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Samsung Galaxy S II not coming to Verizon this Fall; replaced by Nexus Prime?


To say Verizon has a strong lineup of devices coming out this holiday season would be an understatement. There’s the Motorola Droid Bionic, the HTC Vigor and the Nexus Prime, just to name a few. But one device is notably absent from that lineup: the Samsung Galaxy S II.

In a report from the Wall Street Journal today, Verizon spokesperson Brenda Raney confirmed that Verizon will not be carrying the Galaxy S II. No in-depth response has been given on the decision, but with the devices Verizon already carries or has lined up, it appears the company doesn’t feel the need to incorporate another incredibly similar device. The Droid Charge has been cited as one of those similar devices. We can only assume that the Samsung Nexus Prime is another.

When faced with the decision of purchasing a Galaxy S II or Nexus Prime, most consumers will want to go with the Nexus Prime. Not only will it feature the latest version of Android (Ice Cream Sandwich ), the Prime will also rock a 720p display, a drastically improved camera sensor and the promise of timely updates. All are things the Galaxy S II just can’t compete with.

The fate of the device on America’s other three biggest carriers should be revealed at the Samsung event on Monday (August 29th). Multiple leaks have practically confirmed the arrival of Sammy’s latest flagship device on T-Mobile, AT&T and Sprint, but anything could happen. Does this make your decision for your next device easier?


Verizon has released an official statement to Engadget confirming the decision not to carry the Galaxy S II. According to a Verizon spokesperson, “we have a robust portfolio of devices that offer customers exciting options including the Droid Charge by Samsung which runs on Verizon Wireless’ 4G LTE network.” In other words, they have enough Samsung phones as it is.

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Source: WSJ

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  • Galen20K

    Nexus Prime ftw

  • Christopher Chavez

    Guess there’s always the… HTC Vigor? o_O

  • Edgar Cervantes

    I am hoping for the Nexus Prime… If not, I’ll go for the Vigor or the Bionic…

  • Dale


  • SphericalPuma

    If the Nexus Prime comes to Verizon, then I don’t see the loss, other than the fact that everyone knows what a Galaxy S is (based on the number of sales in the US last year) while they might not know what a Nexus phone is (especially since Verizon backed out of the first one, and nothing was ever said about the second one).

    I think that if Verizon can truly market the Nexus Prime, and not mess with the key features (such as the tethering, something Sprint has deemed fit to mess with) then they could have a real winner on their hands. The allure of the Nexus line is the ease with which it is hacked, and for that to finally come to Verizon could please a lot of people. So, it’s fine if they don’t want to offer the Galaxy S II, however they need to offer the Nexus Prime then, otherwise they’ll have to rely on the new phones from HTC and Motorola to carry them.

    • Dirty_Azkals

      Having the ability to tether and using that said abilty with your phone company are two different tihings. Being a Nexus phone just means it gets new Android builds faster, google features, and google apps. Bypassing carrier controls like tethering are not part of that package like everyone would hope for. Besides it was VERIZON and AT&T that’s sending out messages about tethering not Sprint. Knowing Verizon they will say “We have chosen not to carry the Nexus Prime, here’s something comparable…….” like they pulled with N1, and yes Sprint did the same thing but we got Nexus S. The only mistake Spring made was waiting so long to release the phone by adding wimax.

  • marc

    Dear Verizon, FUCK YOU..

  • Kevin

    Nexus Series > Galaxy Series. Seriously. Any real Android fan should know that.

    • SphericalPuma

      Agreed. The problem is that the Nexus line isn’t really advertised (except for Sprint and the Nexus S and Google featuring the phone on their search page). In the end it’ll come down to advertisement and if Verizon is truly offering the Nexus Prime over the Galaxy S II, then they need to have an advertisement campaign to bring in old Android users, as well as new users. I think it’s a great way to get the people who bought an OG Droid to buy a Nexus Prime, as they’ll be familiar with the way Vanilla Android works, and the benefits it offers.

