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Samsung GT-i9250 Nexus Prime receives WiFi certification


The Samsung Nexus Prime, also known as the GT-i9250, is now one step closer to release. The device every Android addict is waiting for has just been WiFi certified.

While the certification doesn’t divulge any new information on the i9250, it does mean the device is on track for a Fall release. First revealed in a leaked Samsung road map, the i9250 is rumored to come with a 4.65-inch Super AMOLED HD display, 5 megapixel camera and Ice Cream Sandwich. All specs that line up perfectly with the Nexus Prime.

The Nexus Prime was originally rumored for an October release. That rumor has been under fire ever since the leaked road map showing the specs of the i9250 put the device on schedule for release in late November or early December. At this point, an exact release date is anyone’s guess. With this certification though, that date certainly can’t be far off.

Source: DroidLife

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  • John D

    dear mother of god

  • Richard Yarrell

    I have never purchased Samsung products but with this being the Nexus Prime/Google phone with Ice Cream Sandwhich I may consider another purchase this year. I already know that the next iteration of Evo brand will BLOW past these specs but that will be in the middle of 2012. Plus my current EVO 3D will be one of the first devices to recieve ICE CREAM SANDWHICH so all in all I will (2) top of the line devices if I decide to purchase this Nexus Prime. We all know SPRINT WILL BE THE FIRST TO GET IT…

    • ben dover

      I hope it comes to tmobile so I can switch carriers :)

      I loved sprint about a year ago but their service has gone down the drain. I’m lucky to see over 2mbps on wimax and I get an average of 300-440kpbs on 3g.

      I would like to stay on sprint but their service isn’t enough to keep me.

      I’m stoked about the nexus prime though!

      • Galen20K

        it will be launching on T-Mobile.

    • Mark

      Blah….blah….sprint/htc fanboy rant….blah….blah. Say something original for once.

    • snowbdr89

      Pay attention moron, the prime will be lte not that pathetic wimax so im pretty sure the now behind tge times network wont be the first..

      • Richard Yarrell

        I can’t help but laugh at how PATHETIC YOU and VERIZON really are with your STUPID OVERCHARGES and USELESS BATTERY DRAINING NETWORK..If you think this will appear on verizon first THE JOKE WILL BE ON YOU and everyone else that will be waiting for this device to land on verizon. You won’t see this till AFTER JAN 2012 AT BEST…SPRINT AND TMOBILE WILL RECIEVE THE PRIME FIRST…BANK ON THAT..Meanwhile it’s not like your going to be purchasing anything anyway people with Samsung Moments in 2011 don’t purchase new they stay with there old USELESS DEVICES and don’t talk about rooted either because REGARDLESS of your Samsung Moment being rooted it STILL WILL NEVER COMPARE to any of today’s devices SO AT BEST YOUR A CLOWN…Find a face to put on all your comments so all of us at androidandme can have something to laugh about cause we all know you have to look pretty BUGGED OUT as well as your friend @Ksizzle9 another NEW TROLL ON THIS SITE….

        • joe

          Is there anything more pathetic than a carrier fanboy?

        • squiddy20

          I can’t help but laugh at how IGNORANT and STUPID YOU are. As I have pointed out to you MANY MANY times, don’t say a word about “overpriced” Verizon phones and their “battery draining” LTE network. For one, you don’t own a single Verizon product, why do you care about how they’re “overpriced”? Thats the same as complaining about the high cost of milk when you don’t buy any. Utterly stupid and pointless. Give it up. And as for their “battery draining” LTE, have you forgotten that Sprint will also be getting that same, “battery draining” LTE via LightSquared in the coming year or so? Have you forgotten that early reviews of Sprint’s “4G” network were just as shitty (and in some cases still are) as Verizon’s? Before you say anything about Verizon, maybe you should remember that Sprint’s “4G” hasn’t expanded to any NEW CITIES since December.

          What’s even MORE sad is that I’m fairly certain you confused snowbdr89 with me in your pointless Samsung Moment rant since I’m the one who owns that particular device. Talk about not having any memory retention. And before you start talking about putting a picture up so “all of us at androidandme can have something to laugh about”, maybe you should take a look at your own profile picture. It’s pretty damn ugly.

