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Samsung officially announces the US variants of Galaxy S II

Galaxy S II trio

Well folks, this has certainly been a long time coming, but the day is finally here. Samsung has just announced the newest entries into the Galaxy S portfolio, the US Galaxy S II variants.

AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile will all be carrying the Galaxy S II this fall, all running on their carriers 4G network of choice. That means the Sprint version of the GSII will be WiMax, while the AT&T and T-Mobile versions will both be HSPA+ (sorry Ma Bell users, no LTE yet). As far as other similarities go, all three devices will be rocking a Super AMOLED Plus display, a 1.2GHz dual-core processor, an 8MP camera capable of 1080p video record, a 2MP front-facing and the latest version of TouchWiz slathered over Gingerbread.

As for differences, the Sprint GSII is the only one with a custom name (the Epic Touch 4G), and the AT&T version of the device will be rocking a 4.3-inch display instead of a 4.5 like on the Sprint and T-Mobile variants. T-Mobile and Sprint’s Galaxy S IIs will also take a more rounded body approach to the physical design of the device (T-Mobile’s is the curviest).

Look for Sprint’s Galaxy S II Epic Touch 4g to launch September 16th for $199.99 on a two-year contract; AT&T’s Galaxy S II will launch September 18th; and T-Mobile’s will be on the way this fall.

Official press releases can be found on the carrier sites:

Be sure to keep checking back with us through the night as we go in-depth with each of the Galaxy S II variants.

Show Press Release

Samsung’s fastest selling smartphone in the world coming soon to AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile

DALLAS, August 30, 2011 – Samsung Telecommunications America (Samsung Mobile)1, the No. 1 mobile phone provider in the U.S., today announced the Galaxy Sâ„¢ II will be available with AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile starting this fall. The U.S. launch follows the successful debut of the Galaxy S II in Europe and Korea, where consumers bought 5 million smartphones in 85 days, making the device Samsung’s fastest selling smartphone ever. The next generation Galaxy S II portfolio packs industry-leading hardware and software and the latest version of the Android smartphone platform into each device. The Galaxy S II portfolio is highlighted by Samsung’s own Super AMOLED Plus display technology, a powerful dual core application processor and a robust array of entertainment, messaging, social networking and enterprise experiences.

“The unveiling of the Galaxy S II is a landmark achievement for Samsung, our carrier customers and consumers,” said Dale Sohn, president of Samsung Mobile. “Five million Galaxy S II smartphones have been sold around the world and that number increases every day. We believe the cutting-edge design, features and user experience of this innovative device will share the same level of success in the U.S.”

The three smartphones within the Samsung Galaxy S II portfolio are designed with an ultra-thin form factor and brilliant Super AMOLED Plus touch screen display. Recent independent studies showed that Samsung’s Super AMOLED Plus display technology was preferred 2 to 1 over any competing display technology in the market today2, thanks to touchscreen’s ability to deliver brilliant colors with the most contrast, providing a vivid and crisp viewing experience.

All three Galaxy S II smartphones are enabled with 4G3 service for fast connectivity speeds and dual core processors for seamless web surfing, console-like game play and rapid content downloads.

Personalized Customization

The Galaxy S II portfolio features an improved Samsung TouchWiz user interface, providing superior multi-tasking, application management, and customization and includes Live Panel which provides a magazine-like widget view for immediate access to weather, social updates, email, news, photo gallery and more, all of which can be customized on the home screen. All of the Samsung Live Panel widgets can be positioned and re-sized to create rich, visual home screens and provide one-touch access to the information consumers use most. Touchwiz UI also includes Quick Panel which allows instant access to commonly used device settings like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, and other key device features. The TouchWiz UI notification service on the lock screen notifies users to the number of unread or new text messages, and missed calls that have been sent to you on your Galaxy S II. Users get direct access to missed calls and text messages from the lock screen by swiping the notification boxes without having to navigate through the applications menu.

