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Samsung Hercules in the wild


T-Mobile and Rogers fans alike have a special leak in store for them today. Canadian-based MobileSyrup was at a Telus and Samsung sponsored concert last night and just so happened to snap a pic of the widely anticipated Samsung Hercules, the device rumored to be T-Mobile and Telus’ Galaxy S II variant.

While it may seem strange to see the Hercules name pop up on two carriers with different 3G bands, Telus is famous for landing reworked T-Mobile devices. Not only that, but the Hercules is actually rumored to launch with T-Mobile’s AWS bands along with support for the more standard 850/1900MHz configuration. A simple carrier rebrand and Telus wouldn’t even need to mess with the Hercules’s internals.

As far as other rumored specs on the device go, we’re still looking at a 1.2GHz dual-core processor, a 4.5-inch display, full HD 8MP camera, 2MP front-facing camera and yes, blazing fast 42Mbps HSPA+.

Current rumors have the T-Mobile Hercules seeing a late September launch, so it shouldn’t be long until this device is made official. What do you think T-Mobile (and Telus) customers? If T-Mo didn’t land the Galaxy S II and only got the Hercules instead, would you buy it?

Via: TmoNews

Source: MobileSyrup

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    I read about this this morning over on Tmonews and I had to stop for a sec and wiper the saliva from my lips.. I MUST STAY FOCUSED and keep reminding myself that the next installment of the NEXUS series is not to far off… But this one will be so hard to look past. But like Taylor reminded me . SOFTWARE first and as a former Nexus one and S user ….. I AGREE. STAY FOCUSED BIGMERF !

  • Taylor Wimberly

    OMG it’s teh Nexus 3!

    • BiGMERF

      You know Taylor I was thinking the same thing.. I thought the N3 would have the 4.5.. Did you just semi confirm ?!!!

      • Taylor Wimberly

        Haha that was a total joke. But the rumors do say that Samsung might produce the Nexus 3, so it could look something like this.

        • BiGMERF

          Grrrrrr.. High is quickly coming down……………. SMH

          • Dustin Earley

            Have faith man!!! I would LOVE to see this thing go buttonless and run ICS.

        • Interpol91

          I would love to get a Samsung Nexus 3!! I’m going to hold out for the next Nexus, even though I seriously want to upgrade my phone.

    • CTown

      Are you sure that thing is not a monster? It’s huge!

      • inviolable

        I’m convinced

  • Scotty Brown

    Am I missing something? This sentence doesn’t make sense to me:

    “If T-Mo didn’t land the Galaxy S II and only got the Hercules instead, would you buy it?”

    From what I understood… the SGSII = Hercules?

    • Taylor Wimberly

      They are very similar phones, but rumors say the Hercules will have a Qualcomm Snapdragon S3, instead of a Samsung Exynos CPU. Hercules will also have larger display and HSPA+ 42.

      • inviolable

        The Samsung Madden on chip?

    • Dustin Earley
    • CactusCat

      You misunderstood Scotty. The Hercules is not the SGS2. There are several differences that are really easy to spot. First and foremost is the big single button at the bottom of the SGS2 (like the iPhone’s single button) and the Hercules does not have that. It uses the standard 4 capacitive button configuration (see photo above). Second, the internals might be similar but the Hercules is designed to take advantage of HSPA+ (42Mbps max d/l speed) and the SGS2 will be limited to 21Mbps on Tmo and of course, on the other carriers, whatever modem they put in their respective version. And lastly, (sigh), Hercules uses a 4.5″ screen and the SGS2 is a 4.27 (also called 4.3″) screen. Any other questions?

  • thaghost

    I feel like a guy who has a marriage scheduled in the winter (with the nexus 3) but a fine ass girl is right around the corner (hercules). What should I do? Temptations…Smh.

    • Protoje

      I wouldnt wanna go with a fine ass girl by the name of ” hercules”

      • BiGMERF

        LMAO!!!! to funny

      • thaghost

        Lol, I think i’ll take your advice.

  • Ichigo

    I am so getting rid of my sensation 4g for this!

  • noriega713

    I will just have to *try* and buy both of them…but if came down to one…i dont know :-(

  • Nate B.

    These comments made me laugh. I love this site. But I’m excited for the US release of the SGSII. If it had IC & came with these specs, & HD like res, I would cream. Still it’ll be worth it. I mean when IC & the Nexus 3 comes out I’m sure XDA will port it all. SGSII has really good support.

    I own the Nexus S 4G. If this was out before the NS4G or same time, I would of got the SGSII and then the N3. A. Beautiful and working software along side awesome hardware never fails. That’s the Nexus line for you. It almost makes we want to get Sprints version knowing I’ll still get IC because I have a Nexus phone. I’ll just miss out on the hardware the N3 will be boasting. Options smh.

    By the way, I love this site and the new looks. Much more user friendly to the mobile user now.

  • Raptor

    NO because they do not cary 1280×800 screen yet to be of retina display type resolutions. And also NO because of T-Mo goes to AT&T.

    Thinking to switch from Tmo – greed and new CEO made them to lose their minds. The faster they become the smaller data cap limit. Envision comic in its absurdity situations in the future when you will by mistake or necessity click on some 2GB movie file and in less then 8 min at 42mbps (= 5MB/sec) your monthly quota cap is gone! Comcast for example always had >250GB unofficial caps

    • inviolable


  • bob dole

    This phone does not have retina style resolution but the sensation has higher than retina style reso if I’m not mistaken by a few more pixels like the atrix. Retina was a joke anyways, the screen still looked like crap in the sun. Samsungs super amoled screens are bright and nice in the sun. I am looking forward to this device or the sgsII soon. I will be shelling out for either.

  • Robot Human

    I think the Nexus One looks awesome so at first I was disappointed Samsung was going to make the Nexus 3 but after seeing the SGS2 overseas, I’m excited BC I know the N3 is supposed to be something special so they will probably go that extra mile to make sure it look and runs good. When my N1 got the 2.3 update, it restarted on me everyday. I hope the N3 is more stable. I’d like the Hercules but I’m more interested in have a future device that sets the bar.

    • inviolable

      My N1 very rarely ever reboots. Does it still happen to you? And are you exaggerating when you say every day?

  • am123

    Depends on the processor for me. I’d rather go with Samsungs Exynos processor than a snapdragon. Also depends on how much longer we’d have to wait for the Nexus 3.

  • bodybuzz

    Sooooo ….trying to understand why in the first sentence of the article it says that Rogers customers will be in for a special treat and then it goes on to describe a wonderful Telus phone. Sounds like Rogers fans should only be celebrating if their contract is up and they are ready to jump ship for the CDMA kingdom.

  • sylar

    Its in the wild! Martha get me my shot gun.