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Samsung SCH-i515 passes through Bluetooth SIG; Droid Prime confirmed?


For quite some time now, rumors pertaining to the first Ice Cream Sandwich device have been progressing in an orderly fashion. Specs, a model number, the launch name and a release window seemed to have been all but officially announced. Until yesterday. BGR first broke the news on Monday that the first Ice Cream Sandwich device may not be the Nexus everyone was expecting.

According to a “close source” of BGR’s inside Verizon, the Samsung Droid Prime will launch as a Big Red exclusive and will be the first Ice Cream Sandwich device. Going by the newest unconfirmed information, the introductory ICS device won’t be the GT-i9250 like originally rumored; it will be the SCH-i515. The validity of this new information will undoubtedly be tested until an official announcement is made. But if the SCH-i515 is indeed the Droid Prime, then the Droid Prime just made it’s way through Bluetooth SIG.

As far as information from the posting goes, not much is revealed. It does peg the SCH-i515 as a CDMA device, but that’s about it. However, that small bit of information paired with the fact that the Droid Charge is the SCH-i510, does start to make this whole Droid Prime thing sound almost reasonable.

Could the i515 be the first Ice Cream Sandwich device, but not the next Nexus? Google did let Sprint throw a “4G” on the name of their Nexus variant, but would they drop the Nexus name altogether? It’s almost like the original Droid or Xoom all over again–a first of its kind, just without the Nexus name. The real Nexus device could still launch after the Droid Prime in time for the holiday season. It’s a lot to take in with what we already thought we knew about the flagship ICS device, but at this point, it’s all certainly possible.

Source: DroidLife

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  • snowbdr89

    Droid bionic, vigor, droid hd, revo2 an now the prime so let me ask all them people who was crying about big reds lack of phones…

    • uzunoff

      As it stands right now, Verizon does not have even one dual core 4G phone.

      They are the last operator that doesn’t have one. Even AT&T came up with something that theoretically could be called dual core 4G phone even though their 4G network is as theoretical as it gets.

      Verizon has the best 4G network in US and they still fail to produce any (doesn’t have to be the best) 4G dual core phone.


      • DoCastle

        Something that theoretically could be called a dual core 4g phone??? Are you serious?? Obviously you’re a VZW hater, and with good reason. Bc ur network isn’t comparable. Let’s visit your weak point in a month and count VZW dual core 4g phones together…like buddies.

  • ben dover

    I’m so tired of the droid name. please keep it just NEXUS PRIME!

    • Chrees

      I was really hoping the next Nexus device would go back to being numbered instead of some random word behind it. It’s like Microsoft with XP and Vista. They realized it was dumb and went back to numbers for Windows 7.

      So if this is going to be a DROID phone, I’m still rooting for a Nexus device for Christmas. Just stick with Nexus 3 (or Three, to follow in the footsteps of the Nexus One) please!

  • Rivera912

    Motorola Droid and Nexus ONe all over again… Well if Google wants to battle Apple I could understand the Droid name being used because the people that arent “In the Know” have no Idea what a Nexus device is, but a “DROID” Yes. I hate when people see any phone that isnt an IPhone and ask “Is that a Droid phone?” Which has happened to me many times.
    So i dont know maybe the Droid name works out for the Gen. Public ( you know the ones that dont visit ;-)

  • Paul Atreides

    This may be the first ICS device, but it isn’t the new Nexus device. Maybe Verizon bought exclusivity to ICS for a short time probably a month or two. They did have Honeycomb to themselves for a brief period if I remember correctly with the Xoom. I just hope Google puts a whole lot of kick ass polish in ICS. I”ll have it one way or another I’m not worried.

  • Russell

    I think this Droid Prime/Nexus Prime business is just like the OG Droid/Nexus One deal back then. I believe the Droid branding is for the average consumer, to get the new product that is ICS into the hands of everyone tempted by the Ip5. Then us diehard phone addicts can get our paws on pure I’VE with the nexus prime.

