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Samsung Prime may be the first Nexus headed to Verizon


Before you go and get too excited by the headline, make sure you take a healthy does of salt when digesting this next sentence. The Samsung Prime just may be the first Nexus device to come to Verizon.

Verizon users have sat on the sidelines, patiently waiting for a Nexus device to use on their network of choice for quite some time. TechnoBuffalo is now reporting that the third time may be the charm for America’s largest carrier. According to a new report from the Buffalo, a device known as the Samsung Prime has been floating around Verizon’s internal testing grounds. Not only do the names line up rather nicely, but the Samsung Prime’s rumored specs are identical to that of the Nexus Prime’s. We’re still looking at a 720p screen resolution and, of course, “pure Google” Ice Cream Sandwich firmware.

Thanks to more confirmation from a rumor out of the Korean Electronic Times, we’re pretty sure the Nexus Prime will see an October release. The Nexus S is already available on T-Mobile, Sprint and AT&T, so it wouldn’t be too surprising to see the next Nexus finally make an appearance on all the major carrier’s in the US.

How about it Verizon users? Excited?

Source: TechnoBuffalo

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  • Chris

    Who wouldn’t be excited about the Nexus Prime? I just hope it releases across all carriers at the same time…

    • Chris


      • Jeff


      • Eric

        You must have little hands for your little screen iphone. Maybe the 5 will be too big for you though.

      • Larry

        Oh look… it’s Steve Jobs… and he forgot his medications again…. LMFAO…. too funny….

        • Armando Guapo

          I agree that “SITH’s” comment was dumb, but there is no reason to make fun of Steve Jobs’ terrible disease. Really. Does it make you feel good to mock a possibly dying person?

    • ooTweetyoo

      I hope so too :) It would not be cool to have one of the first Ice Cream Sandwich phones be on just one carrier. Come on T-mo!

    • Futureboy

      I whole-heartedly agree, released across all carriers at the same time would be awesome. But what excites me most about this news is that now, us Nexus fans can choose any major carrier and still get a Nexus device. This is particularly important for those of us on T-Mobile who may be changing carriers in the not too distant future.

      • 2C

        I couldn’t agree with you more. I went from a Nexus One to a G2x and can’t wait to move on to the next Nexus device.

  • wwJOSHdo


    • Interpol91

      YES!!! I’m sure it will though but I don’t know how long I would be able to wait

    • mattcoz

      It might be out just in time for my contract to be up! Nexus Prime… roll out!

    • chaos88dragon

      I second on this, I’m pretty sure it will show up on Sprint eventually. The only question is how long will it take arrive on Sprint?

  • Interpol91

    I’m excited! However, I would be more excited to see it come to Sprint!!

    • Cwalden21

      Yeah i just hope it gets released to every carrier especially Sprint within a close time period and not months later! And that Galaxy S II as well! come on now Samsung let’s go!

  • Guy Bailey

    My contract with TMob is up in December so I will be going with whichever carrier has the NP. Hope its TMob but I want that phone

    • OskarMULA

      I’m with you on this one!

      • OskarMULA

        Lol! Why is My Icon Female?!?

  • Chris

    I also want it to come to sprint!

  • Jeff

    Hopefully there will be a GSM version.

  • T1392

    If its is indeed October I may just skip the Bionic & hold on to my two upgrades and use my last NE2 upgrade on the Nexus Prime.

  • triangle

    I would love to own my first Nexus. Historically, the timing and specs have never really matched up for me. Purchased the evo 3D over the Nexus S 4G because of the better hardware specs (namely dual-core, 1Gb RAM, 4.3″ QHD screen) of the evo 3D. But a Nexus with an HD SAMOLED+ screen with ICS and pure google would have to trump everything else.

  • Dale

    Is it possible that the picture is of a real phone? I have never seen any phone that clear.

    • RX-78-7

      Isn’t that the GS2?

  • Sean

    I can’t imagine verizon already having this phone unless it’s just an early prototype to test LTE on it or something. Even by rushing standards, ICS might be ready in October and its only August. I don’t think the nexus is close to being ready for verizon to test. I don’t want google to rush it. I’d rather them get it running perfect.

