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Missed out on the HP TouchPad for $99? Get the $99 Logitech Revue while you still can

Logitech Revue

This weekend thousands of Android fans rushed to their local Best Buy or went online to purchase the $99 HP TouchPad with the hope that someone might port Android to it. If you were trying to take advantage of the fire sale and missed out on the limited quantities, then you might want to go purchase the Logitech Revue for $99 (aka the first Google TV box).

Just like the TouchPad, the Logitech Revue also debuted at a much higher price ($299) than what it now sells for ($99). The future of the Touchpad is still uncertain, but the Revue is finally going to live up to its potential with the upcoming Honeycomb software update that includes the Android Market.

Google finally released the software development kit and now developers can start writing apps for your TV. The Honeycomb update is scheduled for a September release so that’s not a lot of time for devs to update their apps, but Google has been working closely with a select group of companies on launch titles.

Google TV should soon support game controllers.

Honeycomb supports gaming controllers and the Logitech Revue has two full size USB ports, so hopefully we have some games to play. You should be able to plug in one of Logitech’s controllers (I like the Logitech F710) or grab a spare Xbox360 (or Wii or Sixaxis) controller and play Android games on the big screen. The Revue is powered by a 1.2 GHz Intel Atom CPU (CE4100) with a PowerVR SGX535 GPU, so the graphics will be more comparable to a current smartphone rather than a home game console.

The Logitech Revue was released last year, but it still has a bright future and it’s a great deal at $99. The remaining units are going to sell out when the Android Market update is released, so you better pick one up now (or wait for Google TV 2.0 devices and pay more).

I can think of a lot of current Android apps that would be interesting on Google TV, but it’s the apps that don’t even exist yet which I’m most excited for. What kind of creative apps would you like to see on your TV?

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  • Galen20K

    I’m gonna wait for 2.0.

  • cheesy charlie

    I actually ordered one on Amazon Friday night and received it this afternoon. It is great so far!


    Great article Taylor and very true.. I just can’t get past the fact that the I can hook my tablet to my tv and do the same stuff

    • sdijoseph

      Do you have a cable box? I think one of the main draws of Google TV is the ability to search across both the internet and your cable service provider.

      • lament

        You can only search the guide on DISH network though right?

        • Angie Strickland

          You can search for shows on Time Warner. I don’t know if that’s exactly the same as what you’re talking about, but it seems similar, and it is helpful.

        • Jdizzle

          no you can actually search the entire web for video content ex. one of my favorite place to watch movies that are still in theaters is projectfreetv, you can actually type in the web address and watch all the vids there on your tv.

  • sdijoseph

    Will the next generation of Google TV devices really be more expensive? I think Google and its hardware partners learned that internet boxes need to be either built in to the TV or at the $100 price point. However, they could port it to the PlayStation 3 and really spread Google TV (it probably won’t happen due to the PS3′s hardware limitations, but I can dream).

    • Blake

      Um… Hardware limitations… If I remember correctly the ps3 originally came with an “otherOS” option built in, where you could install your favorite linux operating system and dual boot the ps3. That was one of the purchasing points for me. Video games and Ubuntu! Sold! Why would that limit the system to not be google tv or android compliant? Wouldn’t that make it prime for such an Installation. I don’t know about you but I’m keeping my fingers crossed (even though Sony will never do it I can only hope a GeoHot clone will bless us with such a fantasmagorical mod for such
      a glorious hardware platform!

      So it might happen?!?

      • Sam

        Sony removed the other OS option from all PS3′s in a software update. Welcome to last year.

      • Jdizzle

        hey man sony already makes the tv’s that already have gtv installed, i think this is just a hop skip n a jump away.

  • anujahooja

    Considering this is going to get the Honeycomb & ICS updates, this is going to be great for a dev piece. Might just pick one up…

  • Interpol91

    I’m thinking about purchasing one but am still hesitant. Well I guess I’ll head on over to YouTube to see what more I can learn about it.

  • Vance

    I think I’ll get one – thanks for the tip… Ultimately I am waiting for the next generation Playstation/Google TV device to show up, but until then $99 is worth it to get immediate access to all the fun!

  • erk

    I would like an app to normalize the volume between the show and commercials. Also to adjust the horriible soundtrack and sound effects of movies lower than the vocals.

  • Fred Park

    I want a google tv app that prints money

  • Sythenast

    This thing is based on a x86 CPU, so I think there’s little hope to see all the smartphone apps running here.

    • rob

      some apps work, they can be sideloaded on to the device. only thing is, the apps aren’t optimized for use on the tv

  • VK

    Order Summary
    Items: $99.99
    Shipping & Handling: $44.94
    Total Before Tax: $144.93
    Estimated Tax To Be Collected: $0.00
    Import Fees Deposit $30.44
    Order Total: $175.37


    • LeePlaya

      You can pick it up at bestbuy to avoid S&H or even on Amazon for free shipping.

      • ben dover

        from the sounds of it, it seems VK doesn’t live in the US. We usually don’t have to pay import fees on something like google tv. and the s&h is really high too which tells me it was shipped overseas.

        Most likely there’s no best buy nearby for him.

        • LeePlaya

          Just noticed that… lol

    • jimlab

      Picking one up in the States next week. Sent it to my hotel from Amazon to avoid the shipping costs. At that price, I just wanted it for the Internet on my TV, but now I hear that they will be releasing in the UK within six months. Hello UK apps! This is gonna be fun.

    • FF

      must only buy from Amazon. 99 dollars incl shipping and no tax.

  • uknowme

    Ooh, can’t wait! Got mine a few weeks ago and I’m loving it. Official update in September is awesome.

  • Kinchas

    I bought a Revue recently for $ 99. Compared to the $ 99 Roku HD XD/S, this thing is a steal just as it is. Any thing else added to its capability is LOTS of icing on the cake.

  • awesome3

    I was all ready to get one a while back until I learned that it does not interface with OTA signal and cannot stream content from my pc. I got rid of cable a long time ago and haven’t looked back but i just don’t really see what this can do for me. Maybe someone can sell me on getting one but currently I just don’t see it. Cant convince the wife if i cannot even convince myself :)

    • Clark Wimberly

      It can stream just fine, the lack of codec support just means you’ve gotta run a media server to do so. I’ve been using TVersity.

  • Rajesh

    I really missed the Touchpad as the onsale guys canceled the order.
    Just ordered Logitech Revue instead from Amazon for $99.99.

    Time to watch youtube on my Tube TV ;) Yes I’ve 34XBR970, the last HD Tube TV made by Sony

    • arattai

      I have the same TV as well. But now I have issues with convergence and yellow cast. Anyway that TV has sound that is loud.