    • dumbKEVIN

      I don’t agree with you, your opinion is dumb

  • T1392

    I’m going for Nexus Prime if not Bionic it is, this last NE2 is burning a hole in my myverizon account & my OG DROID isn’tgetting any younger even with all the rooted goodness, & to think I got two more phones up for an upgrade in OCT.

  • westy

    Man i will be pissed if the Nexus Prime only releases on Verizon first. They should release it for sprint and Verizon at the same time. I am currently with T-Mo but Verizon plans are too expensive and only reason i would leave T-mo is because AT&T is buying them and Sprint is my next best option. Please Google make sure you release the Nexus Prime on multiple carriers. PLEASE!

    • SphericalPuma

      I wrote a comment the other day about Verizon and if they would get the first release of the Nexus Prime and I don’t believe they will, because of exposure.

      Let’s face it, GSM is the most-used technology in the mobile world and it’s also the most compatible. If Google wants to get developers on board, releasing a phone that works on Verizon’s CDMA (and LTE hopefully) is not the way to do it. However, if Google releases a GSM version first (whether it has ATT or TMO 3g bands, or a pentaband phone) they get more exposure and more and more developers will be able to use it as their daily driver and make some wonderful apps.

      In a perfect world it would be great for Google to release all variants of the Nexus Prime at once, but they’ve failed to do that with the first two phones, so I don’t see why that would change any time soon. Therefore, if Google continues to release different variants at different times, expect the GSM version to launch first.

      • chuck

        Isn’t it possible that the Prime could support both chipsets, like the iPhone 5 is rumored to do?

  • Anon

    I find it hard to believe that samsung would release a nexus device at the same time as the galaxy s 2 unless it had inferior hardware. Hope I’m wrong though. The gs2 has been delayed.

  • JeffDenver

    ” Does this make your decision for your next device easier?”

    No. But it makes the decision for my next carrier a lot easier.

  • snowbdr89

    People would actually leave a carrier for a phone?

    • Futureboy

      People would actually leave a carrier because of a pending merger, leaving a lot of people looking for a new carrier. Where they end up could definitely be influenced by a specific phone.

    • cb2000a

      Yes…..I left ATT for the OG Droid.

  • Nick Gray

    I just don’t buy it. Verizon was the last carrier to launch the Galaxy S last year and they probably are having issues with it again this time around. While most people who read this blog would probably opt for the Nexus Prime, the general public is still pretty clueless about the Nexus phones and would probably buy something with a Samsung Logo over a Nexus logo.

    If Google wants the Nexus phones to succeed, they need to do a much better job at marketing, which is funny since their main business is marketing and selling ads.

  • snowbdr89

    To me it points to the prime coming to vzw instead but who really cares it wont matter what phone you get because they will be out dated the day they released!

  • Dirge

    Hopefully this means the Prime is coming to Verizon sooner than expected.

  • Cwalden21

    Well hopefully this doesn’t mean that because sprint will be getting the GS II probably the 9th of next month..they won’t get the prime!!??

  • Newjaruz

    I dont think the Nexus prime is the reason Verizon is saying this. Not that it wont come out for
    Verizon but I dont think they will carry a nexus phone in their stores because no one has carried a Nexus phone in their stores(unless spring did…but I am not sure). WIth that being said I think Google will continue working with Bestbuy as its only means of distribution plus its true they already have the same device in the charge. Almost no point in bringing the GSII over.

  • davetheAndroid

    Normally I would change carriers for a phone. Not like you don’t use the phone every. single. day.
    But where I live (Ventura county, CA), Verizon is by far the best for service. Had AT&T and then T-mobile and got dropped calls throughout the day in several areas. After switching to Verizon: Zero after almost 2 years! Honestly, I get what I pay (more) for. With that said…
    Celox: No idea on release date and if going to come to America on either AT&T or Verizon (4G compatible or not!?)
    Droid HD: No idea on a release date but 2nd in line behind the Prime.
    Nexus Prime: NOT CONFIRMED to come to Verizon yet is it? Will they allow it with no bloatware now? I have my doubts.
    Apparent plan from one who has an Eris and hates it: Upgrade to a Bionic and wait to get a Nexus Prime with my tax return $$$. If not on Verizon, I will have to move!

