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Samsung Hercules confirmed as Galaxy S II for T-Mobile

Samsung Hercules

Our friends at TmoNews just scored some pics of the much-hyped Samsung Hercules, which is rumored to be the first phone that supports T-Mobile’s super-fast 4G HSPA+ 42 network. There was some confusion if this would be branded as a Galaxy S II (SGS2) handset, but that was cleared up by the new pics which clearly show “Galaxy S II” on the back of the device.

The full list of specs is still a mystery, but the tipster who leaked these pics says it definitely has a 4.5 inch display. The original SGS2 featured Samsung’s own Super AMOLED Plus display, so we will assume the same is being used in the Hercules. It is still unclear if the Hercules will be powered by a 1.2 GHz dual-core Exynos like the original model or a 1.5 GHz dual-core Snapdragon S3 like has been rumored.

When it comes to software, all we have learned so far is that it will ship with Netflix and Telenav GPS pre-installed. We are expecting the Hercules to ship with Android 2.3 and include Samsung’s TouchWiz UI, but we will have to wait and see.

We know that the SGS2 is coming soon to the US, but no dates have been announced yet. However, a leaked T-Mobile roadmap suggest the Hercules could land on September 21st.

At the very least, it looks like T-Mobile might have the best version of the SGS2 at this point. The addition of a 4.5 inch Super AMOLED display and support for HSPA+ 42 should place the Hercules at the top of any T-Mobile customers wish list.

The front of the Samsung Hercules reminds me of the Nexus S.

Source: TmoNews

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  • Coolaaron88

    Most popular Android Phone on T-Mobile incoming :D

    • Taylor Wimberly

      It really does look like an upgrade to the Nexus S design. I hope this is the same design that gets used for the Nexus 3 if Samsung makes it.

      • irishrally

        This does look like Samsung’s bid for the Nexus 3, doing exactly what they did with the galaxy s and nexus s this time last year. Perhaps they lost the bid for the N3 and are now selling their candidate as a standard android phone. I hope I’m wrong because I want Samsung to make the N3, but maybe google passed because it looks indentical to the NS from the front.

    • Cwalden21

      Yeah, now if we could just get some leaked pics of the Sprint Epic Touch version and a release date would be great!

  • Dustin Earley

    I really really want this phone! So tempted to jump on it. If the Nexus 3 is made by Samsung though, I’ll feel mighty stupid for not waiting.

    • Interpol91

      I know! I feel the same way. This is one killer looking phone but a rumored Nexus 3 made by Samsung is enough for me to hold out. I just can’t get the image of the Samsung Hercules out of my head!!

  • noriega713

    Wow… Samsung sure did come a Long way from the behold II (worst Sammy phone) … Apple does have a reason to be scared… I wanted it… But now I NEED to have it… Can someone please leak some of the Nexus Prime pics…

  • moe h

    OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CANT WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • tehsusenoh

    Now for Verizon to get it…

    • Galen20K

      nope, Verizon is not getting this version. Theirs will probably be more like the Original.

  • coyotejbob

    Looks great. I am still sticking with my Sensation though. If this would have come out first I would have picked this up instead. Oh well to each there own. Looks like it will be a great phone though.

  • Galen20K

    tot effing getting, it’ll compliment my Sensation very nicely. : )

    • inviolable

      Just curious what kind of job some of you people have where you can freely spend hundreds of dollars on multiple phones so close to each other in this economy, and really just why?

      • Galen20K

        the Economy never Affected me, in fact its only gotten better for me the last ten years and honestly its none of anybody’s business what I buy and at what Frequency really.

  • AME

    With a release date at the end of September, it’s only a few months behind ICS and the latest Nexus device. I’m surprised that is not more of a mark against us hard-core Android fans on this site. This would have been my phone with a release date in May or June, but late September is just too close to ICS and the next Nexus.

    This is such a bad-ass phone– how likely is a swift ICS update?

  • Eddie24

    Beautiful unbranded screen just like my Nexus S?!!!! Ooooooh I want!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jukah

    Is that… a metal back?! Dreams have come true.