Each of the Galaxy S II devices feature six-axis motion sensing using an accelerometer and gyroscope that support advanced touch screen gestures, including motion to zoom in on images, silence a ringing phone, and even move widgets on the menu screens.

Premium Content

Galaxy S II will also include Samsung’s popular Media Hub movie and TV content service. Media Hub features thousands of new release and top-grossing titles from major Hollywood studios and leading television networks, including NBC Universal, Paramount, MTV, Warner Bros., CBS and FOX. The content service has added a new feature called Media Hub Show, allowing the user to playback Media Hub content on a TV through an HDMI cable connected to a Galaxy S II dock or HDTV Smart adapter accessory. Users can share purchased to own film or TV content across up to five devices enabled with Media Hub at no additional cost. Alternate premium video options include Android Movies, Netflix, and others which are available to download from Android Marketâ„¢.

Samsung’s Social Hub service on the Galaxy S II transfers email, instant messaging, contacts, calendar and social network connections, including Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn accounts, into “Feeds” and “Messages” folders that can be either separated into separate tabs or combined into comprehensive lists.

Samsung’s Galaxy S II portfolio is powered by the open and innovative Android Gingerbread platform, complete with full support of Google Mobile Services including Android MarketÔ with access to more than 250,000 applications, Google SearchÔ, Google MapsÔ, GmailÔ, YouTubeÔ, Google TalkÔ and more.

In addition, Galaxy S II and the Android Gingerbread platform support an array of cloud services including content sync across the Galaxy branded portfolio with Google services (Books, Music, Videos, Email, Calendar) Samsung Media Hub and cloud photo sync through Picasa Web Albums and Google+.

Uncompromised Convergence

The Galaxy S II portfolio offers a number of convergence features to share content in tethered and wireless formats. With Samsung’s All Share application, which enables inter-device connectivity through DLNA (Digital Living Network Alliance) technology, users can send user-generated video content wirelessly to other DLNA-enabled devices, such as TV’s, monitors and laptops, allowing for an interactive entertainment experience. The TV Remote App, also available through Android Market, transforms the Galaxy S II into a remote control for several top models of Samsung HDTVs. Smart Show and Media Hub Show enables the user to tether an HDMI over micro USB connection to an HDTV to play user generated or Media Hub DRM protected content respectively directly from the Galaxy S II device to the HDTV screen. Samsung Kies Air service allows users to connect their PC or Mac via WiFi without a preloaded application to easily view and manage your content. Users can transfer files, manage contacts and messages and send SMS from the PC.

Optimal Enterprise Solutions

Galaxy S II integrates a range of enterprise solutions that expand the business capabilities of the devices. The Galaxy S II portfolio provides support for exchange device management policies, offers increased security of data and services and enables mobile conferencing while on the go. Galaxy S II also features productivity enhancement capabilities such as the ability to create and respond to meeting requests, view, edit, and create Microsoft®-compatible documents, spreadsheets, and presentations, global address lookup (GAL), and more.

Additional enterprise solutions include:

On-device encryption of user data
Full support for Exchange ActiveSync® version 14
Cisco VPN (Virtual Private Network)
Sybase MDM (Mobile Device Management)
Cisco WebEx mobile conference solution

Additional features of the Galaxy S portfolio include:

· 8-megapixel Rear-Facing Camera with Autofocus & Flash & 1080p HD Video Recording/2-megapixel Front-Facing Camera: The Galaxy S II portfolio features an 8 megapixel camera with flash and can record video in 1080p HD high profile offering the richest video content on a smartphone. Plus, the front-facing 2 megapixel camera provides video chat capabilities for personal and business communication on-the-go. Galaxy S II supports popular video conferencing services like Skype, Fring, Qik and Tango.

· Voice Talk: The Galaxy S II Voice Talk feature allows users to give their Galaxy S II device voice commands, including voice dial, text message, navigation, music, Web browsing and search. When docked into the car dock, the Galaxy S II automatically defaults into Voice Talk mode. Users can instantly activate the Voice Talk application by a long press on the search key.

