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Motorola Droid Bionic to bring over 15 hours of battery life


The Motorola Droid Bionic has been through quite the ordeal. The almighty dual-core, LTE device was announced, delayed and improved. But now people are starting to get disappointed. At this point, some are willing to skip it and just wait for another device to come. Well, you might want to hold your thought on that one, because recent reports indicate some impressive facts about the good ol’ Bionic.

YodaDroid from Android Forums has provided this leaked image, showing the device’s outstanding data speeds. Of course this is no big surprise, since we already knew about the potential Verizon’s 4G LTE network has. What is impressive is that the tester claims this device is giving him over 15 hours of battery life with moderate use. We don’t know what the user means by “moderate,” but if this proves to be legit, it could be the best battery Android life we’ve seen.

This comes as a surprise, since 4G LTE is known to eat up the battery in a matter of 2-3 hours. One has to wonder if the user turned off LTE radios to get such juice from the battery. Or maybe Motorola did a great job making the Bionic more energy efficient. What do you guys say? Will you get the Motorola Droid Bionic if this proves to be accurate? Let’s see what the difference would be. What device do you use, and how many hours of battery life do you currently get?

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Source: Android Forums

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    Wo, nt bad.. Hopefully this is a sign of things to come with all Smartphones.. I know I get a good 8-0 hours on my sensation with moderate use, I am happy with that but 15 is outstanding especially with an LTE Radio

  • snowbdr89

    I easily make it a full day but i think the draining mostly comes from the radio searching between 3g n 4g. im gunna sit back n wait for the dumbass dick yarrells thoughts on this.

    • Ben

      As much as we all look forward to Richard’s thoughts on these matters, your phrasing was completely unnecessary.
      The beautiful thing about Android is the massive support community and the really smart folks over at XDA. Since rooting my Thunderbolt and flashing different radios and ROMs, I get almost a day out of it depending on usage.
      My wife’s Eris runs GREAT on CM7 and with heavy usage, lasts her all day no problem! Fragmentation or not, the ability to customize Android is part of what makes it awesome!
      Just my .02

    • BiGMERF

      do people really have to be such pains…. Richard is a valued commentator here, dont hate on him because he has genuine comments and all you can come up with is gibberish and the need to degrade others

      • snowbdr89

        Im pretty sure sayin dick is a dumbass is more of truth rather then degrading his comments do that for him!!

      • GRAW

        I am actually looking forward to whatever shit Richard has to say about thr Bionic. You know he’ll rant on whatever isn’t from Sprint. I actually like his ranting comments because they’re easy to discredit.

  • CJ

    That picture doesn’t prove anything. And since Yoda has been absent from the discussion surrounding it and hasn’t provided any proof about 15 hour battery life or the context under which he got it I don’t place a bit of faith in it. I can get 20 hours on my Droid X when all the power save features are on and I’ve even managed 12 on my EVO 3D with it’s power saving features.

  • sejin

    28 hours of battery life here on a Droid incredible rooted running cm7 and invisiblek kernel :D

  • AME

    Did Yoda promise that that speedtest was done over LTE and not WiFi? Plenty of phones can show those numbers if it was over WiFi.

  • snowbdr89

    Im not a doubter of thos speeds my tbolt gets up to 16 mbps even higher

  • aj

    well as all these reports have come im finally at a deciding point if it holds true for the bionice. If the Droid bionic has a locked bootloader i will not be getting it. Should it by some miracle have an unlocked bootloader then i will chose it over the SGS II unless the SGS II is 4g LTE then i willl get the SGS II hands down

  • aj

    well as all these reports have come im finally at a deciding point if it holds true for the bionice. If the Droid bionic has a locked bootloader i will not be getting it. Should it by some miracle have an unlocked bootloader then i will chose it over the SGS II unless the SGS II is 4g LTE then i willl get the SGS II hands down

    • snowbdr89

      Thats what it will come down to me aswell having an unlocked phone but correct me if im wrong isnt the atrix unlocked? Tough choices big red have some beasts coming out.

      • aj

        Its kinda sort of not really maybe unlocked. Much like my droid x it uses this 2nd init feature that allows us rooters and rom users to install custom roms. So its not like the bootloader is unlocked just some magic that cvps found to get around moto’s bootloader

  • Richard Yarrell

    All this sounds GREAT but we all know the PROFF is in the pudding and we will wait to see. The track record of verizon as well as any device that runs on there battery draining network we all know at best is Abysmal, You can’t sacrifice battery life for speed and it seems that verizon has all there customers STRUNG OUT on the speed aspect REGARDLESS of the battery life. In the real world we will all find out what this device can do after 9months of USELESS PRESS. And to my USELESS @snowbdr89… Your days of hiding behind your FACELESS COMMENTS are coming to an end if you want to be on this site you will have to show YOUR UGLY FACE for the first time. I look forward to that because your probably some fat 500 pound guy sitting in some dark room in your mother’s basement with no job or no hope. We want to see how UGLY YOU REALLY ARE…The countdown has started for all the people who come here with there USELESS comments and TROLL THIS SITE ENDLESSLY…Honestly we all will benefit from the new comment system so we can be seperated from people like @snowbdr89 and many others….BETTER DAYS ARE AHEAD………

    • snowbdr89

      @dick have you looked in the mirror lately? You dont exactly look like a spokes person for fitness magazine so are going to cry to androidandme about people picking on you now? Useless bastard. : )

    • GRAW

      Can you quit CAPITALIZING everything, it makes your STUPID comments HARDER to read.

    • Hank

      @Richard Slack-jawed Yokel, if you showed your uglly face it would probably look like it caught on fire and someone tried to put it out with a fork. If you were twice as smart, you would still be stupid. The internet would be a better place without morons like you. How did you even manage to get your hands on a computer? Are you using one at a library?

    • squiddy20

      “The PROFF is in the pudding”???? WTF happened to all that “great” spelling and grammar in your pitiful excuse for a review? And have you heard the news lately? Sprint is also getting that same “battery draining” LTE that Verizon has via LightSquared. It’s been rumored for many many months, and confirmed for at least a whole month already. Get with times. And what’s REALLY sad is that you make the same exact insult about me that you just now directed at snowbdr89 (minus the 500 lb bit) all the time. Talk about no creativity… And as others have said, your profile picture isn’t exactly the spitting image of anyone who is healthy or of good weight. Come back when you can make insults that don’t also include yourself.

      • snowbdr89

        Dick snot yarrell has no clue im pretty sure the tbolt was the only lte device having the battery issues and if the idiot wants his proof is in thr pudding then look at vzw’s q2 earning compared to the now behind the times networks q2 net losses 879 million not to mention sprints lte is about a year or 2 years behind. so piss off dick or should i call you nutty professor

  • neversummer

    Sounds like richard wants to jack off to face pics.

  • MicroNix

    Its really sad that we are touting 15 hours of use on battery as some kind of achievement. If a smart phone can’t last a day on battery with moderate use, it shouldn’t even go on sale. I’m saddened that as technology moves on, we accept shorter and shorter durations of battery longevity. If you ever go hiking in the wilderness, bring a trusty flip phone if you want to live!!!!! Or….a backpack with a car battery in it.

    • Coolaaron88

      That made me laugh, but its so true

  • Goku Master

    My Motorola Atrix lasts probably twice as long. I haven’t tested it extensively, but here are some stats.

    Screen on for 4 hours straight after watching 2 full-length movies, reading PDF files, surfing, listening to music, some moderate texting and a few calls. Some 16 hours later, I still had 40% left. Unlocked, rooted, and using Aura 1.1.3 Debloat #7. I can never kill my battery before I go to bed.