          • Richard Yarrell

            Yeah ya fool always glad to entertain THE TROOL YOU ARE…Since all you guys always post Anonymous GROW SOME BALLS for a change so we can laugh at you and your ignorance. Can’t blame you for not posting your picture If I looked like you I would’nt post it either. Your a fool at best just like all the rest of these Anonymous afraid to show there faces people. Don’t worry about me posting verizon comments or anyother comments because here I am home you are TROLLING so GO BACK TO WHERE YOU BELONG IT IS NOT HERE and take all the others FOOLS WITH YOU…IE snowbdr89 and ksizzle9 and any other FAKE comment posting person…And don’t worry about SPRINT and there LTE network it won’t be nothing like verizon’s you can BANK ON THAT because they understand how 4g works and how devices have to work on the network and sprint makes sure devices come with toggle switches that the customer can turn on and off when they need to. Your just as MISINFORMED AS ALL THE OTHERS…Samsung Moment….What a waist…..

          • squiddy20

            Bwahahaha! Me and my ignorance? Do you even know the definition of the word “ignorance”? It means lack of knowledge or information. Putting a picture of me up as my profile picture has absolutely nothing to do with my “ignorance”. Can you say “irony”? Do you even know what THAT means?

            Again I have to laugh at your utter stupidity. Did you really just say that Sprint “understands how 4G works”? Have you heard or seen any of the complaints most people have about Wimax, or are you ignorant about that too? Most people complain about shitty coverage indoors, slow download/upload speeds compared to Verizon, and at this point, wayyyy less overall coverage compared to Verizon. So who’s the “misinformed” one again?

          • squiddy20

            Also, take a look around Dick, 3 out of 4 of your comments on this page alone have been rated so low that they’ve been hidden and your 4th comment is well on its way to the same fate. Do you get the picture now? In case you don’t, let me spell it out for you. NO ONE LIKES YOU. SHUT THE F**K UP ALREADY.

          • keridel

            if it makes you feel better all of the american carriers are overpriced…

            and i’ll be getting my nexus prime on a £35 a month contract ($50) with unlimited everything. oh and i get the phone for free :D

        • Galen20K

          well you’re right about one thing, the Nexus Prime most definitely won’t be launching on Verizon. T-Mobile’s got that.

    • Ksizzle9

      ZOMG. Richard, you have been kicked off every android website for your idiotic evo comments and now you are trolling here? BTW, you suck, and any phone you have will suck, but only because of how badly you suck. Good to see someone somewhere still let’s you open your nasty mouth on the web.

      • Richard Yarrell

        We definately don’t need you here on this site…SO GO TROLL ELSEWHERE DO YOURSELF THAT FAVOR. Many of us have been here for a long while and today you JUST POP UP OUT OF THE BLUE. Have some GUTS TO SHOW YOUR FACE so we can all have something to LAUGH ABOUT. GO BACK TO YOUR SORRY SITE YOU ALWAYS BE AT AND LEAVE ANDROIDANDME. WE DON’T NEED YOU HERE.

        • inviolable

          Who’s “we?” The irony is palpable.

        • YNWA

          GTFO dude

          • Cwalden21


        • squiddy20

          And why don’t “we” need him on this site? He speaks the truth. You HAVE been kicked off so many sites, it’s actually quite sad. At least 3 times from Phandroid alone, once from Android Central, once from Android Police… need I say more? You just don’t learn. Ever. You refused to believe that the processors in the Evo 3D and the Sensation were the EXACT SAME despite many different sources being shoved in your ignorant, ugly little face to prove our points. You told me that rooting was for “2 plus year old phones” and not even a month ago said you were “looking into” rooting your E3D, and then changed again to say that you’ll “hold off” on rooting till ICS comes out. Is it really so hard to keep your stupid little story straight?

          And anonymity in most of these places is a good thing. Be careful Dick, piss someone off juuuust enough, and it would be incredibly easy to find out where you live and work and hunt your sorry ass down. You (stupidly) used your real name and your personal info is all over the internet, from all of your stupid, pointless Youtube posts to info about your interests, hobbies, where you live, work, and what you like to eat to all of your even more pointless posts on the various techs sites. Either tone it down or shut up.