· Task Manager: View and close the applications users have active, what items have been downloaded and check on memory usage via the Task Manager widget.

· Screen Capture Feature: Users can easily take a screen grab of the phone screen by pressing the power button and the home key simultaneously.

· Memory: All three Galaxy S II devices offer 16GB of on-board memory, as well as a microSD card slot that supports up to a 32GB memory card.

Premium Accessories Portfolio

A host of premium Galaxy S II accessories, including convenient solutions for docking, convergence, and backup battery charging will be available for each smartphone, providing users with an enhanced mobile experience. A multimedia dock is the perfect smart accessory, allowing users to transform their Galaxy S II into a home stereo by connecting speakers or plugging it into a home entertainment system via the 3.5mm stereo connector. Its ability to orient with the phone while docked makes it easy to view content in portrait and landscape mode, while the auto-launch of its Desk Dock UI makes for easy access to music, video and other applications.

Additional accessory solutions include:

Vehicle dock: The dock charges the phone while docked to ensure uninterrupted GPS usage on long car rides. The dock is windshield or dashboard mountable and includes the sophisticated Vlingo Voice Talk, allowing users to enjoy hands-free control of their Galaxy S II.
Battery charging stand with spare battery: This charging solution ensures a backup battery is always on hand, while providing a convenient kick stand for the Galaxy S II.
HDTV Adapter: The HDMI adapter supports HD video up to 1080p from the phone to an HDTV, projector, or monitor. Use on the go to connect the Galaxy S II to a TV, monitor, or projector to view purchased Media Hub content, videos, presentations, games, or internet on a big HD screen, or listen to downloaded music from the phone on a home entertainment system.

1 Number one mobile phone provider in the U.S claim for Samsung Mobile based upon reported shipment data, according to Strategy Analytics, Q2 2011 U.S. Market Share Handset Shipments Reports.

2 Super AMOLED Plus consumer preference claim based upon Q2 2011 independent study conducted by Strategy Analytics.

3This refers to the fact that such products are capable of operating on the applicable carrier’s 4G network, to the extent available.

About Samsung Telecommunications America

Samsung Telecommunications America, LLC, a Dallas-based subsidiary of Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd., researches, develops and markets wireless handsets, wireless infrastructure and other telecommunications products throughout North America. For more information, please visit

About Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. is a global leader in semiconductor, telecommunication, digital media and digital convergence technologies with 2010 consolidated sales of US$135.8 billion. Employing approximately 190,500 people in 206 offices across 68 countries, the company consists of nine independently operated business units: Visual Display, Mobile Communications, Telecommunication Systems, Digital Appliances, IT Solutions, Digital Imaging, Memory, System LSI and LCD. Recognized as one of the fastest growing global brands, Samsung Electronics is a leading producer of digital TVs, semiconductor chips, mobile phones and TFT-LCDs. For more information, please visit

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    As I watch I get a lil more exited bout the phone, but I cant help but want to see what happens with the Nexus series.. By the way why does Tmo keep pricing the rounded ones.I like the squared ones.. Anyway I am hearing a lot of cool features on this phone

    • Cassandra

      i agree, im waiting for the much better iPhone 5 too.

      • Ayk

        iphone5 will use an a5 processor(outdated,outpowered)..same battery as iphone4 and such similar features. have fun though

      • Dirty_Azkals

        Hell yeah!

        Speech to text functions, notification center/bar, OTA OS updates, NFC, 4G speeds, and a screen bigger than 3.5 in!!!

        I dare you Android guys to post phones that even have 1 of those revolutionary iPhone 5 features to Cassandra!!

  • Interpol91

    BiGMERF likes em squared but I love T-Mobiles curved version. Great devices coming to the carriers…but still no Nexus news :(

    • Dustin Earley

      One announcement at a time! ;)

      • Interpol91

        I know. I wasn’t expecting it to be announced since it would outshine these devices but I’m just dying to learn more about it after being let down by the Droid Prime.

