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HTC EVO Design 4G, Kingdom, Acquire specs and pictures leak

HTC Kingdom

HTC is holding a series of events on September 1st and some blogs are reporting that Windows Phone 7 will be the star of the show with a pair of devices codenamed Eternity and Omega, but we might also see the debut of the Android-powered HTC Kingdom.

A full RUU for the HTC Kindgom was leaked and the build.prop file confirmed some rumored specs and revealed new details. This leaked version of the Kingdom is being called the HTC Acquire for Alltel, but Sprint fans should also pay attention because the Kingdom is rumored to become HTC EVO Design 4G later this year.

The latest specs obtained from the HTC Kingdom build.prop file are:

  • Android 2.3.4
  • 4″ qHD (540 x 960) display
  • 1.2 GHz Snapdragon S2 (MSM7x30)
  • 768 MB RAM
  • 5 MP rear camera, 1.3 MP front camera
  • Bluetooth 3.0 & WiFI 802.11 b/g/n
  • Support for 4G HSPA+

Gabe Peters of PocketNow posted very similar specs of the HTC Kingdom back in May and said it would support Sprint’s 4G WiMAX, so this appears to be the same device in the HSPA+ flavor. The name HTC EVO Design 4G first appeared in a leak on Engadget and then it was spotted again on Gameloft’s site, hinting that a release is coming soon.

For those of you already on Sprint, you can place this device right between the EVO 3D and the EVO Shift. It has the qHD display and front-facing camera like the EVO 3D, but it packs the single-core Snapdragon S2 like the EVO Shift. Seeing that HTC boosted the CPU speeds up to 1.2 GHz and increased the RAM to 768 MB, the EVO Design 4G will be faster than the original EVO 4G and could be sold as the non-3D, older brother.

The geeks among us might be turned off by the older Snapdragon S2 processor, but the Kingdom is still a nice upgrade to the majority of smartphones out there and it will come with 4G speeds and an affordable price tag.

If you were running AT&T or T-Mobile, would you add the HTC Kingdom to your smartphone lineup this quarter?

[Thank you Markus for the tip]

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  • Galen20K

    it looks like a great next gen mid range phone for the masses who don’t wanna put the change down for super high end, there’s definitely a market for this.

    • anujahooja

      Gotta love how what we Android users call a mid-range phone still has better specs than the iPhone 4. Love it.

      • mattcoz

        To be fair, this will be going up against the iPhone 5, with the 4 dropping down to the mid-range.

      • Melanie Wimpel

        yeah but your mid range phone looks like a$$ and is butthurt by fragmentatation!
        Im buying the megaseller iPhone 5 very soon.
        Dont wanna have such an Htc retardphone!

        • anujahooja

          And even your high-end phones (that aren’t even out yet) still won’t have app interaction, OS & app integration, proper real-time cloud services, or any real customization options. Doesn’t seem very “smart” to me. They’re still incredibly technologically behind. Just throwing that out there.

          But, really, enjoy your endless sea of app icons – I wish you the best.

          • Galen20K

            yea good luck with your limited walled IOS garden.

          • Galen20K

            that was meant for Melanie lol

      • Dun Dun

        I love how the dual core Android phones still lag.

  • aj

    Really come on Htc. your going to release this now???!! That would have been much better released between or after those 2 devices not now.

    • Nate B.

      Well, they won’t make anything better then the Sensation/Evo 3D so soon. It would be pointless. Anything they make now will be another dual core. Only difference they could make is more mp, ram, overclock maybe, better res on the front facing camera, maybe more res then qhD? Other then that what makes it any innovation. I guess the rumored 3.5 Sense. Wait until next year. Not every phone will be a monster. Not every consumer thinks like us or puts their phone to use like us. You have to have a successor and top dog in every category, low, mid, and high end.

      I like this phone. Not for me, but still, an awesome phone.

  • Kevin

    Woho another phone i will hold out because Nexus is coming :D

  • Hanna

    iPhone4 looks much much better, smurfs

    • themanwithsauce

      When you want a phone that’s actually unique and different, we’ll be here with suggestions for you. Until then, keep posing with the iphone while you and everyone else who has the exact same phone as you describe how it makes you unique.

      Oh, and the iphone4 is not that attractive. My OG Droid’s lines still look good, 2 years on. Mmmm mmm! I do love a few angles and edges on m phone. And joy of joys I can run any number of customized ROMs on it :). Oh….but I’m sure your iphone is cool too…..kinda. I got bored of it after the first week because everyone had them.

    • anujahooja

      Too bad with all the cases you need to protect that overly-crackable glass you never get to see it properly.

  • keridel

    i am due an upgrade at the end of the month and was holding out for the release of the evo3d in sept then decided to wait till october for the nexus.

    would really like the nexus to be htc rather than the boring shapes samsung come up with but ahh well.

    this phone is not really on my radar at the minute

  • uknowme

    My guess is Sprint will use this to compensate for dropping the EVO 4G. Slightly better but not by much.

  • Nathan

    Well I’m on T-mobile and I’m not going to consider buying it because there better choices out there.

  • james325

    Cant wait for the new iPhone 5. Im so pumped! Bring it on, Apple.

  • Richard Yarrell

    Any addition to the EVO BRAND will always be welcomed. Sprint rules the midrange arena with this and the Samsung Conquer 4G. Affordability is always key and if this device is placed in the middle it will attract buyers because anything EVO means the best. The EVO BRAND Is strong and clearly the best brands android has to offer.

  • http://N/A Sumptuous Jenkins

    Smaller screen than the Evo 4G? I’ll keep my Evo 4G until the right thing comes around… AND HAS A COMPARABLE BACK CAM OF 8 MP!!! I won’t compromise. 8 MP main cam. and AT LEAST a 4.3″ HD display (4.5″ would be bangin!) is ESSENTIAL for this phone whore.

  • Jason

    It’s a good phone. Anyone that has anything bad to say about it should just try it first. Not every phone has to be top dog to be enjoyed.. And as far as design cloning goes, they all do it. Phones are like cars, eventually they all start to look alike.

  • applesuxdonkeyd!k

    i still dont believe htc would follow up the evo with this turd spec wise ….i mean the 4g+over seas is 4.3 dual cored and a 8mp cam is on the back with a dedicated button specs originally leaked for a kingdom sooo i think this must be more midrange and the real specs on the new evo have yet to be seen?

  • me

    i really wish HTC would just make an og Evo with a dual core. same llok as the 4g but with more power