    • inviolable

      It looks like it, right? I don’t know about anyone else, but that would be the most welcome new feature for me. Down with plastic.

    • johnny

      I’m pretty positive it isn’t a metal back. Just from the look of it, you can tell it has a “brushed metal” finish but it still looks plastic or that’s my take on it.

  • Julian R

    I would upgrade to this, but like so many others I want the Nexus. I also don’t want to settle for that screen resolution. 800×400 I think not. 1280×720 I think so. Please don’t dissapoint me next Nexus.

    • Raptor

      “800×400 I think not. 1280×720 I think so”


  • Raptor

    I will give you some incentive to wait still better phones.

    Here in one image i pictured simultaneously 3 monitors

    such a way that they look seemingly same size. But they are all of different physical size !

    Nevertheless despite larger monitors are of 1920×1200 (1920×1080) resolutions you can very distinctively see pixelation on them on text outputs. T

    Typically you do not bring cell phones 6″ close to your eyes, this require 2+ reading glasses but with future 4.5″ and 5″ screens you will be able to get them to 7-8″ which is very usable with smaller glasses and even without them..

    480p screens are obsolete and barely us\able, they limit cell phone usability.
    And we NEED not just 1280×800 but 1920×1200 resolutions on our cell phones!
    That will make them as usable as not just as a tablet, but as your big computer !

    That is why we need retina displays and even larger – twice of that resolutions. And thanks to companies they work on that!

    • Ge

      A 1080+ resolution on a phone is 100% worthless at that scale. Just takes up more GPU/CPU processing for something we can’t notice.

      • Raptor

        YOU definitely can’t notice if you can’t get the simplest and pre-chewed explanation in the history of mankind of obvious things.

        It’s not for gamers

        • aantoine87

          AT THAT HIGH A RESOLUTION im sure that would cause eye damage because even though you dont notice it your brain processes all that extra information and depth and if you recall there were some games on the iphone 4 that had warning about extended play causing eye damage due to the retina display

          • Raptor

            If you do extended play on any devices and systems you are already brain damaged

    • inviolable

      Why exactly do we NEED 1920×1200 on our phones?

      • Raptor

        Why exactly do you need 1920×1200 on your 27″ screen computer?

        People, you kill me. Literally

        • inviolable

          Literally? Yea? Is it lonely up there on your high horse? I’m asking you a simple question. You said, in caps, we NEED that resolution on our phones. I’m asking you why. Are you one of those people who try to be the all knowing user on the internet, or are you just too pretentious to follow up on a single comment? I never said a word about computer screens. Again, I asked a simple question.

          • Raptor

            I’ve made the picture which supposedly is worth of hundreds words and … got the same ridiculous questions and objections.

            OK, again, summarizing everything what i wrote today: if you see pixelation of 1920p screens YOU WILL SEE THE PIXELS ON YOUR 1920p CELL PHONE SCREEN TOO when you will take it little bit closer then typical viewing distance 10-12″. Got the point finally?

            Even more crazy thing: the resolution when you will not notice pixelation on your 4.5″-5″ cell phone at 7-8″ distance has to be of the order 2560×1600 ! So do not think 4-5″ screens are too small for high resolutions, it is NOT SMALL, it also needs HIGH RESOLUTIONS like your PC monitor or TV

            Do not ask me what for i need 1920×1200 pixel resolution of you OK with 1280×800. My monitors have settings 3600×2250 resolutions and i still need more. But picture above proves that all people also need them literally for everything (except may be smartphone games). If you now will ask me again WHY i will pull my last hairs.

            The more people will want super-high resolution screens the faster they will appear on the market.

            And in basic PC computing the time for 4K monitors is also long overdue.

  • greg

    fuck tmobile. seriously. they won’t even upgrade the vibrant to 2.3 because of the stupid galaxy s 4g. so what’ll happen with this phone? the samsung zeus (or some shit) will come out, and tmobile will stop upgrading all models before it? i wouldn’t be surprised. i have one long, painful year left with the worst company on the planet. i don’t care if they have the best customer service, because clearly they don’t. i hope tmobile gets gobbled up by att, and i never hear their name again.

