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Rumor: Samsung Nexus Prime to have October release


The release date of the Nexus Prime, as well as some real solid details, have been hard to pin down. So far, there’s been a pretty consistent stream of rumored information that’s starting to look more and more reliable as time goes on.

The display resolution of the Nexus Prime is one rumor that hasn’t changed since first posted online. Multiple sources say the next Nexus device will launch with a 1280 x 720 HD display. According to the newest report out of Korean-based Electronic Times, that HD display will actually be a 4.5-inch Super AMOLED HD manufactured by Samsung. There’s some good and bad aspects of this rumor.

Unfortunately, the display is rumored to used Pentile technology to achieve the high resolution. And Pentile isn’t all good. When comparing Pentile and non-Pentile displays that boast the same resolution, the Pentile display will always look much more pixelated. That’s thanks to how Pentile displays work. You see, normal displays have a sub-pixel arrangement of RGB-RGB. Samsung Pentile displays (because there is more than one kind) have a sub-pixel arrangement of RG-BG. The colors still come off brilliantly on Samsung’s Pentile displays, but text could be better. The normal Super AMOLED is Pentile. The Super AMOLED Plus is not. Eventually Samsung will release a Super AMOLED HD Plus. But for now, the technology just isn’t there. I’m guessing that around MWC, Super AMOLED HD Plus will finally be ready to show off.

The good thing is, no one knows exactly how much the manufacturing of Super AMOLED HD Pentile displays has improved. If you shove a 1280 x 720 resolution into a 4.5-inch display, even with only 4 sub-pixels per pixel, that’s still pretty dense. It might just look okay compared to a 4.5-inch 480 x 800 Super AMOLED Plus (like the one on the Samsung Hercules). We’ll just have to see once the device actually comes out. Which brings us to the second half of the Electronic Times rumor.

We’ve been hearing the Nexus Prime will come out some time this fall, in preparation for the holiday season. October has been tossed around for awhile now, and it looks like that month has further confirmation. An exact release hasn’t been confirmed just yet, but if you’ve been trying to decide between a Nexus Prime and a Galaxy S II, they may just launch together.

And in case you didn’t notice, yes, Samsung is still the top candidate for manufacturer of the Nexus Prime. The news of Samsung’s Super AMOLED HD display practically seals the deal. Fortunately, we won’t have to wait much longer until we know for sure.

Via: BGR

Source: OLED-Display

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  • Galen20K

    Ahhhh, my Next phone. Until then I’mma enjoy the HELL outta’ my Sensation!

    • ooTweetyoo

      Me too!!! lol I can’t wait

  • Nathan

    Did someone cover this story once before just saying.

    • BiGMERF

      In a sense… but a few more rumors hit today…

  • triangle

    Very much looking to a Nexus Prime with a SAMOLED+ HD screen and ICS.


    O man…… I cant wait!!!!!

  • Steve505

    Why are they calling it the prime instead of the Nexus 3?

    • BiGMERF

      I believe that is just a rumor

    • T1392

      Prime most likely should and will be the code name of the device. Imo I dont care for the name Nexus Prime.

      • BiGMERF

        Truthfully I woudnt care if they called it the Nexus douche bag.. I WANT IT !

      • Omar

        Nexus prime is a good name for a phone, it reminds me of Optimus Prime!

    • Dustin Earley

      The newest rumor was tied directly to the name Nexus Prime.

  • T1392

    Super AMOLED HD & 4.5″ says Samsung but Omap & pentile sound like Motorola. Maybe Google is handing Samsung a page outta motorola’s book or they choose exactly the specs they want on there next Nexus. Either way I like what I hear. Some what.

    • BiGMERF

      good point!

    • Dags

      Samsung have sold more phones than Motorola with pentile displays. Like the whole Galaxy S series.

  • codesplice

    This is great news, I’m quite excited. I have absolutely loved my Nexus One (and still do!). It’s a hacker’s dream. I’m very much looking forward to having some new hardware to tinker with though.

    An October launch would be significantly earlier than other Nexus launches – likely to steal some thunder from the iPhone 5 launch? I hope that gamble works and that we don’t end up with a device that really needed a few more months of development.

    At the same time, October is still too far away!

