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Will the Droid Bionic feature a massive 4.5 inch display?

Droid Bionic

Motorola’s upcoming Droid Bionic is the most-hyped Android device right now with good reason. It’s the first phone to combine Verizon’s speedy 4G LTE network with a powerful dual-core processor. It would appear that everything there is to know about the device has already leaked out, but there might be a few surprises left.

Tonight our friends over at Droid-Life released a couple new pictures of a test device in the wild. It looks pretty much the same as the last time we saw it, but now we get a better view of the bump on the back that was first revealed in March (remember the Motorola “Targa”?).

There is also a picture showing the Droid Bionic next to the Droid Charge. The full specs leaked out earlier this week and we were expecting the Bionic to feature a 4.3 inch display. However, when we see the phone side-by-side with the Charge’s 4.3 inch display it appears the Bionic is slightly larger.

Could the Bionic actually feature a massive 4.5 inch display similar to the Samsung Infuse? Verizon should be released the long-awaited device around September 8th, so we will find out soon.

Will the Bionic have a 4.5 inch display?

Source: Droid-Life

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    Im sure we will get an exact size of the screen waaaaay before that 9/9 date… Not that I really care it being a Motorola (BLUR=yuk ( IMO ) and on Verizon.. LOL

  • AceoStar

    If it comes out in 4.5 I’ll get it on release. (big ass hands syndrome) That’ll be the only thing that really sets it apart from the rest of the top end devices coming out this summer. First dual core, 4.5 LTE device.

  • russd456

    it could be because the bionic has a qhd display so the screen ratio is 16:9 instead of 16:10 that the 800 by 480 wvga has. Either way its still going to be pentile and suck! :P. the only thing that can beat the super amoled plus display would be a 4 inch + retina display but i doubt that will happen any time soon

  • aj

    Im not going to lie. The 4.5 inch screen has my interest a little piqued again but overall its going to take alot of positive reviews to get my attention off the htc vigor and SGS II. Like it was mentioned dont want moto blur and locked bootloader and dont want pentile screen. And and i dont want 5 hour batter life with all pixels that phone is going to have to push. I hope they preloaded it with a decent sized battery

    • rs

      Fyi, pentile screens save battery life that’s why moto is still doing it. Man I love all the negitive remarks on the pentile. My wifes super amoled screen sucks and is “fuzzy”. The only screen out there that is better is prob the retina display.

      • Jeff

        I’m pretty sure Super AMOLED Plus competes very well with the Retina display.

  • Christopher Chavez

    Loooooove 4.5-inches (that’s what she said)

    Haaaaaate Pentile display

    Let’s hope this bad boy is packing a good ‘ol fashioned TFT LCD display :D

  • @billnewl

    Please give me credit for the last photo…

    • kretz

      your credit is on DL bitch.

      • @billnewl

        Plz go, no one cares about you.

  • WickedToby741

    I personally don’t really care for the 4.5″ screen, especially if its pentile. For me, 4.3″ is plenty big enough and I’d settle no problem with 4″. I think my interest is personally shifting to the Vigor. Sense is way better than Blur, being HTC it should be unlockable unlike the Bionic, the screen will be way better, and its still a dual-core 4G LTE device.

  • Richard Yarrell

    Htc Evo 3d vs Droid Bionic.. BRING IT ON. Also Motorola Photon 4g vs Droid Bionic. Oh yeah 350 price tag on contract for Droid Bionic is that true??

    • snowbdr89

      Evo vs droid bionic – evo with that whimpy wimax droid bionic with lte so id take the bionic.

    • squiddy20

      Not everyone is as dirt poor as you, little Dick. Some people can actually afford to pay for better things. F**k off.

  • snowbdr89

    Dick yarrell do everyone a favor an disappear trust me nobody will miss you!!

  • Dirge

    Hm, 4.5″ is a bit too big. 4.3″, like my Charge, is big enough for me.

  • PracticAndroid

    I don’t know about having such a big screen. I got rid of my Droid X because I felt like I was always going to drop it. Anything bigger than 4″ is just not very practical. Try quickly typing with one hand with that 4.5″ mammoth.
    Now imagine a 4″ phone with all the specs of the Bionic….estar mucho bueno!