  • ayocuz

    I’m sticking with my sensation until something way better than this come out. Probably something quad core

  • Dirge

    “At the very least, it looks like T-Mobile might have the best version of the SGS2 at this point.”
    You mean, the ONLY version of the SGS2 at this point.

    • Xavier

      you do realize that Sprint announced this a few days ago right?? Samsung Epic Touch 4G…


    Wow, great news for all Tmo users ! I would have jumped on this if it were not for the fact that i can possibly get the same phone 2 months later with Vanilla Ice cream and none of the bloatware. while it looks very enticing now i will smack my self in the face 2 months later when the N3 comes out. Who knows how long it will take Samsung to upgrade its GS2 to Ice cream. Judging by past experience you can bet it will be atleast 3-4 months(maybe less or maybe more) after the Nexus 3 is revealed. Thinking of that lone will force me to wait. Plus who knows what goodies Google has planned to include with the N3.. It will be hard, but I will wait.

    • BiGMERF

      I forgot to add with Tmo not offering any true discounts on phones with there plans now. If I am going to pay full price for a phone it might as well be a bloat free phone :)

  • Samuel

    This is a very nice device, after having a vibrant for the past year, i can honestly say i’m tired of samsungs touchwiz, Im running a rooted vibrant, with a sense version of launcher pro, i want the htc sensation, yes i know the performance won’t be the same as the galaxy s 2 i want to take a break from touchwiz, i’ve always wanted to try sense. Touchwiz 4.0 isn’t much of an upgrade from touchwiz 3.0

  • http://Iwouldnotbuythemanything maor

    they just do not deserve it! tmobie are the only who still have not updated to the new version 2.3 for the galaxy s (vibrant)…

    • johnny

      Neither have the other carriers. But good try though.

  • thedarktangent

    4.5 inch this phone looks like a mini tablet, to big to have it on my pocket i stick with the htc vigor for verizon 1.5 dual core adreno 220 720p resolution and its made by htc samsung has a bad reputation when it comes to updates

  • Robot Human

    I have a Nexus S. I am not going to be available for an upgrade until 2013 so my plan is to sell my NS on eBay and pay the difference and get this phone and if the N3 is better, than sell the SGS2 and get that lol.

  • hnn

    looks great. i’m worried a 4.5″ screen is too big, though the bezel looks pretty small.

    still, with the nexus 3/prime around the corner, i think i’ll hold on to my Nexus One that much longer.

  • Noel

    Very very tempting to jump right in…but just like i held off temptation w/the Sensation, i will hang tight. ICS and the new Nexus (N3, Nexus Prime) are just around the corner…i have waited this long so two more month ain’t nothing. But i won’t lie…that’s a beautiful phone..a bigger sexy Nexus S w/ dual core and more goodies. Maybe after i get the New Nexus hopefully made by HTC i will buy the Hercules as my second phone. But if the new Nexus is made by Samsung then i will just dream abt the Hercules :)

  • Ichigo


  • Naruto Uzumaki

    I can understand that people are waiting for the nexus 3 or nexus “prime” but it’s basically gonna be a Samsung galaxy s 2 running stock android. It won’t be a quad core because they will only be available in 2012. So people don’t expect the nexus 3 to be a super duper crazy phone. It’s gonna be great but not a major thing.

    • Ge

      It’ll just be the only Android phone worth owning for a lot of people. OEMs ruin the Android experience.

    • BiGMERF

      I disagree , the fact that it will have vanilla android and it will be Ice cream is a Big DEAL

    • inviolable

      I would say a galaxy s level piece of hardware with I’ve

  • mime

    Meh this isn’t a galaxy s 2
    Different CPU/GPU and capacitive button layout different once again….WHY oh and tomible
    expect shit updates once again

    expect shit support from developers game wise …why not use the same hardware

    im getting an international version tmobile/ATT right around the corner so eventually be able to use HSPA

  • Sean the Electrofreak

    I would be *VERY* surprised if it ships with a Snapdragon. Why is Samsung putting millions and millions into development of their own SoC if not to use it?

