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Is this Verizon’s Samsung Galaxy S II?


US Android fans may not be very pleased with the fact that it has taken so long for the Samsung Galaxy S II to get here. This device has been popping up all over the world–our friends in neighboring countries have it already–but the US is still not getting any love! zthis long-awaited bad boy is supposed to be showing up sometime this month. And today we have a bit more information on one of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S II devices.

Korean site IT Tong has leaked information about this variant of the Samsung Galaxy S II, which could possibly be headed to Verizon. If you’ve been worrying about this device lacking 4G radios, this could be a great spark of hope. The only major US carrier with heavy investment in an LTE network, as of now, is Verizon. AT&T might be launching their LTE network soon, but odds are that AT&T’s Galaxy S II variant will only have HSPA+ connectivity.

The device shows some impressive specs and is actually a bit better than the known SGSII. This device has a 4.5-inch Super AMOLED Plus display, a dual-core 1.5 GHz processor, 16 GB of internal storage, an 8 MP rear-facing camera and a 2 MP front-facing camera. Some other already-known specs are listed below:

The only thing that doesn’t match up correctly is the fact that this device actually has an 800 MHz LTE radio, whereas Verizon uses 700 MHz frequencies. It shouldn’t be too hard to switch those though, right?

Let’s hope this variant of the Galaxy S II does make it to the states soon, because it’s looking pretty sweet! What do you guys say? Is this Verizon’s variant of the Galaxy S II? If so, will the Galaxy S II be your next Android device?

Via: Droid life

Source: IT Tong

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  • SliestDragon

    Glad to see that this one at least _kind of_ looks like the European version. I liked the looks of that one. This one isn’t bad looking.


    HMMM… Looks on par with the tmo Version.. Guess Tmo is that getting the better version of the sgs2

  • irl Panda

    This one is still a European phone…

  • imnuts

    VZW doesn’t have HSPA or EDGE, along with the LTE band being the wrong frequency. Also, I’d rather have the Exynos SoC than a Snapdragon one, despite the clock speed difference.

    • JennyT

      That’s interesting that you would prefer a lowing performing 1.2ghz exynos over a more powerful 1.5ghz sanpdragon. Anandtech has done benchmarks on both.

      The band listed does not matter, the 8060 chip used does not have a radio modem as part of the chip. The modem a separate add and can be swapped out as needed for the relevant bands.

  • itrustme

    It looks like the galaxy tab 10.1. And that’s a great thing.

  • Massacre

    If the Verizon specs look like that, put me down for one.

  • T1392

    If this is the SGSII for Verizon bye bye BIONIC for me. Hello Sammy Goodness(minus plastic build). Does anyone else think Sammy’s phones not having OMAP4 will effect it getting ICS? Will that make it take as long as the fascinate did getting froyo?

  • JHLucious

    I’ve been waiting for the perfect phone to upgrade to….and the qualifications had to be a 4 inch + screen….Front Facing Camera that was at least 1.3 megapixels, 4g, and Dual Core…..and this is the only phone I can see that fits the bill…..I’m hoping…

  • YNWA

    4.5 inch? Really?

  • Robot Human

    Looks better than the Hercules IMO. I prefer this phone.

  • cb2000a

    Can you say Stratosphere? Packing dual 1.5 ghz cpu and 1.5″ screen. My next phone…

  • GRAW

    Any thoughts Richard?

  • snowbdr89

    richard is busy cleaning his room and crying to his mother…

  • Martin

    Those specs should be illegal. No wonder it’s taking so long to reach the states.

  • mike

    nice to see verizon kept the home button unlike tmobile
    too bad they dont Exynos i dont like qualcomm

  • KAI99

    Am I the only Android user that thinks this phone looks like an iPhone from the front? If we Android users wanted iPhones wouldn’t we buy them and not a look-a-like? It’s no wonder crApple is giving Samsung such a hard time.

  • hoon

    I heard that is the new smartphone named ‘celox’, and it will be samsung’s new smartphone device which aims to 4g lte service.