    • Interpol91

      I’m right there with you! I can’t wait till it comes out and it will surely amaze

  • Dirge

    Hopefully they’ll use non-pentile and a quad-core cpu. A non-pentile SUPER Amoled HD display sounds AMAAAAAZIIIING!

  • Nate B.

    I read this article in another blog site but was waiting to read it on this site. It just comes off better here and more consistent.

  • Jess Blanchard

    Pentile is one “t” away from a dick joke.

    • BiGMERF


    • brad

      wow beauty and brains plus a sense of humour

  • Nathan

    Well I’m still getting it since I need an upgrade super bad and for me it doesn’t matter if it only has 4 sub pixels. As long as it has beast spec I’m fine with it.

  • Matt

    The ICS device on the latest samsung link by has a 4.5″ display. Something is a little off…

  • Alex

    Super Amoled HD non-pentile would look gorgeous. I’m honestly hoping for some HTC build quality though.

  • Andrew

    3 is a “prime” number…. If Google is supposed to be spreading the Nexus line around the manufacturers why would Samsung get it two times in a row. HTC – Samsung – should be LG or Moto next. Moto got the Xoom though… so LG’s turn?

    • AME

      I have a hard time believing the Nexus line is given out by “turns.”

  • Ravrahn

    But the iPhone 4′s retina display is slightly denser than this, and it’s not Pentile… Is this because it’s AMOLED?

    • Sean the Electrofreak

      The iPhone 4 display is not AMOLED. It’s backlit LCD – technology that has been around for decades.

      That’s why it’s possible to achieve such high DPI values on LCD panels, it’s not new technology. AMOLED has only been in production for the last few years and is still being refined.

  • AceoStar

    If current trends keep up, Verizon users shouldn’t get their hopes up, unless I’m mistaken, Verizon hasn’t offered a Nexus yet.

    • BiGMERF

      That is correct, but hey they have the Iphone.. Slapping myself !!

    • Sapphire3g

      Verizon was offering the Nexus One at one point in time, but then stopped short of that. It was on the where you could order the Nexus One back in 2010. Shortly after that the Incredible was announced and if you tried to select the Verizon version of the Nexus One it said to check out the Incredible instead.

      • Sapphire3g

        Now Google converted that page to a log of a bunch of Android phones and information about them.

      • Solrac924

        no they didn’t

  • Interpol91

    These rumors give me the Nexus fix I need till the device comes out. I want it bad!!!

  • Tony

    Well the screen is a rumor and also Samsung could have just as likely thought adding “Plus” was just too many adjectives and could be part of the “HD” adjective instead, so may not be Pentile, however I’m thinking there’s a slightly more probable chance it is pentile. But I’m crossing my fingers for it to not be, though I’ll still buy it regardless hehe

  • kwills88

    If this become fact, then getting the Hercules won’t be in sight for me and I’ll just get instead..t mo really messed up releasing the Hercules so late in the year.

    • BiGMERF

      wasnt there fault.. Blame that on Samsung

      • Dustin Earley

        Actually, Samsung has said the late arrival of the Galaxy S II in the US is because of the carriers.

  • Rosjer

    Hmmm is it just me or is 4,5″ a tad “big”?
    I mean, i got the Desire HD at the moment with a 4,3″ and this is allmost bordering to “to big” :/
    It’s a phone for crying out loud, make a decent tablet instead and keep phones on 4″ and down.
    Still gonna buy it tho lol

    Just my 2 cent ;)

    • David

      For what we’ve heard, it won’t have the typical 4 capacitive buttons. If an all screen, it could fit without being much bigger than the NS. My nexus S definitely has space for a 4.4 or 4.5 screen. Prrhaps a bit larger due to aspect.

  • Futureboy

    October release? I have too words for that:

    1. HOO 2. RAY!

  • Nate B.

    The phone will be awesome regardless. I just hope every carrier gets it in the same month for consumers sake.

  • Tran Lang

    Samsung makes me want to buy all new phones that they make.

  • Harrypotter

    Why would people buy the US galaxy s 2 like the Hercules coming out October 26 if this comes out in October too?

    • BiGMERF

      some people, x-vibrant users like samsungs UI… Vomit

    • Robot Human

      That’s what makes me think Samsung isn’t making the Nexus 3 BC why would they release 2 highly anticipated phones so close together?