    Besides, Qualcomm is too cozy with HTC, a pretty stiff competitor. If Samsung needed to cram a dual-core SoC in because Exynos isn’t finished yet, chances are they’d use another Tegra 2 SoC. NVIDIA is a lot more brand-agnostic.

    • Captain Aizen

      Because Samsung is short in the exynos processors

  • Mr Guzz

    Great News….but I will hold-on for the Nexus 3

  • troy

    Nothing like the original design, count me out.

  • kwills88

    I am sure most of us will just mod it and use a custom rom when ice cream comes out, so this whole complaint about t-mobile delaying updates is pointless unless you’re the average customer…I’ve been waiting way too long to not jump ship and get this phone on release

    • fwewefwe

      The custom roms that come out are based off the rom updates so you’re not getting anything new unless they release the updates

      • kwills88

        I am aware just saying it makes no sense complaining about t mobile taking forever to update their devices when you can manually do it yourself instead of waiting

  • hustin

    Im glad T-Mobile is getting this, but I hate the design changes. The rounded corners and the back face plate, so ugly.

  • Raptor

    One more interesting post. “Selling” it at the same price as bought on Engadget:

    “Byong Park 2 hours ago
    Wow. People really want this phone?
    Its all hype people. I’ve used it since it released in korea few months ago.
    Brought it to states and used it on tmobile and at&t and sold for $600 on ebay.
    Its same as other dual core phones.
    Only good thing about this phone is screen(super AMOLED plus)
    Just let you know korean version of galaxy s II had same bugs as original galaxy s.
    random shut down, delay(lag), etc.
    Phone overheats like other dualcore smartphones. I had to drop frequency to 700Mhz using setcpu to not overheat.

    when I had phone, only way to root was to load with custom firmware.
    Did not keep up after sold it on ebay.”

  • http://Website nexus

    Its got to have the at&t 3G bands in it as the vibrant did for me to bite. I cant have edge speeds on a device like this after the merger (which i understand would be for some time but still). Otherwise that white stock SGS II would do.

    Also explain to my why the 4.5 inch screen is an upsell because to me its a strike against it. Without qHD that techically means it has less pixels per inch / less pixel density. The stock SGS II wins there with a higher pixel density.

    • Raptor

      “Also explain to my why the 4.5 inch screen is an upsell because to me its a strike against it. Without qHD that techically means it has less pixels per inch / less pixel density.”

      Exactly. It’s not a big selling point. Specifically at 480p – it’s even worse looking with gargantuan pixels.

  • B3t0

    Yes I’m getting this phone and getting rid off my lg g2x

  • CL

    I went w/ the MT4GS but only because this one was too big for me. The SGS2 is a beautiful phone and it will most likely have the best specs to date. I just can’t see myself (a petit 4’9″) holding this phone next to my head.

    (I guess I could ALWAYS use bluetooth, right?)

  • SliestDragon

    Wow, if I hadn’t already gotten the Sensation, I’d definitely consider that. Still love my Sensation, but I loved the Nexus S’s design…

  • sylar

    Just what I have been waiting for! Except for the fact that I have small hands and would look like an idiot holding this.

  • kwills88

    Honestly, i think this design is better than the original, i just honestly don’t need people thinking i own an iPhone.

    • Galen20K

      EXACTLYYYY! same here.

  • RonWeez

    I wanted this so bad and didn’t wait and picked up the sensation. I don’t mind tho this should match up good with the sensation

  • erica 413

    i have the Samsung infuse from at&t!! its the same thing as this phone!! smh

  • bro bri

    Been using Hercules several months now. flawless performance in every way. I have had Vibrant, Galaxy 4g and now this. personally would have preferred the physical rectangular home button found on international version of SII but I suppose T Mobile insists on leaving it’s big stupid ugly “branding” mark on the Samsung. screen resolution is fine, leaving the Pectin Retina in the dust, extra pixels be damned. I really enjoy this unit as a mini-tablet. the complaint some folks have about plastic and lack of heft/weight are missing the point of functionality. the device is PORTABLE. if you want your pants to fall down carry a pistol. I only wish my big TV’s were DLNA compliant, because this mini tablet could nearly replace my cable TV settop box as a content source for HE programming.