        • Dustin Earley

          I still think it will be the Droid Prime on Verizon, and the Nexus Whatever for everyone else. Something along those lines.

          • BiGMERF

            doesnt make you think why tmo is th only one who hasnt announced a date? Imagine its to announce there version has ICS.. WOW, I would flip! LOL

          • BiGMERF

            there is no hands on tmo version either

          • http://Website nexus

            Yes but if its not “Nexus ______” then you can be sure it wont get immediate updates from Google, wont be a “pure Google” phone.

  • RX-78-7

    At&t version looks exactly like the og s2, minus the home button :)

    • Dustin Earley

      I wonder if the battery covers for the Euro GSII will fit the AT&T version. You can buy Euro GSI covers for the Vibrant. I always loved that.

      • RX-78-7

        That would be neat.

        • Raptor

          I am mostly interested with the cover for the extended battery LOL

  • Nedjo

    I’m glad that we in Euroland are having 3 button design of GS II…
    Search button is completely redundant because you can access search function ANYWHERE if you are pressing menu button little longer!

    But for some in-explainable reason you ought have 4 buttons inf you want to sell in USA!

    • Taylor Wimberly

      I don’t like long pressing a button for something that I use all the time. I love the search button and hope it never goes away.

  • cheeto

    The sprint version is a tad too big for my taste. They should of stuck with a 4.3 inch display. This is making me think twice even though I’ve been waiting for this phone..

  • kwills88

    i really hope t-mo doesn’t wait until October to release this.

  • Nathan

    Why is the T-Mobile version the only one without an exact date?…. let me double check…..yup I’m right.

  • Nard

    All these screens are 4.3 and bigger but the resolution for these screens are still 800×480. No thank you. I’ll wait for the Nexus prime and it’s 720p HD screen.

    • Cassandra

      yeah, the iPhone 5 will have 1080p

      • E

        God u must b the biggest retard in the world don’t feed the troll I know but its impossible to pass on calling dis moron a retard

  • bob

    Oh my god! Did they photoshop the three phones so they’re all the same size?

  • R.S

    Thanks T-Mobile (or Samsung), we already knew that the Galaxy S II was coming. How about you tell us something we don’t know, like the release date.

  • Dre

    I know it’s not the popular opinion but they’re all too similar. I can understand why VZW is skipping it, if they’re customers want to be like everyone else that’s what the iphone is for.

    Sorry Sprint but I’d rather have something that stands out like the Epic did last year.

    • Scott

      You’re right, maybe they should have made one of the phones octagonal in shape or maybe a triangle shaped phone. You can only have so many variances with a black rectangle.

  • Ichigo

    Go to he’ll T-mobile, I’m switching to sprint!

  • CTown

    I think T-Mobile should have gotten the same version as AT&T. It would have made a nice Vibrant II!

  • Charlie winning

    Really T-mobile? No date? EPIC TOUCH FAIL! Going to sprint.

  • Paul Atreides

    I have to say I’d be happy to grab any of these three versions. I’m a tad jealous of the thinness AT&T version has but Sprint has a beast on the horizon! I’m getting the E.T. 4G soon as it’s available. This will definitely hold me over for awhile, that Exynos really does fly!

  • michelle88

    i switched to verizon for iphone 4 and never looked back – the best carrier and the best phone!

  • Alex Nguyen

    I’m glad that the variants stayed true to the original in terms of general design, most hardware, and software. Each has their own appeal, but I think Sprint and T-Mobile got the better variants. More on how I feel about each carriers’ respective Galaxy S II on my blog:

  • Jimmy Riddle

    Wait. Let me get this straight. The US has to wait longer for phones because the carriers have to mess about with the hardware first? Wow that sucks. Everyone else got this months ago because we trust Samsung to make a good phone in the first place. Carriers should stick to what they know and worry about coverage & tariffs – that sort of thing. Am I missing something or is that not just obvious?