  • RX-78-7

    Make it happen!


    Wow I know a lot of Verizon fans just jumped collectively in the air ! Great news

  • Kris

    I jumped ship from T-Mobile with the AT&T aqusition and moved to Verizon. As a result I had to give up my Nexus S and have been using a Droid Charge (which when rooted runs like poo). I seriously hope this is true, however according to this doc leak with specs on it:

    shows a release date between November 28 – December 4. That is still a long way out.

  • sprunka

    I refuse to believe the hype. Not because I don’t think it’s possible. Not even because I think it’s unlikely…

    All because I don’t want my hopes to be dashed upon the rocky shores of despair.

    In May, I was eligible for an upgrade, but we shuffled our plan a little and as a result, did not have enough left over funds for a good phone. I was a sad panda.

    Then June rolled around and a newer, better phone than my intended target was available. So I was relieved that I had not just bought the upgrade in May, But alas, our finances were still screwed up, and I would have to wait.

    July rolled around. Then August… new rumours every week. The SGS2 is coming, the Bionic is coming. The Vigor is coming. The Prime is coming…

    Finances are still a bit tight and I doubt September will be my month either. But I’m not waiting for Prime unless finances force it. I will wait until money allows and shop the current market at that time. I won’t wait for the next big thing, unless there is a *firm* set date that isn’t just rumors and speculation.

    At the current rate, I’m just pessimistic enough to believe that the SGS2 won’t even make it to Verizon, the prime won’t be out until Christmas (at the earliest) and that the Bionic is crap compared to what it could be, considering how late it is and how long it took them to fix whatever issues it was they were having.

  • Slith

    That will be awesome if Verizon doesn’t load it down with bloatware and make rooting difficult. The last HTC Thunderbolt my company got was loaded with more bloat than I have ever seen.

    • inviolable

      Yea, that wasn’t a Nexus.

    • rstat1

      A nexus device means VZW has no say in the software. Meaning no shitty bloatware, or ugly pointless overlays like sense and blur.

  • Ann Monis

    How about release the Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile models all at the same time. Is that to hard to ask?!

  • Richard Yarrell

    Another device or. The Verizon that they are can OVERPRICE at 300 plus dollars???? BAD IDEA… SPRINT first TMOBILE second.. Forget the rest….

    • Snowbdr89

      would you be refering to sprints first in slowest network and net losses?

    • richardisafag

      Sprint is the slowest network across the board. Please realize that and learn that no one cares what you have to sayif its mindless babbling about your INFERIOR network.

    • squiddy20

      As I have said before in direct response to your complete ignorance, why the F**K do you care about Verizon and their “overpriced” phones? You have said it yourself, you are a Sprint fanboy, you own nothing pertaining to Verizon. STFU. And as for being “overpriced”: go screw yourself. You want to be a little cry baby because you can’t afford their products? How sad. Let the people spend their money how they want to in peace. If they can and want to justify spending $300 on a phone, so be it. You’re just a self important nobody.

  • inviolable

    As long as it isn’t only on Verizon and it doesn’t look like that square block in the image.

  • reggie

    I’m perfectly fine with this as long as it still comes to T-Mobile and the other carriers. A Verizion exclusive would drive the android community crazy. If its finally coming to all carriers then I welcome all Verizion users to the club.

  • SphericalPuma

    While I have no doubt that there is a nexus device in testing right now at Verizon (especially if it has LTE) I have my doubts as to whether or not it would be the first Nexus device to launch. I think Google is going to want to saturate the market with it’s ICS OS and the best way to do that is to launch all variants of the phones at the same time, or at the very least launch the GSM version first. Let’s be honest, the GSM version (regardless of what bands for 3g/4g it has first) will be able to saturate the most devs/rom developers/etc. as it is more compatible world wide.

    I have no doubt that the Nexus Prime is coming to Verizon, I just don’t see it launching first unless Google launches both the GSM variants and the CDMA/LTE at the same time. Should Google only release one variant first, expect it to be GSM.

    • SphericalPuma

      You know I’m reading the title of this article again, because I misread it the first time. I took it as it would be the first of the nexus phones to head to Verizon, rather than Verizon’s first Nexus phone ever. However, my above statement still stands in that GSM is what will probably be the first variant as it has the most potential to saturate.