    Just my thoughts on this. I just still have faith for our usual

  • newjaruz

    Being that gt-i9250 passed wifi certification and the sch-i510 passed blue tooth sig then this means they are two different devices. With that being said this is a different variant of the prime

  • Russell

    I think this Droid Prime/Nexus Prime business is just like the OG Droid/Nexus One deal back then. I believe the Droid branding is for the average consumer, to get the new product that is ICS into the hands of everyone tempted by the Ip5. Then us diehard phone addicts can get our paws on pure I’VE with the nexus prime.

    Just my thoughts on this. I just still have faith for our usual nexus line coming to gsm carriers like we’ve grown used to

    • Russell

      Sorry, double post…won’t happen again


    all these rumors are to much for my brain !!!

    • Jes

      Was thinking the same thing.

  • Nathan

    Im just hoping for a nexus ics phone to come out before the holiday so I can get it I already put money on the side for it and now it just a waiting game for me.

  • alex

    if there is no new nexus i want an ICS, dual’cre, 4g, 720p screen, and beats tech HTC phone on sprint, maybe the new nexus will be quad-core

  • projectGZ

    Okay let me see if I got this srtait. Is this the new Nexus device I have been waiting for? The two reasons I love Nexus devices, Google updates direct and factory unlocked. I travel overseas a lot and I love being able to slap a local SIM in where I’m at and still make and recieve calls to and from US using Google Voice free. If it isfor VZW, then either is not happening. I can’t imagine VZW allowing features like “mobile wifi hotspot” for free.

  • Hacknet07

  • Richard Yarrell

    It’s definitely time for some REAL LOGIC.. Clearly 2 seperate devices exist the version verizon has decided to go with will be exactly that there version of the Nexus Prime. Verizon has never had any google device and it’s not possible that google will allow verizon to launch any google device soley before tmobile or sprint for that matter. Plus it’s clear that 2 seperate devices exist one did pass through wifi certification while the other passed through bluetooth cert. REGARDLESS of this VERIZON is and always will be behind the curve as far as the best devices one good device MEANS NOTHING they need to learn affordability and proper pricing when it comes to devices in general stop RIPPING OFF CUSTOMERS. Network speed means nothing when your trying to pass off 2010 speced devices in 2011.. Ie.. Droid Charge, Lg Revolution, Htc Thunderbolt then overcharge 250 to 300 dollars for battery draining devices. Other carriers provide better devices at better prices and more up to date devices. Plus we won’t even discuss verizon and there inability to provide proper updates for the devices they carry. All in all verizon at best is a JOKE..

    • squiddy20

      It’s time for a bit of your own “REAL LOGIC”. One extremely good device puts them at or in front of “the curve as far as the best devices” And if Verizon is sooo “behind the curve” then why do they have a larger, and generally faster 4G network than say, Sprint? As for “ripping off customers”, it’s up to the customer what they consider “ripping off”. Not your cheep, sorry ass. If the other people want to pay higher prices, let them. It’s their choice. And I would shut up if I were you about “battery draining devices. You who once stated you got only 4 hours max on your Evo 4G and that you carried a spare battery at all times.

      You’re the real joke here. Keep me laughing funny boy.

    • snowbdr89

      Dick yarrell you are the pathetic joke you’re dumbass rambles on n on about so called battery drainers but have you actually used a tbolt?

      • snowbdr89

        network speeds mean nothing? Pretty sad when goid ol single core phones can smoke your lame ass evo using that pethetic wimax so you keep thinking networks speeds mean nothing while I enjoy up to 20mbps on my tbolt running das bamf rom, oh yeah im also getting 18plus hours on a single charge so dont be pissed dick atleast you can take a nap while your wimax loads a webpage!!! Moron

  • thaghost

    If it’s not a Nexus…well…its not a Nexus!

    Droid prime or whatever it is will not be treated as a Nexus device because it gets the updated os first.

    I don’t believe this anyway.

  • Roland

    Did not need the nexus 3 to go to the big red so now i’m happy