        • Matthew

          This Richard guy makes the eve 3d look bad.

      • Willard Potter

        I LOL’d…

  • wondercoolguy

    My brain hurts my Nexus One is getting angry at me for looking at all these phones. My next phone is gonna be the Hercules or this one…..I’m pretty sure Cyanogen is gonna support both phones so I’m not worried about how fast Hercules will 4.0 or not….I just want to know SPECS!!!!! and not rumored….

    • Lucas

      Same Here.

  • Kevin

    Now to confirm which exact carrier. Hopefully not sprint.

  • Jud

    it really pisses me off that this might only have a Super AMOLED screen. I would MUCH rather have a Super AMOLED + display at a lower resolution because it wouldn’t have the Pentile crap.

    What good is an HD display if things are aliased and pixelated? This fact alone might sway me towards another phone. I DO NOT want a pentile display.

    • jj

      I want an oompaloompa, now!

      • Jes


    • Tony

      “I DO NOT want a pentile display.”

      Then I suggest not buying one :)

    • martin

      i think you just dont want one out of principal. i have a nexus one and i didnt like it when i found out how the pixels were arranged, and that you could argue its not 800×400 (or whatever it is). that being said though, i still think the screen on my nexus one looks great, and im sure the one on the prime will look great also.

      they’re using pentile so they can squeze another $5 profit out of it. ya its not 100% awesome, but it’ll probably be at least 90% awesome.

    • kazahani

      I have the Samsung Vibrant, which uses original SAMOLED, and I love my screen. I don’t notice any pixelation. I think the 720p screen is going to look just fine. And by fine I mean awesome.

    • mkrmec

      Dum Dum you won’t see the pixelation because of the high ppi… please don’t spread panic and shit like that around. If you don’t want it don’t buy it.

  • sethoscope

    What a beast. Anyone have any clue when ICS will be unveiled?

    • Tony

      Rumors all point to sometime in October.

    • h0ruza

      At a guess I’d say October – Early November with a sneak peek or two in September otherwise ask Google :)

  • Jonathan

    A new superphone, with super specs but the best is… a Super OS :D


    Things are getting pretty exciting !

  • Kai99

    …So hard to be excited by anything Samsung brings to market. It’s as though it’s all done half-hearted. Anyone remember watching Android users suffer while waiting forever on an update for the original Galaxy phones? Was there ever a good reason given? The Epic 4G STILL hasn’t seen an update to Gingerbread and it was released well after the Evo 4G.

    … I guess I just can’t make my piece with the idea that this phone will have ICS forever, and never get upgraded. Some still call them “Samsuck.”

    • BiGMERF

      Kai the difference with this Samsung phone is that it is not handled by Samsung, update wise. Just put together hardware wise and the internals and screen by Samsung are not bad. Software updates will be handled by Google. So updates are not n issue. As long as Samsung does not put out a plastic phone like they did with thee Nexus S all will be good.

    • kram

      Please refrain from commenting because you clearly no nothing about android. Nexus devices will always be the first with the new versions of android because the software updates are controlled by google not samsung.

      Root your epic if you are not happy with the software. There are plenty of excellent gingerbread ROMs available for it.

      • Coolaaron88

        By telling people to just “Root your epic if you are not happy with the software.” you enable OEM’s like Samsung to keep dropping the ball in regards to being persistent about updating phones.

        • Dirty_Azkals

          Yup. Plus you break your warranty while your at it too. Samsung has to replace your phone if they brick it, but not if you do : )

    • James

      I’m one of those original Samsung Galaxy owners and what a steaming pile of bad user experience it was. I swore off Samsung and ignored the NS. That Google makes the specs and controls the updates may be enough to change my mind for this one phone, but plastic chassis and no microSD card will be dealbreakers too though.

  • Nathan

    This is going to be my next phone! (and it a pretty big upgrade from a first gen devices)

    • Nathan

      At the one hundred mark yeaaaaaa! :D

  • kwills88

    I am sitting on a full upgrade and I have no idea if I should stick to getting the galaxy s2/Hercules and mod it when ics gets released, or just get the prime.