  • Rashad

    ‘One’, ‘S’, and now ‘Prime’? I’m finding it hard to follow the naming convention here. But I’m excited to see it nont-the-less.

    • SphericalPuma

      It’s easy: One because it was the first, S because Samsung refused to be second, and Prime because Samsung didn’t want to get sued by Apple using the number 3 after their phone, even though there would be no “g” after the three, Apple would alter court documents to show that there was a g.

    • DroidSamurai

      Yea. Shouldn’t it be “Pi” instead? At least that starts with a 3.

    • alexander goo

      Also, 3 is the first PRIME number. I plan on calling mine Optimus.

  • dokholiday44

    Im really disappointed. im waiting to jump to sprint and i was hoping the next nexus device would be available on sprint

    • triangle

      This news doesn’t preclude Sprint from getting the device. I think it’s natural that Sprint will get it since it already has the Nexus S 4G.

  • JPB

    I’ll consider it at the right price if I can be assured that the battery will not suck. I want at least 2 full days with normal usage.

    • Brandon

      What is so difficult about putting your phone on a charger at night? I’ve never understood why people need more than a full day with normal usage, unless you are sleeping at your customers’ houses.

  • Nao Nozawa

    I sure hope this is true. I’ve been waiting for a Verizon Nexus phone for a while!

  • irishrally

    “Thanks to more confirmation from a rumor out of the Korean Electronic Times, we’re pretty sure the Nexus Prime will see an October release.”

    I don’t understand why you reference this article and the October release date when you have a more recent article detailing the leaked road map and a more likely release date of the beginning of December.

  • Paul Atreides

    My money and prayers are on Sprint! Good luck to Verizon fandroids though. However, I think across all carriers at once would really steal a lot of thunder from the Iphone 5.

  • Anon

    This is all to good to be true: greater then 4″ hd super amoled display with a dual core processor and LTE? I’m sure there is going to be a let down somewhere. If they actually get these other specs right, I bet they do something ridiculous like ship it without an sd slot or with a pathetic amount of internal storage.

  • Usman

    I’m calling it now… the difference between the Samsung Prime and the Nexus Prime will be a wifi hotspot restriction and plenty of VZW bloatware. Have fun with that.

  • jsweetser2

    I actually went to Tmobile because i am, and have been since 1996 – a Google fan in all aspects. My contract is up Christmas Eve, and if this phone goes to Verizon and not Tmobile, i’m afraid i’ll have to say goodbye to Tmobile. Tmobile has had exlusive Google Phone rights and i hope i don’t have to change just because it’s a hassle, but I will.

  • teecruz

    Not a Fat chance. if this happens, I’d be very disappointed. .

  • Ryan

    I’m currently riding out my contract with T-Mobile, counting down the days until I can leave that company. I will definitely jump to Verizon if this phone releases on their LTE network.

  • Ari32

    Oh god, let this be true! I’m sick of being shafted because I’m on Verizon. This may keep me on their network a while longer. If it ends up false, then I’m off to T-Mobile or back to Sprint

  • frettfreak

    I would be REALLY excited if it were HTC. Not a samsung fan but i suppose that could change. I prefer heavier devices and samsung phones just feel cheap to me.

  • Robot Human

    I wouldn’t be surprised if Google calls this phone simply the Nexus Two or Nexus Three. I remember reading somehow from a Google executive saying the reason they named the Nexus One was BC they wanted to name following devices like so, Nexus Two, Nexus Three, etcetera.

    • Sean the Electrofreak

      But remember Google saying that there never would be a Nexus 2? They said they didn’t want to make it sound like the iPhone.

      And sure enough, there was a Nexus S instead. So I think it’s safe to say that there will be no Nexus 3.

      • Robot Human

        I think things have changed. When Google announced there would be no Nexus Two, I remember people, us, upset and I think BC the public demanded it, they released the Nexus S. It’s just my belief they didn’t name it the Nexus Two BC it wasn’t much of an upgrade. Since then, Google has formed a team specifically for the production of Nexus devices. So like the Droid, Droid X, Droid 2, Droid X2 and Droid 3, I believe we will see more Nexus devices but it’s not crazy to think HTC may make the Nexus Two and Samsung make the Nexus S2. Isn’t Nexus Prime just a rumored name?

