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Get the best Android phone for free today at Best Buy

Nexus S

The Nexus S doesn’t have a dual-core processor. It doesn’t feature a 3D display. There is no HDMI port, microSD card slot, or even a notification light. However, ask any Nexus S owner what they think about the phone and they are likely to tell you that it is the best Android has to offer.

So why does a smartphone that was released in 2010 rank among the best that you can buy right now? It all comes down to software.

As most of you know, the Nexus series offers a pure Google experience which means no bloatware or funky skins. Best of all, the updates are managed by Google so the Nexus devices are always the first to receive the latest Android software.

I’ve owned the T-Mobile version of the Nexus S since it was launched last year and I can easily say it’s still my favorite Android phone. Even though it doesn’t have a dual-core processor, the overall experience just feels smoother than any other device I’ve used.

The other major advantage of the Nexus series is that they are fully unlocked, which allows you to easily load a custom ROM like CyanogenMod.

Best Buy Mobile Offers All Versions of Nexus S from Google for Free on August 3

Today Best Buy announced an exclusive one-day sale on Nexus S phones valid on all carriers who support the device - AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile. Customers can pick up a free Nexus S, either as a new phone or an upgrade purchase, with two-year activation. The deal is available at all Best Buy, Best Buy Mobile specialty stores, and online at If you want to order online, the deal is live right now.

Isn’t the Nexus 3 coming out later this year?

Yes, it’s true that we are expecting another Nexus smartphone to be available by Christmas, so please consider this before you buy. I seriously doubt the Nexus 3 will be offered for free, so I’d still take advantage of this special Best Buy offer if you are in need of a phone right now. If you want to upgrade to the next Nexus later this year, you can always pass your Nexus S along to a family member or resell the device on a site like Swappa or Gazelle.

Best of all, you can be sure that when Ice Cream Sandwich (the next version of Android) is available that Google will release it for the Nexus S. It probably won’t happen on day one, but the Nexus S should be the first existing device to receive the update.

If you own the Nexus S, please sound off and let the potential buyers know what you think of the device.

Source: Best Buy

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    Great phone. I always loved mines and still do til this day. Vanilla android has always been my favorite. If you need a phone now. Get it. If not wait until the n3.

    • ダッシュアクションゲームアプリ

      iPhone 用ダッシュアクションゲームアプリ

  • Christopher Chavez

    Woah, woah, woah…. “BEST”?? Hmmmmm…

    Well, I’m not gonna lie, even though I love my Evo 3D, the NS has been hard for me to resist. Now that it’s FREE well, this makes it even harder.

    • Taknarosh

      Best is something really subjective, as the Galaxy S II might not have Vanilla Android but it really has some nice additions even if the looks of TouchWiz is not for everyone.

  • Anthony Tarallo

    Ive have had mine for a year now and no other android phone Ive used hits the spot like this one. super smooth and now super free! jump on it.

  • Jonathan

    I was actually in the process of purchasing a Nexus S from Wirefly before this showed up on my screen. Fortunately, the order was held up for verification, so I just canceled and will now save $50. Yay!

  • Dags

    Now that they have started building CM7 for the Sensation, I’d say that’s a much better choice.

  • Tombert

    I wonder, I wonder. Does this work if your contract isn’t up yet, so it essentially adds two years to it, or does it have to be at time of a free upgrade (I’m on T-mobile). I wouldn’t mind getting a free Nexus S…

    • bob0mb

      I am curious about this as well. My full upgrade won’t be available until June/July 2012.

      • Tombert

        Unfortunately for both of us, live support is closed and for some reason, it wont let me complete checkout. Guess I’ll find out in the morning

    • BenSWoodruff

      I understand you get an early upgrade with T-Mo after a year. Or, at least, that’s what I was told by my sales person from my local store (who knows in other words lol). And yeah, it would add two years to your contract from tomorrow.

    • adrian

      you have to either add a new line or have an upgrade available to get it for free, sucks, for me it was between the G2x or the nexus S and i went with the G2x, i’m not regretting it, its a beast of a phone but i wouldnt mind having both

  • Front Side Bus

    Great deal, thanks for the info

  • impaler

    THIS is the BEST Android has to offer? Sad.

    • Jaz

      What are you talking about? Let me guess, you use an iphone? Can anyone say “brainwashed”. If you don’t own an iphone then what phone do you own?

  • dmeetris

    This why I didn’t get the nexus s 4g it don’t have a memory card slot…..if it did I would love this phone

    • Justin Shapcott

      I, too, had this qualm about the Nexus S when it came out. Truth is… I have a G2x. It comes with internal storage much like the Nexus S (only less of it). It also has a slot for removable storage. I still have yet to put any removable storage in. The reality is, most of us probably don’t need a ton of storage on our phones. But, we do like options, and I am glad that my phone does have the option to expand storage if for some freak reason I needed it.

  • utp+cable


  • uknowme

    I have not had the pleasure of owning a Nexus device yet. This seems like a pretty damn good deal. Unfortunately I just upgraded to the EVO 3D. Not that I’m complaining, I love this thing.

  • Joshua T.