    • Steve Barry

      I’m on Sprint, and excited about the SGS2, but I’m not doing anything until the release date, specs, etc. are released for this phone. I’ve never had a Google phone, so I’m excited for this to be my first.

      Currently sport an Epic, which I love, but I can live with that until the Prime comes out.

  • Samsung Fan

    Why is it only 5MP camera when the rest are atleast 8MP? And why are they only coming with 16GB? You would figure there would be 32GB phones (not counting the microSD) by now.

    • Jordan

      its 5 MP BUT it has a advanced sensor or so im told … not all about the MP

      • joe

        Megapixels are such a BS measure of a camera. you could have a 16MP cheap crap sensor and all you get when you zoom in is a bunch of digital noise.

  • Jd_Acura

    I hate/love that these companies making these smartphones are in such heated competition. Hate it because nobody will release any type of concrete information because they’re afraid the other one will outdo them. Love it because there is a ton of pressure to put out the latest and greatest devices. I just wish Google would put out some vanilla banner ad: Google Nexus Prime – coming to X Carrier on XX-XX-XXXX so I would at least know how long I have to wait to have this great new phone or be utterly disappointed it won’t be on Verizon.

  • Mike

    5MP or 8MP doesn’t affect your pic quality. Some ppl even by now doesn’t get it that higher MP doesn’t equal to better pix quality. A good 5MP camera can beat an average 8MP anytime. And I don’t think you would ever print out a full resolution pix from your phone, if you are only goin to view it on your PC or Mac screen, a 5MP is already much larger than your screen resolution can handle.

  • mattcoz

    4.65″ is insane, my Sprint contract is up this winter but that’s just too big.

  • JoogleMe

    Although I’m not completely thrilled about Samsung making the new Nexus, they did a pretty swell job on the S. But their phones can feel a lil cheap sometimes. For instance what I loved about the Nexus One was it’s solid feel and that the phone didn’t feel like it was going to slip out of my hands when I held it in comparison to the Nexus S. But don’t get me wrong Samsung makes brilliant screens which is a plus for brilliant phones. I’d like another concurved screen; also the option of Swype pre-installed would be swell. I like the android keyboard but swype is just way easier.

    • Futureboy

      Swype is nice, but I would suggest trying out SwiftKey X. The original version was very good, but the predictive text has definitely improved even more with this latest release. I often find myself tapping the predictions to type whole sentences. And other times, it just takes only a few letters to get the right word.

      To get the best benefit from it, you have to use it for a week or so to let it learn your typing style. Then it rocks.

      Don’t get me wrong, Swype is a solid keyboard and I used to love it myself. But if you’re open to new options, I’d say it’s worth looking into SwiftKey.

      (not affiliated with Swiftkey in any way, shape or form)

  • Paul Atreides

    I really want a Nexus device, but in the mean time I will get the Within on Sprint. I’m hoping for the upgraded version of the GS 2, with the bigger battery, screen, 1.5 GHz dual processor, and of course that 4.5 inch screen. My EVO 4G needs a break.

  • John

    Currently on Sprint and really getting irritated with slow/weak connections. New plan is to stick with my OG evo until the Droid HD comes out and then jump ship to Verizon. I used to be one to bash their high prices, but it’s hard to beat their service! 2 cents

  • martin

    the thing i will hate is if it first comes out on sprint, then without warning it will come out on the rest 3 months later. that would suck because i want a new phone for christmas (almost 2 years on nexus one) and i’ll just buy a galaxy S2. idk, starting to get frustrated at the rumors.

  • snowbdr89

    Poll question of the day, if you dont want dumbass dick yarrell on this site anymore click the positive arrow —>

    • jbn

      Would you like a cry towel?

