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Google not playing favorites; Nexus program will continue on as normal


When Google announced they’d be acquiring Motorola Mobility for $12.5 billion this morning, the first thought on everyone’s mind was “how is Google going to use the hardware now at their fingertips?” If Andy Rubin is telling the truth, then the answer may surprise you.

In the teleconference that came after the initial announcement, Google and company were very open on how they plan to use Motorola. Above all, Motorola was acquired for patents. Google will continue to operate as normal, with Motorola remaining a licensee and nothing more. While this may not be how it eventually turns out, for now any and all OEMs will still be on equal footing when it comes to Android handsets. Yes, even Google Experience Nexus devices:

We have this strategy where we have this Nexus program, and we have this lead device strategy. That strategy has worked quite well to help focus the team.

What we do is that we select each -- around Christmastime of each year -- we select a manufacturer that we work very closely with to release a device in that time frame. That includes, also, semiconductor companies and all of the components that go in the device.

Essentially the teams huddle together in one building. They jointly work in these development efforts -- they go on for nine to 12 months. And ultimately at the holiday season, or right before it, devices pop out that are based on this effort.

We don't expect that to change at all. The acquisition is going to be run as a separate business. They will be part of that bidding process, and part of that lead development process. And obviously Android remains open to other partners to use as they are today.Andy RubinGoogle

Up until this point, Samsung was rumored to be near the head of pack in the race for who will manufacture the next Nexus device. But considering TI’s role as the lead platform for Ice Cream Sandwich and Motorola’s relationship with TI, don’t be surprised if Moto lands the gig.

How do you feel about Google’s acquisition of Motorola and how it ties into Nexus series devices? Would you be upset to see Google stick with one manufacturer? Would a tighter level of control make for a better overall experience?

Source: Android Central

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  • epic_n00b

    i don’t care about that. All i care is UX on the Nexus phone.

    • amtati

      do you have soo much time to hang out here and do this? get a life.

      • W!LL

        yesssss. get a life dude…… why these freaking Steve Jobs butt kissing club members keep coming to Android’s reviews….

      • Sean the Electrofreak

        A little too late for Amy Winehouse to get a life.

        …too soon? :-p

    • elarella

      “Lamedroid”? Did you come up with that by yourself? :)

      • Cwalden21

        Yeah what an apple bobbing great bag of douche! Have fun with that Iphone 5 and being outdated as soon as you overpay for it. And Amy Winehouse? Smh

      • Taysider

        I Think as he uses a iphone it would have taken him quite awhile to come up with it.

    • what she said

      Amy Winehouse wrote

      I dont care too.
      I will buy the next iPhone 5, which will blow lamedroid out of the water, anyways…




    I will just quote what I wrote in the other thread.. It seems more appropriate here

    “Contrary to what Rubin says , I do believe that Motorola will at some point put out a Nexus like (not using the Nexus name) device.. It just makes to much sense. This is coming from the guy who also said that there wouldn’t be any more NEXUS phones after the first one. Of course his wording left the door open for another one , since there never was another Nexus.. LOL. So I take what he says and i giggle.”

    I can see a Nexus prime in Nov with a dual core and then a Moto in late spring/summer with a quad core. Not with the Nexus name , but with the same Vanilla Android OS. My opinion

    • codesplice

      Then it wouldn’t really be a Nexus prime, but rather just a vanilla-Android device. Still, I don’t know that I really see it in the cards at this point. The vanilla Android devices appeal to us enthusiasts, sure, but the average user prefers the skinned UIs (at least according to the OEMs, it seems). Googarola Mobility will still (likely) want its devices to look different from the others on the market, so they will likely continue with the BLUR(orwhatevertheycallitnow) UI.

  • Marcus

    Honestly, I’m not a fan of Motorola’s build quality, but owning an Atrix, I have to say that they did a good job with this phone. But I’m starting to think that Motorola will be the next Nexus manufacturer. Just because of their relationships with TI and now Google.

    • Taysider

      I think it would make sense for Google to have Moto make the Nexus phone. Or bring out a Moto Nexus ? model. Moto phones I hope will be of better build quality, and up to date, now Google own them. Google will look at every resource at Moto, Kill off the dead wood and make the rest better.

  • Interpol91

    As long as the Nexus program continues as usual then it has no affect on me. The Nexus phone should be open to any manufacturer and if it happens to be Motorola then so be it. Hopefully Google can change my mind about my next device being from Motorola.


    I understand what you are saying.. I refuse to believe that google will sit back and just consider the purchase a patent only acquisition. At some point they will be pressured to use there newly acquired resources for something. If you can get one device out to the masses , why not 2? Especially when quad cores are scheduled to drop a few months after they release the prime. Just thinking out loud :)

  • Semajhan

    Please do not let motorola be the next nexus’ manufacturer

  • SliestDragon

    I do agree that Motorola won’t get played the favorite from now on, but I still think they’ll use them. Maybe as a different branch of phones not named Nexus(if Google were to want to start another one), or as any other hardware they need.

  • RockinEvo

    Im happy they made that move for only one reason motoblur, that scares the shi$ outta me and we need Google to eventually put a end to that don’t let me send out the goon squad lol

  • nicxus

    As long as MOTOblur is dead, I’m ok.

  • Nathan

    As long as the nexus have the latest and greatest and doesn’t have motoblur I’m good :)

  • Kevin

    I just want a ‘crystal clear no messing around with’ the UI and keeping it fresh Google Phone. It’s all i ask, a properly handled google phone.

  • Richard Yarrell

    As I stated before this is a sound business choice by google something that was definitely best for them to do in protecting android and it’s future down the road. Google will continue to work with all there O.E.M’S that will never change because that is exactly what android is about openness and choice. People believing that this is all about the next NEXUS 3 DEVICE is definitely lost. Google obtained Motorola for patents nothing more and nothing less let’s not make this out to be anything more than what it is. The next NEXUS 3 DEVICE definitely won’t be made by motorola

    • richardisafag

      And how do you KNOW it will not be from Motorola, oh Sprint kissass?

  • JoogleMe

    I think that you’re headed in the right direction and the more I look forward to the Nexus!

  • Jasonhunterx

    Now other companys will be forced to update phones more because motorola is gonna do updates faster :D

  • sylar

    Yea if Motorola produces one of the nexus I’m ok with that as long as it stays stock with out the motoblur or what ever the heck it is.

  • ZRod

    Looking forward to both of their futures! Now Google aka Skynet can build the machines tho >.<

  • CJ

    If samsung doesn’t manufacture the nexus prime I will likely not buy it. I have a motorola with 2.2 and I am not that impressed. I had a galaxy s but bricked it. I liked the ui better on samsung. Plus we’d miss the super amoled hd display which is amazing. I don’t like google having motorola. I liked android being separate from manufacturers. I don’t wanna see android start to close off like apple.realistically, if google wants to make the best phone possible, they’ll stick with samsung. How about google buys samsung. Then we’d REALLY have something to talk about! Thats the ultimate partnership!

  • Taysider

    I don’t know about buying Sammy but, you never know, maybe the mobile division? what with Moto and HP falling over. You just never know.