    I love my Nexus S, but I just cracked the screen on it. Should I get it fixed or just wait for the new Nexus?

  • Mario

    If your previous SD card was only as big as 16GB, or even lower, and your previous phone is also a single core phone, I say go for it! I previously own a Samsung Galaxy Spica, so it worth the upgrade.

    If not, simply wait for the Nexus 3 or whatever they are going to call it.

  • Richard Yarrell

    People with the Nexus S will feel what they feel which is fine they are entitled. But I know being a former evo 4g owner that the evo 4g was a better device hands down NO CONTEST. And we will leave the evo 3d out of this until the Nexus 3 comes out and can offer some competition. In my book by the time the Nexus 3 comes out in December the top 5 devices might be Galaxy S 2, Evo 3D, Nexus 3, Hercules, and the Htc Vigor.

  • jm

    ordered mine!

  • Scotter

    IMHO in 2010 when the Nexus S came out it was nearly obsolete already. Go into a two year contract to have one *now* when there are already superior phones on the market? Yes, the HTC Sensation has Sense on it but if you don’t like that you can root the phone or just run LauncherPro or ADT.

    Would you seriously go into a two year contract for a phone in the Summer of 2011 that has 512MB of RAM, 800×480 resolution, a single core 1ghz processor, and no removable memory card?

    I hear some of you saying the phone is “smooth & fast” and I’m sure it is for many things just like my Nexus One is. But try throwing something hard to do at the Nexus S. Taylor has already mentioned there are a whole slew of games this phone is sluggish playing. Right Taylor? Extrapolate, people. And if you are eager for a new phone (like I am), there are better offerings available right now and in the very near future. Don’t waste your 2-year contract subsidy!
    Here is my list of phones available now and near future laid out in an easy to read format:

    • Sean the Electrofreak

      “IMHO in 2010 when the Nexus S came out it was nearly obsolete already.”

      Yike, obviously you don’t know much about smartphone hardware. When the Nexus S launched, it had the fastest GPU on the market (PowerVR SGX540) and there weren’t even any dual-core processors on the market when it initially launched.

      It was after the Nexus S launched that the Tegra 2 phones started launching with Cortex-A9 dual-core processors.

      Agonizing over memory totals also indicates a lack of understanding of hardware. High memory values really only allows for better multitasking of a large number of applications (like, over 12).

      While I would state that getting a Cortex-A8 phone like the Nexus S at this time is considered buying last-gen hardware, (hence the deals), it’s still an excellent and powerful device that is easily tweaked and modded due to being a Google phone.

      I’d say if customizing your phone and your ROMs is more important than pure hardware specs, the Nexus S is hard to beat. You can get a Cortex-A9 that will outperform it in benchmarks, will be tiny bit smoother when under a lot of load, but if it’s got a locked bootloader, you’re going to be jealous when the guy with the Nexus S is rockin CyanogenMod 7 while you’re stuck with whatever your carrier dumped on you.

      It’s all about preference.

  • IDMD11

    Is anyone really going to sign a new 2-year contract for a nexus s when the Nexus 3 is a few months away?

  • Guy

    I recently had the Nexus S 4G for about two weeks. I loved the super amoled screen and the svelte feel of the phone. However, download speeds were abysmal and people could barely hear me on the other end of the line. IMHO, it’s not much of a “smart” phone, and certainly not the best, if it has these two problems.

  • sylar

    Hmm, no I think I will keep waiting.

  • Jaz

    Although the nexus s is a nice phone I would not sign 2 year contract. You’ll be kicking yourself in a couple months. I would just buy the nexus 1 on ebay and keep that till then. I still like the nexus 1 look over the nexus s for some reason. Either way if you really want the nexus s and need it then just pay ebay price for it and resell it when your ready to sign a 2 year contract. Either way the nexus line is nice due to its upgradeability. I just wish that htc made the next nexus again just like the first one. The feel of the first one was better and didn’t feel cheap like the samsung version.

  • Tran Lang

    I love the phone and I am ordering one right now for my baby. Can’t miss this sweet deal. I just can’t…

  • frankwhite44

    The Nexus S 4G is hands down the best Android phone out. It might have came out last year, but it still hasn’t been beat!

  • Sarah

    My 2 year contract with AT&T still isn’t up, does this mean I don’t qualify? I got the Pantech Impact last July and it is absolute crap I am ready for a smart phone! haha

  • Robot Human

    This is going to sound lame but whatever. The day the Nexus S came out, I went to BestBuy to check it out and the guy told me they’re sold out so I asked to see the display phone and he said it doesn’t work though, the battery is dead. I said, “That’s fine. Can I still see it?” I actually felt cool touching and seeing the Nexus S in person. That was the day I felt like a geek. My cool friends don’t know this side of me.

  • Noel

    As an owner of the N1 who passed on the Nexus S, this deal doesn’t sway me to take a plunge cuz i can smell the new Nexus just around the corner. That will be my next device period..just hope it comes to Tmobile first or to all the major four networks. As rumored Apple is planning a major assualt with the new iPhone 5 and 4S on all the four major networks so Google should also up their attack plans to include a lunch on all four major networks. The third time should be a charm

  • Foram

    i luv it