  • Gary

    Makes sense. Why would Samsung compete with themselves by putting the GSII the same time as the Nexus Prime?

  • Chris

    I really don’t understand why Google doesn’t advertise the hell out of the Nexus Prime. The Nexus is pure Android and EVERYTHING works! I hear tons of people who go from iPhone to Android complaining about errors, FCs, and things not working smoothly. Then they quickly jump back to the iPhone.. If only they had purchased a Nexus :/

  • h0ruza

    The Prime isn’t out for a long time and that said I’m betting that it still wont launch at the same time as the t-Mobile or the At&T version so the GSII wouldn’t be competition for the prime. Both would sell strongly as they will be a different breed of phone.

    The rest of the world singing the praises of this phone is the best Advert any phone could have, so to me its a must (If as a business you plan to make money) for Verizon to offer this phone to its customer base.

    Unless they have a better offer that will negate the loss of potential earnings. I can think of one mega rich corporation who would love the GSII to not interfere with the sales of it’s device as not to spoil its trademark keynote stats before a major release.

    Just a thought as businesses tend not to like losing money as a rule

  • Richard Yarrell

    Nothing verizon does surprises me…ROBUST LINE???..How’s that possible….At best that’s a Joke but it is what it is..Droid Charge is far from robust and neither are any of the other devices they have robust. They have yet to release the Droid Bionic nobody knows how that device will run on there network as of this entry. I guess they are putting all there eggs in one basket..Good luck to them they will need it. The Vigor and Prime look to be definately major players no doubt…Sticking with sprint is the most important thing cause some version of the Galaxy S2 will appear there as well as the Nexus Prime and to go along with the current EVO 3D, PHOTON 4G, AND HTC HOLIDAY as well as the iphone4 and the new iphone 5 sprint will have THE BEST OVERALL LINEUP IN THE INDUSTRY..

  • Paul

    Samsung’s making an announcement in New York on August 29th? That’s a day or two after Hurricane Irene is scheduled to make a visit. I don’t know if New York will be any condition, post-hurricane, for such an event and announcement.

  • Paul

    Also, VZW is getting the Samsung Stratosphere which is like a Slide-Out QWERTY version of the SGSII, which IMHO is better. They’re also getting the Nexus Prime. So not having the SGSII isn’t too big a deal. I personally want a SGSII w/ QWERTY keyboard, I love my QWERTY keyboard, so I’m leaning toward the Samsung Stratosphere at this point.

  • Jd_Acura

    Verizon should have rejected the Samsung Charge instead of the Galaxy S II, but hopefully this means that Verizon is making room for the Nexus Prime. Unfortunately, I’m one of those people who has been waiting for the Bionic to come out for what seems like years and just recently caught wind of these Samsung devices coming to Verizon and has made my mind up to wait for them. Just had my hopes of the Galaxy S II shot down, not sure if I want to wait for the Nexus Prime now or get the Bionic/HTC Vigor mainly because of the fact that everything regarding the Nexus Prime is basically a rumor as of now. If there was a definite model branded as the Prime and a verified release date on Verizon I would consider waiting. I guess I should just wait another month and see who tries to take jabs at the iPhone 5 (if it’s released in October) by releasing an Android up to par or better than the iPhone 5 because I truly hate that vanilla iOS.

  • Beth

    I am sooooo disappointed that Verizon isn’t carrying the S2. I have been waiting for well over a year for it to come here and thought of course it would be on Verizon. I have already purchased several cases for it with no doubt it would be on Verizon and I was going to be the first in line to get it. I am so mad at them. The charge is the ugliest phone out there. I will leave Verizon and go to Sprint if Verizon doesn’t have something equivalent to the S2. I really wanted this phone and would leave to get it. Hope Verizon has something as good or I’m gone!!! The entire world will have the S2 except Verizon!!!!!! How stupid, Verizon and not fair!!!!!!

  • Noel

    Love the Nexus but will not change carriers especially to Verizon cuz of it. Hope the new Nexus is launched on its original home (Magenta) or to all four major carriers to combat the certain arrival of the iPhone which will be carried on all the big four Networks