  • D.LaFleur

    Is this coming to T-mobile or what i need this on there. is the Price gonna be the typical Google phone price of 530 + tax ?

  • Chris

    I want the Nexus Prime, but I’m still rocking an ancient HTC hero…it’s paaainful….(even though im running cm7)

    My main choices are EVO 3D, Samsung Galaxy II, and Nexus Prime…

    My upgrade is Oct, 1st, but I have a store telling me they can get it for me today if I didn’t want to wait…

    I want to wait for this phone…but I might have to spring for the SGII instead if I don’t hear any concrete info on the Prime. I just can’t live with my hero for much longer….

  • Jasonhunterx

    Google needs to market this not like nexus when it first came out now its to late with 4G

  • mkrmec

    The 720p + pentile RGBW amoled display will awesome… the pentile disfunctions will not show with the bigger resolution but will add the white pixel so amoleds don’t use that much power in all white like browser etc… it will be a great display!!

  • Cwalden21

    Still Cannot Decide Which To Roll With!! NEXUS PRIME OR GS II …..smh smh.

    • Robot Human

      I’m going to wait until official specs are out for both, see what their hardware looks like and watch some versus videos on YouTube lol.

      • Cwalden21

        Yeah sounds like a plan…just wish they’d hurry it up already!

  • aconner22

    Sounds great! I can’t wait to replace my beloved Nexus One.

  • Kevin

    My goddamn next phone hurry up!

  • ihatefanboys

    ok why is it just assumed that SAMSUCK is the primary choice…HTC makes the best phones period….if the next nexus is from anyone else but HTC id prefer it from LG…. then HTC can focus exclusively on the next phone in the G series for T-Mobile……clearly the 2nd best phone series out there behind the nexus. ……lets go T-MOBILE G3 !!!

    and i think i speak for many many many people…..i will never buy a phone from samsung, ever, its not worthy of the name NEXUS…… if they make a nice 60 inch HD tv ill consider it.

    • Solrac924

      sounds like you’re a fanboy of HTC & T-Mo

      • ihatefanboys

        im busted, you got me…lol only because of experience…they make the best…..if the Gseries was on another carrier i would prob switch, its the best as well. samsungs mobile section has only had problem after problem, even the nexus s had multiple problems…u dont go from the perfect nexus one from htc, then have tons of issues with nexus s from samsung then blame the software.

    • Sprint Tech

      As a technician that deals with 50 plus poeple a day, HTC’s product quality is over hyped, samsung is more than comparable and the Nexus S despite reviews is quite perfect, I hardly ever see it for any issues.

  • Alex Nguyen

    I think it’s totally possible that the Nexus Prime will see an October release, although I’d rather have them release it in December or January. I think Google should take all the time they need to really polish Ice Cream Sandwich. I know it’s importantly go to market as soon as possible to actively compete with Apple, but in the end, it’ll save them a lot of time and trouble if they just release a more stable version of ICS as opposed to getting it out quickly and have it be buggier. Regardless, the Nexus Prime is gonna be one sexy device that I’ll surely look into…although I must say, HTC’s Beats integration is tempting as well. More on what I have to say about the Nexus Prime and Google marketing on my blog at:

  • mosez

    why are the displays getting bigger and bigger? in my opinion 4″ is already too large. the 3,7″ display from the nexus one is exactly what fits perfectly in my hand and pockets. i planned to get the new nexus phone on release, but with such a large display this plans will be canceled.

    • Robot Human

      I agree. I have a Nexus One and it’s perfect and I find it annoying there are devices with 4.3″ and 4.5″ displays. 4″ is my limit I think. After that, they’re monsters.

  • Robot Human

    I am wondering if this HD display will make performance suffer. From example, the Sensation has a higher resolution than The G2x but the G2x performs better and lads web pages quicker BC the Sensation has to process more pixels. So I hoe the Nexus 3 has a really good processor and that ICS is smooth.

  • Julian gshort

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  • king

    i wonder why samsung will get 2 nexus devices in a row instead of going back to htc (nexus one was beautiful) or give another oem a stab at it

  • Duh

    1 & 2 are also prime numbers…