  • PeterP

    Just could not resist…strange coincidence.
    Wish LG were making the next Google phone as reported here with T3 chip, perhaps they will release their own version. Prime being the upper level android generic name.
    It would then be called the LG Optimus Prime and ship with Transformers 3/HDMI cable included for Christmas Launch?

  • AME

    ICS is such a huge product for Google with so many applications that they would be crazy to cut out the largest carrier. ICS will be integrated with phones/tablets, GoogleTV, NFC payments, [email protected], etc and Google will get paid from all of those things. ICS is bigger than any other Android release in both scope of integration and profitability. Just from a money point of view, they must release it on every carrier.

    (They also need to steal some thunder from the iPhone on Verizon.)

  • http://Note Uncemister

    Make it so, number 1.

  • drewC

    This will be a nice little present I’m getting myself this post holiday season. I’ll have to wait because I’m still very happy with my Evo 3D, especially after the latest update. As much as I like Sense 3.0, I have to say my best Google experience is with a nexus device (proud ex-owner of the Nexus One). Well I’m hoping the Prime comes to sprint anyways because that SERO plan is like a habit I just can’t kick. :)

  • alamoe

    This makes sense. Rumors say that Google wants to use ICS and the Prime to convince Android users whose contracts are ending (it specifically said OG Droid users) to stick with Android instead of getting the iPhone 5. That statement only makes sense if the Nexus Prime is gonna be on Verizon or AT&T. Plus, all the specs I see say the Prime will be an LTE device.

  • boltcrazy

    I really would love to see the HTC Vigor. I love my Thunderbolt, and I don’t see myself giving up the notification light or some of the features of HTC Sense (the ones I haven’t swapped with a new launcher.) But a 4.5″ Amoled HD sounds like…


  • treoo0

    All the dumping on Verizon. Interesting. I’m leaving Sprint for whoever gets nprime. Hoping it’s Verizon, for LTE and better 3G speeds. Left att for the Evo. So freakin disappointed in Sprint speeds (N. Atlanta area). Will likely come back to Sprint in 2013, after clearwire LTE Advanced build out. Maybe sooner if they can leverage LightSquared’s Sat.

  • AceoStar

    I wish I could get my hopes up :(

  • SliestDragon

    And I specifically didn’t go with Verizon this summer because I didn’t think they’d be getting the next Nexus…..sigh….figures. Hope they do. Verizon customers have been waiting patiently for this, they deserve it. :)

  • Dnar56

    Man Fluck that samsuck bullshnit

  • dh33r4j

    Hey Cheif Editor!
    What are you doing out there?
    The very first sentence has an error.
    “Before you go and get too excited by the headline, make sure you take a healthy does of salt when digesting this next sentence.”

    Or does ‘does’ and ‘dose’ appear same to you?

    AAM lost it’s credibility, long ago.

    • Brad

      You spelled “chief” wrong..

    • Ari32

      So you’re saying that a simple spelling error is reason enough to lose credibility? What has this world come to…

  • sxott

    That would be amazing if it released on all 4 carriers at the same time though. I just want to see it come to tmobile soon . It’ll be my first nexus. Getting excited :)

  • ooTweetyoo

    Yay! Can’t wait. This site has definitely made my top 5 list. Great info

  • mark t

    Pretty please with sugar cherries and strawberries? Come now verizon and grow thine business.

  • Noel

    Not to Google..just make sure the New Nexus lunch on Tmobile and the other carriers Sprint, Att and Verizon. I am sure Apple will be doing the same with the iPhone 5 and 4S. I love to see the battle between Google and Apple play out in the SHOWROOMS instead of the COURTROOMS. The masses will decide which phone they like best..

  • Kevin

    I would switch to Verizon for the next nexus. Just because it’s either you’re nexus or against us.

  • eddy

    I have the N1 on T-Mobile. I already put aside the money to buy the Prime on the release day.

  • Elimark1611

    Google nexus prime should go on all carriers :)