      • keridel

        that made me laugh out loud.

        as soon as i saw jbn post i thought “ah point missed”

    • squiddy20

      Try “discussing” anything with Richard Yarrell. It is NOT possible. After stating your opinion, he’ll be the one to call you “useless”, “lying”, “fake”, “trolling”, etc. He’s done it to me and many others countless times over at Phandroid (before he was banned 3 times). When he tried telling all of us over at Phandroid that the processor in the Sensation was inferior to the processor in the Evo 3D, we showed him proof that they are the exact same in every way with the exception of the network connectivity (T-Mo vs Sprint). He wouldn’t hear a word of it and began screaming even more emphatically how the E3D was “better” in every single way. When I’ve asked him why he thinks something, all he’s ever done is avoided the question, posed some new (stupider) ones towards me, and then proceeded to insult me. Try having any sort of “conversation” or “discussion” with that kind of nonsense. Look above if you don’t believe me. Look in the comment section of the one article he wrote on this website (a review of the E3D, go figure). In that one, he pretty much insulted everyone who’s opinion was different than his. Do a google search for “Richard Yarrell”, “Rockingmyevo3D”, or Yarrellray” (his various screen names) and read for yourself how much of a “conversationalist” he is.

  • Jorge

    what a wonderful news!… I’m wondering if this new phone will be available on AT&T

  • http://None CaribGrackle

    I can’t wait to for it and see Ice Cream Sandwich finally working.

  • Louis

    So will this phone be available only on big Red?

    • Futureboy

      Not likely. The last Google phone, the Nexus S, started on T-Mobile and eventually made it’s way to AT&T and Sprint.

  • jsweetser2

    Every Nexus phone has come out for Tmobile first, and i’m hoping that trend continues. I switched to Tmobile for my G1 and have stuck with it even though service is sub par in my area – because I upgraded to the N1 when it came out. I’ll be upgrading my phone with this device, regardless of carrier but it would be easier if it came out on Tmob.

    Nice thing about nexus is that (besides the S) i can keep it for 2 years and wait for another nexus and not have to pull my hair out after a year fishing for a device to bridge me another year.

  • 5n4r35

    Is there any solid proof that this Is the Nexus Prime?The only rhinhg we can say for sure is with this is the nexus prime or the nexusrime will come put before this. The next nexus will be the first with ICS. This is something to keep an eye on but keep an eye out for other potenial nexus prime contenders.

  • RayMatthew

    I had a CLIQ. ( I don’t what wrong with me back then) it broke months ago and I’ve been handed this crap $20 dollar nokia phone. My upgrade for T-Mobile is in October. You don’t know how excited I am for this phone to come out. :D

  • newjaruz

    I just hope that this device is released on t-mobile. I dont mind if every carrier gets it because everyone deserves to have the latest and greatest software but I hope Google doesn’t initially

  • Lrsone

    5MP Camera again? Come on bump it up to 8 by now.

  • CactusCat

    Ok now boys (and gals)… we all know that Richard has EVOgasms. He just can’t help himself, so give him a break. This isn’t all that serious. However, did you note that our buddy has blasphemed himself? He stated he might actually purchase a non-EVO device. I just about had a heart attack. The specs of this phone as so amazing and compelling that even Richard is considering buying one!! Gee…

  • d1292b

    I think he is trolling

  • d1292b

    “A wise man told me don’t argue with fools ‘Cause people from a distance can’t tell who is who”

  • Dr.Carpy

    Man thank you BetterWithRoot! You said far more eloquently than I. This site is better when we agree to disagree. Have conversations and discussions based on fact. Sure, Richard loves HTC! Sure he’s a cheerleader! That’s his prerogative! Nobody has the right to threaten his safety….squiddy20. Save the internet gangster stuff for myspace. Why everyone jumps down his throat is beyond me. You don’t like what is said use maturity and ignore it. All the verbal attacks are giving flashbacks to grade school.

  • Mocha K

    Hope it comes to tmobile

  • BW

    Do your research. Sprint might not be quite as fast as Verizon, but they have unlimited data downloads. T-mobile is a dog when it comes to their network, but Carly Foulkes is SMOKING HOT in those pink dresses.

    Verizon is run by thieves. STAY FAR FAR AWAY. With Verizon, you could use your 5 GB in as little as 32 minutes, or 12 GB in 77 minutes. Of course, you won’t now this until the outrageous bill arrives.


    Here is a rip off report of how Verizon scams its customers for $600 in one month on legit calls:


    AT&T will cap your bandwidth as well.

    I have NEVER had a problem like this with Sprint, but don’t let me stop you from enjoying that great Verizon network.