer is phone shopping, words like Super AMOLED, Super LCD, quad-core and Snapdragon don’t usually mean much. Of course, for the average technology enthusiast, those words are what you base your decision on. But there is one thing, enthusiast or not, that affects everyone’s decision in purchasing a phone: battery life. If a smartphone can claim a full 20-24 hours of battery life with heavy to moderate usage, it instantly becomes more appealing to everyone. And for good reason, too. What good is a dual-core, qHD, Super AMOLED, 4G data device if it won’t even turn on?

Unfortunately, battery technology hasn’t really caught up with the rest of smartphone technology. It’s pretty normal for battery life to be, quite frankly, terrible on Android phones. Will that hold true for the next crop of phones coming out this holiday season? If the pre-release battery tests on the Droid Bionic are any indication, things could finally be looking up.

An anonymous source from over at Phandroid has been putting the Droid Bionic’s battery to the test. And, so far, things seem great. According to the tipster, the Bionic’s battery can easily make it through an entire work day (on 4G) and round off the night with some battery to spare.

30% left with 15h 50m 56s on battery.
48% Cell standby, 44% Phone idle, 6% Display, 3% Android OS.
The above is average usage: 2 5-minute video clips (speakers are pretty loud), browsing the net for about 1 hour, checking e-mails from time to time. WIFI off though. 4G all the time. Uploading/downloading a few 8mb files.Anonymous tipsterPhandroid

If you’ve ever used an Android device on Verizon’s 4G network, you’ll instantly recognize that these numbers are fantastic. And with future updates, we can only assume battery life will get better.

Also revealed in the battery tests is a new pocket detection feature. Apparently, Motorola has enabled a feature that turns off the Bionic’s screen and locks the device whenever you put it into your pocket.¬†Clearly, Motorola is taking the Bionic to the next level. While it may not have Ice Cream Sandwich or a Super AMOLED HD screen, it does have features that will surely tempt even the most hardcore Android users.

Source: Phandroid

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  • Nathan

    Hooray for better battery life! :D

  • CJ

    I’m calling total BS on these Bionic battery numbers. My EVO 3D will easily crank out 18+ hours if I let it sit and do nothing for most of the day. And that’s with WiMax on. With 3G only it’ll do 22+. But again, that’s with it doing nothing which is what the Bionic numbers seem to indicate. I fail to see what everyone is getting so excited about. 6 months ago the Bionic was my projected future phone but alas it took too long. I truly hope it does get great battery life I’m dubious of the claims thus far.

    • ok?

      yeah.. but WiMax is 2G compared to Verizon’s 4GLTE so it’s not going to drain alot… My phone’s T-Mobile “4G” beat out my friend’s whack ass WiMax shitty speeds… I felt sorry for him..

  • Alex Nguyen

    I am pleasantly surprised at how fast this thing is. Never was a fan of TI OMAPs, but this new dual-core chip seems quite snappy. More on the Bionic at my blog:

  • Juliana

    OMG i knew it was a battery drainer! Im getting the more powerful iPhone 5 instead!

    • Steve505

      I hope you miss Amazon MP3 and Adobe Flash.

    • devilduck

      How are you like your iPhone5?

  • HackNet

    Bionic = Atrix

    Same Difference.

    • Zer0-9 different screen, different cpu, different software, different antennas, different battery

    • Richard Yarrell


  • Richard Yarrell

    Honestly I have to CALL OUT THAT Anonymous tipster on PHANDROID if they were so sure why be Anonymous PUT YOUR NAME TO YOUR WORK…Those number up top are totally IMPOSSIBLE. I purchased my EVO 3D on June 24th 2011 and it launched with android 2.3.3 I was getting 16 to 23 hrs battery life everyday. Most recently I believe August 23 the EVO 3D recieved an update to android 2.3.4 and with this update came many enhancements and now my battery goes 22 to 30 hrs daily. as recent as thursday I got 37 hrs of battery life and that was just leaving it on 3g updating my facebook notifications receiving emails from 2 accounts scyning and plenty of applications runing in the background google plus notifications, yahoo messenger video chat, htc sense runing in the background as well as various other applications. Today as of this entry My evo 3d has been unplugged since 5:00am and as of this written entry my battery is at 16hrs and 52mins and 10seconds. my numbers are DISPLAY 47% VOICE CALLS 33%CELL STANDBY7%PHONE IDLE 6% ANDROID OS 4% MEDIA SERVER 4% I am currently at 41 percent battery left… Let’s not make like this Droid Bionic is the answer to all the problems as far as android battery life is concerned cause at best THAT IS VERY DOUBTFUL. Verizon overall has a battery draining network that will ALWAYS BE..In my book if you can get 16 to 23hrs daily out of your STOCK BATTERY then what more can any person need or want. My stock evo 3d battery is at 1730 mil amp and there is another STOCK battery that can be purchased that is 1900 mil amp that will still fit in the orginal back of the phone without changing anything and yes there is the 4000 mil amp battery which is crazy big. I am pretty sure they will come out with another STOCK extra Mil amp battery that will be bigger than the current battery of the bionic. While battery technology needs to improve I have a funny feeling that the dualcore devices will be MUCH BETTERY BATTERY WISE WITH ICE CREAM SANDWHICH VERY SOON because then the whole android OS will be optimized for both cores. We have yet to see the potential of all the dualcore devices on the market…Battery wise the EVO 3D RULES THIS CAMP THAT’S DEFINATELY…..

    • GRAW

      QQ sum moar.

    • snowbdr89

      Dick why not put up a screenshot of that n show some proof..

      • Richard Yarrell

        I definately will try to do that very soon…

        • squiddy20

          Hahaha, I’d love to see you try. Especially considering you’re the moron who still thinks “all” apps can be removed from your phone without root. You’ve also in the span of a month or so stated rooting was for “2 plus year old devices” and then on to how you were “looking into” rooting your phone, then to “holding off” [on rooting] until ICS comes out. If you can’t even get your own thoughts in order, how can we even possibly hope to hold you to “your word”? I’m not expecting much of anything. Keep dreaming though.

          What’s even MORE sad is the fact that, even if you provide us with a whole slew of pictures, it won’t mean jack sh*t. You could’ve copied the pics right off the internet. You could’ve borrowed someone else’s phone who has much better battery life than yours. All we have to go on is “your word” which, as I basically said before, doesn’t go for much.

          • snowbdr89

            dick id love to see that screenshot because I know you’re dumbass is full of shit AGAIN

    • Shark

      Paragraphs, please.

      • tehsusenoh


  • Max

    I don’t know what everyone is whining about, this phone looks awesome! I’m sure it’ll be updated with ICS sooner than later, considering Googles new power of influence on Moto

  • Ramon

    These battery numbers don’t mean nothing without telling us the “Display on time” by hitting display in battery status. The percentage is not a good indication, 3% could mean 1hr of display only.

  • tehsusenoh

    Wait, you told them you would be rooting?

  • kph3

    My friend has a new Droid 3…it has the pocket detection feature that turns off the screen as well and it does work. Must use the light sensor. If you put in the front pocket of baggy cargo shorts, it may or may not turn off the screen…but if you put it in a tighter pocket, the screen goes off every time.

  • Noodles

    No way are those power statistics true… he was browsing the net for an hour and doing other things and the display only used 6%? Nope.